tagInterracial LoveWives Night Out Ch. 02

Wives Night Out Ch. 02


I heard the shower running as I cooked breakfast the next morning. It wasn't long afterward that my wife walked out into the kitchen wearing her robe giving me a nice kiss saying good morning. I noticed the robe was pulled tight so her cleavage wouldn't show. I knew the reason why. Somebody had put their mark on her tits last night!

We sat down and at breakfast while drinking our morning coffee together. Amanda looked worried and I knew something was on her mind. She must have been feeling guilt if nothing else this morning. I finally asked her what was wrong and she put her hand over her eyes looking down at the table for a moment.

Amanda shook her hair out of her eyes when she looked back up at me and took a deep breath and sighed as she looked me in the eyes.

"Honey, something happen last night."

I just looked back at her knowing what was on her mind as I replied. "Really? Tel me what happen."

Amanda sighed again shaking her head as she looked back down at her coffee cup before looking back up at me and said.

"I fucked another man last night."

I kept staring at my wife as she covered her eyes again as I replied. "Tell me what happen."

Amanda took another deep breath before replying. "He was a friend of Tracy's. His name is Rob......Honey. I'm really sorry. I had too much to drink last night and......"

I interrupted Amanda saying. "Wait.......Who is this guy named Rob?"

Amanda was quick to defend him saying. "Honey. It wasn't his fault. I don't want you to be angry at him. It was me and I shouldn't have let it happen."

"Well apparently something happen didn't it? You think I didn't see the way your tits were all bit up last night? " I didn't go as far as telling her about the cum drenched thong I found in her purse.

Amanda started to cry that she blew her nose and wiped her eyes and looked back up at me again saying. "Honey. He came inside me last night. I'm not taking the pill right now."

I took a deep breath this time and replied. "You mean your worried about being knocked up by this jerk?"

Amanda blurted out two words. "He's Black!"

I crossed my arms shaking my head as I said. "What the fuck Amanda! What the fuck were you thinking last night? Now I got to worry about my wife having some black baby from some strange nigger I don't even know?"

Amanda was crying again as she answered back. "Honey. I know......." She was crying as she spoke. "Rob and his friend kept buying us drinks last night and the next thing I knew I was laying on the back seat of his car."

I replied angrily. "With a black cock stuck inside your pussy. Did he fuck you good?" I asked sarcastically.

"Honey. I'm so sorry."

I got up from the table and walked back to our bedroom. I was pissed right now and didn't want to be bothered by this bitch.

I laid in bed for a while. Amanda walked into the bedroom and walked past me as she headed into the bathroom. It sounded like she was putting on her makeup. I laid there thinking for a few minutes than got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

I grabbed Amada from behind and quickly opened her robe and pulled it down off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor as she turned around and wrapped her arms around me.

"Baby...I'm so sorry..." Amanda said as she pressed her succulent against mine pushing her tongue deep inside my mouth. I responded by unbuckling my pants letting them fall to the floor as I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the bathroom counter.

She was still kissing me hard and passionate as I lowered my boxers and lifted her gorgeous legs. I pressed my cock head between her pussy lips and pushed forward sending my cock deep inside her hot wet pussy.. She moaned as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

We fucked hard and passionate as Amanda leaned her head back with her mouth wide open. I put my hands gently around her neck and held her from falling back any further as I fucked her wet cheating. pussy.

"Was he big?" I asked.....

Amanda kept moaning. "Yes.....Big.....Real Big.....Thick...."

Her talk was getting me more excited as I rammed my cock harder inside her pussy. She was gasping for air as I fucked her good.

I tightened my hands around her neck as I fucked her. I started talking. "You liked that big black dick didn't you baby?"

Amanda kept breathing heavily but soon replied. "Yes.......So.....Big......."

That made me ram my cock deep inside my wife even harder as I labored to cum soon. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock as I fucked her harder. She started shaking. I knew she was going to cum. Her whole body shook as I released my hot load deep inside my wife at the same time she came. I let go of her neck as we both caught our breath. I eased her back down off the counter and wrapped my arms around her as our lips met again.

A few seconds later her phone made that sound that a text just came through. She reached around and picked her cell phone up off the counter next to her purse and looked at the text. I saw it myself.

"Call Me: Rob"

It was the black guy Amanda fucked last night.

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