tagNonHumanWolf Legends Ch. 01

Wolf Legends Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - The Legend

((Disclaimer: Fair warning, This story, while eventually will turn erotic, starts out telling a story, as any good story teller will do, sets you up with a history, a back ground something to chew on. I promise though that if you stick with me you will not be disappointed. Also the legends and people in this story are of my own creation, they are not based on any other legends or stories or people, they have no basis of fact, just what lay inside my head. ))

"There was once a legend. A legend told and retold by the Ancients, of our people who became wolves." The old woman's voice cracked as she spoke, holding a mysterious air as she wove her story. She was all wrinkled in the face her beady black eyes hidden in them. Her once black hair was now more white then black, though as one studied her they would know she was once very beautiful. She had high cheek bones, a tiny pointed chin and a delicate nose.

Logan listened as the old woman spoke the tales seeping deep into his young fourteen year old heart. He was a tall lanky kid, not much meat on him per say but one could tell with some hard work and discipline he would grow into a strong man. He had dark intelligent eyes that always seemed to see beyond what was there. Even some of the elders would whisper about him in their council, this boy, he was destined, though for what they weren't quite certain.

Around him other children sat and listened attentively to the old woman. They called her Old Sparrow, most of the children thought of her tales as just stories. But for some, they knew the stories carried truth to them. Logan glanced around and spotted four year old Fawn. She was a tiny little thing, slender, willowy, beautiful even now at her young age. She was very pale compared to the other children her skin a golden honey brown from playing out in the sun with the other children her age.

He wondered idly if the tiny red head had wandered from her adopted mother's side again, snuck off yet again to come listen to Old Sparrow's stories. The thought made him chuckle and he reached over and tugged on one of her shiny red curls and whispered. "Does your Momma know you're here?"

She squeaked a little in surprise then turned her big green eyes toward him and gave him that impish little grin he had come accustomed to seeing. She nodded at him then scooted closer leaning on his knee. "Yep Momma said I could come listen this time, she knew Old Sparrow was telling my favorite story today." She grinned speaking very well for one of her age. Then she held her tiny fingers to her lips and whispered. "Shhh, I don't want to miss any"

Logan grinned and ruffled her coppery curls with affection then let his dark eyes return to Old Sparrow and listened to her story.

"Long ago our People joined their spirits with that of Brother Wolf. Melding so that man and wolf were one. For a long time, our People had the instincts of the wolf, the since of smell, the keen eye sight, the incredible hearing. For a long time that satisfied both the People and Brother Wolf. But then Brother Wolf got restless, he wanted to run free, wanted to hunt, to wander. So Man and Wolf split. The People lived as humans while in the villages, but when they slipped off into the forests they became huge powerful wolves, running free. "

She paused long and smiled at the children, her toothless smile causing a few of the children to giggle. They all knew what was coming next, they had heard the story a million times from the time they could walk.

"The People and Brother Wolf were happy, content. That is until they began to war amongst themselves, competing against each other not just as wolves but as humans also and Brother Wolf saw that this was bad. He decided that his spirit should belong only to those worthy. So he took his long life, his incredible speed, hearing and sight away from those he felt did not deserve the honor. Where once the whole tribe was allowed to run with Brother Wolf, now only a select few were chosen. The strongest smartest males and females. These were set to protect their people. And they became known as the Pack. For many many years this worked well for the People and for Brother Wolf.

But then The People once more started to war amongst themselves, fighting this time over the females. The human males wanted the strength of the Wolf females wanted their genes to be passed down their line rather then strengthening the lines of the Wolf Males. Brother Wolf was angered by this and with great sadness he took his spirit from the females. He spoke to the males of the Pack and told them, "From now on you will find your mate among the human females, you will know her when you meet her. It may take you years, centuries before you meet her but when you do neither of you will have a choice but to belong to each other." Brother Wolf's words saddened the People, and brought bitterness into the hearts of the Wolf Men. They separated themselves from the People turned their backs on them, most of them dying without ever finding their mates. Most of them choosing to live as Brother Wolf lives, Most of them disappearing for all time.

Three had remained with the Villiage, The three youngest of the pack, not yet ready to leave their Mother's sides, or the arms of their loving families. They each grew to adult hood, became strong warriors, one by one finding their mates the youngest of the three not finding his until he had lived over two centuries. Each had strong families and so for each generation Brother Wolf's spirit lived among the people. As peace prevailed and the Pack no longer was needed to protect our people, Brother Wolf let his spirit sleep, kept himself hidden only coming to our Aide when it became necessary. For many generations he has hidden his spirit from us. But we know if the need arises, his spirit will awaken and meld and become one with the people again."

The old woman grew quiet looking at each child in turn, her old eyes resting on the tall lanky Logan and the tiny little red headed Fawn. Her look became knowing and she smiled at them then shooed all the children from her Hut telling them it was time for her to get her rest.

Logan stood in one motion and leaned down and swung the tiny pale girl with the coppery curls into his arms, depositing her onto his shoulders, grinning from ear to ear when he heard her giggle. "Come on Little One, time to return to your Mother." He headed off at an easy lope careful of the girl on his shoulders. He gave Maria Running Bird a lopsided grin when he arrived and swung Fawn from his shoulders and deposited the girl into her mother's waiting arms.

"She behaved did she Logan? She did not ask too many questions this time?" Maria asked with amusement in her voice, twinkling in her dark eyes.

Logan laughed and shook his head. "Not this time Mrs. Running Bird. She was very quiet and attentive." He reached down and ruffled Fawns bright curls then trotted off into the shadows. It was time for his evening run with the local boys.

Fawn watched him go and then tugged on her mother's skirts and whispered. "One day Momma, he will be blessed with Brother Wolf's spirit." Maria looked down at her tiny daughter in amazement. This child who was not even filled with the blood of the People, this child who had not the memories, the histories of their People, this child who was born of the white people, this tiny red headed child had just foretold what only the elders could guess at. Maria did not doubt that her daughter was right, for even she could since it in the boy. But it made her wonder what type of trouble would be headed their way, What was coming that they would need Brother Wolf to protect them.

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