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Hey guys! I'm Pink, and a first time writer. So go easy on me! I'm only posting one chapter to see if you guys like it, and if its worth continuing. I LOVE FEEDBACK. I love to see any and all comments.


- Pink

Massachusetts. Home. I love it here. People are always complaining how crazy the weather is up here, but I love it for that. Some days you need a winter coat and shorts in the same month. How crazy and awesome. I work in Boston, so coming out to my hometown of Merrimac was like coming to heaven. It was always delightfully calm compared to the large and noisy city.

It was fall right now, and the trees were looking so beautiful, I decided to go on a little stroll at one of the local parks. I chose to go to a less popular one because it was much quieter, and I just wanted to sit on a bench and be mesmerized by the beauty around me. So I got into my little beat up Honda and was on my way. I parked and got out, deciding to head to the lake and sit there. It was chilly, but not so much that my bones would freeze. After a good 15 minutes of walking, I got to where I wanted to be. Lakeside was one little bench, and there I sat, looking at the trees and the calm waters with a few ducks here and there. I saw a few people here and there, but for the most part, I was alone. Not that I had a problem with it. Sometimes I just needed a moment away from my crazy friends and busy city life.

It was about 6 pm, and I thought about heading home soon since I had been here for a good hour and a half. I got up and started walking, when I heard this noise behind me. I turned around quickly, but saw nothing. I got paranoid fast. Again I heard it.

Was it breathing? The crunching of leaves? Is someone following me?

Out of nowhere I was tackled by a huge beast. I saw it from the corner of my eye as a black blur coming straight at me. I screamed, and the beast roared. I tried moving but the beast had its paws on my shoulders, effectively trapping me and when I managed to catch a sight of the beast's face, my own face paled. It was a wolf, with the biggest teeth I had ever seen. Its eyes were black, no emotions detectable. I hit it and punched it with all my strength, and it barely did anything. The beast didn't even flinch. I felled a tearing and realized the beast had torn into my arm with its claws. I was pushed around by its snout, and my body was thrown around by the raging beast.

I could feel myself getting lightheaded and weak, probably from all the blood loss from my arm. While lightheaded I could tell that I wasn't being mauled anymore, which striked me odd. The pain searing in my arm was decreasing, but then I realized that that was because of the blackness overtaking. But for that blackness, I was very thankful.

I woke up to a white hospital room. I could see people scrambling around me. Where was I? What happened? I tried to sit up and pain shot through my entire arm. I screamed. It felt like the pain in my arm opened up gates to pain in my entire body. I could see much lying face up, but I could tell I was beat up pretty bad. My jaw was in pain and swollen and my entire upper body felt raw. At once someone, probably a nurse, but a breathing mask on me. I suddenly felt so much better. A surgeon came up to me, telling me I'd be fine and that they had me taken care of. I could care less; this gas put me on cloud nine. I

closed my eyes, smiling, thinking about how lovely this gas was.

Ouch. I was seriously sore. I thought back to try and remember what happened, but I could only remember having some delicious gas and going to bed happily. I moved my arm that was seriously injured, and saw that it had healed some. I felt better than I had at first. I managed to sit up and get a good look around where I was. It was a simply decorated hospital room. I saw there was a bathroom and decided I needed to go badly. I swung my legs over the side and saw they were bruised everywhere and my legs were no longer the cream color my skin is, but different hues of purple and yellow. Disgusted, I looked away and slowly got off the bed. I managed to put some pressure on my left leg, but once I got to a standing position, the pain was so intense I collapsed to the floor with a cry. Surprisingly, I fell into a pair of strong arms instead of meeting the cold floor.

"Don't worry, I've gotchya" the man said.

I looked at his face and saw he was a good looking man. Brown eyes, dark hair, and an adorable smile. He was wearing a white coat so I assumed he was my doctor. I couldn't help but smile right back at him as he helped me back to the bed.

"Thanks, I thought I had it there but I guess I didn't. You're my doctor right?" I said.

"That I am. You were found at a park. We took you and got you all fixed up. So, miss...uhm... I'm sorry I haven't got your name! Well nows a good time as any for introductions! My name is Adam, I'm the pack doctor." He said with a huge smile. I had a feeling this guy was rarely upset. His happiness was contagious. I smiled right back at him.

"I'm Katrina. Thank you for saving me Adam." But he said he was a pack doctor... a pack of what? I was right about to ask when a woman walked in. She was beautiful with her long, blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Hey sweetie! I see you're doing well! Good to see!" she said as she walked over and gave Adam a kiss.

"Im the nurse, and my name is Eva." she said, "Adam is my mate..err..husband." She said looking slightly confused as if she just made a mistake. Well, she did say mate... I thought. That's kind of weird. I was pretty confused myself. What was this place. I was wondering to myself when a couple came through the doors, hand in hand. Now I didn't know who these people were, but I could feel the power that came as they walked in. Adam and Eva both looked to the couple and gave a subtle bow. I found that to be odd, just like everything else here.

Suddenly I began to panick. It really began to set in I had no idea where I was, and the thought made me want to freak out. I started mumbling, asking where I was, what happened, and that I wanted to leave here. I started to get out of bed but Eva stopped me.

"Don't worry Katrina, you're safe. You're OK. Trust us." The words did little to soothe me.

"Adam, can't you calm her?" The new man said. Adam nodded, and then the strange new lady walked over to me and held my hands and said,

"Katrina, my name is Charlotte. Stay calm, we're here to take care of you. If you'll just listen, we'll tell you everything you want to know." Oddly enough, I was calmed by her. She smiled as I stopped trying to get out of bed.

"Please just tell me what's going on." I said, on the verge of tears. I was actually really scared. Charlotte smiled, saying,

"Katrina, we're werewolves."

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