tagNonHumanWolf's Kiss Ch. 02

Wolf's Kiss Ch. 02


The next day dawned bright and warm as the sun kissed everything it touched with its golden glow. However Shayna, usually an early riser, didn't watch the sunrise that day. Instead, she lay face down on her hotel bed where she stayed until well past noon.

When she finally awoke, she fell on the floor tangled in the bedding and barely stumbled into the bathroom in time to pee. After she relieved herself, she washed her hands and brushed her teeth to get the foul taste of stale alcohol out of her mouth. Praying the throbbing in her head would soon stop, Shayna carefully made her way back to the bed and gingerly rested her head on the pillow.

"Why did I drink so much," she mumbled to herself. Just as the question was coming out of her mouth images of the answer filtered through the fog in her brain. And that answer was a tall, dark Adonis who had the strangest effect on her. She moaned in despair when she thought of how brazenly she had given herself to him. And the things he did to her, oh man! Shayna was shocked to find she was becoming aroused at the memories.

Frowning, she burrowed under the covers as she remembered the rest of the night's events. After Jake left her at her table, she ordered a virgin daiquiri intending to stay sober and think clearly about what had just happened. But the waitress must have misunderstood her because the drink she brought to Shayna was loaded with alcohol. The icy fruitiness of the drink cooled her dry mouth and she drank most of it before the sting of the alcohol hit the back of her throat. She ate a few appetizers hoping to counter the alcohol but before long, Monica pressed another fruity drink in her hand. "What is this?" Shayna asked.

"Jolly Rancher," was Monica's answer before she turned her attention back to the young blond guy leaning over her shoulder.

Shayna's memory started to get fuzzy after the second drink. She could remember dancing by the booth to a couple of club mixes that she liked and at some point she and Lynn stumbled to the ladies room, laughing at who-knew-what the whole time.

The biggest blur was how she got back to the hotel. She vaguely remembered walking barefoot through the hotel lobby but that was it. As she tried to recall the details, her cell phone rang from somewhere nearby but she couldn't find it. The ringing stopped and started again a minute later. She finally found the phone in her clutch under the bed. The caller ID displayed a local number that she didn't recognize and she immediately got butterflies in her stomach.

'What if...nah,' she stopped her train of thought and decided to let the call go to voicemail.

Shayna got off the bed and went back into the bathroom hoping that a hot shower would help her feel better. She washed her face at the sink then grabbed her puff and shower gel from the travel bag. Once she set the water temperature to her liking, she stepped into the shower and soaped her body from head to toe.

An image of Jake licking her nipples jumped into her mind from nowhere and she paused as the remembered sensation washed over her. A tremor went through her and she tried to shake the image, but it wouldn't let go. The scene continued to play in her head as he licked his way down her body to her mound.

Shayna closed her eyes as she remembered his strong fingers gently parting her lower lips and his tongue exploring her pussy. She swayed under the spray and knew that the wetness between her legs wasn't just water. She touched herself there tentatively and was amazed at how slick she had become. Without thinking, Shayna propped her leg on the side of the tub for easier access and began rubbing her clit in slow tight circles. The new sensitivity she felt there was so overwhelming that she came in a matter of moments.

Shame washed over her unexpectedly and she stepped back a little to let the water wash away her juices. The realization hit her again that she had sex with a total stranger...in the back of a club at that. 'What came over me?' she thought. She'd held out because she wanted her first time to be special, to be with the man she loved. Never in a million years would she have predicted she'd fuck a stranger, in a nightclub, virgin or otherwise. And she hadn't even been drinking at that point in the evening. She was stone cold sober. Go figure.

A silent part of her subconscious stepped up, balking at the feelings of guilt and shame. She thought about it as she washed and conditioned her hair. From the moment she laid eyes on Jake there had been something pulling her to him. She'd been enthralled by his gorgeousness but it was more than that. Something about him called to her and she responded in the most unimaginable way. Never before had she felt so drawn to a man - that much was obvious. But there was something elemental about her attraction to him and she couldn't explain to herself why that was.

Now, in addition to feeling cheap and sluttish, she felt uneasy about her attraction to Jake.

Rinsing her hair, Shayna stood under the torrent of water and let it flow all over her body. 'If only it could be so easy to wash away what happened last night and start over,' she thought. Getting a grip on reality, she turned off the water and stepped out of the bathtub. Grabbing a towel, she quickly dried herself off and wrapped the towel around her body. She wrapped another towel around her head and walked back into the room.

Instead of wasting time moping around her hotel room, she decided to call her cousin and make plans for the day. Starting with lunch and maybe some retail therapy. Her cell phone rang at that moment and Shayna picked it up from the bed. It was the same unknown number as before. When it stopped ringing, she checked her missed calls log and saw the number repeated several times since early that morning. Monica had also called her about an hour before she awoke.

Butterflies rose in her stomach again and she had no doubt at that point that Jake was the unfamiliar phone number. Shayna called her voicemail and found she had three new messages. The first message was from Jake saying he just wanted to wish her a good morning and that he couldn't wait to see her again. He asked her to call him and gave the same number that appeared on her caller ID. The silky sound of his deep voice gave her goose bumps.

The next message was from Monica telling her to call her as soon as she got her "hung-over ass" up. Shayna couldn't help smiling at that one. She could always count on her cousin to be crass where she was concerned.

Her smile froze then dropped altogether as the last message played. It was Jake again and he sounded quite irritated as he basically demanded she call him as soon as possible.

Anticipation and fear warred within her at his tone. Not sure what to do, she called Monica. "It's about time you got your ass out of bed. What's going on, you have company or something?" she asked.

Shayna was mortified at the suggestion. "No!" she shrieked indignantly. "Why would you ask me that?"

Monica huffed. "Girl, please! Do you really think I didn't notice that big hunk of man on your ass last night? Or that you came back to the table with your hair down and your makeup gone? Or that..."

"Okay, okay, I get it," Shayna said on a defeated sigh. "I guess there's no denying it."

Monica gasped, "Ohmygod! You did it? You had sex with him? I thought you were still a virgin!"

Shame hit Shayna all over again. "Yeah, well, Monnie," she said. "Until last night I was." Shayna tried to hold back a sob but lost the battle. Before long she was flat out bawling like a baby.

Monica was quiet on the other end of the line for a few moments then she said, "Shay, calm down sweetie. It'll be okay. It's not the end of the world. Just calm down and tell me what happened."

As her sobs wound down, Shayna gave Monica the rundown of her encounter with Jake, minus a few of the more intimate and embarrassing details. "He's already called me several times today and left a couple of messages for me to call him back," she told her cousin.

"Okay," Monica replied. "That's actually a good thing. Maybe he really likes you. Have you talked to him yet?" she asked.

Shayna replied, "No I haven't. I feel like such a slut. I don't know what to say to him."

Monica exhaled on a long-suffering sigh. "Where would you be without me I wonder? Shay, just call him. Start with 'hello' and see where it goes from there. You'll never know where his head is if you don't talk to him. If you need moral support you can wait till I get there to hold your hand."

Shayna grimaced. "I know I'm being a wuss but that doesn't mean you have to be a bitch, Monica. This is new territory for me. How soon can you get here?"

Monica laughed, hard. "Look, chicken, I had to stop by my office to handle a problem but I should be out of here in an hour or so. We can have a late lunch or something and hang out downtown. I'm sure we can get into trouble somewhere."

Shayna hung up the phone and sat on the bed for a moment pondering her situation. She knew she should go ahead and call Jake but she would call him before Monica arrived. Monica was more than just her cousin, she was also her best friend and confidante. But Shayna figured this was something she had to handle on her own.

Keeping her hair wrapped in the towel, she quickly put on some scented lotion and dressed in shorts and a tank top. She was standing in the bathroom combing her damp hair when someone knocked on the door. She sucked in her breath when she looked through the peephole and saw Jake standing in the hallway.

Something down the hall had caught his attention because his head was turned. Studying his profile for a moment Shayna noticed his eyes were narrowed and his jaw was clenched. He did not look happy. Suddenly his attention returned to her door and he took a step forward. The anger on Jake's face was evident and he knocked hard on the door.

Shayna's nerves shattered at the sharp sound and she hesitantly opened the door. She had no idea of the picture she made standing there wide-eyed with her curly hair flowing around her. She looked like a fresh-faced teenager from the neck up but the way her tank top and shorts clung to her body showed she was all woman. And the effect she had on Jake was instantaneous. He strode through the doorway scooping her up and kicking the door shut in the process.

In moments they were across the room and Jake pulled the chair from the desk and sat down with Shayna astride his lap. When she looked up at him, he gripped the back of her head and firmly planted his warm lips on hers.

Frustrated as he was, his touch was demanding at first. Shayna parted her lips to breathe and Jake immediately snaked his tongue inside her mouth. She hesitated briefly then relented as his tongue lifted hers in a sensuous caress. She moaned when his hands dropped to her waist to slide up her ribcage and stop just under her breasts.

Jake pressed his advantage when Shayna literally melted into his kiss. Bunching her shirt in his hands, he lifted it over her head and tossed it aside. He brought his hands back to her ribcage and slid his thumbs under her bra to caress the bottom swell of her breasts. Shayna writhed against his erection and gasped in anticipation but he did nothing more than softly stroke the area below her aching nipples.

When Shayna realized Jake wasn't going any further, she opened her eyes and looked at him with confusion. Jake stared at her for what seemed like forever before he finally spoke. "Why haven't you answered any of my calls?" he asked.

Though he appeared calm and spoke in a soft tone, Shayna intuitively knew not to be fooled. She knew something else lurked beneath his calm demeanor; she just had no idea what. Feeling nervous and exposed all of a sudden, she stammered, "I, I just woke up a little while ago. I was going to call you after...after I dried my hair."

Jake studied her for a moment before he visibly relaxed. He rested his forehead against hers and admitted, "I missed you. I haven't been able to get you off my mind since last night."

"Really?" she asked.

"Yeah, really. I'm sorry if I scared you just now but I was worried when you weren't answering my calls," he said. "And you can probably tell that I'm not exactly the sit-around-and-wait kind of man." His warm hands moved to her back to release the clasp of her bra.

Shayna felt herself melting against him again and fought to maintain some clarity. "What were you worried about?" she asked as he bent his head to worry her puckered nipple. She quickly forgot what they were talking about as Jake suckled the hardened nub into his mouth. Shayna ground herself against his cock and dimly noted how wet she had become.

Jake inhaled her aroma and stood up, carrying her to the bed. "I was worried that you didn't want to see me again. I see that I was worried for nothing," he said.

When he reached the bed he stripped off the covers and laid Shayna in the middle still holding her to him. He removed her legs from around his waist and quickly stripped her of her shorts and panties. Her mound was slick with her juice and he couldn't resist her alluring scent.

In a flash he removed his clothes and joined her on the bed. He tried to keep a slow pace because he was also worried about overwhelming her since he had taken her virginity less than a day ago.

Unlike Shayna, Jake didn't question the strength of her pull on him but he knew he had to control himself for her sake. He had always understood and accepted the basics of nature without having to overanalyze everything. But he was aware that most people usually didn't understand their own animal nature and constantly fought against it. And it was clear that Shayna was having conflicting feelings as she lay very still with her eyes closed.

With a gentleness that surprised even him, Jake set about wooing Shayna the way he'd started the previous night, by awakening her body. "Open your eyes for me," he said. The seduction of his deep voice was more than she could resist and she slowly opened her eyes. What she saw took her breath away.

Jake's face hovered mere inches above her own, his warm breath fanning her cheek as he lowered his mouth to hers. As she looked into his eyes, she felt more than saw the intensity of his desire for her and it made her tremble with her own need. His warm full lips grazed hers ever so lightly as he trailed his hand along her thigh, over her hip, to her stomach. He lulled her by drawing lazy circles around her navel as his tongue traced the outline of her lips and parted them with the slightest pressure.

While their tongues tasted each other, Jake's hand roamed to her breasts to toy with each nipple in turn, then slid down to her mound, cupping her briefly before parting her thighs. She immediately bent one knee and Jake dipped his fingers into her slippery folds zeroing in on her clit. Shayna's hips bucked at the contact and she moaned as his finger rhythmically stroked her nub.

Jake continued his exploration, sliding further down and inserting his middle finger into her cunt. He rolled his finger around inside her then slowly pulled it out only to insert two fingers this time. He rolled his fingers in her and again pulled them out. Shayna's passion went into overdrive when he slid three fingers into her cunt and she greedily sucked at his tongue and rolled her hips against his hand.

Struggling to control his own response, Jake broke their kiss and bent his head to lick her nipples. Shayna plumped one breast in her hand and Jake greedily sucked the nipple and aureole into his mouth. Arrows of pleasure shot straight to her core in response to the suction sending her over the edge. As Jake continued to suck her breast Shayna's pussy clenched on his fingers in a mind-blowing climax.

When her body began to relax, Jake eased his sucking to a gentle licking and slowly removed his fingers from her dripping cunt. He kissed her lips then brought his hand to his mouth and, while looking into her eyes, licked her juice from his fingers. Shayna watched in fascination and felt her loins begin to stir again. Jake licked the last of her essence from his hand and Shayna pulled him to her for a hungry kiss.

Easing himself above her, Jake lifted Shayna's legs to his shoulders and lined up his hard cock at her entrance. Holding her by her hips, he slid home in one long smooth stroke, filling her completely. He groaned at the exquisite pressure of her tight pussy squeezing his dick. He heard her ragged intake of breath and looked into her eyes.

Taking her in this position allowed him to fit most of his dick inside her and he could tell it was too much too soon. Easing out a little at a time until just his head was inside, he slowly pushed back in until he could go no further. He eased out again and repeated the process several times.

The moment her panting changed to sighing, he lowered her legs to his waist and leaned in closer. Shayna wrapped her arms and legs around him and lifted her hips to his. The pressure against her clit caused her pussy to clench on his dick and the sensation drove Jake wild.

Hooking his arms under her shoulders and locking his lips to hers, Jake began to pound furiously into Shayna's cunt. She was hot, tight, and slick and combined with her muscles milking him, it was too much on his control. Shayna could only hold on tight as Jake fucked her with an urgency that left her breathless. His hips relentlessly drove into her over and over and she was in heaven. The pain of him crashing into her cervix was rewarded with the unmatched ecstasy of him gliding against that magic spot deep inside her.

As she felt the flush coming over her, she flexed her hips forward to meet his thrusts head on. Soon afterward she was screaming in his mouth and he slowed to a stop, resting against her spot. Jake growled as her pussy squeezed him, drawing him deeper inside. After a lengthy orgasm, Shayna relaxed around him and he began pounding into her again until he was on the verge of coming. As he thrust one last time, Jake threw his head back and stilled, fully encased in Shayna's tight pussy as he came, howling in release. Shayna screamed again as another orgasm overtook her and she bit down hard on Jake's shoulder.

Jake instinctively responded and started to shift but he caught himself just as he felt his fangs against his tongue. He would have gladly bitten her as well but there would be consequences if he did. Instead, he held Shayna to him so she wouldn't see his face until he could control himself enough to stay in his human form. It was definitely too soon for her to find out. And when she did, she'd have some tough decisions to make. Until then, he wanted them to spend as much time together as possible for her to get comfortable with him. Then maybe she'd be ready and willing to accept the truth.

When he returned to normal so to speak, he became aware of Shayna licking and sucking the spot where she'd bitten him. The tension had left her body but her arms and legs were still wrapped around him. Easing away from her he looked down at her and she gave him a dreamy smile. She seemed totally content and Jake wished they could stay locked like that forever. But he had plans for the day and he hoped she would go along with them.

Before Jake could move away, Shayna pulled his head to hers and kissed his lips. She tentatively licked the seam of his lips and, with a little more pressure, he opened his mouth to her. Her exploration was hesitant at first, softly exploring his teeth and tongue. Then she grew bolder as she pressed her mouth more firmly against his and sucked at his tongue. His dick, which hadn't gone soft, seemed to swell inside her and she rolled her hips against him. Not breaking the kiss, Jake began to leisurely slide in and out, building the pressure in her loins.

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