Wolf's Kiss Ch. 02


Lifting his torso away from her, Jake once again kneeled before her and raised her legs to his shoulders. He maintained a slow pace and watched as she reached up to grab her breasts. Her passion inflamed him and he leaned down to lick her nipples as he continued to glide in and out of her hot pussy. Their moaning and panting increased, both nearing completion.

Jake lowered her legs and, holding on to her hips, drove them over the edge. He withdrew from her cunt and collapsed on his back beside her. As he pulled her on top of him, Shayna curled against his broad chest and rested her head above his heart. The rapid beating gradually slowed to a steady rhythm and she would have dozed off if her cell phone hadn't broken the spell at that moment.

Raising her head, she reached for her phone on the nightstand and froze when she recognized Monica's number. 'Uh oh,' she thought. She had forgotten that she and Monica were supposed to spend the day together. Jake lay silently watching her worried expression and wondered what was going on.

Not one to speculate, he took the direct approach. "What's wrong?" he asked.

Shayna looked up at him and said, "It's my cousin. We're supposed to be hanging out this afternoon," she replied. "We're having lunch and going shopping."

A look of disappointment briefly flashed across his face. Then he asked, "Why don't we all have lunch together before you go shopping?"

Shayna thought about it for a moment. "Okay," she replied. "I'm sure Monnie won't mind a little extra company."

'Besides,' she thought, 'that gives me a chance to get Monnie's impression of him.' Shayna smiled and kissed his chin before hopping off the bed.

Taking her phone with her into the bathroom, Shayna closed the door and dialed Monica's number. Monica answered and immediately demanded to know why she didn't answer when she called a minute ago. Shayna blushed when her cousin said, "He's there, isn't he? Were y'all fucking when I called?"

Shayna laughed hesitantly and said, "Well no. We had just finished actually."

She was relieved when Monica burst into laughter. "You are such a tramp all of a sudden! How was it?"

Feeling a little bolder, Shayna answered, "Absolutely fantastic! Not that it's any of your business!"

"Fine," Monica said. "Does this mean that you and I aren't hanging out together today?"

"Not necessarily," Shayna responded. "Jake wants to join us for lunch. Is that okay with you?"

Even across the room lounging on the bed Jake could hear every word they said without really trying. He listened with amused interest at the conversation between the two cousins. They obviously kept no secrets from each other and were comfortable enough to speak their minds.

It made him feel good to know that Shayna was so open. That was how he preferred to be so he foresaw no communication problems in their relationship. Jake didn't feel presumptuous in thinking of them as having a relationship already. As far as he was concerned, it was a foregone conclusion. He just had to bring Shayna up to speed. That might take some time but he was prepared to be patient.

Jake smiled when he heard Monica agree to have lunch with them and say that she would be at the hotel in half an hour. Springing from the bed, he found his cell phone in his jeans and placed a quick call.

Hearing the shower running, Jake walked to the bathroom just as Shayna stepped into the tub. After a few moments, he slipped in behind her, startling her when he wrapped his arms around her waist. He leaned down and gently kissed her cheek as he hugged her to him. Shayna couldn't explain the feeling that came over her then. She felt loved and protected in his embrace but part of her knew that it was too soon to be feeling like that. Instead of questioning the feeling, she simply let it wash over her and it felt really good.

Reality suddenly set in and she remembered that Monica was on her way. Turning in Jake's arms, she was surprised to see a look of such tenderness in his eyes, those usually stormy eyes of his. He kissed her forehead and pulled her closer to him. They stood that way awhile until Shayna again remembered her cousin and leaned back a little. "My cousin agreed to having lunch with us so she'll be here soon. We should probably hurry up and get dressed," Shayna said.

Jake gave her a kiss before quickly soaping her body with her body wash and his hands. It took all of their control to not give in to passion and prolong their shower, especially when she soaped his body in return. He reveled in the feel of her small, soft hands caressing his body and wanted nothing more than to plunge his still-hard cock into her. Jake vowed to himself that they would repeat the experience when they had more time to really enjoy it. He'd settle for sharing her with her cousin for this afternoon, but he'd make sure he had her to himself later...

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