tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 09

Wolf's Pet Ch. 09


Craig wasn't sure this was going to go so well. He watched the Omegas scurrying around the house trying to clean and fix up the mess that the gray wolf caused when he tried to escape from the Betas last night. He could only hope the woman who lived here was running late after work. There was just no way they were going to be done. He'd been trying to think of a good cover story for the last seven hours. He had two hours left to concoct something believable. He wasn't holding out much hope. He scanned the front yard, at least it was in good shape and the living room window had been replaced. Maybe he should think of a way to delay her getting home in the first place. It would probably take a full day to make all the repairs.

He laughed when his phone started ringing. James had programmed it to ring "Werewolves of London" whenever he called.

"Hey Craig, how's it going out there?"

"Where's your British accent? You don't sound like you're from London to me." Craig laughed but now it was time for business. "It's going slow. I don't know, do you know anything about this woman? Is she gonna scream bloody murder when she sees a bunch of strangers inside her house? We don't even know the name of the rogue she was living with to even say he let us in."

"Ah, yes we do. Turns out one of the rogue pack is Gina's mate. He's been filling us in on everything. The gray wolf's name is Paul. And last Ben, that's Gina's mate, the last he heard, Paul was about to get evicted. The woman was sick of him following her around. She had threatened to call the police. Too bad she didn't. She lives in Steve's beat and he would have been able to alert the pack sooner. Oh well. Ben had heard her name was Sarah, and he thinks she knows Karen."

Craig's mind was reeling. Maybe there was a way out of this. If he could persuade Cole to let Karen help him keep Sarah from home for a while, they could get the house finished and she might never figure it out. "Thanks James. That's a huge help. Hey so Gina found her mate huh? Wow, and you didn't rip his throat out. I'm impressed. You're a big wolf now James." He had a wide grin on his face. He loved to tease James about his protectiveness over his sister. But in reality, every one of James' friends were like her big brothers. Guess now they'd have to find someone else to over protect. "Thanks for the info. Talk to ya later."

Craig immediately started dialing Cole. "Hey, sorry to wake you up. Actually, I need to speak with Karen." He heard the growl and realized he'd made a dumb move and better explain quickly. "The woman who the gray wolf was living with is possibly a friend of hers. We need to figure out a way to keep her from coming home til we're done repairing the house. I was wondering if she could help us out." Craig heard the difference in Cole's tone after the explanation and breathed a sigh of relief. He heard Cole whispering and movement and then a female voice.

"Hello?" Karen was sleepy and trying to focus. Why would one of the Betas want to talk to her? Cole said had something about knowing someone but she was so confused.

Craig winced when he heard the exhausted voice. She'd only been up and around a day and was probably still pretty weak. She was a human after all. "Hi Karen, sorry to wake you and Cole up. Do you know a woman named Sarah who lives on Burgundy Drive? She was the woman living with that gray rogue wolf. Guess his name is Paul?"

"Oh, yea, I remember her. Gary and I had dinner with Paul and her a few times. It was really weird. She was great, Paul gave me the heebie jeebies. In fact, now that I think of it, she seemed just as uncomfortable with him as I did with Gary. What do you need?" Karen was awake now. She remembered some very stilted conversations with Paul but feeling totally at ease with Sarah. Of course it was hard to concentrate with Cole sliding his fingertips down her arms. Even that small gesture gave her goose bumps and made her pussy start to leak. Cole's wolf noticed that right away and his nose was pushing the covers away from her thighs and settling himself between her legs to lap at her folds.

Craig leered when he heard her gasps and moans. He could tell she was trying to remain quiet but his ears were good enough to pick it up. He could just imagine what Cole was doing right now. "We need to stop Sarah from coming home for a few more hours so we hopefully can get that house finished. I called over some more Omegas to help out, but we are not going to make it by seven am. No way!"

"OK, that gives me almost two hours to figure something out. She works at the hospital pharmacy and gets off at seven. OK, leave it to me." Karen hung up on Craig and moaned loudly. She'd been trying to hold it in but she just couldn't. The wolf Cole's long tongue was exploring every crevice of her pussy and oh my God did it feel good. "Oh fuck! Cole, that feels amazing. Ohhhhhh, yes." Her hips were moving, pushing his tongue towards where it felt best.

Cole's green eyes were watching every move, remembering where his tongue was when he got the best responses. He watched her biting her lip and trying to stay quiet. He would make sure she didn't worry about that anymore. He moved forward just enough so his nose brushed against her hard clit. She jumped and gasped. His tongue swiped from her tight ass up to the bottom of her clit and she gushed fluid as her pussy clamped shut on his tongue and her body jerked and spasmed around him.

"Ohhhhh fuck fuck." Karen's lower body was lifting off the bed. She was fighting to remember to breath and her heart was pounding in her chest. Her thighs were tickled by his thick silky coat and it seemed to translate straight to her pulsing pussy. His tongue never stopped moving inside her until she was completely exhausted and her body couldn't cum any more. She lay there panting, looking down into Cole's beautiful green eyes, his muzzle covered in her juices. He looked silly, and she started to giggle.

He shifted and the human Cole was now laying between her legs, his chin resting just above her pussy. "What's so funny pet?" He slowly moved himself up her body, holding himself off of her so he didn't put pressure on any of her wounds. He was looking down into her beautiful face, still giggling, her dark brown eyes were twinkling. She had the longest lashes. He just couldn't stop staring at her. She was his. He bent down to give her a soft kiss and her tongue reached out and swiped across his nose. "Hey, what was that?" He pulled back quickly, surprised by the tongue lashing.

"I'm practicing being a wolf. I was tasting my pussy juice on your nose." She was smiling up at him and he started to laugh.

"OK, little wolf, practice away." He bent down and didn't give her a chance to play but took her mouth forcefully, his tongue pushing into her mouth and keeping hers at bay.

She lost herself in his kiss, until a wrong move made her wince in pain. Her ribs were going to hurt for some time.

"Are you OK? I should have been more careful." Cole got off the bed and turned on a light. God she looked beautiful laying there in his bed, her auburn hair fanned out across his pillows. But he saw the pain on her face and came back to kneel at her side. He took her hand in his, bringing it to his lips. His other hand was stroking her face as she tried to hold in the pain. "It's OK pet, it's OK to show me you're in pain. I'll take care of you. Please, cry if you have to. It just makes it worse to try and hide it."

She looked up into his face and couldn't hold back anymore. The tears started to pour out. It wasn't just the pain, it was the fear of all the memories that had come back from the last night spent at her house with Gary. She'd tried to be strong. She didn't want to upset people, especially Cole. She never wanted to upset Cole.

Cole climbed back onto the bed and pulled her into his arms, holding her gently and stroking her back as she cried out all the fear and pain of the last week. He whispered his undying love of and devotion to her. He wanted her to know that she had nothing to fear anymore. He would take care of her, he would always be there for her. "It's alright pet. Everything is going to be alright." He heard her breathing become more regular and smiled when he realized she had fallen asleep. Good, she needed the rest. He'd let her sleep as long as possible.


Her favorite place, the meadow. She was in her wolf form and looked around to see two cubs, snuggled against her. Whose were they? They were adorable. One was the same chocolate brown as Cole, the other auburn like her. Was she babysitting? She was afraid to wake them and stayed as still as possible. She saw Cole running towards her. He stopped next to her and slid his body along her side, pushing into her. She looked at the cubs trying to give him the idea to be careful not to wake them. He laid down on the other side of the cubs and intentionally woke them by pushing them with his nose. She wondered what he was doing. As they woke, he pushed them towards her. She had a questioning look on her wolf face. Then she felt them, they were grabbing hold of her nipples and suckling. She was shocked, they were getting milk. How could she have milk? Were these her cubs? His cubs? Cole had a satisfied look on his face and licked her nose as the cubs sated their hunger.


Gary was seething. These pack dogs thought they were in control. They had no idea who they were dealing with. He wasn't going to be held here. He had a plan, and they had brought the instrument to him. He smiled as he felt the presence of Paul in the hospital. His Alpha bond with him was strong. Not so much with the other two. They were weak. He never should have chosen them to join his pack. They didn't really believe the way he and Paul did. In fact, he couldn't feel Ben's presence at all. There had been a tenuous connection earlier tonight and it seemed to be broken. Maybe they killed him when they interrogated the little Omega. He smiled to himself. No loss.

Nathan was in the cell next to Gary. Why did he ever agree to join Gary in his little pack. What a mistake this had turned out to be. He had been a respected Beta in the Torrance pack. But he was so lonely. Being without a mate for 300 years could be nerve wracking. He wanted to have his own woman to take care of, to raise cubs with. What a disaster this was. It had seemed like such a good idea at the time, get away from loneliness, start over elsewhere. Gary had made it sound like it would be easy to find a mate in the human world. What an idiot. His litter mates had begged him not to go, but per Gary's orders he'd cut all ties with them and now he had no one. He put his head in his hands and closed his eyes. What would happen to him? What had happened to Ben? They had taken him out of here hours ago.

David was keeping a close eye on the prisoners. Gary acted like he was in the driver's seat. David had to wonder if he was planning something. The other guy was a big question mark in David's mind. It was obvious he was a Beta. He was six and a half feet tall with a burly build. He had been polite and compliant since they confronted him at his home. When they approached him he sighed, grabbed his jacket, and said "I'm ready." It was like he was being walked to the gallows. Carr was going to have a lot of hard decisions to make about this bunch, and David didn't' envy him that.

"How are things going David?" Carr walked in and clapped him on the shoulder.

David smiled at his Alpha. He really enjoyed being a Beta in this pack. He'd joined them when he met his mate at an inter-pack gathering. They had decided it was best if David came to join the Baxter pack since there was a lot of infighting in his old pack. And besides that, his mate didn't want to leave her parents and siblings. David had immediately felt like he'd been here his whole life. Everyone got along so well, and he really felt it was because of Carr's easy going management style. He wasn't a micro-manager and let his Betas have a lot of responsibility.

"Quiet here Alpha. But I think Gary is planning something. Don't know what, but there's something going on in that crazy mind of his." David tried not to look Gary's way. He didn't want him to know he was talking about him. "The other guy seems like he's pretty level headed. Has the Omega had anything to say about him?"

"Ben said his name is Nathan and he's from the Torrance pack. I think we'll speak with him now." Carr walked out without another word.

David motioned for the two other Betas to follow him and they stopped in front of the door to Nathan's cell. "Get up, you're coming with us."

Nathan sighed, wondering if he would meet his death now. If he did, his only regret was he hadn't spoken with his family in almost a year. His head was down as he walked out of the door flanked by the three Betas, all with tranquilizer guns. He walked passed Gary's cell but purposely didn't glance at him.

"Weakling." All four men heard the word come out of Gary's mouth, and all four ignored him as they walked by.

"Have a seat Nathan." Carr was pointing to a chair facing him across the table in the small room.

Nathan had been surprised to hear his name. He cautiously sat down and waited for the Alpha's judgement. He was sure it would be death. He deserved it. "Alpha, I have a request before you pronounce judgement." Carr nodded at him to continue. "I'd very much like to call my family at the Torrance pack and say good-bye." He dropped his eyes and waited in silence.

"I think that can be arranged, but I think you're jumping the gun a little here Nathan. Why don't we talk for a bit and then we'll decide if you have any good-byes to make, OK?" Carr looked at the big man and realized he thought he was going to die. If he had been caught by some of the neighboring pack he would have died immediately. But Carr was a believer in seeing what was in the hearts of someone who erred, not ripping it out without looking first.

Nathan looked up in disbelief. If they weren't going to kill him, then what had happened to Ben. Last night Gary had pronounced their bond gone and that Ben must have been put to death. "Then may I ask Sir, what happened to Ben? Is he dead?" Nathan was waiting for the inevitable answer. He watched the smile come up on the Alpha's face. Nathan was so confused. Why was the Alpha smiling like that?

"Come with me." Carr stood up and walked out of the room.

Nathan looked at his guards and they motioned for him to follow. He stood up slowly and walked several feet behind the Baxter Alpha. Was this some kind of trick? The Alpha stopped ahead of him and motioned towards a window. Nathan slowly moved to look through the glass and saw Ben, perfectly healthy. He was smiling and talking to a little female who was glued to his side. They kept leaning into each other and couldn't stop touching. Nathan looked on in awe and then at those around him. "His mate?" Everyone standing in the room nodded. Nathan was dumbfounded. All this time with Gary's crazy ideas and Ben found his mate here. Nathan was happy for his friend. He looked happy, he looked giddy. Nathan couldn't help but smile.

James and Carr exchanged glances. "Nathan, why did you join Gary's pack?" Carr figured he'd come right to the point. If Nathan was really a rogue, he'd do what must be done. But he had a feeling Nathan was just lost.

Nathan turned to face the Alpha, not wanting to show disrespect by not looking at him as they spoke. "I had nothing Alpha. I was lonely. I wanted a mate so badly, and Gary made promises that were outlandish, but I was so desperate I believed them." Nathan looked the Alpha in the eye, unafraid, and willing to face his fate head on, whatever it may be.

Carr stood there for a several moment, looking at the hulking Were standing in front of him so dejected, so sure of what was going to happen to him. Carr's bond with his Betas was strong and he knew they all felt the same way. Nathan was a good man. "I need a good work out. You look like you might be able to hold out for awhile. Let's go to the gym."

All the Betas grinned. Nathan just looked shocked. The gym? He followed the Alpha with his ever present guard at his heels. They still held their tranquilizer guns but didn't seem to have them trained on him every second any more.

Gary sat upright in his bed in his little cell. The fragile bond with Nathan was gone. They must have killed him too. Paul's bond was still strong. And that was the only one that mattered. He and Paul would escape soon and these stupid mutts would pay. He laid down, closed his eyes, and slept.


They laid there together for another hour until Cole realized if they were going to stop Sarah from coming home they had to get moving. He gently shook her awake. "Its time to find Sarah baby. We have to go."

He heard her mumbling "Where did these cubs come from?"

He smiled down at his mate. He wondered if she could see the future. She seemed to dream of things that were meant to be, like becoming a wolf, mating with him, and cubs? He kissed her forehead and shook her fully awake. "Time to go baby."

Thirty minutes later Cole and Karen were arriving at the hospital parking lot. It was the first time Karen had been away from the compound in a week. It seemed so much noisier out here. She already missed the comfort of Cole's home. She pointed out Sarah's car and was glad she hadn't made them late by falling asleep. She was still a little unnerved by her latest dream. Cubs? She really doubted anything like that would be possible. It wasn't like she was a spring chicken.

During the drive over, Karen had been trying to come up with a good story to tell Sarah about why they were here. And maybe something to help explain why her house was in an uproar. She hoped she was a good liar. She'd never been before, but then again, it had never been so important.

She spotted her walking through the parking lot and waited for her to get closer to the cars. She smiled at Cole and got out of the SUV. "Sarah, hey Sarah. How are you?" Karen walked up to Sarah, startling her for a second. At first she looked suspiciously at Karen and glanced over at the SUV she'd gotten out of, expecting to see Gary but surprised to see a stranger.

"Hi Karen, what are you doing here?" Then she saw the bruises on Karen's neck and the bandage peaking out from her collar. "Oh my God, what happened to you? A car accident or something?" She was surveying her head to toe, looking for more injuries. She certainly seemed pretty chipper for having so many bruises. She had been wondering if something had happened to her. Paul had made some bizarre comments about her in the last few days. In fact he'd been calling her a "fucking bitch" and saying she had betrayed Gary somehow. Personally, she thought Gary was as much of a freak as Paul and hoped Karen would follow her lead when she evicted Paul.

"Yea, something like that. I just had to fill a prescription. More pain meds. It's great to see you again. I have to tell you, I always thought you were a nice person. Just sorry we met through those assholes. Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't say that." She smiled to herself when she saw Sarah relax and grin at her. She had thought if she made it clear that she wasn't any friend of Gary or Paul that Sarah would relax a bit. "Ben and Nathan seemed like nice boys, but Gary and Paul, they are two peas in a pod. In fact, I had to get away from Gary. I tried to tell him to leave and he went kind of crazy. I had to find my own bodyguard." She looked toward the SUV and smiled Cole's way. She knew she was gaining Sarah's confidence.

"Wow, that is one handsome hunk! Boy toy Karen?" Sarah gave her a leering look. Sarah had always been somewhat of a cougar herself, but she had pegged Karen as too shy to ever go for a younger guy. Maybe she'd been wrong about her. She noticed the red flush creeping up Karen's face and knew, they weren't just friends. Good for her! "But seriously Karen, what happened? I see finger marks on your neck and wrist." A look of real concern came across Sarah's face as she looked Karen in the eyes.

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