tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 12

Wolf's Pet Ch. 12


The front door was wide open, and the sound of glass breaking rang out across the neighborhood. Paul was furious. The house reeked of those pack dogs. He could tell they'd just left. And Sarah went with them. Bitch! She was his, and he wasn't going to give her up. Paul ripped the walls apart, tore down the bannister, broke every piece of furniture.

Gary stood in the middle of the living room and let Paul take out his anger on the house. It was pretty much gutted, the same as those mutts would be when they met in battle. Gary smirked, picturing the bloody scene they would leave behind. And once the males were dead, it didn't matter if a female had been mated or not. He and his pack would have them. In ancient times one Alpha male would have several mates, not just one. He would sire cubs with as many females as possible. That was the way it should be. He had read the history of his kind when he'd studied in the Crane Alpha's library. The idiot didn't know he had found the secret entrance and had access to everything, including all of the information about the individual packs. That had certainly come in handy recently.

Paul stood at the destroyed doorway, catching his breath. There really wasn't much more to damage. He felt better. A little. He'd feel even better when he held the bloody entrails of the male who thought Sarah was his. She'd beg him to take her when he was through with her and her supposed mate. She'd beg.

The sirens in the distance caught their attention. Gary motioned it was time to leave. The Police cars pulled up to the house just as the two wolves made it to the nearby woods. Luckily for them, all the pack members in the Police Department had taken time off to help at the compound.


Karen awoke to the feeling of Cole's bare skin against her back, his arm thrown across her breasts and his lips trailing kisses down her shoulders. She moaned and then shivered with lust as his tongue lapped at the fresh bite. She tried to turn to face him but he growled his displeasure and she immediately complied. His growl was the sexiest sound she had ever heard in her life.

He loved the feel of her against him, as a human or a wolf. It didn't matter. And he couldn't get enough of her taste, whether it was the nectar he drank from between her legs, or her blood, or even her skin. For so many years he'd just been playing with women. It was sating physical needs and that was all. There was no emotion involved, just the rutting instinct and hormones. But this was the first time his wolf had actually been interested and participated, in fact his wolf had completely taken over. And it was incredible! So far beyond anything he had experienced before. He couldn't imagine life without Karen, and just the thought of it made his chest tighten.

At the next full moon when she turned they'd complete the mating ritual and their bond would be in place. It couldn't happen soon enough for him. At least then they'd always be in contact. He would always sense when she needed him. He knew he'd be extremely over protective until then. Three weeks felt like an eternity. Her moans brought him back to the present. He hadn't realized he'd been stroking her breasts, and he could smell her wet pussy already. Fuck! They didn't have the time. "I hate to break this up, but we need to get moving. I let you sleep cuz you looked so damned cute, but there's a lot to get done before the females and cubs leave tomorrow. We need to at least make an appearance downstairs." He jumped off the bed and began pulling his clothes on.

Karen looked up at him with the saddest puppy dog eyes and a slight pout. She was fucking adorable, but he had to be strong for both of them. He struggled to pull his pants up over his growing erection. "C'mon sleepy head, get a move on."

Karen rolled off the bed, and when her feet hit the floor she realized it didn't feel the same. She looked down, slightly confused. Her feet looked normal, but the floor. It looked normal too, but something was off. She stood up and her eyes drifted across the room. She noticed how bright the colors were today. Was there more light coming in through the windows? Did someone clean them this morning? She took in a deep breath and could smell the leather and hickory scent from Cole. Now that made her smile. She could even smell the flowers outside. She hadn't noticed that earlier today. As he was talking to her, she realized his voice sounded, richer? That was it. She walked across the floor with a grace she didn't remember having.

Cole was watching her carefully. He loved her curves. She wasn't lean like the pack females, he liked that. But he noticed she did look more muscular than he remembered. God she was gorgeous. The way she walked...the way she walked? She'd never walked quite like that before. He studied her movement across the floor and blinked. She had a fluid, almost cat like grace. Cat? He had seen humans who had been turned, and their movement always seemed more, what was the word he wanted to use, stealthy, that was it.

She turned and saw the frown on his face. "What? Did I do something wrong?" She was standing in front of the closet in jeans and a bra, reaching for a top.

"You are perfect as always Karen, perfect for me. But that won't do today." He snatched the turtleneck out of her hand and threw it on the bed. He reached into the closet and pulled out a V-neck sweater that would display her bite beautifully. He handed it to her. "This will show things off nicely."

She reached out to take the sweater and felt a very hot blush creeping up her neck as the meaning became clear.

Sarah watched the Red Tailed Hawk soar high above the trees and then laughed when the tiny little black birds swarmed it to chase it away from their nest. It was so wild here. Like a wilderness preserve. But that was on the other side of town. This was privately owned, by the pack. She looked out over the ridge and could see for miles. Deer dotted the hillsides. She wondered just how far out the pack owned. "Does it all belong to the pack? As far as I can see?"

James stood behind her, leaning against a tree, arms crossed. He loved to just look at her. Her long hair was black as night, in contrast to her alabaster skin. The big blue eyes finished the picture of the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen in his life. "Most of it. What doesn't belong to the pack belongs to the Bureau of Land Management, so we won't have to ever worry about encroachment from civilization. Other than the compound, it's all pretty much the same as it was when the Alpha's grandfather brought the pack here four hundred years ago. It's the outside world that's changed."

"Four hundred years ago?" She spun around to look at him incredulously. "Seriously? They've been here since the 1600's? My family didn't come to this country until the 1870's." She studied him for a moment to see if he was joking. He didn't seem to be. She wanted to pinch herself to see if she truly was standing out here in the wilderness with a drop dead gorgeous man who was a Werewolf. "Where did they come from? Did you come here with them?" James had made an off hand comment about the long lives of the pack members and she wondered just how long.

His rich laughter flowed through the wind to her. "No silly, my grandfather came here from Scotland with the pack. There is still a Baxter pack in Scotland. I'd thought of traveling there to find my mate, but now I guess it was a good thing I didn't. I might have missed you. As for me, I was born here one hundred sixty eight years ago."

Sarah had to admit she'd been quite a cock tease in the last few years. She loved to toy with a man, have some fun, and then move on. She didn't want to be hurt again. She'd had her share of bad relationships in the past and had decided the best way to avoid that again was not to bother with relationships. But she had no reservations when it came to James, none! She'd known him for what, all of two hours? She was ready to fuck him right now, become his mate, and live however long she could with him. She didn't realize she was staring at him until he walked up and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight to his body.

He whispered as he stroked her hair, "Sarah, I'm going to take care of you for the rest of our lives. I know it's hard to believe this, but I love you. My wolf and I have to have you. We wouldn't be able to live without you now. Do you understand?" He gently put a finger under her chin to tilt her head up so he could look into those beautiful blue eyes. He couldn't resist her lips and leaned down to kiss her. He had thought he would be gentle but his wolf was close and wanted to taste his mate.

His lips crushed hers in a bruising kiss that took her breath away. She opened her mouth to accept his questing tongue, and he took it with a force and need that was unknown to him before this. His hands closed over her arms and pulled her as close as was possible as he explored her mouth. He was so afraid he and his wolf would scare her, but she was fully participating. He could hear her moans and could smell her arousal. His wolf wanted to take her now. She was his, he needed to mark her. Wolf instinct was strong and hard to resist, and the only thing stopping him was Carr's command. He had forbidden the mating for now. He had told James to get to know her a little bit first and let her learn about the pack and get used to the idea of becoming a wolf. His wolf was ready to disobey their Alpha but knew he would not.

His hands were traveling down her shoulders, over her breasts, feeling them through her thin blouse. He could feel the nipples erect through her bra. He stopped for a moment to let her put a halt to it if she must. He pulled away and saw her staring back at him, breathing hard, nostrils flaring. She stood her ground and didn't appear afraid. "Sarah, my wolf and I both want you, want to mark you so no other male tries to take you from us. We aren't allowed to for now, but..."

Sarah brought a finger to his lips to stop him from talking. "I want you too James. I've never wanted anything so badly in my life." She got on her tip toes and held his face to bring his lips back to hers for another searching kiss. She whispered into his ear, "I'm yours James, whether I'm marked or not." She couldn't explain why she knew that was true, but she did. "Just because we can't mate doesn't mean we can't get to know each other better." She looked up into his eyes, his beautiful black eyes, and gave him a devilish grin.

He lifted an eyebrow. "What'd you have in mind?" His voice was deeper, thick with lust. He hoped he was right about what she was thinking. If not, he and his wolf were going to have a very frustrating day.

Their eyes locked as she trailed her hand slowly down his chest. She could feel his heart pounding inside, the same as hers. His breathing was deep, like he had to concentrate just to remember to breath in and breath out. Her hand stopped at his belt and fumbled to get it undone.

The corners of his lips turned up when he realized where this was going. She was doing a good job so he wouldn't help, for now. He felt her tugging his jeans down his hips and soon they pooled at his feet. He looked down and she had dropped to her knees. Her hands were so soft as they stroked his hard cock. He'd been hard for hours, since scenting her that morning at the diner as a matter of fact.

She marveled at how long and thick and hard his cock was. Her mouth was watering. She'd never seen one quite this beautiful before. Of course, she'd already figured out that everything about him was more beautiful than she'd seen before. She looked into his face as she snaked out her tongue to take her first taste of him and smiled when she heard him groan. She giggled a bit when she heard him growl. She was going to like that sound.

Precum was oozing out of the tip and she just had to taste it! She flicked her tongue and caught some and savored it for a moment before moving it around in her mouth a bit. She didn't want to miss any part of the flavor. She tasted him like a fine wine, noting everything. She lapped at his shaft, sliding all the way down to the base before coming back to the tip to taste a bit more. "Mmmm, you taste yummy James." And with that, she opened wide to take him into her mouth.

He gasped when he felt his cock head hitting the back of her throat and then let out a loud growl when he felt it being drawn down into her throat. My God, she could suck a cock better than any pack female he had ever been with. He looked down at the top of her head, stroking her hair as she bobbed up and down on him. "Fuck" he moaned when she took him deeper and just held herself in place while she swallowed, squeezing his cock head in a way he'd never had the pleasure of feeling in the past. He knew he would have plenty of pleasure from here on out. Her mouth and throat worked his cock better than the most experienced bitch that had ever touched him.

His cock filled her mouth and she struggled to breath around it as she stuffed it as deep as she could down her throat. She wanted nothing more than to please him, wanted to show him that she would show him pleasure like he'd never had before. His growls pushed her on even more. She couldn't wait to feel him cumming in her mouth. She had a feeling he would have a huge load for her. His balls were full, and he must have been so uncomfortable all day from the looks of things. She wanted to make him feel much much better. She reached out and gently squeezed his testicles which erupted with a corresponding roar from him. She felt jets of cum squirting into her mouth, huge amounts. She swallowed again and again as he grabbed handfuls of her hair and pulled her to his body, impaling her on his still spurting cock.

She was amazed at how much there was. She struggled to keep up but there was just too much. She could feel some of his cum escaping through her lips, dribbling down her chin and dropping onto her blouse. He held her tight to his body until the last measure had been drawn from him. He let out a long satisfied sigh and released his tight grip on her head. She slowly backed away, flicking her tongue to clean up any remnants as she went.

She looked up at him with a sinful smile and licked her lips. "Do you feel any better James?" She spoke so sweetly that no one overhearing would ever suspect she had just given him the most wickedly delicious blow job of his entire life.

Cole and his mate walked hand in hand down the staircase and into the dining room where supplies were being packaged for those making the trip to the mountains. It was a flurry of activity until the first catcall from one of the Betas, then all heads twisted to look at the cause. There were wolf whistles from the males and gasps from some of the females. Hands reached out to clap Cole on the shoulder as they walked by. He was beaming. Karen looked like she wanted to hide. Her face was crimson. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and remembered the old saying, "if looks could kill."

"I have to see where I'm needed pet, so why don't you help out here." He bent down to kiss her on the forehead and walked out with some of the other Betas. They were laughing and cracking jokes. This was a banner day for them. Cole was finally mated and off the market. Now a few more of them had a chance with some of the females.

A sea of faces watched her silently. She hadn't met many of the females in the pack, in fact, only a handful. She was regretting that now. A friendly voice cut through the silence.

"Karen, you look great! Love the sweater." Lila ran over and gave Karen a bone crushing hug. For a woman she was strong, of course she was a Werewolf. "Now we have even more in common." She gave Karen a sly wink as she pointed to her own fresh mating bite. "C'mon over this way, and we'll get you started on boxing supplies. There's so much to do and so little time before the group leaves."

"You're not going Lila?" Karen thought mated females were all going.

"Oh no, our females only get pregnant during our heat cycles and that can't happen until after mating is complete, which means after the next full moon. So no way for me to be pregnant yet, but I can't wait for it to happen. Although I have a feeling Nathan's cubs are going to be gigantic. It's rare for a Were to need a C-Section but stranger things have happened. But I'll tell you one thing, Jeff better not be planning any vacations when I get pregnant." She started to laugh and Karen was drawn in with her.

For a second Karen forgot the unfriendly faces surrounding her. Were these all Cole's former lovers? She knew he'd been around the block, but she was thinking a small town block. This looked like a New York City block. Some of the women just seemed curious, but some were downright hostile. Especially the one she overheard talking, or rather who wanted to be overheard.

"I was told that human females make terrible mates. They just lay there during sex. How could any Werewolf male want to fuck that? Like a limp rag I heard. Bet any cubs would be undersized even for an Omega. Cole deserves to have strong cubs that will grow up to be Betas, not puny little Omegas. If she had any feelings for him she'd step aside and let him choose a true Beta as a mate." The red headed female was flipping her hair this way and that, trying to be noticed by anyone who cared to look. Someone called her Cheryl.

Karen started thinking of every way to rip Cheryl to shreds. She thought about evisceration. That would be nice and painful. A second later she blinked. What the hell am I thinking? I'm a grown-up. I shouldn't be reacting this way to some petty little bitch.

Lila cleared her throat to get her attention. She saw the look in her eyes and could tell her wolf was asserting herself already. She had three weeks to get used to sharing her mind and body with another. She had a lot to learn and adjust to. She had a feeling Karen had never had a violent nature. That would change soon. But she hoped Cheryl wouldn't press things too far before Karen made her first change. She'd be at a huge disadvantage if she tried to challenge Cheryl before. Human versus Werewolf did not bode well for Karen. Lila would make sure THAT didn't happen if she had to kill Cheryl herself.

Cole had returned to the dining room and was speaking to James and Sarah who had walked in with him. Cheryl managed to slip in next to him and put a possessive arm around his waist and said in her most seductive voice "Have you missed me baby?"

The trio had shocked looks on their faces as did the rest of the room. Cole extricated himself from her embrace and backed away quickly. "I'm mated Cheryl, it's over, done, finished. We had fun. Move on."

Karen watched as Cole backed away and pointedly told her they were through. Cheryl looked like she was trying to plead with him to reconsider. All Karen could think was "I don't think so!" She quietly strode to the group, a low growl heard as she grabbed Cheryl by the elbow, pulled her away from her mate and punched her square in the face. The power behind the punch was what surprised them the most. Cheryl's body went skittering across the slick floor and slammed into a wall.

Cheryl was stunned for a moment and then got up screaming, "You Bitch!" Her nose was spurting blood, and she was trying to staunch the flow as she yelled for anyone to hear how she had been disrespected by a human. She quickly shifted into a red wolf, snarling with teeth bared. Karen stood her ground, growling back.

Lee watched for a moment from Carr's office and then came forward to stand between the two growling females. "I'd say that you were the one who was disrespectful Cheryl. How dare you even insinuate that you would have a sexual relationship with a mated wolf! And I have the distinct impression that once Karen has made the change, she will out rank you as a Beta. Think of what damage she could have done after the full moon. Watch your step Cheryl. I don't tolerate this kind of behavior in my Betas." Lee turned on her heel and walked back outside. She had more important things to do than babysit a crybaby. If Cheryl made one more misstep she'd lose her status as a Beta entirely and have to try to work her way up from an Omega again.

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