tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 14

Wolf's Pet Ch. 14


Carr couldn't sleep. He held Lee tightly, spooned against her back. He felt her rhythmic breathing. "Can't sleep either baby?" He nuzzled her neck, cedar and lilac. It still amazed him how it calmed him to have her scent permeating his brain.

She turned to face him, studying his eyes, bringing up a hand to stroke his cheek. Carr was always the one who was light-hearted, took things in stride. He was never worried, until now. This was the first time he would really be tested. It killed her to think she wouldn't be here to support him. She belonged by his side, but she knew if she was pregnant, she needed to be kept safe. The future Alpha of the pack could be growing inside her. But it didn't make it easier to leave. They didn't need words. He knew what she was thinking, even if they hadn't had their mental bond, he'd know.

He held her hand as she slid it across his jaw. This would be their last hours together for who knows how long. There was still so much to do. But he and his wolf needed this time with their mate. He stroked her blond hair with his other hand, then pulled her head to his and kissed her, savoring the taste of her mouth. Her hands traveled across his shoulders, and he growled when he felt her nails scraping his skin. He stopped kissing her and pulled away to look into her feral eyes, swirling blue with amber. Her wolf was close. He leaned in and bit her lip, drawing blood which dripped down her chin. They stared into each other's eyes as he slowly used his tongue to clean it.

He rolled out of the bed, stood, and reached his hand for hers, waiting. She took it and stood with him, smiling, knowing what he had on his mind. They walked out onto the balcony, looking out over the pack lands. His arms snaked around her waist, holding her tight, licking at her neck. She leaned into his hard body, her head against his shoulder, leaving her neck bared to him. His teeth softly nipped at her, and she growled in response.

They watched the dark winter sky, the constellation of Orion the hunter high above. "You're the only hunter I need" she whispered and leaned back into her mate's strong arms. He would hunt down Gary and Paul and kill them to keep the pack safe, she knew it. But this was their last chance together, and she would make it memorable for both of them. She quickly shifted, and her wolf leapt from the balcony, landing gracefully in the grass below. She stopped long enough to turn and look up at her surprised mate, and then took off at a full run into the forest.

The tall form on the balcony transformed into a muscular brown wolf and sailed over the railing, barely missing a stride as he chased after his mischievous mate. Run from him would she? She wouldn't run long because he would catch her in minutes. He knew how she thought. He had all her tricks memorized.

She could hear him close behind her. Even with the advantage of surprise he was keeping up with her. She ran as fast as she could, the low tree branches brushing past her face. She closed her eyes tight and ran inside a rosemary bush, maybe he couldn't get through here, he was so much bigger. It could give her a little breathing room if he had to run around.

He came to the bush where it was obvious the blond wolf had run inside. Tufts of blond fur hung over the blue flowers. He stopped and stared at it, catching his breath in the moment. If he tried to fit into that tight space and couldn't make it, he'd be far behind her by the time he got out. If he went around he'd lose time, but less than if he was struggling to break free of the tight growth in front of him. She was a wily one. Yes, she was a fit mate for him. She would be a fine mother for the future Alpha, whether or not he was there to see it. He lifted his nose and caught her scent to the north. He turned to circle the bushes and pushed himself faster.

He caught sight of her tail as she tried to slip unnoticed into a hollowed out tree. If a wolf could smirk he would. Did she really think she'd be able to hide her scent from him? He crouched down low to the ground, his belly scraping against the wet grass. The big wolf crept slowly to the dead tree. It was huge and as he looked inside, he was surprised to not find the blond tease huddled inside. He looked around, puzzled, until he saw moonlight shining through a hole a few feet up. Damn her! She'd outfoxed him and put him behind.

He quickly backed up and held his head up and waited for a sound or odor. Nothing. He ran around to the other side of the tree and looked below the hole. Paw prints. He dropped his head and sniffed the print, yes it was her. He picked up the scent and ran, no female would out think him. He sent his thoughts to her, "I'm behind you love, better run faster." Her scent was stronger as he picked up speed.

She heard him in her mind and smiled to herself. "You'll only catch me when I let you." She could hear him gaining ground behind her, but realized too late she had run into a meadow. In open ground he would catch her in no time. She tried to come up with a plan but it was too late. He was on her and dragging her to the ground.

His huge paws gripped her hips tightly and he took his prize. His hard cock plunged into his mate as he howled his conquest. He heard the answers of his pack deep in the woods. Many of them had the same idea as the Alphas. One last time to run with their mates. He held her close to him as he pounded into her. He could barely hear her growls of pleasure through his own. His knot formed and he leaned forward, took her neck in his powerful jaws, and bit down as he gave one more powerful thrust, seating his knot and shooting his cum deep inside her.

She collapsed underneath him as she howled her own pleasure. She loved the feeling of being tied to her mate. She closed her eyes as she spasmed around his cock, milking him of his seed. She had led him on a merry chase, and he had proven himself to her again, as he always did. And he would prove himself to the pack, defeating Gary. She had faith in him.

He awoke to the sounds of birds chirping. His arms were tight around Lee, he could feel his knot, still imbedded in her, but almost receded enough. He'd wait, he was too comfortable. She was still sleeping soundly. He picked a blade of grass and grinned as he dragged it across the bridge of her nose. Her hand waved in the air at it. He trailed it over her upper lip and chuckled as she wrinkled her nose and tried to shoo it away.

Lee waved her hand across the front of her face to get rid of that blasted piece of grass in front of her face and awoke to her mate laughing his head off. She grinned and pulled his arms around her stomach. She looked across the sky and saw the sun peaking over the mountains. She sighed, and he held her tighter. She felt his breath in her ear.

"I wish you didn't have to go, but there's no choice love." He got to his feet and held his arms outstretched to her. She took his hands, and he pulled her to her feet. They walked slowly towards the house. They caught glimpses of other mated pairs doing the same. None of them wanted this day to begin.

The dawn broke and the final preparations were being made. David would drive the lead car with Lee. He walked with a limp but there were no other physical long term affects from the fight with Paul. He didn't want to leave, but his duty was to his Alpha and his pack. He had been given the honor of guarding the Alpha Bitch, and he would protect her with his life if needed. He pretended to be busy while Carr and Lee said their goodbye's.

Too soon for either of them it was time to go. Carr reluctantly pulled away from his mate, gave a nod to David, and stepped back. He and the assembled pack members waved goodbye to friends and family. He could hear a few sobs from some of the females in the passing vehicles. He really hated to do this, but it'd be safer for them in the mountains. Reports from the scouts had been that nothing in the area had been disturbed. He felt certain that Gary wanted to concentrate on Karen and Sarah, so he would come to the compound. He knew it.

Troy and Trey brought up the rear of the convoy. They would make sure the females and cubs were safe, or die trying.

Carr watched the line of cars until even the dust trails were out of sight. He looked around at the long faces of his pack. He felt the same. But if they didn't stop Gary, then the females would never be able to return. He spun on his heel and headed for the Omega quarters, his Betas in step behind. They walked past the females standing guard outside the quarters.

Cheryl was one of them, and she tried to put on her most alluring smile as Cole walked by. He didn't even glance her way. Her face took on a decidedly ugly cast which did not go unnoticed by Brett and James who exchanged amused looks. Cheryl thought this was the stupidest thing she could be doing right now. She should have been assigned a more important task than guarding some dumb human females. What a waste, they should just throw them all back to Gary and let him have them, especially Karen. Just the thought of that bitch made her blood boil. So she thought she was going to complete mating with Cole in three weeks. Not if Cheryl had something to say about it! She'd think of a way to get Karen out of the picture. She wondered if she could find a way to contact Gary. She'd have to think on that.

Brett was one of the last to arrive at the Omega quarters and as he walked by Cheryl, wondered what the heck she was thinking about with that nasty look on her face. Brett got a laugh when Bryant tried to get past her. She was in a disagreeable mood and took out her frustrations on him. She stood there berating him for trying to enter an area off limits to all un-mated males. Finally he saw Bryant put his hands up in surrender and walk away.

Becky had been busy and there were pedigree charts all over the walls of the common room. Each chart represented one of the human women. Carr stood in the center of the room and looked each chart over, not seeing anything that stood out as similar.

Becky was proud of her work so far and couldn't wait to share what she'd found. When all were assembled, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly, steeling her nerves. She wasn't used to speaking to large groups. She looked around at the expectant faces staring back at her. "Well, here's what we've found so far. All four women do have one thing in common. On their mother's sides of the family, they are descended from people who came from Hungary between the years 1868 and 1892. However, the part of Hungary their families are from is actually Slovakia, more to the point, in the area of the Tatra Mountains where the Vlkolak Werewolves lived. I've done some more research on them and found that they literally do not exist anymore. They were wiped out by the early 1900's." She paused to take a breath.

"Will the DNA be able to tell us if they descend from the Vlkolak?" Carr was studying the charts, trying to see what he was missing. There had to be something that was there to see.

Jeff answered ,"Well, I'm not sure. I don't know if they've mapped out the DNA of the Vlkolak since there aren't any in existence any more, that they know of that is. I did call the DNA company today and explained our problem, and they promised to run the tests as fast as possible. In fact, they said they'd run crews 24/7 to get them done within a week."

"What about these Eastern European records? Any way to link any of these ancestors into that pack yet?" Carr looked to Becky.

"I'm waiting for a call from the Council's Chief Archivist. I'm kind of surprised he hasn't called back yet. But maybe he's waiting until he has more information for us." Becky was really hoping to get a phone call soon. Usually he was quick to return calls. He loved to chat with the other pack genealogists. It was usually about the mundane, but this was something really exciting.

"So Gina tells me that all of you have dreamed of wolves. How long? Since meeting Gary?" He saw four heads shaking no. "How long then?"

They all looked at each other and then at Carr as Karen spoke for them, "For as long as we can remember." Everyone in the room was stunned.

"Your whole lives? Did any of you ever talk to your parents about it?" Carr looked at the women, expecting Karen to answer, but surprised to hear Katy's soft voice.

"Momma said all of the women in our family dreamt of wolves." The other three women nodded in unison.

"My mother said it was a special gift that I got from her, and that she got from her mother, and never to discuss it with anyone." Sarah held James' hand tightly as she spoke.

"Did any of you talk to Gary about this?" He saw them all blanch.

Karen's voice cracked as she spoke, "I think he drugged me one night and got me talking about it. It was like having a dream that I remembered later, telling him about the dreams I'd had since I was a child." Cole put a protective arm around her waist and pulled her tight. She smiled at him and squeezed his hand in thanks.

The other women echoed Karen's statement. Rebecca sounded like she was going to cry as she added her information. "I remember after that same talk, waking up and feeling the inside of my mouth and thinking I must have bit my cheek, but now I distinctly remember Gary sticking a weird thing in my mouth and scraping. I didn't remember that until you took the scrapings for the DNA test. I think he did the same thing." She looked at the other three women who stood shocked, and slowly nodded their heads and admitted they thought the same had happened to them.

"Jeff, are there any other companies that do those tests on Werewolves?" Carr had a million thoughts running through his mind at the moment.

"Not that I'm aware of. Becky, do you know of any?" Jeff and Carr both saw Becky shake her head. "I see where you're headed with this Carr. They may have already tested these women. I wonder if they'd tell us if Gary had any tests run? Let me make some phone calls." Carr nodded and Jeff ran out of the room to his office to get moving on this.

Within minutes Jeff was back with a strange look on his face. "The head of the company, who's also a member of the Council, will be here no later than Friday. He said he has news for us and wants to deliver it in person. He also said he would be bringing other members of the Council with him."

"Shit! I think we've stepped in it." Carr had managed to run this pack for the last 50 years without interference from the Council. In fact, they had never shown any interest at all in the Baxter pack since his grandfather brought them here. And now members of the Council were coming here.

The distant ringing of a phone caught Becky's attention. "Excuse me Alpha, that might be the Archivist calling." Carr nodded towards her and she sprinted down the hallway. They could here her faint voice, "Hello? Yes, uh huh. Oh, I see. Yes Sir, I'll tell him. Thank you Sir." Becky walked slowly back into the room and waited for Carr to acknowledge her before she spoke. "The Chief Archivist asked me to tell the Alpha that he would be arriving with several of the Council Friday afternoon."

"Great, just great. Lila, get quarters ready for them. I'm just taking a stab at it, but I'm guessing the entire Council will be here, so have rooms ready for nine Council members, an Archivist, and however many staff you think they might have with them. And just to be on the safe side, whenever you think you have enough rooms, add more."

Lila nodded quietly. At the last pack gathering she remembered someone complaining about having to cater to the Councils' whims while they were there. They complained about everything and always wanted more. She'd make a quick call to find out all she could about what those whims might be. The Alpha had enough on his mind without worrying about whether his pack was making a good impression.

"Brett, any news about those other women on Gary's dating site list?" Carr was almost afraid to hear the answer at this point.

"Three of the women have been reported as missing to their local police departments within the last two days. Eight others haven't been seen by their neighbors in the last day or two. We're not sure about most of the others, we're still checking. Steve did find two of them though, They both live in Lakeport. He's on his way back here with them. They were relieved to hear we'd help them. They were scared to death of Gary."

"Carr, what do you think about the Wolf Moon? Think there's something significant about it?" Cole had been thinking about that for a while.

"What's a Wolf Moon?" Katy was so quiet she almost wasn't heard.

"The Wolf Moon is the full moon in January. For 2012 it will be January 8th. Doesn't give us much time. The Native Americans called the full moon the Wolf Moon because they heard wolves howling so much in the winter when they were hunting for food. But the Wolf Moon is also thought of to be special for us. They say if you mate under the Wolf Moon it makes females more fertile and they have more multiple births. In fact, all of the twins and triplets in the pack have been conceived from matings that were completed under the Wolf Moon." Carr's voice dropped off as he thought about what he'd just said. Was that part of Gary's plan? Multiple births? It still didn't make any sense. There had to be more.


"What do you mean they're gone?" Gary was pissed. He'd collected most of his women but two more were missing. "Where the hell could they go from Lakeport?" He yelled at no one in particular but the Beta who had brought the news was backing away quickly.

"I'm sorry Alpha, their neighbors told me that someone in a black SUV had picked them up just hours before I arrived."

"Those fucking Baxters!" Gary was so fast the poor Beta couldn't move out of the way in time to avoid his claw as it tore across his face. He screamed and attempted to stop the blood pouring from his mauled face. Lucky for him Were's healed so fast. The wound began to close over and the blood flow slowed, but his eye was gone. He continued to scream. Gary waved a hand and two others removed him from his presence. Another weakling. Not worth his time.

He'd noticed he had become more quick to anger. Having Karen around had kept him calm, thinking of her as his mate had given him a center. That center was gone. He needed another. That was the problem. He needed a new mate. He proceeded into the cave that held the women. There must be one here that could take her place. He glanced around the cages, filled with unclothed women, cringing, sobbing, begging to be freed. Except for her, she stood her ground. She smelled of peaches and magnolia. Interesting. He motioned to one of the guards to bring her out.

She didn't fight, she walked out like she had a purpose. "Gary, I don't know what's going on here. I demand to be released." She crossed her arms as she said it, trying to retain her dignity, even though she was nude. Gary just laughed.

"You are mine, all of you are mine." He looked around at each and every one of them. "I've chosen you to be my mate. You will comply. You really have no choice." He walked up to her and slowly stroked her hair. She tried to pull away, and he grabbed a hunk of hair and pulled her to him, sneering at her. "You are mine bitch. I was too polite with Karen, I won't be to you!" He walked away, yelling over his shoulder "Bring her to my quarters."

The male looked sullen as he pulled her to the Alpha's rooms. She was supposed to have been his. He'd lived with her for almost five months. He'd planned their mating, every step of how he would claim her under the Wolf Moon, just as Gary had said. And now he was taking her for himself. It wasn't fair. Well, he outranked some of the other's out there, he'd take one that belonged to one of them then.

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