tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 17

Wolf's Pet Ch. 17


Thank you all again for the wonderful comments. I know that some are disappointed at the pace, some with the length of the chapters, but I have to do what works best for me.

The full moon is on January 8th, but because I've not been writing as much as I should, I'm a bit behind, so their January 8th will not coincide with ours. Sorry for those who thought they only had a couple of days to wait for the conclusion.

I hope you continue to comment and vote!


When Alistair hadn't returned to the meeting hall, they had adjourned for the evening and Rhys had gone straight to Katy and accompanied her to dinner. She didn't need to be sequestered from the males any longer since she had found her mate. She was free to walk around the compound like Karen and Sarah. He had found her waiting for him in his room. She had been pouring over a book about Were history. She wanted to learn all she could so she could assist him in his duties. She looked up and smiled as he walked in the door.

Just being in her presence calmed him. He had forgotten the simple joys of having a mate. "I hope you like to travel."

"I've never traveled before, but I'm sure I'll love it as long as I'm with you." Her green eyes sparkled as she looked up at him and her face seemed to light up. She stood up and hugged him around the waist. The top of her head didn't even reach to his shoulder. She sighed and hummed as she squeezed him tight and felt him stroking her long red hair.

He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. His hands traveled down her back and around her waist. How did he live for the last one hundred twenty years without her? He couldn't go on without her now. He would protect her with his life, even from his fellow Council members if necessary.

She looked up at him lovingly and grinned. "I can't wait until we can mate." She hugged him even tighter and felt his arms tighten around her until she could barely breath. She knew she was safe in his arms.


"What the hell were you thinking?" Carr was pacing in his office, his face in a scowl as he looked at his brother and his new mate. Mate, now they had fully mated. He'd promised to wait. He should have had more control.

"Carr, it happened. I'm not sorry about it either. Karen's wolf acted and it was done before we could think about it. We can't take it back, and frankly, I wouldn't for a million dollars." His gaze fell on Karen, and he got a silly grin on his face. She smiled back and reached out to hold his hand. Now he knew what the mate bond felt like, and he'd never want to be without it. She was a part of him.

"It was my fault. I just couldn't help myself. I'm sorry Carr." Karen was sorry, only because she knew Carr wanted them to wait. She was happier than she'd ever been in her life.

Carr stared at the two of them for a moment. He remembered a movie he saw thirty years ago. He felt like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof. He sighed, "OK, it's done, we can't take it back. Karen, welcome to the family. I know if Lee was here she would be ecstatic to have a new sister." He smiled and shook Cole's hand. It wasn't really going to change anything anyway. Whether or not they mated he was duty bound to protect these women, whether it was from Gary or the Council. "But please, try to keep it quiet. The longer we can keep the Council and the other Alphas from finding out the better."


She was grateful Were's healed fast or she'd have to explain the bruises all over her body. She watched the biggest one fade from her wrist. A smile came to her face as she thought about how she'd gotten them. She had to admit, she liked how rough Niklas was with her. None of the males in the Baxter pack were like that. Of course, they weren't powerful Council members like Niklas was. Cheryl thought she had pleased him. He had taken her three times throughout the night. Maybe he would take her as his mate, he didn't have one and a Were of his stature really should have one. She watched him moving around the room getting dressed. He was about the size of the Omegas, and he didn't fill her the way Cole and the other Betas did, but that's OK.

The red head had been a nice distraction. He always hated to see the bruises fade. He wished they'd be there for all to see. He knew how to use a female the way they were meant to be used. He had fucked her hard three times during the night. He was sure she thought it was because he was attracted to her. He laughed to himself. She was the type that would want to think she could be his mate. She didn't know that it wasn't a woman that made him want to fuck, it was his anger. When he felt that way, he had to take it out on something, and a female was a good focus for his rage. He would only mate if he found his true mate. He knew several Were who took mates because they were tired of waiting. That would not be him.

"Thank you for you time, it was enjoyable my dear. I'm sure you have pleased many males here." He strode to the door and walked out.

Cheryl sat there in complete disbelief. No one walked out on her like that. She jumped up and ran to the door. "So you don't want the women dead?"

Niklas stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her. He quickly came back inside the room and shut the door. "And what do you know of what I want?" His dark eyes bored into hers. His hand shot out to grab her arm and held her tightly.

"I heard someone saying you had suggested killing the human females. I think you're right, and I would be honored to help you in any way I could. She winced in pain as he continued to squeeze her arm. She knew there would be a big bruise there within a few more seconds.

"And how could you possibly assist me? Hmm?" His eyes looked cruel as he glared at her. Niklas suddenly smiled and let go of her arm. He pulled her to him and kissed her hard. She responded and started stroking his growing cock through his pants. She was such a stupid female. He could use her to satisfy his needs while he was stuck here, and at the same time, use her to his advantage to get what he wanted. She would be dumb enough to do whatever he asked, especially if she thought she could become his mate.

Cheryl was panting when he broke the kiss and looked at her. She fumbled with his pants and pulled them down, dropped to her knees, and sucked his hard cock. His hands pulled her hair as she moved up and down on him. She knew she had pleased him and he did want her. She felt him ripping her blouse off her and she smiled as she removed the rest of her clothes.

He pulled her by her hair onto her hands and knees and stepped behind her. His wolf mounted fast and pushed his cock into her in one motion.

She gasped in surprise when she felt the fur behind her. He was going to mate with her. She had him where she wanted him. She felt his cock slide into her. He wasn't as big as the Betas, but that was OK. She was sure she'd be able to find playmates to satisfy her while he was away on Council business. She put on a good show of moans and begging him to fuck her harder. She congratulated herself on what a good actress she was. She was already planning her orgasm for when he bit her neck. She flipped her hair to bare her neck as he pistoned in and out of her pussy.

His wolf took his pleasure from the dumb little bitch. He saw her bare her neck to him and if a wolf could laugh, he would have. He would never take a female like her as his mate. He was destined for better than her. But she was fine for fucking. He leaned forward just to tease her into thinking he was going to bite her. He could tell by her intake of breath that she was waiting for his bite as she felt his breath in her ear. He shoved his cock in deep and pumped his cum into her but pulled out without seating his knot. His cum dribbled out of her pussy as he shifted. He got up and began to dress. "Be available later tonight. If you aren't here when I return, I'll find another." He walked out without looking back.

Cheryl sat back on her bed with a pout. She'd have to stay close to the meeting room so she'd know when they finished for the night. She didn't want to miss out on her chance at getting back at Karen and getting away from this pack.


Alistair didn't move when he heard the knock on the door. "Come in Rhys." He was laying on the bed, one arm flung over his eyes. The lights were turned off and the blinds pulled on the windows. A Were didn't need much light anyway, but it was almost as dark as night in the room and it was eight a.m. He let out a long, tired sigh.

Rhys walked in and sat on the chair next to the bed. He'd never seen his friend like this in the many years they'd known each other. "What's wrong my friend? Did something happen that I don't know about?"

"I've been dreaming Rhys. I don't know what to make of it. But I think it's important." He lowered his arm and turned his head to look at his friend. He needed his help.

"Dreaming of what? Or maybe I should say, of whom?" He saw the reaction at his change of sentence. "Ah ha! So it is a who. What was the dream Alistair? Maybe we can figure it out together."

Alistair seemed uncomfortable as he sat up. He looked at Rhys and shook his head. "You won't believe me."

"Try me. There are a lot of things lately I thought I would never believe. I'm very open to surprises Alistair. What did you dream?"

"I was in my wolf form, standing on a hill overlooking a meadow. There was a group of black wolves playing. I caught the scent of peaches and magnolia and saw the most beautiful, sleek, black female running and rolling on the ground. I couldn't look away from her. But I felt anger directed at me and looked across to the hill on the other side of the meadow and saw the biggest wolf I've ever seen, much bigger than even you my friend. He was brown, and I didn't recognize him, or the female for that matter. But I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to save her from him." He waited for Rhys to tell him it was just a dream and forget about it.

"Well the female must be your mate. Somehow you have a connection with her. And I don't doubt she is one of the Vlkolak women. They seem to have a strong connection with dreams. Carr's brother told me he had dreams when his mate was injured, and he saw his her as a wolf. That doesn't normally happen before mating. But these women are different. I also suspect the brown wolf was Gary. It's obvious Alistair. You need to save her." Rhys looked at Alistair and nodded, "And I will help you, the packs will help you."

"Rhys, I can't even get out of bed. I can't keep my eyes open. I sleep and dream for an hour, then wake up and can't move. It's like I'm paralyzed. I can't function like this. And how can I save someone that I don't know how to find?"

"Then you need to control the dreams. Be proactive in them. You know she is projecting her feelings and fears. She's afraid. Talk to her when you dream. Ask her questions. Maybe you'll find some clues we can use to find her. Whenever you wake up write down what you remember, and we'll talk about it later. Why don't I send the doctor over to check on you, and we'll continue the meeting without you. I'll return after we're done and let you know what was said, and you let me know what you saw in your dreams." Rhys patted Alistair on the shoulder. He needed to rest. It was obvious whatever sleep he was getting was not restful. Were's didn't need much sleep, but Alistair looked like he hadn't slept in a week.

"You don't think Niklas will try to take over the Council in my absence do you?"

Rhys let out a roar of a laugh. "Believe me, none of the Council would back him. Don't worry, he'll stay in his place or suffer the consequences. I'll be back when we take a break and the doctor will be here soon." Rhys smiled and closed the door quietly behind him. Well this was a new twist in things wasn't it. He'd have to think about this some more.


"That thing is gigantic. I can't believe that someone said he used to be almost half that size. What could Gary possibly have done to him that could turn on a gene and change his wolf to this?" Cole was watching the prisoner and talking to James. When not sedated he continually slammed himself into the walls of the holding cell.

Carr walked into the room with Morgan Wilson. Morgan saw Kyle in the straightjacket and cringed. "Does he have to stay in that?" He sounded sad.

"I'm sorry Morgan, it's for everyone's safety. Have you seen what these changed wolves can do? They're bigger, faster, and stronger than any Were I've ever seen. We just can't take the chance. Paul was able to kill two of my pack in seconds. It's just too big a risk." Carr felt sorry for Morgan. He was a good Alpha, and had been a good friend for years. He hated to see him like this.

Normally Morgan would be laughing and joking, but this had been hard for him to comprehend. "Kyle please, your mother has been asking about you. Do you have a message I can give her?"

The wolf looked at his former Alpha and slammed himself into the wall. Why should he talk to this inferior Were? He wasn't worth his time.

Morgan shook his head and walked out the door with Carr at his side. Once in the hallway, Morgan stopped, straightened his shoulders, lifted his head, and strode out the door like a true Alpha. He had work to do, he had to shake this off. His son was lost to them. He had to make sure this didn't happen to anyone else. He would explain to his mate, and she would have to learn to live with it as he would.


At nine a.m. the meeting room was filled with the voices of the Alphas and Council members.

"Where is he then? If he isn't going to lead this Council then maybe we should elect another to take his place." Niklas' voice rang out through the din.

Some of those nearby rolled their eyes. He'd never give up.

Rhys swept into the room and all present fell silent. The doors were closed by Carr's Betas who stood guard outside.

"Please take your seats. Alistair is ill and won't be attending. I'm sure he'll be better soon, but for today, we'll have to go on without him." He glanced around and met the eyes of everyone in the room, everyone except Niklas that is.

"I think we need to have a history lesson today. Before we can put all of the information together, we need to know the history of the Vlkolak." He scanned the room for dissenters but saw heads nodding in agreement. He smiled. They understood the importance, good.

"The Vlkolak were like any Were species until about eight hundred years ago. About that time, the Alpha took a mate but she was not a wolf, she was a panther. They had ten cubs, all wolves, there was no thought that anything was out of the ordinary. Their cubs all had cubs of their own. It wasn't until the fifth generation that something happened. One of the females mated with a male from another pack under the Wolf Moon. She had twins that grew up seemingly normal, but when they reached adulthood, there was something wrong. They were decidedly evil and became killers."

"Are you saying all these women's cubs will be like those killers?"

"No Morgan, let me finish and then you'll understand." Rhys watched him nod and waited until he had returned to his seat. "The two were destroyed and the pack returned to their every day activity until one hundred years later. Another female descendent of the Alpha and his panther mated to a male from another pack. Again, under the Wolf Moon, and there was a repeat of the earlier situation. She had triplets, and they all became killers. They killed dozens of their pack and hundreds of humans from the surrounding villages. The local villagers hunted any wolf they could find. The surrounding packs were losing members to these villagers who thought every wolf they found was a killer."

Rhys stopped for a moment to let them digest the story so far. It was so far afield from the lives they had all known. "The three were executed by their pack who returned to their lives. But the European Council had difficult decisions to make. They met to discuss the future of the Vlkolak. If this happened again, it could be even worse. At the time there was no way for them to predict which matings would result in these abominations. They felt they had no choice really. In 1860 they attempted to destroy the entire pack. They succeeded except for six mated pairs and seven individual females who had left the pack before the order was made."

"How could you possibly know all of this Davis. Even you haven't been alive eight hundred years." Gene Campbell was irritated. The Archivist had a way of acting like he knew everything. He agreed with Metzger. The Archivist had way too much power. Maybe he needed to be brought down a peg or two.

"The Council of the day wrote down everything of their deliberations. They knew it would be important for future generations to understand. Also, I have their correspondence with the American Council. When they realized the missing pack members had come here they contacted our Council and asked them to track them down and kill them. Our Council refused. They felt it was not their place to be executioners based on the word of others. But they did agree to find them and keep an eye on them, which they did for one hundred years. Fifty years ago they reassessed the situation and decided it was no longer necessary to watch them. They had bred for several generations with humans and their children did not appear to have any Were traits so it was felt there was nothing to fear from them anymore."

"Well they were wrong weren't they?" Owen MacDonald wasn't sure if he should be angry or distraught by what he was hearing.

"I suppose that is a possibility isn't it? But it doesn't really matter. What matters is that the women are here now, and we need to make decisions about what to do about them, don't we?" Rhys waited for MacDonald to agree and then returned to his explanations. "As I said, they didn't appear to have Were traits, but the Council was unaware of these other traits, the dreams. They seem to have some sort of power of prophesy or something akin to that. They don't see actual scenes from the future, but just what could be. I don't understand it, and I don't think the women do either. As to whether or not this was something inherited from the Panther, some rare combination of genes from the Wolf and Panther lines, I don't know. I don't think we'll ever know. It's never been documented in the past."

"Well if they can see what could happen in the future, why didn't they see the danger from Gary?" Crane couldn't believe any of this rubbish. Prophesy, please.

"Douglas they don't seem to dream of anyone in particular except for their mates, although I have just been informed of one woman who has dreamt of a wolf who was causing her great fear. But we think her wolf is calling to her mate. We may never know."

"We could save ourselves so much time by just doing what I heard Council member Metzger suggested days ago. Kill the women and then Gary and his followers won't have the mates they want and the danger will be over, right?" Campbell looked ready for a fight when he finished speaking his mind. He glared at Carr who was stunned that his fellow Alpha would suggest such a thing.

"How do we know there aren't more women? Gary found what, thirty some odd women? How many more could there be? He was looking in a fairly small area. What do you want us to do Crane, search for every descendent of the Panther-Wolf mating and just kill them?" Carr was livid at the stupidity of some of those gathered here.

Everyone began talking at once, some of the Alphas agreeing with Campbell that the women needed to die. Niklas smiled when he realized he had gained ground. His was not the only voice of reason.

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