tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 19

Wolf's Pet Ch. 19


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"Xylon, do you think there's any chance of turning off this Dire Wolf gene?" Jeff had been studying DNA and gene therapy for the last week and used every opportunity to ask questions. And no one knew more about this than Xylon, except maybe Gary. That thought made him shudder. "Do you think Gary's right that the gene was what made those cubs evil?"

Xylon had been staring at a computer screen and was slow to respond. "He could be. But if I'm right, I may have found our solution." He looked up at Jeff and smiled.


Karen paced the floor, talking loudly to herself. "I hate when he leaves me alone and tells me to stay put." She had a feeling of being in a cage. She'd never been claustrophobic. Why did it bother her so much now? She felt like running in the open, feeling the wind in her hair. She wanted to be free.

"I mean, I know I can't shift in front of people for the first time, but this is ridiculous. There must be somewhere I can go other than this room." She talked to herself like she was talking to another person. In a way she was. She could feel another presence in her head, like she was sharing herself with someone else.

She heard the birds singing outside and walked to the window. She breathed deep and took in the amazing scent of the flowers, the trees, the air. Everything smelled so much different now. She had no idea that air could really smell this fresh. She just thought it was an ad campaign, but it really could. The colors were all brighter and she noticed so much more than she used to. Like the movement at the edge of the woods. Two women with red hair were walking away from the compound. Something looked strange though. Why did the taller one look like she was trying not to be seen? She kept glancing behind her and ducking. Strange.

Karen strained to see better. Something just didn't seem right. She could feel a voice telling her to go after them. Was that Cole? She couldn't keep these voices straight. She knew her wolf was starting to talk to her. But sometimes the voices just seemed like alphabet soup in her brain. She seemed to feel them more than hear them. But sometimes she just couldn't straighten them out. There definitely was someone telling her to follow them. There weren't that many red heads in the pack, in fact there were only two, Katy and Cheryl. And the idea of Cheryl being anywhere near Katy made Karen's blood boil.

She looked at the door. If she went through the house Cole might catch her, and then he'd just march her right back up here. No, a better way would be out the window. She was a good climber, it'd be easy. She opened the window wide and took off the screen and slid right out the opening in one fluid movement. One thing she'd noticed lately was that her athleticism had definitely improved. She shimmied down the lattice work quickly and fairly easily. She smiled to herself. This was kind of fun. Wait, she wasn't climbing down from a third story for fun, she was making sure Katy was safe. She shook her head. That must have been her wolf. Fun later, look for Katy now.

She hopped down the last ten feet and landed on both feet. She looked around her for anyone watching and when she saw no one nearby she snuck across the open area to the edge of the woods. She could smell the two women. How odd. But it certainly made it easier to follow them. She could just barely make out their voices. She tried to be as silent as possible as she attempted to catch up.

"Why would Rhys want me to meet him way out here?" Katy was confused. Rhys had always either come for her himself or sent Karen or Sarah to get her. He'd never sent anyone else. "Are you sure he wanted me to come this far from the compound?" Katy turned around to face Cheryl. There was just something she didn't like about this Beta. She'd heard about the fight Karen and she had the day Katy and Rebecca arrived here. She could see why Karen had lost her temper. This woman was grating.

Cheryl put on a saccharine sweet voice. "The Archivist just asked me to bring you to the well. He wanted to surprise you he said. Maybe he's going to mate with you tonight." Cheryl had a fake smile plastered on her face. It was so hard to pretend to be friendly to this human. She couldn't wait to make Niklas proud of her. "It's just over the rise there." She pointed to nothing in particular and kept walking. She glanced behind her be sure Katy was following.

Katy shrugged her shoulders and continued on. Guess it wouldn't hurt to go the well. If she was playing some kind of joke Rhys would see to it that Carr took care of her. A few minutes later the well was in front her, but no Rhys. She looked around and saw no one. "When will he be here? I didn't bring a coat, it's cold out here." She held her arms around her body for warmth. The temperature was much colder underneath these tall trees. It must have dropped a good twenty degrees from out in the open. She could feel the goosebumps, and her teeth were starting to chatter.

Humans were so frail. Why would any self respecting wolf want to mate with one? Niklas couldn't possibly deny her after she did this for him. She smirked to herself as she walked closer to Katy. "Have you looked down there? The water is so clear. You can see your reflection. Take a peak." Cheryl was right behind her as Katy looked into the old well. It was totally dry but Katy wouldn't know that until it was too late.

Karen had caught up to the voices and was watching from behind a tree. She saw Cheryl standing behind her friend and saw the look on her face. No, she wouldn't allow it! Karen felt the leaves between her feet and saw her clothes loose on the ground. What the hell? She didn't have time to think about it, she only had time to help her friend.

Cheryl gave a good shove between Katy's shoulder blades and saw her tumble over the side. She was so entranced by the vision of Katy falling into the deep hole she didn't see the auburn blur beside her until it was too late.

Katy felt the hard push behind her and couldn't control her fall with her hands holding her elbows. She screamed, "Ahhhhhhh," and managed to scramble at the last minute to grab the edge of the well. "Help!" Her voice echoed back at her as she yelled and struggled to keep her hold on the crumbling side of the hole. "Help!" She couldn't even see the bottom of the shaft and knew if she fell she'd probably break her neck. She tried to find a foot hold and dug her fingers into the tiny nook they were holding. She could hear the growls and snarls of a wolf and the screams of a woman she hoped was Cheryl. She said out loud, "Please, please, Rhys, I can't lose you so soon." The tears streamed down her face as she prayed she could hold on long enough for someone to help her.

Cheryl screamed with every slash of the sharp teeth and claws. She didn't even have a chance to shift to defend herself. "Let go of me you bitch! I'm here on Council business." She shrieked at the top of her lungs to try to get the offending wolf off her. She didn't recognize her so figured she had to be part of the visitors' entourage. She grabbed handfuls of fur and tried to pull the wolf's head away from her, but she was strong!

The wolf was able to turn her head and bit down hard on Cheryl's forearm, tasting the blood as she heard the crack of the bone. All she could think was "Protect. Kill." The blood tasted good in her mouth. She wanted to taste more. She wanted to make this bitch suffer the way she made her friend suffer, she wanted to make her beg to die.

Cheryl howled in pain. She was afraid if she tried to shift she'd be at an even greater disadvantage. Her arm was useless and just hung loosely from her body. "I don't know who you are but Niklas Metzger is a member of the Council and this was by his order. You'll pay for this!" Cheryl desperately fought for her life. Niklas had to know she was in trouble. He had to come and save her. She was just sure of it. They were meant to be mates.

Carr groaned as he straightened up from the maps strewn around the table. The Alphas had been arguing strategy for hours. He almost wished this wasn't his territory so he could leave the responsibility to someone else. But this was his pack, his duty to protect these women and his kind. He accepted that, he just wished the other Alphas did. Crane acted like this was his operation and was issuing orders to the others like they were Omegas. Carr had to assert his authority several times. Luckily he was being backed by the Council who agreed that since this was occurring in Baxter territory, it was Baxter who would take the lead.

Carr heard a sound at the door and looked up at Cole, white faced and frantic. He quickly excused himself and went to his brother. This had to have something to do with Karen. "Cole, what's wrong?"

"I can't find her. I can't find her anywhere. I left her in our room and told her not to leave without me. I said to call me if she felt strange or anything. And when I try to contact her through our bond, her thoughts are all jumbled." Cole sounded scared. "All I can make out are occasional words, and they don't make any sense to me at all."

Carr took his brother by the arm and steered him out of the room. The last thing they needed was for the Alphas to hear Cole and Karen had fully mated. He leaned in close and spoke so only his brother could hear. "Calm down Cole, we'll find her. Do you think she's shifted? Sometimes during the first shift a wolf's thoughts can be scrambled you know." Carr tried to sound calm and assured, but he was almost as worried as Cole. "Let's find Rhys and Alistair. Maybe they can help.

"Brett," Carr called the Beta over. "stay in the room and answer any questions they have about the cave system until I return." Carr walked back into the room. "I have a pack emergency, I'll be back as soon as I can. Brett will be here in my stead. He knows everything there is to know about those caves. Feel free to pick his brains, figuratively of course." Carr tried to force a smile.The joke was lost on the irritated Alphas.

Carr shook his head in disgust and caught up to his brother who was already at a run out the door. "Cole, wait up! Cole!" What the hell was going on?

"Protect." That was the one word he could make out. Protect what? Or was it who? "Dammit Karen, where are you?" Cole tried to reach her but all he got back in return were bits and pieces of thoughts and fear and anger. He ran into the compound and tried to get his bearings. He had to be able to feel which direction she'd gone. Carr had caught up to him and the two of them stood still and just listened.

"Carr, what's going on? Cole looks like he's seen a ghost." James was staring at Cole who looked petrified. He squeezed Sarah's hand, both of them knowing this had to have something to do with Karen.

"James, get Alistair and Rhys and then find us. Hurry!" Carr barely got the words out before Cole took off at full run and shifted mid stride, his clothes falling off him as he ran. Carr shifted to keep up. "Cole where are you going?"

"I can feel her, she's this way. She's scared, she's angry, she's tasted blood. That's all I can tell. We have to get there fast." At least with the Alpha bond they could have a conversation without slowing down to catch their breath. Cole knew she was in a fight, but with whom?

Cheryl couldn't fight anymore, she dropped to the ground as Karen shook her body, still snarling. Cheryl laid still, baring her neck in submission. Karen's wolf let go of her shredded arm and backed away a step. Her head was down, ears were flat back, her lips curled. She wanted to kill her.

"Help, someone, please, help me." Katy was barely hanging on. If someone didn't get to her soon she'd fall to the bottom of the well.

Karen's head whipped around at the sound. She leaped to the top of the well and looked down to see the tiny red head hanging on for dear life. She reached down and used her teeth to grab the collar of Katy's shirt. Slowly she backed up, pulling with all her strength. She could hear the fabric starting to tear. She had to get her closer to the lip fast. Katy was small but Karen was tired from the fight. She didn't know if she had enough strength.

Katy was using her feet to try to help Karen pull her out. Her fingers clawed at the wall, trying to reach the edge. She was almost there. Almost.

The two brown wolves were several hundred yards into the woods before they heard the howls of pain, the growling and snarling, and the call for help. They were both startled by the black wolf that streaked by them so fast they couldn't even tell who it was. The white wolf was right behind him.

Katy looked up as the shirt collar started to rip. "Nooooo," she cried out with fear, this was it. Karen couldn't save her. Her eyes were clouded with tears. She was ready to die. She said out loud, "I just wish I could have said goodbye Rhys. I love you."

A gentle voice spoke as two strong arms grasped her. "I will never say goodbye little one, never." He pulled her out of the well and held her tightly to his body. He could feel her heart pounding, and her body shook as she sobbed. He stroked her hair as he carried her to a tree stump and sat down with her in his lap. He looked at her fingers, bloodied from trying to claw her way out of the well. He checked every one as he held her close.

He turned to the auburn colored wolf. "Thank you Karen, thank you for saving my Katy." He cradled her in his arms, whispering in her ear to calm her. "I love you little one. I will always be with you." He could feel her body shaking violently. She was going into shock. "I have to get her to the doctor, I'll see you at the compound." He picked her up and started running back to meet the doctor.

Katy felt like she was dreaming. The world around her was a blur. The only reality was the warm skin she felt next to her cheek. She knew it was Rhys. She knew he would come, she knew. She had a smile on her face as she buried her head into his shoulder as the woods flashed by her.

Cole looked at his beautiful auburn haired wolf, still standing on top of the well. He walked to her and sat down in front of the well.

She looked at the chocolate brown wolf sitting in front of her, his green eyes sparkling as they looked at her. "Cole?"

"Yes pet, it's me. You did a wonderful thing Karen. But if there's ever a next time, let me know first."

She jumped down from the well and rubbed her body against his, leaning into him. She was so exhausted though, she laid down. He laid down next to her and licked her coat clean of Cheryl's blood.

Cheryl was in immense pain and crying, her arm was almost severed, and she was laying in a pool of blood. Even a Were couldn't heal that without help from the doctor. "Help me please. Alpha."

"What happened here Cheryl?" Carr was had shifted back and was standing and glaring down at her.

"She-she fell down the well. That wolf there attacked me when I was trying to save her." She hoped they'd believe her over some wolf that wasn't even a member of the pack. She stared at Cole who was cleaning HER blood of that bitch. Oh my god, no. She couldn't believe it. It was Karen! They'd completed the mating and she'd shifted. She looked back up at Carr, at her Alpha, and pleaded with him, "Alpha, please, I need the doctor."

Alistair had shifted and was sure he knew who had facilitated this. He'd seen the red haired Beta with Niklas several times in the last few days. "Did Niklas ask you to do this?" His voice was direct and emotionless.

Cheryl began to cry, trying to speak through the sobbing. "Yes, yes, Niklas asked me to kill her. He said it was for the good of the pack. I was only doing the bidding of a Council Member. I thought the Council had ordered it."

Carr had called for James and Bryant to bring a stretcher to take Cheryl to the hospital. She screamed in pain as they moved her. They didn't seem to care if they weren't very careful in their movements.

Cheryl sobbed as they took her to the hospital. She was in so much pain. They were being so cruel to her. But Niklas would help her. He'd come to her defense. He'd find a way to explain it and she could just go with him when he left.

Carr watched them take Cheryl away. How would he deal with her? He'd always known she was conniving but not a killer. She'd almost succeeded in murdering the mate of one of the most powerful Were's in North America. He glanced to Karen and Cole. One look at Karen and he could tell she was exhausted. But she had Cole to care for her. He smiled at his brother and walked towards the compound with Alistair. What a fucking mess!

"Karen do you think you can shift back?" Cole was glad her mind was working better now and they could communicate.

"I'm not sure, but can we go back to the house first and go to our room? Once I figure out how to shift back I really need to take a shower and put on some clothes." She didn't want to walk stark naked through the compound. Besides that, she really wasn't sure if she could shift back. Shifting into a wolf had just kind of happened. She didn't do anything.

"That's fine pet, we'll go back to the room first. I'm so proud of you Karen." They walked slowly back to the house, so close they were almost touching.

Word had gotten out quickly of what had happened at the well. Guards had immediately been sent to find Council Member Niklas Metzger and keep an eye on him until further orders.

Carr stood in the hallway outside Katy's room. He didn't want to disturb Rhys and his mate any more than he had to. He saw Jeff walk out of the room. "How is she?"

"Katy? Scared out of her wits, but she'll be fine. You know, if Cole and Karen hadn't mated, Katy would probably be dead. There's no way Karen could have spotted them from the bedroom window without Were enhanced vision." Jeff was looking at the tiny little red head, dwarfed by the massive Were sitting next to her.

Rhys said softly, "Eich bod yn fy mywyd fy un bach." He smiled at her and stroked her cheek lovingly.

She looked up at him confused. "What language is that? What did you say?"

"It's my native tongue, Welsh. I said, you are my life my little one.

"It's beautiful, will you teach me?"

"Someday little one. But for now, I just want you to rest. Cysgu dynn a byddaf yn gywir yn ôl." He bent down close to her ear and whispered, "Sleep tight and i'll be right back."

"What about Cheryl?" Carr looked to the other end of the hall where there were guards posted outside the door. He wasn't sure if he'd assigned them there to keep her in, or Rhys out. He hoped he wouldn't have to find out. He just wasn't sure what he should do with her now.

"There's no way to save the arm. The only thing holding it together is skin. The nerves and blood vessels are so destroyed they would never heal well enough to have a normal arm, even with Were healing. What are you going to do with her?" Jeff looked at Carr from the corner of his eye. He really didn't want to know what Cheryl's future held. She had done the one thing that no one in this pack's four hundred year history had done, tried to murder a human under pack protection. It was unheard of.

"Keep her alive for now, and I'll make my decision later." Carr waited for Rhys to walk out of the room but instead of stopping to talk to the Alpha he walked past him out the door. He had a look on his face that gave Carr a bad feeling.

Carr had to jog to keep up with the Archivist's determined walk. He spotted Alistair who fell into step with Rhys who spoke a single sentence. "Where is he?"

Carr knew who he meant. "He's in the dining hall."

They walked briskly into the room. Those Baxter pack members in attendance quickly left the room. The scattered occupants left were members of the Council, the visiting Alphas and their companions.

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