tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 20

Wolf's Pet Ch. 20


Jenna woke up and wished she was sleeping again. Luckily, until they'd mated she couldn't get pregnant. At least that's what Gary had told her. She didn't know much about Werewolves but she was learning fast. Thankfully, her beautiful white wolf visited her in every sleeping moment. Sometimes she even felt like he was real, like she could reach out and touch him. She took every second possible to look into his glorious blue eyes. She felt so at home when she was with him. She wished it was for real. But at least he was her escape.

When Gary would rape her she would pretend it was her wonderful white wolf making love to her instead. She would retreat in her mind and she could almost hear him telling her to hold on, that he was coming for her, that he would save her. Whenever she thought she couldn't go on, he came into her mind and she felt such a rush of love inside her, she knew she had to continue. There had to be a reason she was having these dreams. There had to be something better for her in the future. There had to be a reason for the hope she felt.

She heard loud noises coming from the front of the cave and curled into a ball, pretending to be asleep. Sometimes she was lucky and he left her alone. She heard voices so she had a good chance if he didn't come in alone.

"The amino acids aren't working on everyone. I don't know why, and I don't have access to the lab anymore to do any testing to figure it out." Gary's face was red with rage. His plans might be ruined because of an issue he couldn't have foreseen.

Paul walked in right behind him. "What difference does it make? There are ten of us, and when the cubs are born, we'll have more every year. As for those that the formula doesn't work on, we either keep them as Omegas, or kill them. I've overheard a few of them talking about going back to their old packs. A few minutes ago Rick told me Adam and Jackson snuck away this morning. He thinks they were going to try to go back to the Wilson pack. Ever since Kyle disappeared they've been acting a little nervous anyway." Paul looked directly at Gary as he spoke.

Gary's head whipped around at the mention of the defections. "Track them down. I want them dead! They know too much." Gary's ice blue eyes stared at Paul until he dropped his head in submission. Paul was acting a little too familiar lately. Maybe it was time to remind him that he was a subordinate. Gary was the only Alpha here. "Bring me their heads." He turned his back on Paul who waited a moment before realizing he'd been dismissed.

Gary stood staring at nothing and deep in thought. Kyle hadn't been found, he was probably a prisoner. But he was loyal, not like Nathan and Ben who hadn't been turned. With only ten Dire Wolves they wouldn't be able to take down the Baxter pack. They'd have to spend all of their time protecting the cubs until they were full grown and could assist them in destroying every pack in the territory. In time their kind would be able to take over every pack in North America, of that he was sure. The Dire Wolf needed a much larger territory than those puny Were's. They had larger appetites for everything.

His attention turned to the cage and his little Alpha Bitch. She appeared to be sleeping but he knew she was faking. He always knew. And right now he needed some amusement to take his mind off what was going wrong. Yesterday he had fucked her so long and hard he'd amazed even himself. Of course he didn't want to kill her. Not yet anyway. If the mating took place and she conceived he'd keep her as long as she produced cubs. If not, then he'd think about killing her. But for now, he wanted to play and she was his toy.

He opened the cage door and walked inside, stopping next to her still form, in a fetal position. He knelt down and dragged his fingers along her shoulder and down her arm. He smiled as he saw her concerted effort not to recoil. He knew he repelled her and it made him want to fuck her even more. She was his, she just needed to learn her place. And it was underneath him.

"Wake up my little bitch. It's time for you to do your one duty to your Alpha. You live a life of leisure here Jenna, and all you have to do to keep it is to keep me happy. Now how hard is that? Hmm?" He stared down at her motionless body and was disgusted. He'd been too easy on her by using the paralyzing spray. His intent had been to make it easier for her until she grew used to him, but if she didn't want to cooperate then he'd just have to break her the old fashioned way. He reached down and grabbed her arm and squeezed until she couldn't help but scream in pain.

She looked up and saw the evil grin on his face and knew today would be bad. She prayed her white wolf would be with her now. She needed him to save her from this insanity. She let her mind go and tried to see him instead of Gary. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she forced herself to stand and face him. She did her best to control her breathing but she saw his looks at her heaving breasts. It was hard to maintain any sense of dignity without clothing. But she was beyond blushing in front of him. Right now she knew she had to stay alive if she wanted to find the future her white wolf alluded to. If that meant she'd have to find it within herself to withstand his rapes, then so be it. She was strong. She had the will to survive.

Jenna walked on her own out of the cage to the low bed in the middle of the cave. She quietly climbed onto the bed and settled herself on her hands and knees with her legs spread. She steeled herself for his entrance and closed her eyes, wishing for her white wolf to come to her.

"Now that's better my little bitch. Much better. See how much more we'll both enjoy this with you being a participant." Gary quickly undressed and moved in behind her, his hard cock standing up and probing her dry pussy.

Her blood ran cold as she felt him behind her. She sensed when he'd changed into his wolf by the change in weight on the bed. She felt his long tongue snake out to lap at her cunt. She forced herself to stay still and squeezed her eyes shut. She spoke to her white wolf in her head, begging him to fuck her. In her mind, if it was her wolf taking her and not Gary, maybe she could live through it for as long as it took. She felt the raspy tongue stroking her clit, and fooling herself into believing it was her wolf, she let herself relax, allowed herself to enjoy it. This was her wolf making love to her, not Gary raping her. She had to believe it to continue or she'd never live through it.

He was surprised when he heard her gasps and even some quiet moans. He even felt some moisture building up between her folds. She was giving in to him, she was accepting him as her mate. He'd known it would just be a matter of time. He licked faster and delved deep inside her pussy. He could feel more and more of her juices as they dropped onto his tongue. And then he felt it, the unmistakeable feeling of her pussy contracting, her body shaking. She was cumming.

He pulled his tongue out and quickly mounted, ramming his hard cock into her wet hole and thrusting. He pulled her hips closer to him and pounded as deep as he could go, feeling his cock bottoming out. He felt her rocking into him and accepting his cock. When he felt his knot forming he pushed it into her, hearing her grunting as he stretched her. Once seated, he continued thrusting and felt himself starting to cum. His wolf wanted to bite her and mate, but he held back. He wanted it to be at the Wolf Moon. For now, this was just for amusement. His wolf would have to wait.

Oh God no, she could feel herself responding to him. But no, it wasn't to him, it was to her white wolf, her champion. He was making her cum, he was making her push into him, not Gary. She had to do this to stay alive. She had to stay alive to find her wolf. She had to. She'd do whatever it took. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she felt him pulling her to her side and holding her while they were still tied. She told herself she wasn't going to break. She'd be here when he came for her, when he rescued her.

Adam and Jackson ran blindly through the woods. They didn't care where they went as long as it was away from Gary and Paul and those things they'd become. They were so intent on getting away they didn't notice the wolves behind them, surrounding them. They didn't notice until it was too late and they stood face to face with six snarling black wolves. The two smaller grey wolves stopped dead in their tracks. They looked at each other. This was it, they were dead.


The auburn colored wolf laid on the bed, her head resting on her paws. She was so tired of being locked up in this room and hidden. Her tail thumped on the bed when her mate returned to the room with dinner. She could smell the raw meat. She licked her lips, her whiskers tickling her tongue. There was certainly a lot to get used to being a wolf.

Cole gently closed the door and put the plate of meat on the counter. He sat on the bed and stroked his mate's soft fur as she put her head in his lap. "Still can't change back pet? It's OK, sometimes it just takes a while the first time." She was such a beautiful wolf, he couldn't take his eyes off her. She was bigger than he'd thought she'd be considering that her human self was only five foot two. She was as big a wolf as Lila.

"Will I ever be able to turn back into a human? It's been three days!" Her dark brown eyes had tears in them.

He could feel the fear in her words when they reached him through their bond. "You'll be fine Karen, I promise. I think your wolf asserted herself sooner than she normally would have because of the danger to Katy. She took over because she wanted to protect her. But since she wasn't really ready to come to the fore, she can't figure out how to give in to your human half. It'll take time but she will." He wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and kissed the tip of her black nose. "Hungry?" He put the plate down in front of her and smiled as she ate it quickly and licked every bit of the blood off the plate.

The taste of raw meat was something she never thought she'd enjoy but the flavor and the texture was so amazingly good. She cleaned the plate and then licked her lips. She didn't want to miss a drop.

"Wow, didn't want to share huh?" He ruffled her fur lovingly.

Her tail wagged and she pushed her head into his hand. She liked how it felt when Cole stroked her fur with his hands. Now that he was here with her, she let go of all her stress and just relaxed. Even if she could never go back to being a human, he would still be with her, so what did it matter? She stretched out next to him on the bed, rolling onto her back and staring up into his beautiful green eyes. They mesmerized her whether they were human or wolf.

He quickly shifted and snuggled next to her.


Carr stood at the doorway, looking at the pale redhead laying in the hospital bed. "How's she doing Jeff?"

Jeff looked up from the chart he was writing in. "She recovered from the surgery fine. The amputation didn't take long. But when she woke up, she wasn't all there, know what I mean? Her eyes just look vacant. She barely talks and when she does there's something missing."

"That's because she's alone. Her wolf is disgusted with her for betraying the pack and won't talk to her. She said she tried to stop Cheryl but couldn't. Cheryl wanted to impress Metzger. Her wolf pleaded with me for forgiveness, doesn't want anything to do with her and has receded into her mind. I can't think of a worse punishment. Can you?" Carr looked at the surprised doctor.

"So you aren't going to execute her?" Jeff was relieved. The idea of killing one of their own made him sick. Although he understood why Rhys killed Metzger. Cheryl had only been a pawn.

"Katy doesn't want her to die. Rhys agreed to abide by her wishes. To tell the truth, if he wanted her dead, I doubt I could have stopped him. She's going to have to leave the pack though. And I doubt any other pack will take her. So she'll have to try her luck in the human world."

"A Werewolf living alone in the human world?" Jeff was stunned the Alpha would allow it.

"She's not a Werewolf anymore. Her wolf has separated from her. I think Cheryl would have to make some fundamental changes in her personality before her wolf will agree to join with her again. Her wolf is loyal. Cheryl is not. If something changes substantially her wolf will let me know." Without another word Carr nodded at the doctor and left the room.

Jeff watched the Alpha walk out the door. He'd never banished anyone from the pack before, but, then again, no member had ever broken pack law before. He hoped she could find a purposeful life on the outside without her wolf. As he looked at her laying in the bed he realized how much smaller and more fragile she looked than ever before. He'd have to thank Katy for her kind heart in allowing her to live. Carr was right, there could be no harsher punishment than to live without her wolf's presence in her life.


"Gene therapy." Xylon looked at the blank faces staring at him. "That's the answer, gene therapy, like the humans use to treat Cancer and some diseases. We can try it to turn off the Dire Wolf gene."

"And can you do that fast enough to help us?" Alistair was matter of fact. He had to find a way to save his mate and the other women. If this took too long, they had to rely completely on overpowering the altered Weres. He wasn't sure if they could.

"I have my lab working on it 24/7. If anyone can find the answer, they can. We have Gary's original work on how he turned the gene on, and we're using that to help us backtrack to turn it off." Xylon was sure they'd be successful. They had to be or it could mean an end to their society as they knew it.

"And I suppose you'll test it on Kyle." Morgan Wilson said it quietly, already knowing the answer. None of the Alphas would look at him. They were all glad it wasn't their son that would be a test subject. "If it doesn't work will it kill him?" He looked straight at Xylon.

"I don't know Morgan. There's no way to know." Xylon felt sorry for the Alpha. He couldn't even imagine what he was feeling. His own children were safely at home. What would he do if it were one of his sons? Would he allow him to be used as a guinea pig?

Rhys placed a hand on the Alpha's shoulder. "Morgan, if we don't try it, we have to destroy him. Wouldn't you rather take the risk in order to get your son back?"

Morgan looked up at the Archivist and slowly nodded his head. There really was no choice. "Do whatever you have to do. I want a chance at having him back."

Alistair listened from the front of the room, but his mind was elsewhere, with a sleek black she-wolf who was constantly in his mind now. How could that be? It was like he was day dreaming. He didn't have to sleep to see her now. He saw her every moment of the day. His wolf stayed close to the surface. He wouldn't let her out of his sight.

Rhys noticed the faraway look in Alistair's eyes. His mate was having a strange influence on him. He hoped the European Chief Archivist would call him back soon. Had this ever happened in the past? Were these dreams something new? Had they ever been documented before? He hoped he could get some answers before Alistair lost his mind.

"Brett has counted a total of ten altered Were's in Gary's group, not including Kyle. If he gets a chance he's going to try to capture one when he goes out to hunt. They seem to be under the assumption that they're safe where they are, and that we don't know they're there. The final tally of males in the caves is fifty two, unless there are some that never come outside." Carr waited for the questions to come flying and was as ready as he'd ever be. Good thing Brett was a good cop and always thorough in his reports.

"Is it that obvious what the altered ones look like?" Gene Campbell hadn't seen one himself.

"It's very obvious in their wolf forms. They are much bigger than anyone in this room, stronger, and deadlier. And they appear to have no conscience. They don't care who they kill, or who they hurt. And their only allegiance is to Gary. Their old pack, family, or Alpha means nothing to them." Carr looked at the sad face of Morgan Wilson.

"What's interesting is that Gary's only been able to alter eleven Weres in total. Why is that? Is it not working on all of them? Is there a secondary factor we don't know about that interferes with turning on the Dire Wolf gene?" Xylon knew he was thinking out loud and no else really seemed to care. He'd have to call the lab later and brainstorm with the scientists working on this.

"Xylon, please do whatever you can as quickly as you can. If you need anything, it's yours." Alistair acknowledged the Alphas and the remainder of the Council and walked out of the room, Rhys at his side. Alistair didn't speak until he knew they were well out of hearing range. "Rhys, I see my mate every time I close my eyes now. Things are getting worse for her. I can feel it. She needs me, we have to hurry."

Rhys placed a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder as they walked across the compound. "You'll get to her in time Alistair, I'm sure of it."

They both watched the caravan of black SUV's pulling up to the entrance to the Security area. Carr and his Betas were walking briskly towards them. Rhys and Alistair exchanged glances and immediately started walking the same direction. The spotted the two males being led into the building in handcuffs. They had their heads down and appeared to be cooperative. They definitely didn't act like altered Were's.

The two men were led into separate rooms and handcuffed to the benches. They both sat quietly, sure they were going to die.

"They're names are Adam and Jackson, both from the Wilson Pack. They said they were trying to run away from Gary. They wanted to go home. I haven't told them their Alpha is here." Brett had been amazed at how relieved the two had been when they realized it was the Baxter pack that had caught up to them and not Gary's pack. They had been more than willing to talk on the way here.

"James, bring Wilson here. Just tell him I'd like to speak with him." Carr was hoping they could get a lot more information from these two. But he'd wait for Wilson before doing anything. If their allegiance was to their old Alpha, then he needed to be here.

"They were really scared Gary was going to have them killed. I think they're sincere Carr." Brett was a good cop, good at reading people and Were's.

"Cole, get Nathan and Ben. We may need them." Carr's mind was working through all the possibilities. He wanted to be ready for anything.

A minute later Morgan Wilson entered with James. "Is something wrong with Kyle?" His face showed the strain of his son's condition. He looked so much older than he had when he arrived a week ago.

"No change with Kyle, but I think you know these two?" Carr pointed to the two windows that showed Adam and Jackson quietly sitting.

Wilson looked from one room to the other. He had known these two since they were born. Their fathers had been his close friends. "They look so calm in comparison to Kyle."

"They haven't been changed. We need to find out what they know. Do you want to listen in? Do you want to speak with them? Morgan, I think they were trying to come home. They were running from Gary." Carr was standing close to Morgan, speaking quietly so everyone in the room didn't hear.

"Yes, I want to be there. They were good boys. I never did understand why they left." He looked hopeful that he could bring back a few of his pack, even if Kyle was lost to them forever.

Nathan and Ben arrived with Cole just as the conversation ended. Carr looked up. "Good, I need the two of you to talk to them, as one former follower of Gary's to another."

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