tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 23

Wolf's Pet Ch. 23


"Trina, anything I should know about our patients?" Jeff hadn't been disturbed during the night so the assumption was that all was well. His staff was good. He knew he could depend on them, but he had to ask.

Trina looked up from the chart she was writing in. "Nothing much. Cheryl doesn't seem to need as much pain medication. She's having some phantom pain, but I think Kyle sitting with her is helping." Trina smiled brightly. She and Cheryl had been friends when they were cubs. She'd pretty much stopped associating with her as they got older. But now she just felt sorry for her. She hoped she and Kyle would be happy with the Wilson pack.

"Kyle has had normal vitals all night. He hasn't reverted at all, thank God. I was glad to have the security detail there with him last night even though it seemed like overkill. But better safe than sorry. If there's nothing else then I'm off to bed." Trina waited a second, but noting no further questions, waved and went on her way.

Jeff watched her walk away. She was such an amazing nurse. She always had a bright outlook on life, even amid the pain and suffering they had to deal with. He wondered when she would find her mate. He wished it was him, but his wolf wasn't interested. And he'd decided long ago that he wouldn't mix business and pleasure by having any kind of relationship with his nurse unless she was his mate. Someday.

His attention was drawn to the sounds down the hall. He could hear Kyle.

"I know you don't know me Cheryl. But I promise, you'll like the Wilson pack. Our lands are beautiful and we have plenty of game." Kyle spoke softly as he stroked her red hair. He tried to look into her eyes but she wouldn't look at him. She always escaped by closing her eyes or looking away. His wolf couldn't understand why she didn't respond to them. Kyle assured him it would just take time. She'd been through a horrible trauma. She'd come around. They had to be patient.

Cheryl's voice was so quiet, even with the enhanced hearing of a Werewolf Jeff could barely hear. "Why do you want to bother with me Kyle? I'm a Werewolf without a wolf or one of my arms. If my wolf ever does decide to join with me again, I'll be a three legged wolf. How would I hunt? You'd be a laughing stock for having a mate that was a freak." She started to almost sound hysterical.

"Cheryl, you should know, a Werewolf always knows it's mate. My wolf knows you belong to him. Your wolf will come around. She won't be able to resist for long. And you are not a freak. I'm sure your wolf will hunt just fine on three legs. You don't need four legs to run, or to love. Cheryl, you deserve to be happy. My father has welcomed both of us into the pack. Your Alpha isn't standing in our way. I won't let you make excuses. You are coming home with us and that's final." His voice hadn't raised but it was firm. His hand never left her hair, and he never looked away.

She turned to look at the male sitting at her side. He was beautiful. And he was the son of an Alpha, so he must be strong. He would make a good mate. He'd take care of her, take care of their cubs. It was faint, but her wolf was with her. She smiled weakly and looked up into the most gorgeous blue eyes. She brought her hand up to pat down a stray bit of sandy blond hair.

He took her hand in his and smiled down at her. They would help each other heal. They just had different types of wounds.

Jeff walked by the room and glanced inside. Kyle was in the exact same place he'd been last night when Jeff said goodnight, sitting at Cheryl's bedside. They couldn't take their eyes off each other. Jeff made his way to his office and waited for Xylon. The lab results were here, and now they just had to see if they were as positive as they'd hoped. Kyle certainly seemed like an everyday normal Werewolf besotted by a new mate. Jeff looked up when he heard someone walking in the door.

Xylon could barely contain himself as he sat down on the other side of the desk. "It worked! The Dire Wolf Gene is turned off. In fact, it's totally disabled. They tried to turn it back on and it was just down right dead. The antidote apparently can keep it from ever being turned on again." Xylon was grinning ear to ear. Of course, in his excitement, his Greek accent was thicker.

"Xylon, I can barely understand you. Can you slow down?" Jeff was just teasing. He'd understood every word. This was amazing, and he couldn't wait to tell Carr. At least now they knew they had a shot at fighting normal Werewolves. He shuddered to think what injuries he'd have to treat if they had to go up against Dire Wolves. "Guess we have news for the meeting then don't we?" Jeff was glad they didn't have long to wait, because he could barely keep from jumping out of his seat to find Carr.


The group of females was chattering away but silenced when Katy walked by with Rhys. She felt their eyes on her as they walked by. "Is there something I should know? Why are they acting so weird?" Katy looked up at the strong beautiful face of the man, the Werewolf, that would be her mate in less than a week. "Did I walk out of the bathroom with toilet tissue hanging from my pants?" She whirled around to look behind her for any telltale paper.

Rhys laughed. His Katy was so sweet and innocent. He hoped she never changed, no matter how many more centuries they would have together. "They are talking about Cheryl. They probably think you'll be upset to hear that her mate has found her." He could not have been more proud of how his mate had dealt with Cheryl. He of course would have killed her if Katy had allowed it. But she was far more compassionate than he.

"She'll have reminders for the rest of her life of how she screwed up. I'm glad Kyle found her. He needs someone to care for so he can get over his guilt. And if he can get her wolf to come forward again, then they will have a chance at a good life together. Just from the way her wolf has reacted I find it hard to believe she would ever betray her pack again. And since she's going to get to start fresh at another pack, she can start a brand new life. I really wish her nothing else." Katy had a sad look on her face as she thought about Cheryl. She really meant what she said. Anyone could make bad decisions in the right, or wrong, circumstances. Katy's own mother had made horrible decisions that affected other lives. Who was she to stand in judgement over Cheryl?

Rhys saw the expression on Katy's face and reached down for her small hand. He smiled when he saw the spreading grin on her face as she held him tight. He could feel the current of energy that passed between their joined hands.

There was something about these women that was special, more than what interested Gary. It was something in their nature. Every one of the women he had met had an aura about her. Even he couldn't explain it. It wasn't something that a human would notice, or even most Werewolves. If it had been, these women would have had mates long before now in the outside world. But he had noticed the studious looks the women got from the members of the Council. They knew, they just couldn't put their fingers on it.

As much as he hated to leave her for even a second, he had a meeting to attend to. "It's time for me to go. Will you meet me when I'm done little one?" He already knew the answer but wanted her to say it anyway.

Katy loved hearing him calling her little one. She didn't know why, but it always made her heart sing. "Of course I will Rhys. I would meet you anytime and anywhere. You know that." She looked up into his face and just couldn't believe how lucky she was. Just a few weeks ago she thought her life would be over soon. And now she had a bright future ahead with the wolf of her dreams. "There's Karen and Sarah. I'm sure we can find some trouble to get into while you're in your meeting." She made him lean down and gave him a chaste peck on the cheek before running off towards her friends.

"Katy, c'mon, we're going to learn how to fight. Lila promised to give us some pointers." Sarah was practically bouncing up and down as she grabbed Katy's hands and pulled her towards the building that housed the gym.

"Fight? Why do we need to learn how to fight?" Katy looked at her two friends and observed some subtle differences from a few days ago. They both looked more muscular. They still had plenty of curves, but their bodies had changed noticeably since becoming mated Werewolves. Neither woman had looked anywhere near their real ages before, Karen was fifty two and Sarah forty seven. But now they looked even younger. The few lines she had noticed on their faces a week ago were gone. They seemed to have a new vitality. The wounds that Gary had inflicted on Karen were totally healed and most of the scars had faded to nothing, even the deep gouge on her neck.

"Because we're Werewolves now. And you will be soon. Werewolves need to know how to fight. Lee thinks we'll both be Betas so we need to be ready. And you should start learning now while you have access to someone as good as Lila. Who knows where you and Rhys will be off to next. Cole said he travels all over North America. You might never get another chance." Karen was sad as she said it. She didn't want Katy to leave. She'd really grown attached to her, and her wolf was totally over protective of her now. "You can at least watch us for now. I'm sure we'll be able to give you a big laugh as Lila throws us all over the mats."

The three women were laughing as they walked into the gym. It looked like Lila was putting on a full class. Rebecca, Danielle, and Melissa were there as well as Gina and Becky and several other female members of the pack they didn't know.

"Let's get going ladies. We have less than two days to get ready for the rescue. So I need everyone's attention." Lila stood at the front of the room eying her new pupils.

The women looked around the room astonished. "Rescue? What rescue?"

"Um, Lila, we don't know what you're talking about. Who would we be rescuing? Is it a test or something?" Rebecca thought this must be some kind of a joke.

"We're all going to help rescue the human women from Gary's pack. You are each going to have a specific job and we're going to go over every bit of it in the next two days. Those women have been brutalized, and Carr wants the males to stay away from them. That leaves it to us." She glanced at each of the human women, smiling at the surprised looks on their faces. "Female members of a pack are an integral part of the fighting force. You're all going to find that out for yourselves at some point, some sooner than others." She said the last as she looked at Karen and Sarah.

Karen felt a lump in her throat. She hadn't thought about ever having to confront Gary again. She hoped she wouldn't have to. She felt a reassuring squeeze on the arm from Katy. She looked over at the petite redhead and smiled. She'd always thought Katy was nice, but now that she knew her better, she was amazed at the strength in such a small package. Sarah looked as surprised at she, but also ready to jump into things feet first.

"Karen, you'll be coming with us to the caves. Sarah, you'll be staying here with the unmated humans." She saw Sarah about to speak up. "Sarah, I know, you want to go, but your wolf hasn't shown herself yet and until then, it's just too dangerous for you. What if you shift and can't shift back? It could be a disaster."

Sarah looked like she was going to put up an argument but realized Lila was right. She didn't want to make things harder on anyone, or more dangerous. She reluctantly nodded.

"Believe me, there will be plenty for all of you to do. While we're at the caves, those of you here will be getting ready for the women to arrive. We don't know if they'll have injuries, if they'll be hysterical, or even willing to come with us. And I doubt they'll want much to do with Werewolves, so you will be a huge asset to them!" Lila looked at each woman in turn, making it clear they would all have a role to play. "I have a feeling the real work will come once we get the women here. We have no idea what to expect, so be ready for anything."

"Lila, will Lee be leading the females.?" Becky had a feeling she knew the answer but wanted to be sure.

Lila got a big grin on her face as she answered, "The Alpha Bitch is pregnant so will not be joining us. She will be in charge here at the compound. I will be in command of the females on the operation."

The women were all shouting and laughing. This was the best news the pack had in weeks. The Alphas were expecting. This was a good omen.


"Don't you have a meeting to run? Really Carr, I don't need you hovering around me. I'm only four weeks along. I have a long way to go." Lee had waited a few days before telling Carr the good news. She'd wanted to just spend time with him after being separated for two whole weeks. And with the plans to rescue the women in the works, she'd had to tell him a little sooner than she'd hoped. She'd really wanted to wait until this whole mess was over so he wouldn't have one more thing to worry about, but she had to tell him now. Otherwise there would be questions about why she wasn't leading the females.

Now Carr knew why his father had told him that being a father was something he couldn't explain. The feelings running through him right now were so confusing. He had this overwhelming need to protect Lee and forget about everyone and everything else, but that conflicted with the instinct to protect his pack. They were different but one in the same. At least he knew she would be safe at home while they went after Gary.

"Go! Otherwise Cole and Brett will be at he door looking for you. I promise not to have the cubs while you're gone." She smiled and tried to push him out the door. "I have a lot of planning to do for when those women get here. Please, I have way too much to do for you to be following me around and getting in my way."

He turned to face her and gently stroked her cheek as he leaned in close, "You'll be an amazing mother, love." He kissed her lightly and made his way down the stairs to the meeting room. He had to admit, knowing he was going to be a father had him thinking more about their future. Until today, the future to him was days and weeks, now in one fell swoop, the future was more about years.

He was almost to the door when he saw Cole coming towards him, a silly grin on his face. He didn't say anything until he was right next to him.

Cole leaned in close and said quietly for only Carr to hear, "Congratulations Pops." He started to laugh and clapped his big brother on the shoulder. "I'm gonna be the best uncle. Those cubs are so lucky. The things I'm going to teach them..." He ducked and slipped quickly into the room before Carr could retaliate.

Carr was shaking his head as he neared the room. He loved his brother but he never knew when to stop kidding around. This was no time for joking. The Council and the other Alphas wouldn't be interested in his mate's pregnancy.

As soon as he walked in the door he was inundated with congratulations. Apparently news traveled fast. And he was surprised to see the smiles on the faces of the assembled Alphas. Even Crane and Torrance had smiles on their faces.

"We needed a sign Baxter. Your mate expecting is a good sign for us, a good sign for the packs." Campbell's normally dour expression was gone, replaced by a strange blissfulness.

"Thank you all for your good wishes. My mate and I appreciate it. Now let's get to business, shall we?" He looked around to all the nods and smiled. He really had to admit that since Metzger's death there was much less dissension and more camaraderie in their meetings.

Carr looked to the head of the Council. Alistair looked like a ghost of himself. Jeff had been pumping him full of vitamins and energy supplements but it didn't seem to be helping. Of course he guessed it could be worse if he hadn't gotten them.

Alistair stood at the front of the room. His face was gaunt and his eyes were sunken. The lack of sleep was obvious to all. He knew they were wondering how much longer he'd be able to function. He wondered the same. He took a breath, squared his shoulders, and tried to regain some of his composure.

"Xylon and his scientists were successful in finding a way to turn off the Dire Wolf gene."

"Thank God for that!" Owen McDonald had a relieved look on his face. "Will we be able to use this on any Werewolf that carries the gene?" He looked at Xylon.

Xylon wasn't sure what to day. "Well, I suppose so, but that's something to speak about in the future."

"Don't you think we should make sure this can't happen again?" Gene Campbell looked like he was ready for a fight.

Rhys stood up and moved to the front of the room. "I think this is a discussion for another day and venue. We will do what we have to in order to solve our current problem. But do we really want to start discussing something that is for the Council to decide?" He looked around the room and saw the nods of the Council Members.

Campbell and McDonald exchanged glances as Campbell answered for them both. "I suppose not." They went back to their seats quietly.

Alistair stood up again as Rhys nodded politely and returned to his position against the back wall.

"According to recent defectors from Gary's pack, in two days, Gary will take his Betas on a hunt. The Omegas will be left alone at the caves with the women. This will be our chance to rescue the women. Carr and his Betas have come up with a plan, a very good plan. I'll turn things over to him. Carr?" Alistair returned to his seat. At this moment he felt every one of his five hundred thirty six years. But if lack of sleep was needed to save his mate, then so be it. It would be worth it!

Carr had become more comfortable taking the lead among this group of Alphas and Council Members. As the youngest, he knew he'd had to prove himself to many of them. He was pretty sure he had. "We'll need every Beta you can spare for this operation. It has to go like clockwork or Gary and the other Dire Wolves will make it back to the caves before we're ready for them. If that happens, we'll lose an untold number of pack members." He scanned the room and saw the nods of the Alphas. Maybe he could talk them into more than ten each.

"The first step will be to take out the Omegas without them being able to alert Gary. Then we have to get those women out of there. Our females will take care of that. Lila, my mate's second, will be in command. Jackson and Adam have been filling us in on how the Omegas handle things while Gary and the Betas go on hunts. Apparently they have several rings of look outs. We'll need to take them out at precise moments in their rounds. If they manage to see, hear, or smell us coming they'll be able to alert Gary. They hunt about a twenty minute run from the caves. So if they get a warning to him, we're left with twenty minutes to get the women out." Carr watched the Alphas who were listening intently.

"There are approximately forty Omegas. But remember, many of their Omegas were Betas in their former packs. In Gary's pack they have the Dire Wolf gene turned on to become a Beta. To be safe, I'd like to have at least double that number of Betas, preferably more. Most of mine will be busy setting things up inside the caves for when the Betas return. We'll need lookouts, guards, drivers, and fighters." His traveled to each Alpha noting their reactions. There didn't seem to be any dissension.

Wilson was the first to speak. "I'll have twenty for you Carr."

Crane stood up. "I have fifteen available."

Torrance was next. "I have ten here now, but I can get a few more here by tomorrow."

McDonald was apologetic as he spoke up. "I'm sorry, I only have ten to spare." His pack had been the hardest hit by defections to Gary's pack. He hadn't said anything to anyone but he was hoping that his pack members would return.

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