tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 27

Wolf's Pet Ch. 27


Carr didn't feel the blow that hit him square in the forehead. His body flew through the air, hitting the back of his head on a large rock. The sickening thud went unheard by the fighting Were's. The crumpled body of the chocolate colored wolf lay still, his chest barely moving. Blood dripped from his nose.

Bryant continued to spray the Beta in the face. He could swear the wolf looked smaller. Was it his imagination? The pack seemed to be taking control and the battle was about to turn. Suddenly, without warning, the Dire Wolf flipped onto his back, showing his belly and baring his neck. The fighting group jumped back and stood stock still. Was this a trick? They looked at each other, taking the moment to catch their breath. Should they honor the request to surrender?

The wolf shifted to a human male, smaller than they remembered him earlier. He rolled onto his side and cowered. "Please, forgive me, please. I want to return to the Campbell pack. I don't know what Gary did to me. Please." Tears rolled down his face.

The ring of wolves around him glanced at each other and moved in closer. A black wolf with a notched ear cocked his head, moved forward slowly and used his nose to push the rogue onto his back. He growled when the Beta didn't move fast enough. The black wolf stared at the his eyes. He looked away and laid on his back, pulling his head back to bare his throat. The black wolf opened his mouth and held the male by the neck. He growled and bit down enough to keep hold and shook his prey who remained absolutely still.

The black wolf released the male, slowly backed away and shifted. James stood staring at the shivering former Dire Wolf. "Take him into custody. Don't trust him, and don't take any chances."

Three of the surrounding wolves shifted, retrieved one of the straightjackets, secured it to the rogue, and took him to the waiting vehicles.

James and Bryant with the rest of the group turned their attention to the other Beta who threw himself on the ground and rolled to his back when he saw the first led away. The scenario was replayed with Brett making the rogue submit.

With two in custody their attention was drawn to the ongoing battle between Gary and the Alphas. It was then they saw Carr's lifeless body nearby. James and Brett ran to Carr's side. The wolf was so still.

Brett felt for a femoral pulse. Did he feel it? Or was it his imagination? He tried to feel for a heartbeat but if it was there, it was faint. His gums were so pale, even his tongue was pale. Carr was a big wolf, and it took both of them to gently pick him up and carry him to a vehicle that was being brought up closer to the clearing. They carefully loaded him into the idling SUV. Brett looked towards Cole who was so deeply involved in the fight with Gary he hadn't noticed what happened to Carr. Brett didn't want to distract him. He looked at James sitting with Carr in the back. "Go, I'll send Cole back as soon as I can." The SUV sped out, dirt spitting out behind it in a cloud.

The wolves had Gary surrounded. There was no more space for any others to get in and help. There was only so much room to maneuver. Gary looked smaller, but it just didn't seem to be as drastic a change as the other two. And Brett wondered why they hadn't passed out like Kyle. Was it the exertion of fighting? He hoped he never had to worry about finding out why. He just wanted Gary to revert back to a normal every day Werewolf like the others.

"Crap! He found the last charge."

Brett watched Craig running towards him. "What are you doing down here? Why aren't you watching the monitors?"

"Paul found the secondary charges. He disabled them. He was a bomb tech in the army, did you know that? He's picking his way through that wall of rocks. The others have passed out and seem to have shrunk in size. One woke up and is cowering against a wall. He looks like he's trying to disappear. I think he's afraid Paul is going to turn on him." Craig was normally very calm and in control. This was the closest to frantic Brett had ever seen him.

"Alright, then we'd better be ready if he comes out. We know he got a good dose of the antidote. Maybe he's like Gary and it will just take longer with the two of them. They were the first two turned. Gary looks a little smaller, but no less ferocious or strong." Brett was watching the huge wolves in front of him. This was a fight to the death. He knew Gary would never give up. Neither would Paul when he got out.

"Troy, Trey, be ready with a group when Paul comes out of there. Not only is he going to be ready for a fight, he's gonna be pissed."

The twins nodded and went to gather the biggest wolves they had in the group. They'd need all the size they could get. Some of the smaller Betas just weren't able to get a bite on these huge Dire Wolves.


"Geez, Steve, watch the potholes. I'm trying to hold his head still but every hole you hit is bouncing him around." James was bent over the Alpha, trying his best to keep his head from flopping. He could have head and/or neck injuries and he didn't want to take any chances.

"I'm trying, I'm trying. This damn dirt road is a mess." Steve swerved around another deep hole. James had no idea how many he'd already missed. Sometimes there was just no way around them. "Soon as we're off this dirt road I'm gonna floor it. We'll be back home in fifteen minutes."

"Got it, I'll send word to Sarah." James leaned down close to Carr and whispered, "Hang on Carr, hang on. We're taking you home." James hadn't cried since he was a cub, but he was blinking back tears as he looked at his Alpha. "Sarah, baby, can you hear me?"

Sarah's head jerked up as she sensed James in her head. The compound was in an uproar since Lee's screaming alerted everyone that something was wrong. Sarah had run to the Alpha's quarters along with everyone else in the pack. She'd seen and heard Lee's sobs. It was so heart wrenching to watch. Throughout the night there had been other mated females who had burst out in tears when she felt her mate injured and in once case, killed.

Sarah moved away from the group of females surrounding Lee and into the hallway. "Yes James, I can hear you. Thank God you're OK." Sarah felt almost guilty about being grateful that he was contacting her. So many others were worried because they hadn't heard anything specific. They were just getting feelings of fear, anger, pain, and frustration. At one point several of the females started clapping and jumping up and down. They said their mates were feeling relief and pride, that something must be going well.

"You need to find the Doctor, tell him we're less than fifteen minutes out with Carr. He has head injuries. He's unconscious. Sarah, he's in bad shape."

Sarah could feel his fear. "I'll take care of it. I'll see you soon." She slipped back into the room and scanned quickly for Trina. She waved across the room to get her attention and motioned to meet her in the hallway.

"What's going on Sarah?" Trina looked like she wanted to hurry up this conversation and get back into the room.

"They're bringing Carr in. He has some kind of head trauma. They'll be here in less than fifteen minutes" Sarah had barely gotten the words out when Trina whirled around and went back into the room.

Jeff was trying to decide if he should sedate Lee. She was just short of hysterical, and he had to weigh the danger to the cubs from her emotional state versus the danger from a sedative. He knew Trina was behind him before she'd said anything.

When Trina leaned in close to Jeff's ear Logan had to keep himself in check. His wolf wanted to throw Jeff into a wall. Logan reminded him that Jeff was a good friend and had known Trina forever. They worked closely together, and he'd have to get used to watching them in close proximity while they were here. When this was over, he and his wolf would have their chance. Until then, they had to stay in control. Logan's wolf reluctantly backed down.

Jeff leaned down to whisper in Lee's ear. She looked surprised and somewhat relieved. She stood and accompanied he and Trina out the door. Logan followed closely, his eyes never leaving Trina.

Lila went to the door to block everyone from following. "Carr is injured and being brought in. Let's all stay away from the hospital unless we're invited. There will be more injured coming in soon as well. Everyone's help is going to be needed. Find me if you have any questions or concerns. Karen, Sarah, come with me please." Lila didn't wait for the two to follow her out of the room.

Lila spoke as she walked. "We need to find Katy."

Karen and Sarah glanced at each other as they tried to keep up. Karen whispered "Why do we need to find Katy?"

Sarah shrugged her shoulders.


Alistair walked around Gary slowly. He had become smaller during the extended fight. Gary's Dire Wolf had been gargantuan, but now, he was the size of the surrounding Alphas. Alistair eyed him closely. Gary knew he was cornered. But he wouldn't be submitting to anyone, Alistair knew that. This would be a fight to the death.

Rhys watched from the outer ring of wolves. Now that Gary was back to his normal Werewolf size, they would back off. This was Alistair's fight. No one would deny him the right to defend his mate. But if for any reason Gary escaped from Alistair or somehow managed to win the fight, another would take him on. Crane would be next. Gary had been his Beta and disrespected his Alpha and his Alpha's sister. Rhys had no doubts that Gary and Paul would not leave here alive. The only questions were how long the fight would last, and who the ultimate winner would be.

The white wolf with the bright blue eyes circled his prey. He studied his every movement. He watched his stride, the way he took a breath before he lunged. Alistair easily moved out of his way. He could read every move. Alistair had fought many more battles than Gary could imagine.

The brown wolf was irate. They had found a way to reverse the Dire Wolf Gene. He was back to a regular every day Werewolf. They would pay! Starting with that white wolf who stole his mate. And after him, the green eyed one that took Karen from him. The hate pulsated through Gary's body. It flowed in his veins and in and out of his lungs. There wasn't a part of him that didn't despise every wolf here. He didn't have time to look around the clearing to see he was outnumbered. He didn't know that all but Paul had abandoned him.

Gary's cold blue eyes followed Alistair's every move. He lunged forward and tried to grab at Alistair's shoulder and missed, falling onto his face. He leapt up and spun around to face him again.

Alistair was patient. He'd wait for an opening. He'd let Gary expend all his energy.

Although the surrounding wolves were watching the fight intently, they also continued to glance at the mouth of the cave. They knew Paul would break his way out soon. And when he did, they'd be ready for him. They had six of the straightjackets ready. There was none waiting for Paul. He wouldn't be giving up.

Watching the white and gray wolves was like watching a fencing match between a master and a student. While one jumped forward and attacked futilely, the other easily parried every move with minimal exertion. Soon Gary was exhausted. He was almost falling over himself.

Alistair circled carefully, his tail flagged behind him. Gary had kidnapped Jenna, kept her locked in a cage. The white wolf bared his teeth in a menacing snarl. Gary drugged her so she couldn't fight. He raped her over and over and then made her submit to him in front of his pack. The growl started deep in his chest and became louder as he thought of the tortures his mate had endured.

He saw his opening and took it. The brown wolf turned to launch and Alistair turned into him at the same moment and grabbed his neck between his jaws. There would be no offer to submit. He bit down hard and heard the tear of flesh, the gurgling sounds in Gary's throat as he attempted to scream. Alistair felt the warm blood flow over his tongue and down his throat.

Alistair's normally quiet nature was overcome by wolf instinct. His mate would be avenged. He felt Gary struggling to free himself. It only made Alistair grip tighter. His teeth severed Gary's trachea. He could feel the air whistling past his mouth. His thoughts turned to Jenna and the fear and pain he caused her. He shook his head as he tightened his jaws even more and heard Gary's neck snap as his teeth ripped through his spinal cord.

The wolves watched as they saw the light go out of Gary's eyes. The white wolf shook the body hard, blood pouring over his face as he made sure his foe was dead. The blood no longer pumped out of the severed carotid artery. Alistair gave one final shake of the limp body and dropped it in a heap with disgust. He didn't give it another thought and walked away.

Alistair moved to a clean area under a tree and laid down, slowly licking the blood off his legs. He could hear the rush of water from a nearby stream and got up, trotted the short distance and plunged into the cool water. He felt it wetting his coat and watched as the bloody water flowed downstream. When his coat was free of Gary's blood, he shifted and stood waist deep in the stream. He shook his head and felt the water flying around him. He smoothed back his white hair with his hands and looked up, noticing the large black wolf watching him intently from the shore.

"Did I go overboard?" Alistair sounded exhausted.

The black wolf shook his head and quickly shifted. "As far as I'm concerned, no. And I doubt anyone else will think so either. There were several that were ready to take your place if you fell."

"I don't even know anything else that happened tonight other than Gary. Any word on any of the others?" Alistair stepped out of the water and laid down on the nearby grass. Every muscle in his body ached. He wondered how long the fight had lasted. He really was too old for this kind of thing.

Rhys sat nearby and absentmindedly picked up a blade of grass. "The two Betas fighting with Gary surrendered after the antidote took effect. Paul is digging himself out of the cave, rock by rock. The six Betas with him apparently look scared to death." Rhys sighed. He picked at the grass next to him.

"What is it you aren't telling me Rhys? I know you too well my friend." Alistair knew he was holding back. "Did something happen to Jenna?" He sat upright and looked ready to bolt back to the cars.

"Jenna is fine. It's Carr. He was badly hurt." He saw Alistair's shocked reaction. "I didn't realize it until midway through your fight with Gary. Brett pulled Cole away from the fight and Cole left. I thought it was strange since I know how much Cole hated Gary. So I asked Brett what was happening. They want Cole there in case..." His voice trailed off.

"In case Carr dies?" Alistair couldn't believe he was saying it. He'd grown to like and respect Carr. He'd been close with his grandfather, friends with his father. He'd watched from afar as Carr grew into the role of Alpha. And in the last few weeks, he'd learned first hand what a superb leader he had become. "Do you think anyone will challenge Cole if it happens?"

"No, I don't think so. From what I've seen of the Betas, they're just as loyal to him as they are to Carr. But the Baxter pack is in pain right now. After I spoke with Brett, I watched them. They're distracted. They can feel the pain from the Alpha Bitch, but they can't feel the Alpha at all. But we'll know right away if he dies. They'll feel the loss of the bond. And then it will shift to Cole." Rhys tried to remember the last time an Alpha he knew died unexpectedly. It hadn't happened in hundreds of years. Many of them abdicated to their heirs so they could relax in their later years and guide the new Alpha. Carr's father and grandfather had done so. It was felt it was a smoother transition than years before when there would be challenges for the right to be Alpha. It could still happen but it was rare.

"I suggested to Brett that the Baxter pack take the wounded and the last of the captives and leave Paul to the rest of us. He and the other Alphas agree. Besides, Crane wants to take care of Paul on his own. He blames himself for this whole mess you know. Both Gary and Paul came from his pack. He's looking as this as a way to redeem himself." Rhys sat quietly letting the information sink in.


"Jeff, he's here. They're entering the compound." Trina was dreading this. She was so glad they had extra Doctors and nurses here. Carr was going to take all their attention and there were other casualties coming.

"Logan, he's your patient."

"What? Jeff, what are you doing?" Trina was shocked. Jeff had never handed over a patient to anyone else before, especially the Alpha.

"Trina, I'm too close. Carr and I grew up together. It's one thing to treat him for a bite wound or a laceration. It's another to have his life in my hands. We're too damn close. And besides, Logan's specialty is Neurology. Maybe it was fate that he showed up here when he did. I trust him. You should too. I'm going to talk to Lee." With that, Jeff left the room.

Trina was speechless. She didn't know if she should be proud of Jeff for putting his patient first, or worry that he felt inadequate in some way. She was startled by a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"We'll take good care of him Trina, I promise." He looked into her pale green eyes and found himself unable to concentrate. He had to pull himself together. He cleared his throat and tore himself away from her. "Cathy, let's move."

Trina suddenly realized she didn't like that he had called his nurse to assist him. How silly. They worked together like she and Jeff did. Her wolf wasn't satisfied with that answer. "We have to mark him, soon." She shook her head and walked into the waiting room where Lee was seated. Jeff was next to her, speaking softly. She watched as Lee looked at him with surprise, but then solemnly nodded. She walked outside to wait for the car to arrive.

The black SUV was making it's way to the hospital and stopped at the entrance. Steve jumped out and opened the back. James looked like he'd been crying. Trina nodded to the orderlies who brought up the gurney. They gently lifted the large wolf out of the car and quickly wheeled him inside. Steve didn't know what to do next. He just stood silently. James leaned against the doorway, closed his eyes, and slammed his head into the hard wood.

"If you keep doing that you'll be the next patient."

James smiled when he heard Sarah's soft voice. He needed her so badly right now. He opened his eyes and saw her standing just a few feet away. He held out a hand. She took it in hers and he pulled her forward until they were face to face. He brought her closer and leaned down, his nose buried in her neck. He inhaled deeply, taking in her scent, feeling safe now that he was here with her. He felt her arms close around him and he melted into her embrace.

During the fight his wolf had been feral, wild, fighting by instinct. Now he could let his gentler nature take over. He was with his mate. She was safe. Being here with her was what he needed to calm the thoughts in his mind. Carr would be OK. It was his wolf who was putting all the worst thoughts in his mind. Wolves weren't subtle. Everything was black and white with them. If you were injured badly, you died. But they had a great Doctor. Carr would be OK. He was sure of it.

Katy looked back at Lila and Karen with a questioning look. Lila gestured her to keep moving. She slowly walked into the waiting room. She stopped a few feet from Lee and Jeff.

"Lee, may I speak with you?" Katy's voice was so quiet, a human would never have heard her across the room. But a Werewolf could.

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