tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 35

Wolf's Pet Ch. 35


Just a note. This is the second to last chapter of Wolf's Pet. Will it answer every single question? Of course not, if it did I wouldn't have any sequels. But I am planning on it. So if you have any ideas, feel free to email me. And if you're tired of the short chapters, there will only be one more after this, hopefully within four to five days.


The North American Council waited patiently in the dining hall. If the Europeans thought they would have a say in the goings on in one of their packs they would learn a hard lesson. They had no say here.

Carr watched the convoy of cars being escorted by his Betas. Cole and Brett led them to the main house where the cars parked. The Baxter Betas outnumbered the Europeans and their entourage. They may be the same species but there was no love lost between the Europeans and Americans and very little trust. They had no business being here without being invited. Carr vowed to be polite but firm. This was his pack, his lands, his right to refuse their request to stay if he so decided.

Rhys and Alistair stood next to Carr. They were sure what this was about and knew their own council would back them up. And they would have Guillame on their side.

The Head of the European Council stepped out of the car and looked briefly around the compound. He stood there in his expensive Italian tailored suit. How provincial he thought to himself. He had a bored look on his face as he approached Carr and bowed formally. "You must be Baxter. I am Rudolf Metzger."

Carr appraised the Were as he returned the bow. "Welcome to Baxter Pack lands Sir. And what brings you here? I don't recall inviting you to visit." Carr didn't think much of what he saw. He looked extremely weak for a Were. He was used to more vigorous Council members. Alistair and Rhys had held their own in the recent battle. This one looked like he would have run.

Rhys had to stifle a laugh. Good for Carr, get right to the point. Why waste words?

Rudolf cleared his throat. He wasn't used to such poor manners. The Alphas in Europe knew their place. He needed to find a way to make sure Alistair left the Council. Maybe his cousin Niklas would make a better Council leader. "We have heard rumors that you have found some surviving Vlkolak. If that rumor is true it is our business."

Carr controlled his rage far better now than earlier today. Maybe it was good he was able to blow off some steam at his visitors. It did help him to keep a firmer hand on his wolf now. "I really don't see how anyone who is under my protection is your business." He took a good hard look at Rudolf. He looked amazingly like Niklas Metzger, same brown hair, same black eyes, and the same last name, relatives? Even the same attitude. "But if we're going to argue, then let's do it in private. This way." Carr led the way to the dining hall.

Cole and Brett were of the same mind. They didn't trust this Metzger anymore than they did the last. They would never let any of these Council members out of their sight and certainly never alone with the Alpha. All of the Vlkolak had been sequestered together in the Omega quarters and there were guards inside and outside the building. They wouldn't be letting any of these Weres anywhere near them. They followed closely behind the group as they entered the dining hall and waited outside, but none too patiently.

Rudolf walked into the hall, seeing the American Council waiting for them. Ah, and there was Guillame. He looked as unkempt as the rest of them. What was that he was wearing? "Hello Guillame. I had heard you came here ahead of us. What emergency business could you possibly have had with an American pack?" His disdain for the Archivist was obvious to everyone in the room.

"Family business Rudolf. But apparently it is also your business." Guillame had never liked Rudolf. He was an egotistic, pompous ass.

"Family? What would your family have to do with the Vlkolak? They are our only interest here." Rudolf turned his back on Guillame to address Alistair.

"My family are the Vlkolak." Guillame had decided the time for secrets was over. If need be he could stay here in America. He wouldn't mind being close to his grandchildren.

Rudolf's mouth was open, ready to speak when he heard Guillame's words. He turned slowly to face the Were he had always hated. He'd wanted him dead years ago, but now maybe, this would be his chance. If he called the Vlkolak family then maybe he was the one who had smuggled them out of Europe. If so, he had committed treason which carried a death sentence for the guilty. He had an evil smile on his face. "Family? Please tell us Guillame. How did this happen? Aren't you Belgian and not Hungarian?"

"My mate was Vlkolak, and my granddaughters are Vlkolak." He knew what Rudolf was thinking. He looked around at the surprised looks of the European Council members that were attending. The Americans had been given all of the pertinent information earlier today.

"Mate? What mate? I don't recall you being mated." Rudolf was enjoying this. He wanted to make Guillame hang himself with the information he gave them now. The Council would have to kill him for his treachery.

"When you sent me to Hungary to investigate the reports of the Werepanthers. Remember? I was there for several years, sending you reports. I met her my first day with the pack. We mated the next night. When you gave the order for the Vlkolak to die she was carrying my cub." Guillame was on the verge of tears with the memories of reading the orders from the Council, and rage as he thought about the deaths of his mate's family and his own mate's exile.

"So you purposely disobeyed our orders and helped some of them escape? Helped your mate escape? I will enjoy your execution Guillame. Your deceit will be known to all of the packs and your name will be synonymous with traitor after your death." Rudolf so enjoyed this. He'd been waiting for many years to have a chance to push him out of his position. This was even better.

Alistair stepped forward. "There will be no execution Rudolf. You are not in Europe now, you are in America and you have no authority here. If your wish is to kill Guillame, then as long as he is here, he is under the protection of the American Council. You have no say." His stance showed he was ready to fight if need be.

"You have no idea what these women can do. They will destroy the packs. That was why we originally voted to kill them. And now you've let these vermin go on to breed. How many of them are there? Do you even know Guillame? How much damage will they do to our species before we can eradicate them?" Rudolf looked at the assembled Weres and noticed he had no allies among the American Council. Where was his cousin? He would be on his side.

Rhys stood by as long as he could but couldn't take any more. "There will be no eradication Rudolf. The women are under the protection of this pack and our Council. If you lift a finger to harm any of them, there will be a war, I can guarantee that." He rose to his full height and towered over the smaller Were. He was even the same size as his cousin Niklas. "Will this be a war between your Council and ours? Or is it just you that wants the women dead?"

Rudolf's face turned red as his anger boiled. He looked at his companions , they did not look as ready to back him up in a fight as he had thought they would be. He then looked to the American Council and mainly Alistair. "So I take it that you will help this traitor in his pursuit to destroy our kind?"

"I think of it as more of an enhancement." Alistair smiled as he said it.

"Why can't you see the danger? Hasn't he told you what they can do?" Rudolf was incredulous that they could all be so dense.

"Frankly, I'm looking forward to seeing how much they can do." Alistair looked at Rhys who nodded his agreement. "I rather like the idea of exploring the possibilities."

Xylon now spoke up. He couldn't hold it in for another moment. "You won't find any allies here Rudolf. May I suggest you go back home? The women are no threat to you in Europe. In fact, they will be an asset here. Our numbers are dropping. The packs are finding their mates later and later in life. These women seem to find their mates rather easily and quickly. They will be a boon to our existence. Without them, according to the calculations of my population geneticists, our species will die out within one thousand years. We've been on this planet much longer than that, since the dawn of man. But we will cease to exist."

Rudolf practically sputtered as he tried to speak. "You're going to allow them to mate? To procreate? Are you mad?" He looked around the room and became enraged as he saw the entire American Council complicit in this abomination.

And then he saw the reactions of his own Council members. They were speaking in low tones amongst themselves and one of them pointed at Xylon. "Don't listen to them, you know what these panthers will do. They'll breed with our kind and become the predominant species. And then we will be no more." Rudolf appeared almost frantic.

Konstantin Horak, a huge Were with almost silver colored hair and steel grey eyes looked at his companion. "Rudolf, we have listened to you rant about these panthers for decades. You are the only member of the Council who was in office at the time. Maybe things have changed. But Xylon noted a trend in America that is also happening in Europe. We need to find mates Rudolf. Without them we will surely die. If these women are meant to be Were mates then maybe we should see if we can get them matched so they CAN begin breeding."

The other European Council members nodded.

Rhys and Alistair exchanged glances. Maybe this would end well? They could only hope.

"Absolutely not!" Rudolf was infuriated. "We cannot falter on this." He looked at the Weres he thought were his friends. Were they going to abandon their kind to mate with panthers?

Guillame! He was the root of this evil. Rudolf turned towards him and began to growl. All eyes were on Rudolf as they saw the wolf taking over.

"Don't do anything stupid Rudolf. You are in our home." Carr was furious that he would dare to even think of attacking anyone while in his territory.

Konstantin knew that look in Rudolf's eyes. Rudolf looked for a moment like he was going to back down, but his companions knew better. The big silver wolf leaped into the air in front of Guillame just as Rudolf shifted and lunged. It happened so fast no one else had time to react.

The silver wolf let out a painful howl as the smaller brown one latched onto his foreleg. But he would not fight his leader. He took the bites and waited for the others from their Council to pull him off.

The American Council stood back from the bloody scene. They let the Europeans pry Rudolf off of Konstantin.

Guillame immediately ran to the large silver wolf. "Konstantin, thank you, thank you for your bravery. Carr, may we take him to the hospital?" He carefully held the broken leg still, the jagged edges of the bones sticking through the bloody skin while the wolf whimpered in pain.

"Of course Guillame." Carr opened the door and had Cole send in two Betas to take the visiting Were to the hospital. He held the door as they carried the injured wolf. His leg looked badly mangled but he knew he now had two great Doctors to look after him. As long as they got the bones set quickly, he should heal fine. He hoped.

He turned slowly to face Rudolf who was standing with his shredded clothes around him, his face smeared with Konstantin's blood. "You have broken our pack laws Rudolf. You attacked without provocation a Were who was under my protection on my lands. Do you have a defense?" Carr could not believe what he had just seen. He had never seen something like that happen during a meeting. Weren't Council members supposed to be the wisest of their kind? Maybe his estimation of Were Councils was wrong.

Rudolf was defiant. "I need no defense Baxter. His actions will lead to the ruin of our kind. I'm sorry Konstantin chose to defend him. I didn't mean to injure him, I meant to kill Guillame."

"Then I have no choice, for the remainder of your stay here you will be confined to our security area. I can't take a chance on you injuring anyone else while you're here. To be honest Rudolf, if I wanted to follow our laws to the letter I could kill you now." Carr had sent word to Cole of his decision and Brett and Bryant walked in with the straightjacket and a heavy duty sedative. "You can be cooperative or you can fight. It doesn't matter to me Rudolf. Make your choice."

Rudolf stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by Carr's Betas. He looked at the distinguished Weres lining the room. The American Council members were disgusted by his actions. Even his own colleagues did not want to defend him. He allowed himself to be jacketed and led away.

"Mark my words Baxter, you will live to regret this!" Rudolf walked out under his own power but he would be defiant to the end.

"I would like to apologize for the actions of our former Council Head. Obviously he has lost the right to that title now. I am Sandalio López." The Tall thin Were bowed low and gracefully, his long black hair falling around his face. His Spanish accent was more familiar to the American Weres than those of the Czech and German. "We will contact the remainder of the Council and advise them of what has happened. If you require his punishment, we will understand. However we would prefer to bring him home."

Carr was stunned. They were going to hand him over if he asked. He looked at Alistair and Rhys who shrugged their shoulders.

"As long as you don't mind him being confined for the remainder of your stay, then I would love to be rid of him. But I won't let him leave until I can have my Betas deliver him directly to the airplane." Carr watched through the window as they walked the former leader of the European Council to his jail cell. What could cause someone to hate for over one hundred years?

Carr addressed the remainder of the visitors. "If you are accepting of the females, then I would like to welcome you as guests and if you'd like to join us in our celebration of the Wolf Moon, then we would be honored to have you."

They glanced at each other, smiles slowly forming on their faces. Sandalio spoke for them. "We would be honored to join you Alpha."

"Good, then please accept our hospitality. We'll find you rooms to rest and maybe some more appropriate clothing for tonight?" Carr gave them a crooked smile which was answered with friendly laughter and nods.

Each of the new visitors was escorted by a Beta to their quarters. They may be guests, but trust only went so far.

Carr sighed. The last two days had been exciting enough to last a lifetime. He really hoped after tonight the pack could go back to normal. If these women were as prolific breeders as they kept saying, his pack would be full of cubs by this time next year. The thought of his own three cubs made him smile. Lee was busy planning the hunt with Lila and Karen. Too bad. He really would have liked a little time with her alone.


"How are you feeling? Much pain?" Logan was doing a last check on the splint placed on the forearm of the Czech Council Member. He was an impressive Were, as big as Rhys, and as polite.

"Not much pain, thank you Doctor. I'm sure I will heal quickly. I just hope the scars don't scare away the females." He winked at the Doctor but was suddenly distracted by the most amazing scent of sandalwood and carnations.

"Ah, no mate huh? I remember those days." He smiled as he turned around to look at Trina. She looked back at him with a frown as he added, "And I'm glad they're over." He grinned as she stuck out her tongue and walked down the hall.

Logan realized Konstantin's attention had been diverted to the doorway. The intensity of his gaze had Logan interested. He turned and saw the blond head ducking away. He smiled back at Konstantin. "Just a sec, I think you had a visitor." He walked out and spotted a small blond figure dashing down the hallway. He saw her running towards Trina and let his mate know what had happened.

"Tracy, where are you going in such a hurry? Hold up." Trina walked slowly to the shy woman. She didn't want to frighten her, and Tracy was like a scared little rabbit. "What were you doing?" She tried to be as non confrontational as possible.

"I-I-I don't know. I just looked in the room. Did I do something wrong?" As usual, Tracy looked like she was going to cry.

Trina put an arm around her shoulder, squeezed lightly and whispered in her ear. "Tracy, you didn't do anything wrong. C'mon, someone wants to meet you."

Tracy's grey eyes stared up at Trina. She was just sure she had done something wrong and would be punished. Even though nothing bad had happened to her in the two days she'd been here she was just sure it would. The last few months with Gary in the caves had been horrible. She wasn't able to do anything right and had been punished constantly. Everyone here seemed so nice but it must be trick. No one could be as nice as they were.

Trina smiled up at Logan who was watching from the other end of the hall. "It's OK Tracy, really. I think the male you were watching wants to say hello." They approached the room slowly, Tracy lagging and Trina pulling a little to keep her moving.

When they got to the room Logan started to approach them but heard a low menacing growl coming from the hospital bed. He backed off immediately and had the answer to the question in his mind. He smiled and winked at Trina who wasn't so happy.

This was exactly what Carr hadn't wanted to happen. Tracy had been at the hospital to see one of the females who thought she might be pregnant. They had gotten permission to bring Tracy here and were supposed to return her to the Omega quarters when they were done. But they'd gotten busy and hadn't gotten to it. And then the silver wolf had been brought in and they'd gotten sidetracked.

Trina alerted Carr who advised her he was on his way. The impression she got was that he wasn't very happy.

Carr arrived with Alistair, Rhys, and Guillame. Tracy was still standing with Trina in the doorway. Konstantin couldn't take his eyes off the little blond with the huge grey eyes.

Carr was almost to the doorway when he heard the growl. He sighed, ran his hand through his hair and resigned himself to one more mating at this moon. "Trina, let her in the room."

Trina let go of Tracy's hand and backed out of the doorway. Tracy looked back at her and the males that were standing outside the room. What was going on? She looked at the man in the bed. He hadn't taken his eyes off her since she'd first laid eyes on him. There was something almost magnetic about him. That's what had drawn her to the room. She felt this strange pull that she didn't understand. But as soon as she saw him she felt a calm wash over her that had been missing her whole life.

Konstantin couldn't believe that he would find his mate half way across the world from his home, a woman Rudolf wanted dead. She was afraid, he could see it in her eyes. He reached out his good hand to her, waiting. He whispered, "Jak jsi krásná." She looked confused. "You are beautiful," he said in English. She tentatively took hold of his hand. "Jsi moje, you are mine." He said it so softly she could barely hear him.

She was drawn to him and was soon standing next to the bed, holding his hand. Trina slid a chair to her and she sat, her eyes never leaving his.

Outside the room, Guillame looked at the aged paper in his hand. It had yellowed with time and showed evidence of the many times it had been read. It was now encased in plastic, as well as having been scanned into a computer. But he wanted to be sure nothing was missed so he had brought the originals. He pointed something out to Rhys who looked into the room at the Were and his new mate.

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