Wolf's Pet Ch. 35


Rhys read quietly out loud for the group to hear. "The silver wolf will topple the leader and mate with a blond panther with grey eyes." They all looked at Tracy and Konstantin.

"It's all playing out the way your mate described it to you isn't it?" Alistair looked sideways at Guillame. "She was a panther." It wasn't a question, Alistair was sure.

The Belgian Were smiled at the memory of his sweet Orsolya. "Yes, she was, with red hair, and a beautiful red coat. And Katy's panther will look exactly like her I am sure."

"Logan, can he shift with that splint on? Or maybe more importantly, can he mate with a broken foreleg?" Carr wasn't sure how this was going to work.

"Well, he has about ten hours to start healing. He won't be all the way healed, but he'll be to the point where the bones are starting to mend. I'm sure it'll be painful and we'll probably have to re-splint in the morning, but somehow I don't think he'll say no to the chance." Logan had a silly grin on his face as he looked at the star-crossed new mates. They only had eyes for each other which was good since they would be mated by the end of tonight.

"Carr?" Konstantin called to the Alpha surprising everyone standing outside.

"Yes Konstantin?" Carr stayed a respectable distance from the Were and his blushing new mate.

Konstantin laughed. "It's alright, you can come closer. My wolf is under control now." He waited for Carr to enter the room. The others stayed outside the room. "I would like your permission to speak with Rudolf. I think it's important to give him a chance to change his mind."

"I'll arrange it. But my Betas will be nearby at all times." Carr had great respect for the Czech Werewolf. He seemed like someone that would be a good friend.


"Alistair, may we talk?" Sandalio was waiting for the white haired Were as he walked back to the main house.

"Of course, how may I help you?"

The two Weres were an interesting sight, one with snow white hair, the other jet black, but both tall and athletic. They walked into the house and scouted around for an empty room to talk in private. Not finding one, Alistair led the way to his room.

He closed the door and turned to speak to the Were he expected to be the next Head of the Council. "What did you want to speak about Sandalio?" He motioned for him to sit at the desk chair while he sat at the end of the bed.

"The women." He saw Alistair's jaw tighten and his hand came up to calm him. "I am not on Rudolf's side Alistair. I want to talk about their future. I think Xylon was right, they are the future of our race. And I know that we can only allow a select few to become panthers. Right now that is an easy thing to control. I've been told the women you have here are just a small percentage of the descendents of the survivors. Is there any accounting of how many there are?"

"Carr has some Omegas working on it. They've been researching all the descendents, trying to identify them, and then find them. They're spread out all over the United States and Canada, a few in South America, and even a few in Europe I've heard." Frankly, he was relieved to discuss the women with Sandalio.

"I was thinking, they do seem to need to find their mates. Those that found human mates did so later in life, like they were waiting for something else. Many of these women have never married or even seriously dated. And they haven't really been put in situations to find mates. With all the un-mated in the various packs, I think we could probably match everyone. All we need are some gatherings. And those that don't match our members, we could see if they would be willing to travel to other countries to find a mate."

Alistair reflected on the lack of mates in the last several hundred years or so. "To be honest, if there weren't so many without mates, I don't think Gary could have found so many to join him. Almost all were duped by his promises of mates."

"Yes, the reports about the Dire Wolves were very alarming. We were glad to hear you had been able to deactivate the gene. The idea of someone like Rudolf becoming a Dire Wolf was a frightening thought. Speaking of Rudolf, where is his cousin Niklas? I know he was expecting him to be an ally. To be honest, aside from the reports we were getting through your Archivist, we were also receiving reports from him."

"He's dead, executed by Rhys for conspiring to kill his mate." Alistair spoke without emotion, Niklas was worth none.

"That sounds like it was handled expeditiously and in line with pack law. Well done. I will have to thank Rhys personally. Niklas was not quite as bad as Rudolf, but bad enough. He came to a foreseeable end. I don't doubt Rudolf's will be similar someday." He used both hands to smooth his hair back and secured it into a pony tail with a leather tie. "So tell me, does this pack have many un-mated females that will be willing to find a partner for the festivities tonight?" He grinned.

"I'm sure you will have your pick." He clapped Sandalio on the shoulder as they both walked out the door. Alistair felt all was going well. He didn't think there was anything left to worry about.

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