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Women, It's OUR Turn Now!


Women, It's OUR turn now!

MEN are lucky! They have sex basically until they die and may we say die HAPPY!

Women, on the other hand, as they get older, may not for a lack of a suitable partner, health reasons, menopause or plainly, they are disgusted by their husbands after years of being humped by them.

SO, WOMEN! Let's unite and chase after those younger men, I say NOW.

We mature, wise and still attractive women are willing to spread them, bread them, and not have to dream them – the older man.

So, WOMEN! Let's chase them, embrace them and race them because the younger man is interested in you. You are mature, no more games, no more conflict – you're ready for pure and lustful, dirty and messy sex – the best kind, of course.

So, WOMEN! Flash them, bash them and trash them – men, that is, younger, virile men for the time of your life.

Mature men, don't get discouraged. We're still more intrigued by you but it's our turn, our chance, we look great and we want to feel great sexually. If you aren't breaking our doors down anymore, let's equalize the playing field and get naked; however, and whatever way we can! There's still room for your experienced, willful cock to enter our pussies. There's room for your experience, guided, charming ass to squirm into our lives.

But, not today dear mature man. Today, we are chasing the younger man and I'll tell you why.

The Younger, Charming Man

Lisa was returning from a European vacation. She went to her seat on American Airlines from Sweden and there was a young man in her seat.

"Excuse me, but you're in my seat," said Lisa. She didn't much pay attention to this younger man. After all, she was in approaching beyond middle life and he was only still in his twenties or thirties. Lisa expected the young man to get a flight attendant so that he could find a seat but he unmistakably took the middle seat next to Lisa.

"Oh, let me try to find you an aisle seat. Steward, please...," requested Lisa.

"No, I'm fine," said the younger man.

Yes, you are for sure, thought Lisa looking at his long legs, long fingers, beautiful blonde hair, sharp pressed and starched white shirt, beige pants and black boots. He looked just like a man should look. Oh, yes, he was handsome, very handsome.

Lisa felt a bit self-conscious squeezing her middle-aged body into the aisle seat and leaving the young man to fend for himself.

"I'm fine really," eyeing Lisa's voluptuous breasts and figure. "I'm really fine," said the younger man. "I'm Kennedy, Ken, by the way," and he extended his arm for a handshake.

Kennedy, the Younger Man

Kennedy that was a name from the past, probably from the 1960's. Popular again in the Millennium. Maybe, he wasn't as young as he looked, and Lisa thought, that's not a Swedish name. He probably had a son named after him but ... he wasn't wearing a wedding ring.

"Ken, that's a great name. Nice to meet you, I'm Lisa."

"Hello, Lisa," as the flight attendant interrupted us. "Would you like something, we have soft drinks, wine, and spirits."

Ken quickly answered, "A couple of white wines is that alright with you, Lisa?" who was nodding, Ken handing over the money, and the attendant putting a wine down for the two of them.

Ken and Lisa exchanged travel stories, information about themselves and continued flirting with each other, talking about their personal lives, while getting to know each other on a comfortable level.

As both Ken and Lisa became tipsy and continued to order wine, a few drinks and after dinners drink, they were enjoying each other's company immensely.

Ken surprised Lisa with a kiss. The other women around them were so matronly compared to Lisa. As they showed a glare towards them, Lisa thought that the heavy, matronly middle-aged women around them, all of them, complaining, uninteresting and boring probably hadn't a younger man look at them since they were teenagers.

That's their problems, Lisa thought. Bitchy, old middle-aged women who had the life sucked out of them or never had a life to begin with early on in their lives.

Lisa had been married, she knew what it could be like without the right mate, and she knew what it was like to have life sucked out of you if you let it suck the life out of oneself.

Lisa was even-tempered, fun, youthful and still interested in life. She couldn't see herself with a younger man forever but she was interested in fun, sex, fun and satisfaction.

Lisa wasn't strikingly beautiful. She was when she was young but as she aged her personality and appearance wasn't that important to the men she attracted. She was exciting, exciting to younger men she knew when she was the proper weight having the proper attitude.

Attitude. period!!!

Attitude. How important is attitude? You know what I mean. You see the ugly girl with the great looking guy. You see the hot girl with the average Joe. You see the younger man with the older woman...so what, if Lisa was interested in this younger man. He lusted her and she lusted him back.

(to be continued).

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