tagRomanceWomen's Sexual Confessions: Yvonne

Women's Sexual Confessions: Yvonne


A group of men and women sit around talking candidly about their sex lives.

Hi, I'm Paul, the host of this party. Welcome. Come in. Thanks for stopping by to read my story.

We were all sitting around the big screen, plasma TV watching the Super Bowl one year. I had invited all of my best buddies to watch the game with me. There were 21 of us guys, including me. Our wives and girlfriends were upstairs drinking wine, laughing, talking about kids and complaining about us, no doubt. We could hear the women getting louder, as they drank more.

During half time, instead of watching the recap of the game and the half time show, as a lark, I thought it would be a fun thing for each of us to confess what his personal, sexual peccadillo was. Only, I was shocked by what happened next.

Instead of going around the room with each guy sharing a few intimate details about his sex life and about his wife or girlfriend, it turned into a men's meeting, an open forum with no holds barred and nothing held back on sexual peccadilloes, so much so that we actually turned off the Super Bowl to talk about what we did with our wives or girlfriends behind closed doors. Then, when we weren't even halfway through the group, wondering what we were doing and why it was so quiet, the wives and girlfriends all filed downstairs to join us.

Before it gets too confusing, allow me to introduce you to my friends. Anthony is with Ramona, Bob with Sue, Charlie with Helen, Dave with June, Eddie with Elaine, Frank with Rose, Gary with Cindy, Henry with Barbara, Jim with Samantha, John with Amanda, Larry with Diane, Michael with Yvonne, Nick with Nancy, Peter with Wendy, Randy with Francesca, Roy with Irene, Steve with Linda, Tom with Mary, Vinnie with Kathy, and Wayne with Gloria, and I'm Paul and that's my wife, Paula.

We filled our wives and girlfriends in on what we were talking about, sex, sex, and more sex. Instead of shock, we received titillation and interest from the women. It appeared, after having a few drinks, they were just as interested in talking about sex as we were. Only, we never figured they'd want to participate in our impromptu sexual confessions. Women don't normally talk about sex with men, especially in this large a group.

Figuring they'd never confess their sexual secrets, but hoping with the alcohol they've already consumed that they would, coerced and encouraged by their husbands and boyfriends, I asked if any of them wanted to make a sexual confession. I couldn't believe when they were eager to participate. I should have known, since she's a swinger, still, I couldn't believe when Cindy started the sexual confessions rolling.

Cindy, Gary's wife, was first to confess with her confession that she loved big, black cocks. She told the group that she's had sex with several black men in the past and is particularly fond of their huge appendages. She takes delight that a black man, more so than a white man, is generally on the same page and can keep up with her sexually.

Then, June, Dave's wife, volunteered to confess her sexual secret. She told the group that she was a lesbian, albeit, bi-sexual. She confessed that her first lesbian experience was with her college roommate in her senior year and continued until she graduated college, all the while dating and having sex with her boyfriend, Dave, who has since become her husband.

It was my wife, Paula, who raised her hand next telling the group that she wanted to make a sexual confession. Boy, did she ever. She shocked the shit out of me, that's for sure, when she said that she had an affair, about ten years ago with, of all people, a black midget. I guarantee you that we'll be discussing her extramarital affair later in an argument about trusting her not to cheat on me. Then, after I've forgiven her, we'll be talking about her sexual confession with some hot pillow talk and makeup sex, while she sucks my cock apologizing to me. For the time being, I bit my tongue making the excuse to everyone that Paula made up the whole thing and looked for the next person who had a sexual confession.

After my wife told her obvious fairly tale of a fantasy about having sex with a black midget, if I say that to myself, maybe I'll believe it, Ramona said that she had a sexual confession. Her confession involved the sex toys that her husband Anthony bought from Ramona's cousin, Emma, who has a sex toy business. Ramona confessed that she's so addicted now to getting off with her dildo and vibrator that she cannot have an orgasm without them. Unless her husband buries her dildo in her pussy, while playing with her clit with her vibrator and while she sucks her husband's cock, she's unable to be sexually satisfied. That's a little bit kinky, I'd say. It sure sounds like she's more attached to her toys than she is to her man, although both seem to go hand to clit and mouth to cock. Whatever. That's just weird.

I had no idea my friends had so many sexual secrets to confess. Who knew? Whenever we're together, all we talk about are our jobs, kids, sports, and what we watched on television. Now, with all these sexual confessions that my friends have voluntarily given this impromptu get together has given new meaning to a close knit neighborhood. If we continue down this path, we may be having a swinging good time this summer.

Wendy was next to volunteer her sexual confession. She had all the guys drooling with what she had to confess. She enjoys having forced sex. She likes it a little rough. She needs to be taken. Oh, my God. Are you kidding me? I never would have guess Wendy was a little wench in a million years.

What turns her on is when a man pushes her and pulls her clothes from her body, and has his way with her. Oh, my God. If I wasn't a married man, if my friend wasn't Peter, her husband, I'd grab her by the hair and throw her over my shoulder before throwing her down on the bed, ripping off her clothes, and having my way with her. Damn, I'll be fantasizing about her tonight while pulling my cock. Her sexual reality has become my sexual fantasy.

"Who's next," I asked looking out over the group of my friends? "Who wants to share the sexual confession with everyone? C'mon, don't be shy. You're among friend," I said with a laugh, "and no one will talk about you, until after you leave the room, when no one will no longer talk to you because they'll think you're a pervert."

"I'd like to make a sexual confession," said Yvonne, who had been uncharacteristically silent through all of these black cock, lesbianism, black midget, dildos and vibrators, and forced sex talk.

Yvonne was the prude of the group. I couldn't imagined what she'd have of a sexual nature to confess. Maybe it's her fantasy to have a normal sex life.

"Sure, Yvonne, you have the floor."

"I know you all think that I'm a prude, but I like sex just as much as anyone in this room. Only, I don't like to talk about it. I don't want my sex life to be open for the discussion of others. I guess in that regard I'm more of a private person," said Yvonne pausing and acting as if that was all she had to say.

"Well, okay, Yvonne, thank you for sharing your personal and private non-sexual, I mean, sexual confession."

"Wait, I'm not done sharing, yet," she said taking a sip of her wine for a reinforcement of courage.

"Oh, sorry, please continue, Yvonne," I said with a shrug.

"Romance is my thing. Candy and flowers. Going out on a date. Going to the movies and then out to dinner. Talking, sharing, and laughing. It takes me a while to get in the mood. I need to be romanced, coddled, and pampered. I need to be made to feel special and that I'm the one and only special lady in my husband's life. I'm a slow burn, but once lit, I'm as explosive as a firecracker."

Firecracker my ass. I imagined Yvonne being more like a dud and never giving her husband a bang or a fuck.

"Yet, you can ask my husband, if you don't believe me. Once I'm there, I'm just as proactive sexually as anyone in this room. Only, I need that special attention and affection to get me where I need to be."

"Well, thank you, Yvonne," I said doing it again, thinking she was done when she wasn't.

"I still have more," she said shooting me a dirty look that made me feel glad that I wasn't married to her.

Oh, God, I thought, after Wendy's confession this is so boring. I wish someone else would speak up and tell us their sexual confession about having wild sex with five horny men, all brothers of the woman having sex. Wow, that would so be hot.

"Sorry, Yvonne, when you pause like that, I think you're done. This time, I'll wait until you tell me that you're finished," I said.

"My idea of making love is making love with romance. When you add romance to my seduction, that's when I can release my passion. There's nothing like a little wine, some easy listening music, and soft light to put me in the mood."

Gees, this broad needs to be seduced. All my wife needs is a little black midget to make her panties wet. Ramona just needs her vibrator and dildo. Cindy only needs a black cock to get her in the mood. June only needs a woman to give her an orgasm. Wendy just needs to be forced and taken to get her motor running. Yet, Yvonne, the one that needs a cock up her ass the most, needs to be seduced. I don't get it.

"What's your idea of a romantic time," asked Nancy, Nick's wife, a short chubby but affable woman of good temperament with a fun sense of humor.

"Oh, I've had so many fun times with Michael from him drawing me a bubble bath to coming home to candles and flowers to having him show up at my office and take me away to lunch or dinner. It doesn't have to be something over the top, just something that makes you feel loved and special."

"What's your most romantic day," asked Diane, Larry's wife, a short and attractive blue eyed redhead?

"Without even giving it another thought, it would have to be my thirtieth birthday. I don't know about you guys, but I always get a little depressed before my birthdays and my thirtieth birthday was a big one for me."

"Oh, yeah," said Michael, Yvonne's husband. "Depressed doesn't fully explain her mood the weeks before her birthday, bitchy does," he said with a laugh. "And I needed to think of something that would get her in a better mood, before she started killing small animals," he said with another laugh.

"I had been expecting Michael to give me a surprise birthday party. I mean, it was my thirtieth birthday, after all, and never having had a surprise birthday party, I figured this was when he'd do it, especially since I had been so bitchy, his words," said Yvonne with a laugh.

"You need to talk more about getting naked, Yvonne, to get me excited with your sexual confession," said Steve.

"Stephen," said his wife, Linda, tugging at his shirt. "Shut up and let her speak."

"Well, my sexual confession is nothing like any of the others, if that's what you mean by getting naked, Steve. It's more about romance and about what most women need and want," she said looking at Wendy, who didn't need or want romance to be in the mood. She just needed to be forced a little and taken.

"Oh, don't let him bother you, Yvonne. Steve has had one too many beers," said his wife shooting her husband a look that stopped him from replying.

"Anyway, thinking that Michael was giving me a surprise party, I was excited but disappointed when he picked me up after work the day before my birthday and drove me to that new hotel downtown, the one that overlooks the river. We had never been there and had always talked about going, that is, until we saw how much they wanted for the rooms, and dinner was the price of my monthly lease payment on my car. I never expected him to take me there for my thirtieth birthday. Oh, my God, I was so excited."

"I heard the rooms are beautiful," said Wendy.

"We had a suite and it was so luxurious. We even had matching plush, white bathrobes that we got to take home with us."

"Wow. I can't imagine what those rooms cost and then to get a suite," said Elaine, Eddie's wife, Mistress El, who enjoys dressing up in leather as Catwoman and disciplining her husband, when they're in the mood for love.

"I have a friend who works the front desk there. He gave me his discount, otherwise, Yvonne would have to wait until her sixtieth birthday before I could afford to take her there," said Michael with a laugh.

"Well, as soon as we walked in the room, we were greeted by a bouquet of white roses, my favorite that Michael had delivered to the room and a bottle of chilled champagne. Everything was so perfect. We watched the sunset over the water while sipping champagne and the evening before my big day, the last night that I'd spend being 29-years-old couldn't be any more perfect. We made love that night and the next morning to celebrate my birthday."

"That's so romantic," said my wife, Paula. "My husband never does anything like that for me," she said shooting me a dirty look. "Hint," she said. "Hint, hint."

"Sorry, did you say something dear," I said to my wife. "I was busy listening to Yvonne tell us about her romantic birthday celebration."

"I was swooning. He made me feel so special and then he gave me these diamond earrings as my birthday gift," she said moving her finger to her ear to show everyone. "The earrings were a total surprise. I never expected a gift, especially after he splurged for the room, the champagne, and the roses."

"I saved up all my overtime for the last six months knowing that I wanted to make this a special day for Yvonne," said Michael.

"Wow, that's so nice, Yvonne," I said anxious to get someone else up there who really had a sexual confession to share. "Is there anyone else who has--"

"Wait, that's not all," said Yvonne. "Then, as we were leaving the hotel on my birthday, leaving all of this behind us, a day that I didn't ever want to end, there in the lobby were my Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, and Michael's family waiting for me to surprise me on my birthday. Michael had booked one of the rooms in the restaurant for a catered lunch. Oh, my God. I was so surprised, shocked, even, and I couldn't wait to get him home to show him how much I appreciated such a romantic day. I'm finished now," said Yvonne to me.

"And boy did she ever show me how much she appreciated that day. When we got home, she gave me animal sex. She was a wild woman. I'm not going to go into details, but suffice to say that I was a very happy and satisfied husband," said Michael with a big smile on his face.

"Okay, then. Is there anyone else who wants to make a sexual confession?"

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