tagTransgender & CrossdressersWomen's Studies Ch. 08

Women's Studies Ch. 08


Thank you for waiting so long for this next installment of Women's Studies. It was originally intended to be longer, encompassing all of winter break, but due to the length I broke it into two chapters. The second part will be submitted soon after this chapter goes live.

As always, thank you to Skye4Life for editing this for me.

While this Chapter doesn't necessarily have enough Transsexual content to qualify for this category, the story itself is about a transsexual individual, so it's staying in this category.

This story contains Transgendered themes and Incest.


Women's Studies Ch. 08

I couldn't help but squirm in my seat as I drove down the interstate, back toward my childhood home. It seemed weird calling it that. My childhood home. Less than six months ago it was just my home, but after all that had happened to me, and all the changes...I could never see myself calling that place home again.

Every little shift I made in my seat sent more thrills through my body, causing more shifting and even more pleasure to ripple through my body. I was playing, enjoying these last few hours before I had to strip off my pretty clothes and makeup and become Alex, the boy. I wasn't looking forward to that, but right now I was reveling in my naughty pleasure.

Every time my body shifted the small butt plug I had inserted underneath my tight jeans pressed further against my prostate, that wonderful pleasure spot that sent out addicting waves of bliss to tremble throughout my body.

It was all Kennedy's fault. Feeling dirty and frisky, she had... coerced me into letting her play with my bottom. Ever since then, I couldn't stop thinking about those amazingly wonderful feelings that had enveloped my very being. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was her fault. I had gone my entire life up until that point blissfully ignorant to the heights my pleasure could reach... and then she broke me.

I had been able to shove it from my mind for a little while when my body would beg for those feelings again, but it didn't last. I absolutely could not ask Kennedy to do that again. I had admitted to her that I'd liked it, not that she needed my confirmation. I had passed out from the overload to my mind, but I felt so dirty even thinking about it, I just couldn't form the words to ask her.

The first time I caved was in the middle of the night. We were all pressed together on our makeshift large bed that we had fashioned by pushing Abigail's and mine together. Abigail and Kennedy were both fast asleep, the sounds of their steady breathing filling the air. Try as I might, I just couldn't get sleep to come for me. My skin tingled, and the heat of my skin felt stifling as I tried not to squirm underneath our sheets. My cock was dripping in my panties, but it wasn't the only part of me aching for attention.

Finally, unable to stand it any longer, I slipped out of bed, careful not to wake them, and made my way to the bathroom in our dorm suite. There I sat on the floor against the wall with the door locked as I slipped my pajamas and panties down and off my legs to be left in a pile in front of me. I touched my aching cock, savoring what I was about to do, while feeling guilty and more than a little dirty.

I spit into my open palm and used it to coat my cock as I slowly stroked myself. My other hand trembled as it rose to my mouth, letting my fingers slip inside. I let my tongue swirl around them as I coated them with as much saliva as I could before lowering them between my legs.

I slowly rubbed circles around my puckered hole, biting back moans of pleasure as I teased myself. It didn't take long before I could wait no longer. I slowly pressed one of my fingers firmly against my hole, willing it to open up for me. Slowly increasing the pressure, the resistance finally broke and my finger slowly sank in. I was panting hard now as the hand on my cock firmly grasped my shaft.

The pain was familiar this time and I patiently waited for it to subside before sinking further into my ass. Fully inside now, I moved my finger around searching for that spot, that wonderful spot that Kennedy had opened my eyes to. The moment I touched it I gasped, feeling that hot, sharp feeling of pleasure once again.

I needed this. I started slowly at first, making gentle circular motions over it as I began to stroke myself again. I was lost as I pleasured myself in such a naughty fashion. I began to forget where I was as my hands went to work on me. I needed more though. I eased another finger inside of me, and ignoring the pain, I pressed on and brought the pleasure up another notch.

I don't know how long I sat there, slumped down on the floor touching myself, but I remember the overwhelming pleasure, and waking up with my cum coating my shirt and neck.

It was addictive. I found myself thinking about it everywhere. No place was safe. I found myself parked in my car on the way to meet up with my friends after class; the seat leaned all the way back while I fingered myself. As embarrassed as I was about how dirty it made me feel, I couldn't stop myself.

Eventually I became a little more adventurous and I found myself at an adult boutique all the way on the other side of town. It was an old stand-alone building with a liquor store on one side and a smoke shop on the other. I received plenty of leering looks as I quickly entered the shop. There were only a few people inside and I kept my head down as I perused the shelves for what I needed.

There were rows upon rows of DVDs with everything from coeds and giant black cocks to incest and she-males. For a brief moment, I thought that it might not be a bad place to find a guy that was into that, if I ever got to that point, but once I saw the creepy looking man standing in the isle comparing two different titles, I immediately took that thought back.

It seemed that anywhere I went in the store, all eyes were upon me. It was as if they never saw a hot girl walk into a porn shop before. Well, maybe they hadn't. Either way, it didn't take long to find the section I was looking for and I couldn't believe how many toys there were. There were fake cocks of all different colors and sizes, ropes, handcuffs, ball gags, you name it. I felt like I had somehow slipped into the adult version of Toy's R' Us.

I didn't think I could take anything really big. I did find something called a magic wand though. It was a little bigger around than a finger and about six inches long; it even vibrated. The thought of what that might feel like buzzing inside of me sent tingles through my body. I was just about to go and pay for it when I saw something else that caught my eye.

I bit my lip nervously as I held the new item in my hands. It was a butt plug. Its widest part was about the diameter of a quarter and it was nicely tapered. It even had a pink jewel on the end of it and it looked positively sinful. The more I looked at it, the more I thought about wearing it underneath my clothes.

That's how I found myself sitting in my car, driving home to see my mother and sister, with a butt plug firmly nestled up my bum, gently pleasuring me as I made my way down the interstate.

This little thing had become like a best friend. I found myself wearing it a lot, in classes or to the movies with Abigail and Kennedy. Just having it inside me felt wonderful, but all I had to do was shift around and it would send thrills through my body that felt amazing. To top it off, walking around campus with it inside of me was like a naughty little secret I had. Every person I walked past or sat next to, every person I spoke with or who might have checked me out, none of them knew about the jeweled butt plug that kept that smile on my face.

Dread broke through my pleasure as I saw the mile marker and then the sign for the rest stop approaching. I had crossed into Colorado a while ago, and this was the last rest stop that would have little traffic at it. This was where Lexi would disguise herself as Alex.

I pulled off the road into the empty parking lot of the rest stop. This early in the morning there wasn't another soul in sight, which suited me perfectly. After parking, I grabbed the bag off the passenger seat, and after a quick glance around I slipped into the men's room. It felt like a lifetime since I had been in one instead of five months. The smell assaulted my senses quickly. Wrinkling my nose, I quickly stepped into the large stall on the end and got to the business at hand.

As much as I was looking forward to seeing Audrey, I felt a strong reluctance as I stripped off my tight low-ride jeans and my cute long sleeve top that hugged my cleavage. Goosebumps prickled my skin instantly as I stood in my pink panties and bra and I hopped from foot to foot as the cold floor stung the soles of my feet.

Wanting to get this over as quickly as possible, I pulled a pair of worn and faded jeans out of my bag and slipped them on before stepping into my old pair of skate shoes. It felt odd wearing something without heals, but in the interest of preventing hypothermia, I persevered. With a fluidity I never had as a man, I reached behind me to unsnap my bra and slipped it off.

I spent the next few minutes shivering as I slowly removed my breast forms, making me once again flat chested and feeling off balance. I threw on a t-shirt and hoodie as soon as they were off and waited for my body to warm them up as I used wet wipes to remove my makeup.

My clothes felt strange and confining, and at the same time too loose. The fabric even felt rough against my soft skin. As soon as all of my makeup was gone, I threw on a beanie to obscure my girlish haircut and stepped out of the stall. Thankfully, I was still alone.

On my way out of the restroom, I caught my reflection in the mirror. I knew I wouldn't be seeing 'Lexi' in the mirror, but it was still a shock to see a scrawny looking young boy. I still had my delicate features, but without my makeup or breasts, to me, I just looked like the effeminate boy I had loathed being for the past eighteen years. Feeling a sense of loss, I averted my gaze and walked quickly out and back to my car.

The moment I sat down in the driver seat I realized I had forgotten something. With the bitter cold I was no longer accustomed to distracting me, I forgot about my butt plug. The moment my ass hit the seat it was pressed further in, sending ripples through my body. I knew I should go back into the restroom to remove it, but I didn't. It felt wonderful, and with all the dread I had at returning home, I deserved this pleasure for now.

As I drove, slowly rocking in my seat, I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable. My clothes felt bland and strange, and I couldn't seem to get used to normal shoes. I had been wearing nothing but heels since I started school, and even sitting I could feel the difference. The rough fabric of my jeans scratched the soft exposed skin on my ass. In my t-shirt and hoodie, I felt like I was dressed in a giant trash bag. I couldn't believe how unattractive I felt like this.

I kept telling myself this sacrifice would be worth it. It had been a long time since I had seen my sister, and truth be told, I hadn't kept in touch like I should have. There was so much to do with school, and with my whole situation with packing a cock to an all-girls college, it added to the amount of work I had to do with trying to keep it secret. That doesn't even take into account my love life. Who would've thought I would have more sex than I could handle.

Audrey told me before we even reached my campus before term, that college was sex, schoolwork, and partying. I never believed her when she said it, but I do now.

My sister and I had a... unique relationship. During my whole transformation, sexual tension began to develop and thanks to alcohol and loose morals we began having sex together. My first time was with a Playmate, and my sister. Even though our relationship had changed, she still acted like my sister, which I loved. She might see me as her little sister now, but that was perfectly fine with me.

My mother was the reason for this disguise, and my impending dread. She was a religious tyrant who believed anyone in the LGBT community should burn in hell, if not before. She hated Planned Parenthood as well as anything else that might encroach on her beliefs...like science...or facts. No, if she knew about me, I would be treated even worse than she treated my sister, the family porn star, that had brought her so much shame in her religious community. Compared to how she would treat me, Audrey would seem like her favorite, most beloved daughter.

A few miles out from the house, my phone rang, buzzing around in the center console.

"Where are you?" Audrey complained over the phone. "I've been here for hours! You said I wouldn't be suffering alone," she reminded me.

"I'm a few minutes out," I said trying to placate her. "Five minutes tops. I had to stop and change clothes."

"Well, I'll be outside waiting for you," my sister said before hanging up.

True to her word, she was standing in the drive wearing a cute charcoal gray wool coat that was tied at the waist. Her breath misting in front of her. As soon as I stepped out of the car she pulled me into a big hug.

"I missed you!" she exclaimed.

"Me too," I sighed as I held her in my arms. We stood like that for a while, holding on to each other, enjoying a warmth that had nothing to do with body heat.

"I guess we should go inside," Audrey sighed, finally breaking the silence of our embrace.

"If we must," I joked.

"Wait," Audrey said taking a step back from me to look me over. "Something's not right."

After another cursory look, Audrey stepped up to me and after taking a conspiratorial look around she slipped her cold hand down the front of my pants and into my underwear, causing me to flinch and yelp. "Panties?" She smiled, having felt the soft fabric. I was in such a hurry to get dressed I had forgotten my boxers! She reached as far in as she could and grabbed a hold of my tucked cock before moving it so it bulged prominently in the front of my pants.

"Much better," my sister said, slipping her hand out of my pants and giving my package a pat. "And lower your voice a bit," she added before turning around and climbing the porch steps.

I followed my sister up the porch steps inside and was immediately assaulted by the smell of pine and cinnamon in the air. There was a warm fire in the fireplace. Every wall in the house bore at least one cross, and several pictures and figurines of Jesus and angels decorated the place. It was depressing that this domicile of repression had ever felt like home to me.

"Alex!" My mother exclaimed at seeing me as she left the kitchen. "She said you would be here soon!"

She pulled me into a great hug as she commented about how little I must have been eating to be so skinny. She pulled me into the kitchen with her and sat me down, reminding me once again about my little friend down there slowly pleasuring me.

"How has school been? I've hardly heard from you," she said sitting down with me, baring coco and cookies. "I thought about coming down to surprise you a few times..."

"Yeah, it's been so busy," I cut in. "With all my classes, and trying to keep my grades for the scholarship... It's a full-time job," I laid it on thick; trying to prevent any thoughts that she should surprise me.

"I'm so glad one of my children will be getting a college degree," she smiled.

"Thanks mom," I said, awkwardly glancing at Audrey.

It only got more awkward after that. She spoke like this often with my sister easily within earshot, subtle jabs at how disappointed she was in Audrey. Not to mention that she would go out of her way to avoid talking to her directly. The longer I sat there talking with her the more unbearable it became. Not just the conversation, that wasn't pleasant, but the fact that no matter what I did, I was slowly pleasuring my ass in front of my mother. I needed away from all of this. The car ride had been fun, but this felt like crossing the line.

"Thanks for the coco mom," I said standing up. "I'm going to grab my things from the car and take them up to my room."

"Okay Alex, dear," she smiled as I stood. "I'm so glad to have you back around the house."

I didn't really need to grab my things from my car. The only bag I had in there contained girl's clothes and accessories. I had planned on wearing the clothes still in my old bedroom during my stay, but I really needed out of the conversation...and this butt plug out of my ass.

My room was just like I remembered it, perfectly clean and bland. No posters or pictures on the walls, bed perfectly made, and shelves and desk organized and immaculate. I dropped my bag by the foot of my bed and nudged it under with my foot before making a quick trip to the bathroom to remove my plug, ceasing the pleasure it had been causing. Once I was back in my room, I collapsed onto my bed. It might only be early afternoon, but after twelve hours of driving I was exhausted.

*** *** ***

Thankfully, they let me sleep for a while before waking me up for dinner. The meal went slightly better than I thought it would, mostly because my mother ignored Audrey and anything she said as if she was some sort of spirit that only I could see.

People sometimes ask me about my mother. It's mostly just general conversation stuff, but the only things I can think to tell them about her is how fanatic she is in her religious beliefs, that and how she has this permanent look on her face like she's about to ask to see the manager. All things being fair, it suits her. If anyone in our family deserved a face like that, it was our mother.

After dinner, Audrey sat with me on the sofa in the living room. It turns out our mother only now decided to own a TV, now that her children were out of the house. With a little work with my smartphone, I had Netflix streaming onto the television for Audrey and I.

"You can never show mom how to do this," Audrey said keeping he voice down. "The last thing that woman needs is something to make her life easier."

We watched some reruns of sitcoms for a while, nothing that our mother would disapprove of, until she went to sleep. After she retired for the night we found something more our speed, a college movie with lots of vulgar humor and gratuitous nudity. In no time we were giggling like two school girls, leaning against each other as we watched.

"So, how's school been?" Audrey asked during a less humorous part. "What has it been like living as Lexi?"

"Shhh!" I shushed her, peeking over the back of the couch to check that our mother hadn't overheard. "Not right now. I'll tell you everything when she's at church tomorrow." I said quietly, in a warning tone.

Seeing the fear I held for our mother, and understanding it, she took my hand in hers and leaned into me as we continued to watch the movie.

*** *** ***

"You couldn't find your way back to your bedroom?" came the hushed, but angry voice of my mother stirring me awake. "For the love of all that is holy, you should know better. Or maybe you don't, with that sinful profession of yours."

"Mom, we just fell asleep watching TV. It's not a big deal," Audrey said, still a little sleepy.

"Don't try playing innocent with me, I saw how the two of you were," Mom said snidely. "You were practically on top of him. I knew you had the devil in you, but your brother? You need to get control of yourself and find some decency...if you have any left. Your brother doesn't need this kind of whorish attention from you. Thank the Lord he isn't awake to witness this. He would be traumatized."

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