tagLesbian SexWomen's Yoga Gym Ch. 02

Women's Yoga Gym Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Rose meets Lucy

I had a big weekend of partying and as I nursed a hangover on Sunday afternoon I promised myself that I would be good next week -- not drink (well, not too much) and go to the gym. I did the washing in the afternoon and got things in order for the coming week.

There was a yoga class on Monday night and it was usually a good one because the gym was bit quieter and the class was smaller. The class finished and I was in the change room collecting my bag. Someone approached me from behind and I turned to see it was Lucy. She smiled. "Hi, I'm Lucy," she said.

"I'm Rose," I replied shyly.

"You left something here last week," she said. "I tried to catch you before you left but I couldn't." My mouth dropped open and I felt my face go red with embarrassment as I realised what she was talking about -- in my rush to leave I didn't pick up my panties from the floor.

She smiled kindly and said, "Don't worry about it, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Hey, I can bring them to the gym and give them back to you or .....," She paused for about five seconds. "Or ... you could come over to my house to collect them. I live close by."

I looked at her and swallowed hard. "Let's go to your house," I heard myself say. A short car trip and in no time we were walking up to her front door. She let me in. The house was neat and well decorated, in a kind of hippy style. We walked down the hall to her bedroom. She opened the door and I stepped in first.

Inside was the biggest bed I'd ever seen -- bigger than a queen. "You must be able to fit three, maybe four people on there," I thought. It had an oriental-design bedspread and in the middle of the bed were my panties -- they were still all scrunched together. I picked them up and turned around to face Lucy -- the panties still felt a bit damp but that must have just been my imagination.

Lucy was standing against the wall beside the door, which she'd left open. I held the panties in my hand and walked towards her. "Did you wash these? They feel a bit damp," I said.

She smiled. "Why would I wash them Rose? They had your sweat and your pussy juices on them."

Whoa - I wasn't expecting her to say that. "Why are they damp then?" I asked. "Use your imagination," she replied with a wicked grin.

I gasped and must have looked shocked because she said, "The door's open if you feel uncomfortable or you want to leave." I walked to the door and put my hand on the knob. My heart was racing ... I had the doorknob in one hand and my damp panties in the other. I was free to leave if I wanted to but my mind returned to the nights of masturbation when Lucy was at the centre of my thoughts.

I looked straight into her eyes ... and pushed the door shut with a thud. Lucy was still leaning against the wall and that wicked smile returned to her face.

I went to her and kissed her hungrily on the mouth. She returned the kiss with her tongue and our tongues danced in each others mouths. I never imagined it would feel that good. We stopped kissing and I had a small panic attack -- I didn't know what to do!

Without hesitation Lucy put her hands on my shoulders. I dropped my underwear as Lucy turned me and pushed my back against the wall. She pulled my shirt up over my head and began kissing my neck and chest.

She moved her mouth back to mine and as she kissed me she deftly used one hand to unclasp my bra, dropping it to the floor. She then began caressing and licking my breasts, touching my nipples expertly. She worked both breasts until I was almost beside myself with horniness.

Then she brought her face up to mine but instead of kissing me, she whispered, "Put you hands above your head." I lifted my arms and watched as she used both her hands to stroke both my pits at the same time. "You have lovely pits," she whispered, as she brought her mouth down onto the hairs there. I felt her tongue move over them and I groaned in pleasure.

Her technique was perfect -- her tongue wasn't just lightly touching the hairs, she was deeply sucking on them ... and the skin underneath. While her mouth worked its way over and around one of my pits, her hand was roaming across my breasts and up into my other underarm. I looked across at her face - her eyes were closed and she had a large tuft of pit hair in her mouth. I groaned in pleasure. She continued working her tongue and mouth over my soft red hairs until my armpit was damp with her saliva.

I let that arm fall by my side ... Lucy's mouth joined mine and I kissed her passionately. Then she began licking my nipples again, taking turns on each breast while my hands moved across her shoulders to her upper arms. She seemed so strong and I was happy that she'd taken control. I was also happy to submit to her.

She was moving back up my body, towards my other pit. She took my elbow and raised my arm in the air. I heard myself making more low moaning sounds as my other underarm received Lucy's special attention. I was so horny I felt as though my pussy juices were running down my inside thighs.

Now Lucy moved down my body and squatted before me. I watched as she aggressively pulled down my pants, and I stepped out of them and kept my feet wide apart. She rubbed her hand across my mound, stroking my panties hard with her fingers.

She looked up at me and said, "I might have to keep these panties, seeing as you want your other ones back."

"You can only keep these if you take them off right now!" I replied.

She hooked her hands into the elastic at the top of my underwear on each side of my hips. She began to stretch it away from my body and I could hear the elastic begin to break. Suddenly she violently pulled in opposite directions with both hands and the elastic snapped loudly and the fabric tore. I moaned in anticipation.

I looked down to see my panties torn apart and falling to the floor. Lucy's big mouth went instantly to the middle of my wet hairs, her tongue went straight inside me and she licked me deeply. As I looked down I couldn't believe this beautiful woman's face was buried in my red bush.

She was using her top lip to rub against my clit while her tongue did large circles inside me. She was now using her hands as well. One hand was on my ass, the fingers working their way down my crack. They lingered on my asshole, gently touching it -- to my surprise it felt amazing.

Those same fingers kept working their way down until they were touching the dampness of my back pussy. Lucy stopped licking and I felt her middle finger move into my pussy from behind. Using her other hand she ran her fingers through my hairs, pushing them upwards and outwards, away from my long pink slit.

Each time she did her large palm was rubbing across my pussy and my clit. Then she used two fingers, one on either side, to open me wide and she took her hand from my back entry and slipped two fingers deep into my pink hole. At the same time she began to lick my clit -- perfectly -- and I began to feel a familiar sensation rising in my crotch.

Her fingers and mouth combined and I could feel the pressure - that beautiful orgasmic pressure - building inside me. My senses were heightened and everything between my navel and my knees seemed to be tingling.

I half-crossed my arms and put the opposite hand under the opposite armpit and gently dug my fingers in. My pits were warm and still damp from Lucy's mouth. My breathing was changing and I could feel my orgasm approaching.

My head dropped back and I let my hands slip down over my belly and I touched the top of my public hairs. I began to pull on them as I watched Lucy mouth at work.

I had never felt sexier in my life and my body was building towards its crescendo. I heard someone moaning loudly and repeatedly - aaaaaahhhhhh - and realised it was me. I closed my eyes and let my orgasm go through me in waves.

Once the peak had passed I looked down at Lucy -- she was no longer licking my clit but was licking my juices off her palm -- her two fingers were still inside me. She looked up at me and I smiled. She let her fingers slide out gently and I felt my legs start to shake a little. I felt amazing but a bit light-headed. Lucy stood up and picked me up, like a groom carrying a bride across the threshold. She took me to the bed and lay me on my back. "Lay back and enjoy it," she said. I closed my eyes ...

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Chapter 2 is real alike fire cuz of red hairy cunt...I had lady with 42DD and very hairy pussy. Of course hair was mess in my mouth 😛 So what!! Awesome time with her!!!

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