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Wonder Woman - New Reign Ch. 01


New Story time. First off, I know this isn't every one's cup of tea. It started as a challenge: For me to write something outside of my normal sphere. I had a Wonder Woman idea, and decided to put a twist on it. Namely making it Futanari (look it up). So, let me know what you think!


The island was in ruins, but the battle was over. The war of the gods had rocked the heavens and now a lone victor remained. Diana, princess of the Amazons floated above the wreckage glowing slightly in the darkness. She knew she should be exhausted after such a prolonged battle. Instead she felt more alive than she ever had. Her body was near bursting with the power of the gods. When the war started, Athena had pulled her chosen warrior aside and explained that, since Diana was a vessel for the god's power, she was able to syphon and store it. So, as the conflict progressed, Diana absorbed more and more power from the fallen, both willing and unwilling. She had not been able to absorb them all, but even the dozen or so she had, made her powerful beyond her imagination. The strength she wielded before was as the strength of an infant in comparison.

But, with the god's power came their burden. She could feel Ares' anger, and Zeus' ego. These she could deal with. But something more pervasive crept into her mind as well as between her legs. The gods were known for their ribald ways. Sneaking down from Olympus to seduce mortals. To impregnate them. To feel carnal pleasure. And now she was brimming with this feeling.

Her mind wandered. The world of heroes was full of amazing specimens of masculinity and femininity. She herself had been at the top of that list. Her mind scanned her options. For years she had been enamored with men. But that had been her fighting her true desires for the sake of what was 'normal' in man's world. As an Amazon, her tastes ran far easier to the side of women. Diana licked her lips unconsciously as she thought about lay what ahead.

She immediately ruled out most heroines. Newly drunk of the power of the gods, Diana feared that she might break or kill any of her more fragile contemporaries. Then her first mark came to her. And in a near instant she was already there. Her new power amping her already amazing speed to new-found levels. She knocked on the apartment door and few seconds later it opened. Standing before her in a pair of tight jeans and an overstuffed t-shirt was Kara Zor-L: Power Girl.

"Hey Diana, what brings you by?" She asked, clearly surprised. Wonder Woman simply eyed her hungrily.

"There are few women in this world that I have envied. The gods endowed me with supreme beauty." Diana advanced on Kara, who stepped back, confused.

"Diana, Wha-"

"But nature endowed you with two attributes that surpass my own." In a quick motion, Diana ripped Kara's shirt from her, exposing the huge breasts beneath.

"What the hell are you doing!" Kara screamed and then quickly used her arms to cover herself.

"Tsk tsk tsk. You shouldn't try and hide your charms from me." Diana reached out and grabbed Kara's wrists and easily pulled her arms away, freeing Kara's breasts again. A few days earlier these two women had been near the same level of strength. Today, Power Girl's struggles weren't even noticed by Wonder Woman.

"They are magnificent. It is little wonder you enjoy flaunting them in your costume." Kara continued to try and free her arms and pull away. Diana didn't budge a millimeter. She pulled Kara's arms fully apart and then bent her head down and placed a kiss on each enormous orb. Kara's struggles lessened, not only out of the realization of futility but also with the realization of desire forming in her loins.

Wonder Woman had long been an object of lust for most men. But many women harbored secret thoughts as well. The beauty and sexuality bestowed on her by the gods was not limited to being noticed by one gender. So, many of Diana's peers had fantasized about her, and Kara was one of then. Add to that, Kara had always had desires of being 'taken'. Being dominated. But as one of the strongest people on the planet no one could fulfill that desire...until now. To top it off, Diana had moved her head lower and began suckling on one of Kara's stiffening nipples.

Diana was enjoying the feeling of Kara's large bosom against her face and lips. She had denied her desires to be with women for so many years. It felt so natural. And having Power Girl, one of Earth's strongest women, struggling in vain against Diana's new god powered muscles was an even greater turn on. So much so that she began to experience a familiar tingle between her legs. And then she felt a less familiar feeling. She felt her lower costume constrict. The shock caused her to release Kara, who fell to the floor. It took a few seconds to Kara to snap out of her lustful stupor and then she scrambled on the floor, fearful or the Amazon before her.

Diana stared in awe at the growing bulge in her costume. It grew to the point that it pulled her bottom away from her skin and then, over the top, the head of a penis came into view. Kara gasped, but remained transfixed on the sight before her. It continued to grow and swell, eventually stopping at a point where the headwas near Diana's breasts. It was immense, hugely thick, and covered in thick veins. Diana reached out and grabbed it, her hand not coming close to reaching around as she stroked it, enjoying the new sensation. She felt powerful. Aggressive. She now understood why men had sex on their minds all of the time. And she was grateful that Pan had been one of the god's whose power she absorbed. His power had apparently granted her his famous appendage. She slid her hand down and ripped off her bottoms. She felt down towards the base of her new penis and found that she had no testicles. The shaft melded perfectly with the top of her vagina, which was now dripping wet.

Diana remembered that she wasn't alone with her new weapon, and looked wickedly down at Kara as she continued stroking herself. Power Girl looked up in fear. The back of her mind had been slowly warming to the idea of a passion filled night with one of earth's most beautiful women. But now that woman had sprouted a penis that dwarfed any man on the planet. And the look in Diana's eyes was one that said she intended to try and fit every grotesquely thick inch into her. Kara hurriedly turned, rose up, and started flying away. A blur passed her, and suddenly Kara slammed bodily into an immovable object. She collapsed to the floor and looked up to see Wonder Woman standing before her. Her eyes blazed with a mixture of lust and anger as her cock throbbed visibly.

"You aren't going anywhere until I am done with you, my dear!" Diana growled, grabbing Kara forcefully by the hair.

"Diana! What's happened to you? Who's making you do this? Wha-mmmuuffff!" Kara begged, but was cut off as Diana forced her new enormous cock head into Kara's mouth.

"No one is making me do anything. I am doing something I have wished to do for years!" She thrust her hips forward and more of her monstrous dick forced its way into Power Girl's mouth and then throat.

Diana had picked Kara, knowing that her body could take amazing amounts of punishment. And she intended to use that to its fullest. She pulled Kara's head towards her while flexing her powerful hips, cramming more and more down her throat. Kara made muffled sounds as her throat bulged under the assault of the immense invader. She began to beat her fists against Wonder Woman's legs and stomach. These weren't the flailing blows of a normal woman. Each punch would had shattered granite. Wonder Woman barely felt them. She was reveling in the sensations of Power Girl's throat muscles trying to deal with the gigantic cock sliding in and out of it. She chuckled at Kara's feeble attempts to free herself. Her vagina dripped as she enjoyed the thought of how her new power had this once mighty powerhouse helpless before her.

She released Kara's head, which caused the blond to quickly pull back and wrench the meaty organ from her throat. She coughed and gagged as she fell to the floor. Diana casually reached down and ripped Kara's jeans from her as though they were tissue paper. Kara curled up, trying to cover herself, causing Diana to grin wickedly. She wrenched Kara's legs apart and quickly tore her panties away, exposing Power Girl's blond haired vagina. Despite her attempts at resisting it was obvious that at least part of her enjoyed what was happening. Her lips glistened with excitement.

"Oh, you naughty girl!" Wonder Woman exclaimed in mock surprise. "You're enjoying this. Does Kara like the thought of Diana's huge cock splitting her in two?" Kara shook her head slightly, but her eyes were riveted to the massive cock head aimed at her vagina. She was trying to hold it at bay, but the excitement within her was boiling. The excitement in knowing that there was nothing she could do to prevent this from happening. She was totally at Wonder Woman's mercy. Diana could take her in any way she chose, and Kara was powerless.

Diana bent her head down and whispered into Kara's ear. "Normally a time of intimacy with me would be a tender and gentle affair. But tonight, dear Kara, your body is just a vessel for my pleasure. Tonight, I am going to fuck you!" As she said this, she reared her hips back and then slammed forward. Her immense cock forced all the way to the back of Kara's pussy in one stroke. Kara's screamed in pleasure and pain as her vagina was forcibly stretched beyond anything she had felt before. Diana's cock head was planted squarely against Kara's cervix. Diana pulled back, and then rammed forward again, roaring as she did. The head of her cock slammed against Kara's cervix, forced itself through and then bumped against the back of Kara's womb. Kara's eyes rolled back in her head and her jaw clenched. Never had she felt such pain, but at the same time a huge wave of pleasure accompanied it.

"Is this what men feel?!" Shouted Diana, basking in the sensations caused by her new appendage. She pushed forward more, and Power Girl's abdomen swelled. Tears rolled down Kara's face.

Kneeling between Kara's legs, Diana lifted her from the floor, and brought her upright, crushing her massive breasts against Diana's own formidable mounds. Without a word, Diana grasped Kara around the waist and began sliding her up and down her engorged organ; essentially using her to masturbate. Slowly at first, enjoying the feeling of Kara's overstretched pussy clutching at her invading member. Kara looked down through pained eyes and could actually see the bulge caused by Diana as it ebbed and flowed up and down her abdomen. The sight both frightened and excited her.

Suddenly Diana switched from languid lifting up and down to a brutal rapid bouncing. Not only effortlessly moving Kara with her arms, but also meeting the downward motion with powerful upward thrusts of her hips. The air was driven from Power Girl's lungs and the floor groaned and bucked from the sheer speed and power of Diana's fucking.

"Yes, YES! I love this! You are my little toy now. To be used whenever I wish it!" Diana half laughed at Kara. Kara however barely heard her. She had been doing her best to block out the pain, mostly succeeding. But an intense heat in her loins crept up on her. Her breasts tingled as they bounced violently. Her pussy gushed as it never had before. She knew she would never be the same. And, finally, she admitted to herself that she didn't want to be the same again. This revelation opened the floodgates in her mind and she cried out as she had a massive orgasm.

"Destroy my cunt! FUCK ME! NEVER STOP FUCKING ME!" Kara screamed so loud that the windows of her apartment rattled. Diana obliged her.

Casually, she flipped Kara down on all fours and began pounding away from behind. The force of her belly slapping Kara's firm ass actually began causing shock waves to thunder through the building. Kara's screamed over and over as her body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm. Tirelessly Diana worked her hips, alternating between smacking Power Girl's ass, roughly squeezing her enormous tits, or pulling her head back by her hair and forcefully tongue kissing her screaming panting woman.

Minutes stretched on and on. The carpet became soaked through with their combined secretions. Furniture was knocked over, strewn about, or destroyed as the awesome fucking continued. Both of their bodies were covered in a sheen of sweat. Kara was barely conscious. Her eyes were rolled back, and she drooled as she babbled for more. Diana felt her own impending climax building. It was nothing like she had felt before. She felt as though a great dam was beginning to break within her. Somehow, she actually sped up and fucked the poor heroine beneath her harder. Faster and faster she went, pulling Kara up and bouncing her like a rag doll on her mammoth pole. Diana began to grunt and moan, growling loudly as she reached her peak. She felt something surging up her penis, and then release as she buried her cock into Power Girl's deepest depths. She roared with such fury that the windows of the building shattered outwards. Despite having no testicles her divine penis began flooding Kara's womb with seed causing Kara to shriek along with her as her insides were bathed in Diana's molten juices.

Power Girl jerked and shuddered with each jet of cum. The force was so strong, Diana had to hold Kara's hips to keep her from flying off. The tightness from Diana's great size did not allow much to escape, causing Kara's belly to swell as the massive volume of sperm made her womb balloon up. This went on for several minutes and Kara looked like a woman about to give birth, her stomach was so swollen with Diana's cum. Finally spent Diana withdrew, allowing her seed to spew out of Kara's pussy. Power Girl had been fucked into unconsciousness, yet she still sighed as her belly returned to a more normal size, although her womb and vagina would never be the same again.

Wonder Woman stood. Her new cock was deflating and then slowly shrunk until it disappeared back into her vagina. But she knew it would return when she next needed it. And that time was going to come very soon.


Well Folks, if you like it, let me know and I may do more. And I will definitely take suggestions on who her next partner will be (try and avoid Marvel characters for now).

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