tagRomanceWoodsman Ch. 03

Woodsman Ch. 03


This is the third installment of Woodsman. As always, there is no sexual situations with anyone under 18. Actually there is no sex at all in this chapter. This chapter deals mostly with Vivian's mother, her decline and justification for what she became. The first two chapters set the stage for Vivian and Rob. As always, my editor Candace Frazier has done an outstanding job of making this readable. Now it's on to Vivians mother Arlene. Enjoy.


Morning found Rob and Viv dressed and ready for their trip to Sault St. Marie. Having showered after their last love making session they were on the road to the spa before daylight. The ride to the Soo took over an hour so the newly intimate couple filled the time with plans for the upcoming summer. Rob was thinking of growing some hops for his beer making hobby and Vivian wanted to share the workload with her new lover.

Vivian was hopelessly in love for the first time in her young life and wasn't shy about letting Rob know it. Rob on the other hand was concerned with their age difference and thought that Vivian was just going through a teen crush for the first person that had shown her kindness since her father. He believed that once his young lover found someone her age she would certainly want a more youthful bedmate with more stamina.

What was troubling to him was the fact that he also was falling in love with Vivian. In the few weeks of her stay the youthful and beautiful teen had wiggled herself into a crack of his hardened shell and taken hold of his heart. He couldn't believe how this little 18 year old redhead had taken over his life. Even without the incredible sex that he enjoyed with her, his life would feel empty now without his Vivian McCoy.

Rob also felt that he couldn't face another hurt like his wife had given him, so even though he felt the love for her, he felt it in his best interest to always keep his deep feelings for Viv his secret.

The spas parking lot was empty of customer's cars as Rob parked his diesel and escorted Vivian to the front door. Once again they were greeted by a cheerful Cheryl and Rob explained his preferences to her including a waxing for Vivian everywhere but above her clit which would be shaped to a heart. Rob thought he was finished explaining his desires when Vivian spoke up.

"Robby is here for a waxing also. He wants to be hair free around his pubic area too but since my treatment may take longer how about you girls give him your male version of the treatment I got the last time. Massage, hair trim, pedicure, manicure, then a thorough waxing." Vivian said with an evil grin. "I want my man to feel as pampered as I felt the last time I was here."

"Your wish is our pleasure," Cheryl noted.

But Rob wasn't so sure. "What are you saying Viv? That stuff is just for women. I can't do all that with these strange people. What if I get excited, you know...down there...or something? Besides the waxing would be embarrassing enough without the rest." Rob felt mortified.

"You will be fine Robbie. They are very professional here. It's not like you have anything they haven't seen before. Now run along so we can get on with it. I expect you to feel as pampered as they made me feel. Cheryl don't worry about him. He will be fine," Vivian instructed.

With that the couple went their separate ways. Vivian to her salon and waxing, Rob with three of the older women of his own. He was given a room to undress and a robe to wear.

Then a total body massage, pedicure, manicure, hair cut and styled, then the waxing. He had never felt as mortified as he was when the three women laid him on his back to begin the waxing process. First they shaved him with electric shears then the actual waxing. To say he was uncomfortable was to put it mildly. The feeling of the hot wax wasn't horrible but when the first strip of tape removed his pubic hair he wondered if this was such a good idea.

"AGGGHHH," he couldn't help but say. "Careful girls these are the family jewels your ripping hair from," the pain in his voice was palatable.

"Don't worry sir we will be careful. You wouldn't believe how many guys and their wives like the smooth look. We have done this many times so lay back and relax," a not so unattractive older blonde. Her name tag said her name was Peggy, assured Rob.

He wasn't mollified but it was too late to back out now and he let the three attendants rip all his pubic hair out by the roots and then he was placed on his stomach while the same procedure was performed on his back and butt crack. When finished, the three attendants spread a cream on all the affected areas to soothe and moisturize his skin. Rob couldn't believe the difference the cream made. He felt really good, almost too good as his dick started to harden when they applied the cream around his dick, balls and the nether region under his balls. He had to put a stop to the attention when he felt a hardon coming on.

"I think that's enough ladies, thanks. Thank you for your professionalism but I don't want to embarrass myself anymore with an erection, so if that's all, I'll get dressed and wait for Viv in the waiting room." a red faced Rob stated.

The three women seemed disappointed but this was the man that would determine their tip so they escorted a naked Rob to the changing room so he could dress. And wait for his Vivian.

Vivian on the other hand had enjoyed the hours of hair styling, pedicure, manicure and a massage. When the waxing started she was apprehensive because of her penchant for quickly orgasming but other than the warm wax she didn't feel the experience was particularly stimulating. Cheryl herself sculpted the heart on her mound and when finished she held a hand mirror to Vivian to inspect her handywork.

"Please don't be offended but you have a very pretty pussy. And I have seen a few here. Your boyfriend will love it now that it's bare," a permanently cheerful Cheryl announced as she started massaging the soothing cream into all of the tender skin that had been ravaged. Vivian didn't know how to respond to the comment so she didn't say anything but she secretly hoped Cheryl's comment was accurate.

"We hope that we have exceeded your expectations today. It's really nice to pleasure a repeat customer." Cheryl gushed as she led Vivian to the changing room.

"I am more than pleased Cheryl. We will definitely be back in the future." Vivian enthused.

When Vivian met with Rob in the waiting room Rob was once again impressed at how the girls here could make his Vivian look so gorgeous.

"Ladies you have once again exceeded my wishes. Viv was beautiful when we arrived but you improved on perfection." Rob settled the bill, giving every worker a $100 bill as a tip and, with the personal care supplies that he had purchased, left the happy workforce behind.

The afternoon was well underway when the couple exited the spa. Not having eaten since early that morning Rob decided that, before returning home, some shopping and a meal were in order. He found a small restaurant close to the downtown area that specialized on pasties, a local dish with blue collar roots that was one of the draws to the tourist trade. Seated in the small restaurant they ordered then had a few minutes alone. Rob was the first to speak.

"That was a very interesting morning. I can't say that I would ever have the balls to do that on my own but given our relationship I'm happy that I did. And the massage was awesome by the way," Rob said quietly.

"Yes it was quite an experience wasn't it? I just love the way that these women make me feel comfortable when they are working on me. I must admit that the waxing was very uncomfortable but as you will see later, the results make it worth it. The cream did help also." Vivian had a twinkle in her eyes as she wondered what Rob would look like hairless down there.

Their food came at that time and the happy couple ate without further discussion. Vivian was ready for their return home and exploring her newfound favorite hobby but Rob wanted to treat Viv to some shopping so she let him lead her through the best or most expensive shops and boutiques that the Soo had to offer. Hours later a tired Rob suggested that they head for home. Vivian at that point was super horny and could not agree fast enough.

"Rob I was ready for us to go home when we left the spa. If it's all the same to you I want to go home now and shower. Then I want to check out my Robbie's pubic area while he checks mine. I was thinking a nice leisurely 69 followed by some of that tantric sex you always want to do with me. I'm so horny now that I might not make it home."

They made the trip home without incident though. Their lovemaking that night was both vigorous and satisfying for both parties. Oh, and both Rob and Vivian approved the job of hair removal that the ladies at the spa did.

Morning found Rob on his computer going over a report that he had received the previous day while he was at the spa. His team of investigators had been very thorough in their job of checking out Vivian's mother and her pimp. The report had names, dates, pictures, even a detailed account of the prostitution business that the fat man, (his name was Dan Jones), had. It seemed that as president of the local bank branch, Dan had used his power to purchase the mortgages of certain local distressed properties, properties that belonged to young attractive couples. Young attractive couples usually have a young attractive woman as part of the pair. These young couples were allowed considerable latitude in making their payments on time. For a small task. The couple's one task to fulfill in order to keep their homes was that the wives or girlfriends, even a few bisexual husbands, had to become part of the growing stable of prostitutes that Dan had assembled. The total at present was an astonishing 50 women and 13 men.

There seemed to be nothing sexual that wasn't available. From just a simple blowjob to an all out gangbang was available for a price.

The profits from the enterprise had come to the attention of the states attorney general. The states prosecuting attorney was in the final process of gaining evidence and making their case against the bank and its principles in order to shut down the enterprise and bring the ring leaders a long and unsatisfying stay in the state's prison system.

Robs team had contacted the states team of investigators at once when they discovered the scam and were feeding information to the appropriate authorities.

In the case of Vivian's mother and her farm, there had been no mortgage involved. The only information gained so far pointed to nothing more than greed. Vivian's mother, (her name was Arlene), was without any means of support after her husband's untimely death. The property tax burden would have quickly overwhelmed the pretty young widow since she was without a job and no work skills so Dan had arranged a title transfer to the bank of the family farm in exchange for a minor job at the bank and a future of servitude to Dan and his growing business of sex for profit.

To make a long story short, the pretty widow had been swindled out of the family farm and been put in virtual sexual slavery by Mr. Jones.

Vivian's role would have been alongside her mother in the stable of whores as the newest and youngest addition. She would have been forced to sell herself as her new owner saw fit. Unfortunately for Mr. Jones, Vivian did not approve of the plans for her and had disappeared. The rest of Vivian's story Rob knew.

Rob was in a quandary though. Unless he had more on Arlene, he couldn't make any judgment for her future. Should he let her be arrested in the same way as the other whores when the hammer was dropped or should he intervene? He was positive that his Vivian would not want her mother in prison but what could be done?

Finally Rob sent an email to his team of investigators asking if it would be possible to extract Arlene without anyone knowing. Rob knew he was exposing himself if he involved himself too deeply in the case but he thought that if he could direct Arlene's disappearance from behind the scenes then get her to a safe place while the law took care of Mr. Dan Jones, he would be too busy with his own troubles to worry about one of his whores.

Rob was looking at the pics of Arlene when Vivian entered his office. He had been engrossed in the very attractive older version of his Vivian when Viv spoke from behind him.

"That's my mom. Where did you get a picture of my mom Robbie?" she asked quietly.

"Viv I told you that I was looking into what happened with your parent's farm and the reason why your mom moved you to the house in town." Rob didn't know how much he should tell Vivian but figured finally to let her know the truth.

"This is a current pic of your mom. She has let herself be swindled out of your inheritance and whatever your future would have been. She is involved in prostitution as you know but there are drugs involved as well. In a very short time she will be arrested then probably sent to prison. I have just come into possession of this information."

Vivian's face turned deathly white. "Robbie is there any way that you can save her? I know you have contacts, very powerful contacts. Even though she would have let those men take me she, was forced and she is still my mom. I know she loved me. She tried to save me from those people but I think she couldn't save herself at that point. Please Robbie save my mom from prison. There has to be a way to save her. I'll do anything, be anything you ask." Vivian was in tears.

"Viv I was going to ask you what we should do but you just gave me the answer. This is what we will do..."

Rob gave Vivian his ideas on the abduction and hiding of a low level prostitute from Vermont. He sent a few emails and followed up with phone calls.


The state regulators would close the bank for audit the following day so Rob had to move quickly. The most important problem would be moving a possibly unwilling woman across state lines but that is why he paid his people so well. Rob was assured that his plan was doable and by the time Rob was finished with his follow up emails the plan was in motion. By breakfast a certain Mr. Dan Jones, Bank President, would be in so much deep shit that the disappearance of his favorite love interest, a certain Arlene Peterson would be the least of his concerns. Mrs. Peterson would disappear without a trace tonight but she was such a small part of the case that the authorities had built that her going missing would be overlooked, just like her daughter's disappearance had so many years before.

The following day an unconscious female patient was admitted to a small and very private rehab facility in a small South American country. She was given the best care available while a complete physical was performed. She would be pampered while her treatments for drugs, any common diseases and STDs was performed but she would not be told why she was there or allowed any outside contact. When this woman was cleared and judged mentally and physically healthy she would be escorted by private jet to a small town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula called Sault St. Marie where a driver in an older Dodge pickup would escort her to her new home. Her papers would identify her as Arlene McCoy. She was not allowed contact with the outside world for the three months of her confinement until the day she met Rob.

On the day of Arlene's final transfer to Rob she was a new woman. The ravages of her years of prostitution and drug use had been erased by her months long rehab. She had gained some weight due to a strict diet and exercise program. Her time had also included therapy to boost her self-image, along with weekly spa treatments. Arlene had always been a beautiful woman but the months in rehab along with the spa pampering had brought her beauty to light. She didn't know who had paid for her stay and was only told that it was her benefactor. She had no idea of the collapse of her old life other than the fact that her old life was over. She wrongfully assumed that she had somehow been sold as chattel and was being groomed for a future of being someone's sex slave. That was how low she had let herself slide.

The meeting with her benefactor was anticlimactic. Arlene had no idea that the big man in the tight jeans and flannel shirt was the only reason that she wasn't in a Vermont prison. She only knew that the handsome man was polite but firm when he loaded her few belongings into the bed of his nondescript truck then he drove her through the wooded countryside. When well out of town they began their conversation.


Rob broke their silence.

"Arlene my name is Robert McCoy. You may call me Rob. I'm sure that you have many questions as to what has happened for these last few months. Please don't interrupt me while I explain. First of all I want you to know that I have no nefarious intentions or desires for you. The past three months were mostly for your benefit because your life was very quickly going nowhere but into the gutter. You were a prostitute that was very close to being hooked on drugs. You had no future in Vermont but life as a prostitute for Dan Jones."

"If you are worried about him don't be. He is in the Vermont prison system and right now is enjoying his new life as the wife of a very big and forceful man named Lydell. When I say he is big I mean that in every way. By the time he is up for parole he will have forgotten that you ever existed."

"Now in your case you are clean, healthy and free. You have a chance to make something of yourself if you want. I am taking you to my home for now but you will be free to leave if you wish but I don't think you will want to leave once you get there. If you do want to leave I will provide you with transportation to wherever you want to live. Any questions so far?"

"Yes Rob. This is quite overwhelming. May I assume that you are my benefactor?"

"Yes I am," Rob replied.

"Why me? Why did you take an interest in someone like me? I am a nobody going nowhere. You must have spent thousands on my care and the private planes. Nothing was less than first class down there other than I couldn't communicate with the outside world. I don't understand Spanish either so the people down there were mostly uncommunicative with me. That was hard not having anyone to talk to." Arlene explained.

"I'm sorry about the language issue but we had only a small window to whisk you away and this place was able to accept you immediately. The day after you left, the bank that Dan ran was closed and audited. Once Dan was in custody all the whores in his stable were charged and put in jail. Because of the circumstances of how they became whores most were given a light sentence or probation. In your case a person with an interest in you wanted you to stay free. We made that happen and now you are here." Rob was not about to spring his surprise.

"Who may I ask was interested in my well being to the extent of kidnapping me and going to the trouble and expense of several months at a drug rehab?" Arlene was perplexed.

"That will be revealed when we get to my home. But first I have a question. Do you remember what happened to your daughter Vivian?"


Arlene's face turned pale white with fear at the mention of her long lost daughter. Even through the haze of the sex and drug parties, she had never forgotten the pain and horror of the disappearance of her baby. Nor had she forgiven herself for allowing it to happen. The knowledge and regret that she had failed to protect her only child. She had always believed that her lover and pimp had somehow engineered Vivian's disappearance.

Once Arlene had moved herself and her daughter to the house in town, even though she was barely a teen, the pressure to include Vivian in Dan's stable of whores was constant. Under age prostitutes were in high demand and their pimps could command a premium price to the perverts of the world. As Vivian got older, more pressure was put on Arlene to sell her daughter's virginity. At last Dan had worn her down. During a drug and sex filled day of partying she had agreed to let her innocent 16 year old baby's cherry to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The dirty deed was to happen at her sweet 16 birthday party.

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