tagMind ControlWOPI Chronicles Ch. 08

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 08


Chapter 8: Alexandra on the Island

Alexandra, Alexi as everyone called her here, didn't understand why she was in a perpetual rut, but she was having too much fun to worry about it. She was glad she had finally decided to take some time off from WOPI. She wondered if this really counted as vacation, however; she sure wasn't getting much rest! She had stayed very busy for the last - she wasn't sure just how long she'd been here -- going down for everything in pants. Charlie, the pretty office toy she had brought with her did his best, poor dear, but he just couldn't keep up with her sooped-up sex drive. Fortunately Alexi found enough sexy lifeguards, well-hung gardeners, and beefy beach hounds around to see that her ravenous pussy stayed occupied around the clock. Charlie, even when he wasn't snoozing to recuperate, didn't seem to care.

This was perfect, she thought as she looked over at the young stud she had bedded the night before. What was his name? Oh, yes, Kevin. His hard young body thrilled and aroused her all over again. Time for action. She elbowed him in the ribs with enough force to awaken him. She felt a little sorry for him; she hadn't let him get much sleep last night, but young men are supposed to be resilient. "Kevin, darling, I'm feeling sexy again," she giggled and snuggled closer against last night's conquest and kissing his cute little nipples.

Kevin opened one eye, trying to remember how he got in bed with this deliciously super-charged older babe. He had never met a woman so hot to get laid. He couldn't remember how many times he had fucked her before he had collapsed in exhaustion.

"Oh, honey, you were wonderful to me last night! I've never had anyone who could make me come like you," she whispered. This was a bit of a white lie, but Alexi knew it was a good way to get a man ready for the next round. "I knew I wanted to go to bed with you as soon as I saw you in that bar."

The bar! That brought everything back into focus for Kevin. He sat up and grinned. "Really? I thought that you only got interested in bed when I started feeling your boobies," the young man teased back. "Wasn't it running my hand up your leg and fingering you pussy that really turned you on?"

"No, darling," she chuckled. "I'm not like little girls your age whom you have to 'turn on.' I'm a full-grown woman and I was already wet when you stuck your finger in me, remember?" she giggled. Indeed, he remembered wondering if his finger would need gills. "Anyway, it was so sexy the way you got me off there in the middle of the crowed bar without anybody noticing."

"They may have pretended not to notice me putting my hand up your skirt, Alexi," he laughed, "But they sure as hell knew what I was doing. You are not subtle when you come, baby, especially not the first time. And the ecstatic expression on your face when you stumbled out of there with me showed everyone what was going on."

"Of course I was happy, you evil man. You never took your finger out of my cunt! You made me come again every few steps," Alexi giggled again. "But the best was the first doggie fuck when we got back here. And I want you to warm me up and do me again. I'm keeping you in bed with me until you make love to me. I hate to have breakfast before having my pussy plowed."

Later in the morning, while her erstwhile conquistador was still recuperating, Alexi put on a silly excuse for a bikini and headed off to a secluded beach for a swim. Luckily, she was able to pick up a well-equipped himbo along the way. Laughing as they come out of the water, Alexi flopped down under a tree beside her latest acquisition.

"That was exhausting, honey, let's relax a while," she said as she pressed herself close to her pick-up. "Ummm. I know something you can do to really help me relax," she purred as the proximity to the young man's hard body lit the fire in her loins. "Why don't you pop my top and feel me up, darling?"

"You mean you want me to play with your titties, Alexi, like this...?" he replied, not needing to be invited twice to the same party.

"Oh, yes like that! ... It feels heavenly!" she almost swooned as his strong hands took control of her rapidly hardening breasts.

"I don't know if I should be doing this, Alexi," he teased, "according to what the other boys say..."

"Oh? And what do the boys say about me?" Alexi whispered contentedly, squirming with the pleasure of his hands and lips on her enflamed nipples.

"They say your are really an easy lay, Alexi. They say the man who feels you up can get you really turned on. And once he works you up, it's easy to get into your pants."

"They get into my pants, do they?" she teased. "And what do the boys claim to do with me when they get into my pants?"

"They say when a boy gets his hands on your pussy, you get so horny you fuck like a wild woman!"

"Sounds like I have a reputation to live up to. Too bad I'm not wearing pants for you to get into. You might like what you find there," she teased back as he pulled down her bikini. "Do you find anything interesting?"

"I'd say! A big beautiful twat, Alexi, and so wet!" he remarked as her inserted a finger in her pussy and began frigging her clit. "You really want it, don't you?

"Oh, yes. Do you know what to do with a horny woman with a warm, wet cunt?" she challenged, her eyes already closed.

"I do, Alexi. I fill her up with a big thick dick. You want a dork right in here, do you?" he asked as he slipped his prick into her well-lubricated pleasure hole.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned semi-consciously as her first orgasm mounted.

"I guess you just want me to fuck your brains out," he declared as he began pounding away at Alexi's pussy. She bellowed her agreement as he made her come and come.

Somewhere in the back of her mind Alexi knew there was something she was forgetting. Why had she decided to take off work from work? And before Charlie there had been another boyfriend, but she just couldn't remember him. It was just too difficult. Contentedly she closed her eyes and let whatever his name finish her off. She felt him stiffen. In a few more moments her pussy would receive his warm thick sperm. It never failed to send her to dreamland. A very relaxing vacation indeed.


"I though I might find you here," Charlie grinned down at her. Alexi opened her eyes and smiled. Looking around she saw the time had flown. Her mid-morning fuck had gone. No matter. She looked up at Charlie eagerly. "Ready for some lunch and then a siesta?" he offered.

"Why not combine the two," Alexi growled with unrestrained lust, lunging to pull down Charlie's swim trunks and taking his large stiff prick into her mouth.

To be continued...

* * * * *

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