tagMind ControlWOPI Chronicles Ch. 09

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 09


Chapter 9: Teresa Betrayed

Teresa worked her way down the corridor methodically holding a mop in one hand and cleaning supplies in the other. Her hair was unwashed and pulled back in an unattractive ponytail. Scruffy clothes hid the sculpted body of the NASO operative. In fact she looked much like a Central American peasant girl, as indeed, her grandmother had been.

She had been employed by WOPI as a cleaning woman, but getting this far had taken longer than she planned. Then had come the excruciating wait as her cleaning contingent rotated to clean the large white building where Teresa suspected the "important" prisoners - and Knight would certainly be important - were held. She dared not try to force the schedule lest she arouse suspicion, but she realized that every day was precious. Suspension of his messages had occurred oven six weeks ago and that could mean he had been uncovered. Delay meant more time for Knight to be subjected to the women's brainwashing.

At last today was her contingent's turn on the big building. Teresa entered each room in turn and observed the unconscious man on the low bed-like table. She could just hear the mind-altering hum of words being poured into each man's brain. She had seen them or others talking and laughing with young women on the grounds of the "resort." It was hard to feel sorry for most of them. Not that Teresa approved of brainwashing, but 90% of the conversion would actually do these retrogrades good. The problem was the last 10% that made them slaves to WOPI. She hoped that Knight was still getting the first 90%. She smiled to herself at the thought of seeing some of his macho bluster taken out of him. Cleaning each room meticulously, she hurried to the next.

Of course it had to be the last one, the largest room at the end of the corridor. She recognized Knight as soon as she cracked the door. Time for action. Staying out of camera range, Teresa slapped a wad of what appeared to be silly putty onto the main lead. The electronics inside the goo recorded a little over a minute of non-activity and began sending the bogus signal to the monitors in the control room in an endless loop.

It was odd to approach Knight in this weakened, vulnerable state. He was always so strong with her; one of the few men who could almost hold his own with the hot-blooded agent. As she looked down at the apparently sleeping partner, she wondered what images and words were being insinuated into his brain. Whatever it was involved sex; his erection showed that. Damn, he looked good! Seeing the hard-bodied male, Teresa realized that the delays in getting the job and getting to this point had allowed time for her libido to rise near boiling. She needed a good fuck and soon! Well, there would be time for that in a few hours, as soon as she got Knight out of this hellhole.

Carefully she removed the headphones and visor. She wondered if he had been drugged to make him more receptive to the conditioning and perhaps could not be awakened. With relief she saw him start to stir. "It's me, Knight. Wake up! Let me get you out of here," she whispered.

Gradually Knight opened his eyes and slowly comprehension seemed to seep into them. He smiled when he saw who had wakened him. "Teresa! Am I glad to see you. God do you look good."

"Thanks, honey, but let's hurry before they discover us. I know a way out through the laundry."

Knight paused. He seemed to think a moment. "But Teresa, I can't go; you don't know how horny I am, how horny they keep me. I need a quick one and bad.

"Don't worry, sport! I'm horny enough myself to fuck a fence post. Let me get you out of here and I'll screw your lights out!" she giggled.

"Sorry, Teresa, but I can t wait! I need it so bad. Please," he said and reached for the beautiful agent, kissing her deeply.

"Don't be foolish, Knight ..." His lips on her own muffled her protest. A hand on her ass settled the matter. A quickie would do them both good. She needed her wits about her for the escape. She thought more clearly when she wasn't seething with lust, she rationalized. Teresa shuddered with pleasure as Knight slipped his had inside her blouse. Thankfully she was not wearing a bra and he had free rein with her large and sensitive breasts. Opening her blouse enough, he began to kiss and suck on her nipples, alternately teasing them with his tongue and drawing all of the areola deep into his mouth, sending glorious sensations to her brain.

There was no denying that Knight had learned what she liked during their affair. Even as she began to moan from the delicate ministrations to her tits, she felt the still more wonderful sensation of his hand under her skirt, gently rubbing between her legs. This was turning into something much better than a quickie.

"Oh Teresa, you are so delicious, I've got to have you!" Knight whispered as the hand that was still fondling her breast went to aid its companion in removing her panties and ruck her skirt up to give him full access to her now gushing pussy. He sat her on the bed.

"Thanks, Knight, but don't bother warming me up; just fuck me; I'm ready.

"I know you are darling," he said as his mouth on her snatch confirmed his words.

"No, honey, just ...Augggg!" Teresa moaned as he began to lick and molest her labia with his tongue. "Hurry, darling, please!" she gasped as he managed to begin toying with her clit even as his hands returned to her breasts, doubling the assault on her senses. With excruciating patience Knight switched between gentle lapping of her sex with maddening brief forays to her engorged clitoris. Teresa, moaned as she felt orgasm approach and then recede as Knight varied his attack on her pussy.

"Hurry up, you bastard," Teresa hissed with eyes and teeth clinched shut. "I can't take much more of this. She moaned again as she felt his soft hands cup her breasts.


"On the contrary, dear, take your time. You're doing a wonderful job on her. Carry on," a feminine voice replied. "Hold her right there on the edge while we girls have a little chat."

Teresa opened her horrified eyes to see a large blond woman smiling down at her massaging Teresa's breasts magisterially. "I'm sorry, Teri; she made me, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Knight almost sobbed before renewing his exquisite attack on her pussy. Teresa tried to push the woman away, only to discover that her arms were already fastened to the bed.

"Stop!" Teresa demanded. "Let me go!"

"Not likely, you randy little bitch. I'm just getting started on you. In a few minutes you'll be begging me to let you come."

"Who are you?" Teresa asked defiantly even as David's mouth on her sex made rational though almost impossible.

"I'm Dr. Claire Hillary and I don't need to ask who you are, Ms Carrillo. You made a big mistake thinking you could sneak in here and abscond with one of our prize assets before we're through with him," she smirked. "As soon as I discovered David's all-too-clever business with Alexandra and dealt with HER, it wasn't hard to get him to tell me whom to expect from NASO. He gets very cooperative after I've fucked him silly," she smirked. "I must say you do LOOK like a peasant, but I doubt than many Central American indocumentadas travel with such a fine set of vibrators in their belongings, sweetie. No worry, you won't be needing them ever again, where you're going."

"You'll regret killing me. The murder of a NASO agent has never gone without revenge." Teresa replied, fury enabling her, barely, to put aside David's wonderful attack on her pussy.

"Teresa, Teresa," Claire replied condescendingly. "I'm not going to harm a hair on your head, or even one on your pretty little pussy. Au contraire, my dear. I'm going to send you on a nice long vacation where you can get fucked out of your mind as often as wish. In fact, we'll even provide some hormonal assistance to that well- known libido of yours, just as I did with the weakling slut, Alexandra. You're going to be one happy woman!"

"Never!" Teresa spat.

"See, with that attitude you wouldn't enjoy all the good times I have planned for you. But a few hours of these," Claire nodded toward the earphones Teresa had removed from Knight, "will produce the needed improvement in your outlook." The evil smile of total victory was chilling.

"You think you can brainwash me so easily?" Teresa sniffed, relying on her skills to resist the conditioning.

"Indeed! First because eroto-hypnotism works off of your orgasm. David tells me your are milti-orgasmic, which is very convenient. Each orgasm rips away a little bit more of your inner self and allows our 'suggestions' to penetrate deeper in your mind. We can do with a hot little number like you in hours what it would take days to do with most women or weeks to do with a man. Second, I don't have to make you into a slave of WOPI, as I have David; we have quite enough pretty women already and with David, we'll won't even need anyone else inside of NASO. All I need to do to you is just cloak enough memory to get you to stay at our island paradise. The constant reinforcement in that ravenous cunt you'll get there will do the rest," she chuckled.

"You'll never succeed!"

"Oh, but I will. All it takes is that that orgasm you need so badly. Yield to me and I let you get off. A nice hard cum and a long nap of continuous wet dreams. How does the sound, dearie?"

"No!" Teresa replied summoning all her strength.

"Don't be that way, baby. Just let go. I know you want it," Claire cooed, nodding to David to bring Teresa closer as she also began to fondle the petite brunette's nipples more vigorously. "Poor Teri, fighting me, fighting off the desire to come is so tiring. You can't keep it up forever, especially with that wonderful orgasm so close now. Relax and let it happen, baby. It'll feel soooo good and then you can sleep. Close those pretty eyes for me, honey. It'll all be over soon."

"No, no, no," Teresa moaned but she could feel her body betraying her. David's tongue in her pussy made it so hard to think!

Claire could see Teresa start to tremble slightly as she battled for control of her body. "That's it, baby. You feel it. So close now. Just let go. Come for me, honey .... Come!"

Suddenly everything happened at once. David's lips drew her clit between his lips and began to suck it just as Claire's mouth captured one of her breasts. The dam of passion within her broke and Teresa screamed in ecstasy as her first orgasm overwhelmed her. She hardly felt when one died away and the next began. After the fifth, she shuddered and fell unconscious.

Quickly Claire withdrew a syringe and gave Teresa s shot to keep her lightly sedated for several hour. Then she slipped the earphones onto the unresisting woman. Finally she slipped a vibrator keyed to the instructions on the tape into Teresa's pussy. With a triumphant grin she pulled Teresa's panties back on her. "No reason to let the messy bitch cause extra laundry bills," she gloated as she saw the unconscious agent beginning squirm.

"And now for you," she smiled at David. "You did a good job for me , honey. You summoned me just as I told you and it was very clever the way you kept her busy while I arrived. Let's go to my quarters. You deserve a big reward."

David smiled back at this woman with the doe eyes of total, helpless adoration.

To be continued...

* * * * *

Comments please to Homer Vargas. I would enjoy exchanging ideas about future directions for this story.

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