Words on Skin


He stiffened when she wrapped her long legs around his waist too and the warmth of her groin pressed into his belly. He felt an instant stirring in his suit.

"Lazy," he smirked. She could tread water like a champ. He'd seen her do it.

"Okay, maybe that too," she smiled, then brightened even more, "Hey, feel like launching me?"

It was an old request. He used to help her catch waves by pushing her forward for a head start when they were younger.

"Fine, but I get to pick the waves."

"Yeah, gimme the big ones. I like big ones!" She giggled as she moved into position, stretched out on her stomach with her arms reaching forward.

He hesitated when he moved to put his hands where they went years ago. His left hand supported her belly. Jesus, it was so smooth and so tight as his palm pressed into it slightly. He felt the firm muscles of her abdomen shift. His right hand gripped the front of her left leg just above her knee and he felt the smooth long muscles of her quadriceps too.

Dammit, this was easier back before his sister went and turned into a hottie.

"'Kay, ready for launch," she chirped.

They waited a few minutes for a good wave. Richard kept his sister afloat with small adjustments, shifting his hands on her nearly naked body. She giggled when he moved his hand at her stomach too quickly.

"Sorry sis," he apologized, "I'm not actually trying to tickle you."

"S'ok, it felt kind of good actually. You've got nice hands there, stud."

Before he could ponder that statement, an enormous wave came and she giggled and shrieked for him to launch her. He did, and he watched her surf away.

She came back, still giggling, and rubbing a small scrape under her chin.

"Dude, I got run through the washing machine on that one."

"You all right?"

"Hell, yeah! Let's do it again!"

They did. For another hour Richard heaved his gorgeous kid sister with the surf until the sun was high and hot enough to drive them inside. They slipped back into the house for lunch.

*~*~* Part III *~*~*

After a quick bite, Richard made a pitcher of daiquiris and they drank themselves silly in the shade of the porch. Silly enough for her to spill her guts about Chip. She steered their conversation towards sex and then she started talking more freely and more explicitly than he'd ever heard her. College had loosened his kid sister up a lot. He almost couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth.

"Chip and I went to his apartment after a movie. We'd been dating for a couple of months and you know... it kinda felt like it was time for... stuff," she looked at her brother. Richard nodded neutrally and she continued.

"He led me right back to his bedroom and laid me down on his bed. Chip started by eating me for almost an hour."

She sipped from her drink as that raunchy morsel sunk into his brain.

"After I'd come three times and I was a soaking wet puddle of joy, he rolled me over onto my belly. Then he nudged my legs open and I felt his gigantic thing sliding up along my thigh. He pushed forward slowly. So slowly. I felt myself pucker inwards. He was almost as wide as the entire gap between my legs. It was ridiculous, like getting poked with a warm baseball bat.

He pushed. I wiggled. He pushed more. And I wiggled more. It didn't feel like we were getting anywhere. We kept trying though, each of us getting more and more excited. Then all of a sudden, his gigantic head popped inside me."

Richard watched Liz shiver, no doubt reliving the moment.

"I remember gasping and clawing at the bed beneath me. I... I tensed up. Wrong thing to do. It made things worse. It felt like someone was trying to work their whole fist inside me. He felt me straining and he waited patiently. He rubbed my back. He told me I was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. That my body was amazing. That when I relaxed, it would start to feel good. He was totally right, of course."

Lizzie paused and had another sip of liquid courage. Before she'd started her story, she'd told Richard that she "needed him to understand what she was up against." He was curious about where this was all headed.

"We waited like that for awhile, Scooter. Neither of us moved except for him gently rubbing my back up and down. When I told him I was ready to try more, he started pushing again. It was... it was insane. Like childbirth in reverse. I had my first orgasm while he was still working himself in me. I came again when he bottomed out."

"Oh Scooter," his sister finally looked over at him again and shook her head with a mix of pride and embarrassment. The motion swung her damp blonde ponytail gently. "I saw God that night. By the time he finished with me, I was drooling into the pillow and babbling like a fool. That is what it was like the first time I slept with Chip. Why the hell wouldn't I marry him?"

Richard just stared at his kid sister, "Wow."

"Yep," she nodded and downed the rest of her drink.


"You said that already, dummy," she slapped his arm and giggled. For the first time in a long while, he noticed how much brighter her eyes were when she laughed.

"I know, but just one more time... wow. So he's the guy huh?"


"He treats you good?"

"Like a dream," she giggled again to herself oddly.

Feeling the daiquiris a bit too much himself, Richard let his eyes skim down her slim body yet again. It was a miracle her suit had stayed on in the surf. The top had loosened a bit though and he could see the edge of one of her light pink nipples peeking out. He exhaled slowly and tried not to stare. He knew what they looked like. He'd been the first boy to see her breasts too.

Like their first kiss, that had also been her idea. She'd just wandered into his bedroom unannounced one afternoon and hauled up her tank top without so much as a warning. She wasn't wearing a bra. She looked from his astonished face then down to her bare breasts and back again. She even swung her torso a little and they swayed slightly from left to right.

"Well, Scooter? They're like, normal and everything right? You know how Mom is, she'd lie to my face if she thought it would help my self-esteem."

All Richard could do at the time was stare. His sister's teenage tits were perfectly round handfuls with little pink nipples that pointed up slightly towards the ceiling.

"Holy crap, sis. They're... they're..."

"Oh God, I knew it... they're deformed aren't they? Does the left one look bigger to you too?"

His brain finally got some traction. "No! God no! They're beautiful. They're round and perky and... perfect."


"Really. Now please put those things away before I do something stupid."

"Like what?" she'd looked at him funny.

"Like shove my face in them," he joked.

"Seriously?" she'd laughed and taken a step towards him.

"Yes. No!" he had to hold up his hand to stop her. "Jesus, pull your shirt back down and get out of here. I can't think clearly with you standing there half-naked."

She'd pouted. "How come you want me to go all of a sudden?" Then her expression turned sly. "Are you going to play with yourself?"

"That's none of your business."

"Wrong-o Scooter, you are most definitely my business," she'd let her shirt fall back down and skipped across the room towards him. She smiled sweetly then leaned in to nudge his nose with hers. "I'm your sister, dummy."

"Yeah, yeah," he pushed her away gently, "Now give me a few minutes of privacy would you? I need to sort myself out after seeing my kid sister's boobs."

"Yeah 'sort yourself out' huh?" she snickered, "Okay, but don't overdo it and damage yourself permanently, okay? Someday you may actually find a girl who's willing to touch that thing for you."

She kept snickering as she pulled his door shut behind her.

As Richard recalled, twenty seconds later was guiltily and frantically masturbating to the image of his younger sister's gorgeous tits. Less than a minute later, he was wearing about a pint of his own semen.

The current Lizzie rolled over onto her stomach and it drew him back to the present.

There it was, that delicious little tush. Like two oranges pressed together under her black bikini bottom. Her breasts? They'd slipped in and out of his fantasies a few times. Her perfect miniature tush? A different thing entirely - it was the leading role in his dreams. He compared every woman's ass to his sister's. He'd found no equal. He doubted he ever would.

Lizzie's bent her legs up in the air and swayed them haphazardly. He tried to ignore the way the muscles of her legs and ass flexed and shifted.

"So what about you, Scooter? Hooking up with any coeds eager to impress their teaching assistant?"

"Not so much."

"Awww, none of 'em like the backdoor delivery huh?"

Eh boy, she was back to this again. She'd been teasing him off and on about this for the past year after he'd slept with her friend Jessica last summer. Jessica evidently didn't keep secrets. His sister knew everything that happened. Everything. Including Jessica's spectacular anal finale.

For months afterwards, Lizzie's e-mails to him at school started with things like "Dear assmaster" or "Hiya rumpranger" or "S'up bootybanger?" Yeah, funny. In the beginning, anyway.

And now she was circling back to rib him about it again.

"Is where I'm 'delivering' really any of your business, sis?" he raised an eyebrow.

Her slender bikini-wrapped body twisted limberly to curl up on her side. She looked up at him with a smile. "Wrongo Scooter, you will always be my business. I'm your sister, remember?"

He shook his head but had to smile too. He'd walked right into that one.

He watched as Lizzie rolled back onto her stomach again. Richard lasted a full fifteen seconds before his eyes naturally slid downwards to her butt for another look.

"Scratch my back a little, Scooter? I'm all itchy from the drying saltwater."

It was an invitation he couldn't turn down. The skin of her back was soft and smooth and already lightly tanned. He stroked her for a few minutes until Liz looked up at him with glazed eyes.

She nibbled her lip thoughtfully then and twitched her nose, "Scooter, how drunk are you?"

"I'm feeling zero pain. Why?"

" 'Cause I need to ask you for something."

"Ahhh, I figured there'd be a catch to all of this. I didn't really think I'd be getting two weeks at the beach for free. What do you need?"

"Help," she sighed. "With something. Something weird..."

"Spit it out sis. Since when have you ever been afraid to ask me for stuff?"

"Okay. Oh jeez. Scooter? I need help with my... . I need to figure out..." she trailed off at the end, looking away.

"Help with your what?"

"Arrgh, gimme your other hand?"

Ooh, this was going to be good. Lizzie preferred to skinwrite things she didn't want to say out loud.

She traced four letters into his palm.

"Amal?" he deadpanned.

"That was an 'n' not an 'm' you jerk."

Richard started laughing. He couldn't help it.

"Quit it," she huffed, "C'mon, I'm being serious. Chip asked if... that on our honeymoon... well, I'd like to try letting him, you know..." she gave up when she saw by her brother's enormous grin that he understood. "It's just that he's so fricking..." she shook her head.

"Big?" He finished for her, chuckling.


Richard scratched his head. "Well, it's not really all that complicated sis. Just get some toys and some lube. Then go lock yourself in a bedroom and put on some soft music."

"I've tried. I can't. Look, I... I've never told anyone this, but I had a really bad experience with that already. A stupid frat guy my first semester. We were both smashed. I don't know whether he went for my butt on purpose or he was so drunk that he missed the right hole. Either way, he crammed it halfway in me, bone dry, before I could get him off me. It was horrible and the whole thing has seriously freaked me out ever since."

"Owie, sorry kiddo. So what is it you want me to do?"

"How should I know? Unlike some people, I don't have a lot of experience with this stuff. I just know my goal: let Chipper poke me in my booty on our honeymoon without sending me to the damn emergency room."

"Well, I'm not sure how..."

"I guess that I was thinking that you could make it seem... I dunno... not so damn scary somehow?"

She may have been wrestling with her words but her hands were clear. She reached around and took his hand that was stroking her back and slid it slowly down. Further and further. Past the gorgeous twin dimples on either side of her spine. Down over the top edge of her tiny black suit bottom. And directly onto the firm swell of one of her little round ass cheeks. He gently palmed it automatically. It was so small it didn't even remotely fill his hand.

Richard could feel his heartbeat pounding in his ears.


"I'm not... ugly... am I Scooter?"

"No honey, you're definitely not ugly."

"Just touch me there a little. It'll help. In my head, I know that you're a guy, but somehow it doesn't feel as scary when it's you touching me. I think it's 'cause I know you would never hurt me." She looked up at him again and half-smiled tipsily. "I honestly think you're the only one who can help me get over this stupid butt phobia."

Her total trust was like a drug. It mixed with the daiquiris and the intoxicating smoothness of her perfect miniature rump. The combination was powerful. Even more powerful? The adorable little sigh his kid sister let out when he started stroking back and forth across her ass.

"Okay Lizzie," he said as he rubbed her gently.

"Thanks Scooter. I really had no idea who else to turn to. And maybe even if I did..."

"Let me guess... brother's come first?" he squeezed one of her cheeks tenderly.

She giggled. "You know, you're the smartest dumb guy I know. Keep rubbing my bum, Scooter? I know it's a little sick to have my own brother fondling my butt, but it actually feels kinda nice."

For the next two hours, he stroked his kid sister's fabulous buns until she fell asleep and/or passed out on her lounge chair. He caressed the finest ass he'd ever held, finished their pitcher of daiquiris, and watched the ocean. That's all he did. It was easily one of the best afternoons of his life.

*~*~* Part IV *~*~*

The next morning Lizzie woke him again with her finger gently tracing her message across his back.

"Imu." "Waffles."

He rolled over to look up at her.

She was smiling and already dressed for the beach in a red bikini identical to the black one she'd been wearing yesterday. Her blonde hair was twisted into a long braid that fell down her back. Lizzie was taking precautions today. The surf yesterday had nearly stripped her ponytail off. With her hair pulled back like this, it emphasized her pretty face. And at that moment, her pretty face held a most amused little expression.

Crap, he realized too late why she was looking so cheeky.

She'd been sitting on his butt when she wrote across his back. When he turned over, she ended up sitting sidesaddle in his lap. His morning erection was gigantic and digging into her tush. To her, it probably felt like sitting across a pipe.

"And a happy good morning to you my rather big brother."

"Very funny, go get started on the waffles. I'll be down in a sec."

Lizzie didn't tease him. She just nodded and levered herself of him, but not before getting in what he swore was an extra little wriggle. Still, she didn't say a single word until she got to the door of his bedroom. And then she did say something, something small, right about the time he was deciding whether to masturbate there in bed or wait until he got in the shower.

It was like she'd read his mind,"Scooter? Don't."

And then she was gone.

He got himself under control by laying there and thinking about a long series of nonsexy things before he pulled on a suit and joined her for breakfast.

After eating, he looked down the beach then over at his fleet-footed sister as they stepped outside, "Wanna race?"

Lizzie smirked at him as she tightened the elastic that held her braid in place, "What, you didn't get enough waffles at breakfast? You hungry for some disappointment too?"

"Har har... go!" He dashed out onto the beach. His surprise start gave him a two second lead. He needed a lot more.

It was about a hundred yards to the ocean. His sister whipped past him before they'd covered twenty of it. He watched her tiny red bikini-wrapped butt race away. No chance in hell he'd catch her.

She was already ducking into the surf by the time his much slower feet even hit wet sand.

"Bawoo!" she howled her funny old victory cry and grinned as he finally swam out to join her.

"Dog-girl," he laughed and splashed her.

Together, they swam out to the deeper spot he'd picked out yesterday. She stuck out her lip and made puppydog eyes while she treaded water until he agreed to launch her like he did yesterday too.

His hand found the flat of her stomach again but when his hand gripped her left leg, she reached back and unwrapped his fingers. "Mind pushing from my butt instead, Scooter? It was kind of hurting when you kept squeezing my leg so darned hard yesterday."

She shamelessly guided his hand up until his palm was pressed firmly between her legs. Richard's pulse quickened and he felt himself instantly grow hard in his trunks. The gap in his sister's legs was warm and soft. He could feel her mound with his palm and his fingers curled slightly over her tiny ass cheeks.

"Much better," she explained simply.

Yeah, better, he thought dizzily, but for whom? When the first big wave came he carefully thrust her forward, his hand pressing hard enough into her crotch that he could feel her pubic bone. She caught the wave's curl and surfed off.

She swam back and they repeated this process all morning, his hand returning over and over between her legs that she spread eagerly for him. Richard was hard all morning. While his sister was gone, he would slip a hand into his trunks and stroke himself idly beneath the water.

He wondered if he could make himself cum in the ocean. The answer to that question was 'no.' But not for lack of effort.

*~*~* Part V *~*~*

By noon, they were back on the shaded patio with a pitcher of mai tais and reading paperbacks quietly. Halfway through her second drink, Lizzie rolled onto her belly on her lounge chair with her book. She silently reached over and pulled her brother's free hand onto her ass in a not-too-subtle request for more petting.

After a few minutes, she looked up at him with one eye, "So how does this butt stuff work, Scooter? Jessica seemed to really like it."

He let the Jessica comment pass. "It doesn't work any particular way, sis. There's no magic formula or anything. Just patience. You've got to learn to love your own booty. At least we know that you like having it touched."

"So, this is your genius plan, buttmaster? You're going to rub my ass?"

"For now. Patience my young paduan."

"Paduan? God, you're such a nerd."

"Whatever, size queen."

"Hey, I didn't go looking for Chip's giant sausage, it found me!"

He kept stroking her perfect ass for awhile, sipping his drink and reading his own book, when a gentle next step occurred to him. "Sis? Do you uh... masturbate?"

She looked up with a raised eyebrow, "Wow. Okay. Didn't see that question coming. Yeah, sometimes. Why?"

"Just curious," he looked at her for awhile before continuing, "Any chance you feel like doing it now? Might help you think about your rump in a sexy way."

"Noooooo," she snickered through her answer, "Now let me finish this chapter would you?"

They both read, waiting out the midday sun. The entire time, Richard's right hand slowly worked back and forth across his sister's tiny, red-suited butt. By three o'clock he'd had enough reading.

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