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Work and Play

byNemasis Enforcer©

Chloe was her name, she had worked with Lucy for a quite a while now and the two got on so well.

Lucy had liked Chloe since they started work together; she was about 5½ feet tall, with shoulder length blonde hair and a slim curvaceous body that were topped with a good-sized pair of 36C breasts.

Both were 18 however Lucy had long brown hair and about the same sized breasts as her friend and workmate.

“Hi Lucy, nice day isn’t it” a chirpy Chloe said as Lucy came into the shop where they both worked, today was indeed a hot and sunny day, and Lucy was enjoying being able to wear a tight t-shirt and tight fitting jeans.

“Yes, it is actually!” Lucy implied with a broad smile; a smile that was welcomed and returned by her friend. They had got on really well since starting work almost at the same time; each had often commented as to how good looking the other was.

Chloe watched as Lucy took up her post behind the counter, smiling as she saw the cute girl wiping a bead of sweat from her forehead. It had been in the hi 20’s all week and today seemed like it may have hit 30 degree’s, not the sort of weather you wanted to be stuck in a shop.

Lucy put on a happy smile as Chloe came over and stood next to her at the counter since there was not much to do before any customers arrived.

“Wow, it’s hot today,” Chloe said fanning herself with her hand; then flicking her hair back over her shoulder smiling toward Lucy.

“Yeah wish we had air conditioning” she joked getting a laugh from Chloe who wiped her brow removing some sweat before fanning herself again with her hand.

“You look hot Lucy” Chloe said as she watched some sweat form on her forehead once again.

“Why thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself Chloe” Lucy laughed and flicked her hair back over her shoulder with a big smile to her friend who laughed and winked at her.

“Really well I do work out” Chloe struck some poses like a model and both girls laughed as Chloe pouted at Lucy and opened her top slightly exposing some of her cleavage.

“Stop it” Lucy laughed as she saw a customer come in through the door to the shop “We’ve got a customer”

“Well, later when we have more time I’ll do some private modelling for you” Chloe laughed as she buttoned up her top again and walked away from the counter to serve the customer, he was a rather tall and handsome man.

They both scrutinized him as he walked out after being served, mainly on his backside.

“Hmmm now that’s a guy!” Chloe said as she admired the man walking off, her eyes fixed on his tight arse.

“You’re telling me,” Lucy said as she too watched him walk away and out of the shop.

“Don’t worry Lucy, when I’d finished with him I’d let you have a go” Chloe joked as she returned to her original position standing at the counter next to her friend.

“Oh sure you would! And you’d keep him all to yourself” Lucy laughed as she thought about her friend handing over the guy to her once she’d finished with him.

“Oh, like you wouldn’t Lucy” Chloe joked as she winked to her and gave her a sexy smile, her lips turning up at the corners in a flirty way.

This had been happening for along time between the two, a little smile here and a wink there, both girls had done it but not really realised it was happening, each just putting it down to the friendly atmosphere they shared in each others company.

“Lunch time Lucy” Chloe appeared from the back room of the shop. Lucy looked at her watch and indeed she was right. The hot sun shone down on the pair as they walked to the local café, the usual place to take their lunch breaks.

“God I wish we didn’t have to work today” Chloe moaned as she sat with Lucy at a pavement table; taking a sip of her ice-cold orange juice.

“I know what you mean, I’d love to just stretch out in the garden and sun bathe for a while in this sun” Lucy said shielding her eyes from the bright sun.

“Naked I bet” Chloe replied. Making Lucy choke on her Cola.

“What do you think I am?” she laughed “Some sort of exhibitionist?”

“Well you’d not get many complaints” Chloe joked as she brushed some hair from her friends face.

Lucy opened her mouth and gave a shocked look at her friend before grinning and saying “It wouldn’t be the first time if I did”

“You mean you’ve done it before?” Chloe asked with a shocked smile, Lucy nodded with a cheeky grin.

“It was last month when we had the nice weather, I thought what the hell and took all my clothes off” Lucy explained trying not to laugh at her own words.

“Ohhh boy, oh boy Lucy, I never knew you had this side to you” she laughed taking another sip of her orange juice her eyes not leaving Lucy’s.

“Well you learn something everyday don’t you” Lucy smiled, running her fingers through her hair brushing the long brown locks back over her shoulders before grabbing her Cola again.

“Looks like with you I do” Chloe giggled as she spoke.

The two girls spent the next 45 minutes talking and laughing, the conversation moving to many different topics but finally settling on the man who’d come into the shop earlier.

“So do you really consider he was that good-looking?” Lucy asked her friend as they finished off their dinners, a sandwich each.

“Oh yeah didn’t you?” Chloe asked sticking her tongue out and pretending to drool over him, Lucy let out a giggle.

“He was alright, think he was a bit old though” Lucy said.

“Old he was 25 at most” Chloe said with a smile “Or do you prefer them younger,” she added.

Lucy laughed “Not that young but more like our own age” she said as her friend looked around the other tables.

“Like him you mean?” Chloe pointed out a youngish looking guy a few tables away.

“Yeah that’s more like it, but not my type really” Lucy smiled and giggled, as Chloe asked what her type was exactly because she never seemed to be able to find it.

“Its out there, think we just need to look harder” Lucy joked.

“Maybe you’re looking in the wrong places,” Chloe added as both girls laughed loudly.

“Say do you wanna come over to my place after work?” Chloe asked as they sauntered back to the shop, their lunch break finished.

“Sure I’d be only cooped up in the house anyway; so it will be nice to have the company,” Lucy replied with a cheerful grin.

When the long day ended, Lucy went home to get changed before she went to her friend Chloe’s house. The sun was still bright and hot even though it was 5 pm; Lucy thought it was perfect weather to wear her new thin tight tee shirt and shorts she had bought just the day before.

Chloe made for the door as she heard the bell ring

“Hi there, wow you look great” She said opening the door to her friend “Come in, want anything to drink?”

“Just some water thanks” Lucy said as she walked into the living room,

Chloe was marvelling at her friend’s body, with the hot weather Chloe had been sunbathing a lot, and had tanned adequately, she was forever showing of her body off. Chloe was wearing a pair of tight, but very short shorts, hugging her peach shaped arse showing off her thighs; with the tight tank top hugging her breasts, she looked incredible.

“Here you go Lucy” Chloe handed over a cold glass of chilled water to Lucy as she sat down in a chair across from her on the sofa.

“Thanks” Lucy smiled as she took a sip from the cold glass and admired her friend as she sat open legged on the chair across from her leaning down in the chair her thighs glistening with sweat from the hot day.

“Wow, its still very hot” Chloe said as she waved her hand fanning herself and taking another drink.

“It sure is” Lucy agreed

“I can see the sweat on you from here” Chloe laughed as she saw the thin tee shirt sticking to her friends’ body with sweat.

“Ohhh my god!” Lucy laughed as she looked down at herself and saw the tee shirt was almost see-thru, her white bra showing against the wet.

“And is that a little nipple I see showing?” Chloe laughed as Lucy quickly looked covering herself with cupped hands.

“No couldn’t be not innocent little me” she smiled as she joked with her friend, really it was true her nipples were hard under the bra. They had become erect when she’d been watching Chloe with her legs open. Lucy had never thought about a girl in a sexual way before, but for some reason when she looked at Chloe in this position slumping in the chair, legs open she felt something deep down, she had felt it with guys before but only when she liked them in a sexual way, surly she couldn’t feel the same about a woman?

“Come on innocent’s don’t make me laugh” Chloe said as she drank another mouth full of her drink, spilling some down her own top.

“Oh my god that’s cold!” she screamed as Lucy fell over laughing at her friend as she waved her arms and pulled the tee shirt off quickly her body.

Lucy didn’t know if Chloe knew or not but under the tee shirt Chloe was naked, her breasts were tanned and full, meaning that she had been sunbathing topless. Lucy felt her stomach turn as she saw her friend’s breasts; it was funny how her body was reacting to Chloe like it did her boyfriends. Lucy had always admired Chloe, she was after all, beautiful, and had a great body too.

“Chloe you’re missing a few things” Lucy laughed as she pointed to her friends’ naked breasts, Chloe looked and covered her breasts with a blush, but also a smile. Lucy laughed but was interested to see them again.

‘No this can’t be right, I’m straight’ Lucy thought as she looked at her friend trying to see her breasts again ‘What am I doing, stop it Lucy’ she said to herself over and over as she snapped out of looking at her friend and took a drink of her own water.

“Oh crap I knew there was something I had forgot” Chloe laughed as she looked down at her hands covering her breasts, she looked over to Lucy who was doing the same, her top wet with sweat.

“Will you just look at us two” Lucy said with a broad smile “Both wet and holding our breasts,” they both laughed.

“Could be worse we could be holding each other’s?” Chloe added to another laugh.

“Looking at yours I could think of worse things to do” Lucy said it without even realising it, the words just slipped out and she didn’t think about them till after it was out in the open.

Her face was a picture of embarrassment and horror as she thought her friend was going to go mad at her for saying something so outlandish, much to Lucy’s relief Chloe didn’t go mad she laughed and took it as a joke.

“Good one Lucy” Chloe said as she smiled “Looking at you I’d say the same thing” she added.

Lucy didn’t know it but Chloe was serious about what she had said, looking at her breasts Chloe was feeling a little wet in between her legs, she had never felt this way about a woman but there was something about Lucy, whether it was her face, her hair or her body, something made her feel butterflies in her stomach when ever she looked at her recently.

Both girls sat and laughed for a while sipping their drinks and looking at the other, giving little smiles and winks, neither realising what they were doing.

“I think I need to get changed” Chloe said as she looked at her wet tee shirt, she had been sat topless and uncovered for a while now with no complaints from Lucy. Lucy was, on the other hand, admiring the view of her friend’s breasts, they were firm and Lucy just couldn’t help staring as Chloe’s nipples hardened under her gaze.

“Err Lucy…I’ve got some tops you can change into if you want to borrow one, I can see that wet tee shirt; it can’t be too comfy” Chloe said, pointing to Lucy’s sweat covered tee shirt.

“Thanks it is a bit sticky,” she said pulling it off her skin to prove her point.

Chloe led her friend up to her bedroom, opening the door they entered the big room, and Lucy stood admiring the size and comfy looking bed as Chloe went to a wardrobe and fished out some tee shirts for them to wear.

“Here we go” Chloe said as she came back her breasts swaying as she moved, Lucy’s eyes following them; her pussy was now becoming a little moist.

“Can I wash first?” Lucy asked taking the tee shirt from her friend.

“Sure bathroom’s just over there” Chloe pointed to the door opposite her bedroom.

“Thanks” Lucy quickly ran out of the room and shut the door behind her.

Chloe slumped onto her bed and instantly slipped a hand in-between her panties and bare skin, sliding the fingers down to feel her wet pussy, she’d shaved her pubic hair on a regular basis and was thankful she was soft now, as her palm slid effortlessly over her skin letting her fingers touch her lips.

“Ohh Lucy!” she moaned out as she thought about her friend in the bathroom not more than 20feet away, she didn’t know what had happened to her, this wasn’t Chloe, she didn’t have these thoughts about her friend Lucy or any woman. But here she was with a finger slipping in and out of her pussy and teasing her clit as she imagined Lucy coming out of the bathroom and catching her.

In the bathroom Lucy was sat on the toilet seat, her own hand on her pussy, a finger buried all the way inside. Her tight muscles gripping it tightly as she moan Chloe’s name thinking about her breasts hanging free in front of her face.

“Hmmm” she let out a soft moan as she rubbed her clit, not realising that her friend was doing the exactly same thing in the bedroom.

Both girls worked over their pussy with a hand, the other hand holding a nipple as they moaned the others name…

“Chloe!” Lucy moaned.

“Lucy!” Chloe moaned.

Neither had ever had lesbian thoughts before or fantasies but right now all they could think of was the other girl in the house, Chloe of Lucy and vice versa.

“Ohhh” both moaned as they let another finger slip into their pussy’s, both also imagining it was that of their friend…

Lucy pulled her hand out of her panties quickly.

“Oh my God! What am I doing” she said loudly, “I'm not a lesbian, I should just go get a wash and get changed,” she said trying to ignore the wetness in her panties. Chloe had stopped too and was looking at herself in a mirror.

“What is wrong with me? She’s a woman I’m straight, I should be having these thoughts about her” she scolded herself but the wetness in her pussy made her realise the words were wrong, Lucy was turning her on; and in fact, more then any guy ever had before.

After washing Lucy opened the door and went back to the bedroom, her mind was on Chloe and the feelings she seemed to be developing for her, she didn’t realise she had forgot to put her bra back on.

Walking back into the bedroom Lucy’s breasts stood high and firm on her chest as Chloe looked at them Lucy’s nipples hardened.

Lucy’s face reddened as she realised her nipples were hardening and that it was the mere look of Chloe’s eyes that had done it to them. Chloe was embarrassed too; she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the most beautiful, well only, pair of breasts she has seen apart from her own. Lucy gave a nervous smile as she looked at her friend.

“So you like?” she wriggled, trying to joke her way around this tension but that was not going to do it. Chloe just looked at her with a smile, she was nervous too but curious to know what her friend was thinking.

“I do Lucy, you have a great body,” she said hesitantly, blushing as the words came out.

“So do you… in fact I’ve been thinking about it for a while” Lucy was bold with this statement, she didn’t want to be bold, she didn’t want to have these feelings but she did. Chloe looked shyly at her and smiled.

“Snap” she said with a little giggle. Both girls laughed as they realised the true meaning?

It was Chloe who moved first, walking over shaking to her friend, and then stood just in front of her, their breast almost touching they were so close.

“I don’t know why but I’ve not been able to take my eyes off you all day” Chloe said looking into her friends eyes.

“I know I’ve been the same with you Chloe” Lucy’s eyes were filled with lust as was her voice; it was cracking as she spoke.

“I can’t explain it, but I’ve wanted to touch you, to caress you, taste you” Chloe said as she reached out and took her friends soft hand in her own, holding it loosely, she smiled.

“I’ve wanted the same things,” Lucy said as she took her friends other hand in hers. Chloe looked deep into her eyes and smiled happily.

“I have never felt this way about any girl before” she confessed.

“I haven’t either, never even though about it, but with you like this I just can’t help myself” Lucy said as she leaned her head forwards along with Chloe for a kiss.

It seemed to take forever for their lips to meet, both girls had their eyes closed and kept stopping as they leaned forwards, hesitating with anxiety at kissing a girl for the first time.

Finally their lips met; slowly and softly the lips of each girl pressed together, neither dare do anything other then rest their lips on the other’s. The kiss lasted for a while before Chloe opened her eyes and pulled away from her friends face.

“What wrong?” Lucy asked anxiously, her eyes showing her apprehension as to what had happened.

“I don’t know, I just didn’t think…” Chloe stopped and thought about her next words.

“You didn’t enjoy it did you” Lucy said in an embarrassed voice “I'm sorry we shouldn’t have…” she was stopped by another kiss from Chloe, it was another soft kiss, no tongue, not much pressure, just the meeting of their lips.

“I didn’t think I’d like it so much” Chloe said as she took her lips off Lucy’s and smiled, looking deep into her friends eyes. Lucy felt a massive weight lift off her shoulders.

“It was the best kiss I ever had” Lucy said as she smiled and put a hand on her friend’s cheek, rubbing it with her thumb. Chloe smiled and leaned forwards as the pair kissed again, this time, however, Chloe let her tongue slip out of her mouth and lick Lucy’s lips.

“Hmm” Lucy moaned out gently as she felt the tongue on her lips, her heart was racing and her panties were wet as she felt Chloe slip a hand around waist and pull her close into herself, their breasts rubbing together, Lucy’s nipples, pressed and rubbing on Chloe’s, stimulating both girls.

Chloe felt a shock through her body as her nipples rubbed lightly on the erect nipples of her friend, their skin pressed together, a thin layer of sweat on both of them mixing together and soaking down their tight bodies.

Slowly opening her mouth, Lucy let Chloe’s tongue inside, it was not a quick shove in, Chloe took her time, nervous at what it would be like to kiss a woman sensually for the first time. Lucy left her friends tongue lick over the inside of her lips, a shockwave passing down her body as she felt the tip of Chloe’s tongue touch her own.

Chloe quickly pulled away as she felt Lucy flinch when their tongues met for the first time. She was concerned Lucy was having second thoughts, after all Chloe still wasn’t sure of what she was doing so why should Lucy be.

“What’s wrong?” Lucy asked as she felt the lips removed from her own.

“You flinched” Chloe said still holding her friend around the waist.

“I’ve never felt this before silly, I’m nervous” Lucy giggled as she pulled Chloe back into her body, their breasts squashing against the others again, the erect nipples rubbing against the skin around the breasts opposite. Their lips met again, this time Lucy let her tongue slip out into Chloe’s meeting in her mouth, they swirled against her cheeks and as the kiss became a little more passionate but not the type you see in porn movie. They were being gentle with each other, neither girl was sure what was going on, but knew it felt right at this moment.

Chloe swirled her tongue softly over Lucy’s both girls moaning as they hugged each other’s bodies with their arms, neither wanting to let go and let the feeling of their friend’s breasts squashed up or the erect nipples poking in, leave them. Chloe let go of her friend and took her by the hand, walking over to the bed.

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