Work and Play

byNemasis Enforcer©

For a split moment Lucy was a little apprehensive; her heart was beating like a drum as Chloe turned her back facing to the bed and kissed her again, Lucy felt safe in Chloe’s arms and trusted her.

Chloe slowly lie Lucy back onto the bed crawling up onto the soft mattress with her she laid next to her half naked friend and looked into her eyes. Lucy smiled back as she saw the look of desire in Chloe’s eyes, she felt it too, a yearning to please this girl, and be pleased by her, but her head was saying different. Lucy was so nervous she thought her heart was going to pound out of her chest, but she tried to keep it under control.

Chloe slowly started to get her nerve up, leaned down and kissed softly on Lucy’s right nipple, the erect nub sending a shock wave straight to her pussy, which dribbled juice immediately into her panties, soaking them.

“Ohhh!” Lucy moaned, feeling Chloe’s tongue lick over the top of her nipple softly, luckily she’d had, had her nipples sucked by guys before but this, this was different, there was something special about the way Chloe was doing it, firstly she would lick just the tip and then give a little suck. Chloe’s saliva dripping down Lucy’s breast adding to the pleasure as her nipple was licked again.

Lucy knew that her panties were drenched as she felt Chloe move over to the other breast planting soft kisses around the erect nipple and softly squeezing the flesh before taking it into her mouth. Lucy moaned again, a long drawn out moan as she felt the slightest grip of teeth on the erect nub that was sending her to paradise.

Chloe was listening to every noise Lucy made, if she got a long moan she knew to do that again, it was something she had been taught by a friend, always listen for what sounds nice. She knew how sensitive her own nipples got when she’s turned on and with a good guess, she was right that Lucy’s did too.

Chloe licked the hard nipple of Lucy’s left breast flicking her tongue over it as she squeezed the flesh around it softly with her hands, her fingers gripping just under the sensitive nipple and making the pleasure of having it sucked and licked heighten even greater.

Slowly Chloe let go of the breast and rubbed her hand down Lucy’s stomach, ticking her as it went, Lucy squirmed on the bed from a mixture of pleasure, nerves and laughter.

Finally Chloe rested her palm on Lucy’s crotch, the little shorts and panties the only thing between Chloe’s hand and Lucy’s dripping pussy. Lucy couldn’t remember ever being so wet; her juice’s were flowing and filling her panties as she felt Chloe’s hand touch her stomach just above the waistband of them, her fingers slipping down her body slowly.

Lucy’s eyes widened as she felt the fingertips of friends fingers slipped down her pubic bone, touching the top of her pussy lips. Chloe slid her fingers slowly down the lips separating them, feeling the wetness she moaned and sucked Lucy’s nipple harder.

Lucy could feel her lips being pushed open and Chloe’s finger’s slipping slightly inside, she had her head back on the pillow and her eyes were closed tight as Chloe rubbed her clit softly with the very tips of her fingers.

“Ohhh!” Lucy moaned as she felt the shock of her clit being rubbed, her pussy tightened and she felt a massive orgasm rip through her body, her back arching up and pressing her breasts into Chloe’s face as she came from just the touch of her clit.

Chloe looked up to her and smiled, before slowly straddling Lucy’s thighs and resting back on her own legs, her chest pressed out and nipples hard. Lucy looked up to her face when her orgasm had finally subsided and saw the look on it, it was one of lust, Lucy didn’t know it but she had the same look on her own.

Chloe leaned down and let her nipples brush over Lucy’s skin, the hard nub’s tickling her as Chloe slid down the bed until her face was in front of Lucy’s crotch. Chloe saw the wet patch in the shorts, she knew that Lucy had cum hard but she had no idea it was this hard.

Reaching up Chloe slipped her hands into the waistband of the shorts and slowly pulling them down Lucy’s legs. Lucy lifted her arse off the bed to aid her friend in taking off the only barrier between them. Chloe dropped the shorts and went back to Lucy’s, now panty clad, pussy.

Chloe slowly pressed her face between Lucy’s thighs, kissing the soft flesh moving closer towards her pussy with every kiss of her soft lips on the tight skin. Lucy moaned as she felt the hot breath of her friend on her panties right over her pussy as Chloe kissed the wet gusset.

Lucy arched on the bed and lifted her arse as she felt Chloe lick the wet panties, the heat of her breath sending a shock right through Lucy’s pussy and to her clit. Chloe grabbed Lucy’s thighs and held them tight as she felt the legs grip her head tightly; she caressed the sides of Lucy’s thighs as she listened to her moan with pleasure over and over. Finally Chloe slipped her fingers into the panties, slipping them down Lucy’s legs revealing her naked and dripping pussy to the hot air of the room.

Lucy gripped the sheets tightly as Chloe placed her head slowly between her thighs once more, this time the cool breath’s she took hitting Lucy’s open and puffy lips and making her shudder. Chloe smiled as she blew cold air onto Lucy’s red hot pussy, stopping on her clit for a while she loved teasing her friend.

Lucy grabbed big handfuls of the sheeting on the bed as she moaned and writhed from the pleasure of her friend’s breath on her dripping pussy. Chloe loved the aroma of Lucy, she smelt sweet and it was inviting and intoxicating as she breathed in the tang deeply before flicking her tongue over the outer lips of Lucy’s pussy.

Lucy’s eyes flew open as she felt the tongue slide up to her clit, flicking over it and making her body shake with the pleasure of such a sensual touch. Chloe licked back down again, holding Lucy’s thighs and stroking them lightly and lovingly as she savoured another woman for the first time ever.

Chloe thought about the time she had tasted her own juice licking her fingers when she had orgasmed all over them after a long masturbation session, it was sweet and tangy all at once; Lucy had a slightly different taste to her own, more tangy but oh, ho so nice to have on the tongue.

Lucy couldn’t believe what it felt like to have Chloe lick her pussy like this, then it happened, she felt Chloe’s tongue slowly worm its way inside her open lips and rub over her clit, It was actually only a light touch, but the reaction Lucy gave was spectacular. Arching her back high, Lucy orgasmed, the biggest of her young life, her cum flowed all over Chloe’s face as she flicked her tongue over the opening of Lucy’s pussy and lapped up the cum, swallowing many times as Lucy moaned her name over and over.

“Ohhh Chloe! Chloe… Chloe” was all Lucy could say; it wasn’t a shout more a moan of appreciation as she felt her thighs released and Chloe move her body up the bed, rubbing her breasts against Lucy’s side an kissing her neck before Lucy looked at her and their lips met softly. Lucy could taste her own juice on Chloe’s lips, she though it was a strange taste but it made her want Chloe even more.

Lucy leaned her friend back on the bed and kissed her slowly, her hand sliding over Chloe’s breasts and down to her crotch, resting over the point where her pussy was under the shorts and panties.

Chloe moaned, lifting her knees up resting her feet flat on the bed as Lucy’s hand rubbed over her crotch. Lucy got up and moved to the bottom of the bed and crawled slowly between Chloe’s open thighs, Chloe opening them more to give her room before gripping them around Lucy’s waist as she leaned down and kissed Chloe’s breasts. She was doing what Chloe had done to her, Lucy knew what it felt like and she wanted Chloe to feel the same thing.

Kissing the nipple of her left breast, Lucy ran her teeth over it and got a moan from Chloe, Lucy did it again and squeezed the soft flesh of both breasts with her hands, Chloe could feel the heat in her pussy rise as Lucy nibbled her nipples, moving from one to the other.

With her tights holding onto Lucy’s hips and waist she pulled her body tightly against her own, Lucy’s pubic bone pressing into her pussy and putting pressure on her clit.

“Ohhh God!” Chloe moaned into Lucy’s ear as she rubbed her clit onto Lucy’s pubic bone. Lucy was moaning too as she felt the wetness from Chloe’s pussy on her skin, It was such a sensual thing the way the two women rocked and ground into each other’s bodies. Chloe was panting as she felt her clit rub all over Lucy’s skin, her orgasm was gaining pace fast, and soon it was going to explode, she could tell it was going to be a big one.

Lucy reached down with her hands holding onto Chloe’s thighs rubbing them as she moaned and kissed her nipples, sucking each into her mouth and suckling like a baby on it.

“Oh Lucy! I’m so close” Chloe moaned as she felt an orgasm near.

Lucy pulled Chloe’s thighs off her waist and slid down the bed, resting her hands on the shorts and panties she pulled them off, Chloe doing her part to help get them off by lifting her arse off the bed and then her feet.

Finally Chloe’s pussy was revealed, Lucy could see the wetness on the lips, they themselves all puffy and engorged with her juices Chloe’s clit poking out of its hood, all hard and almost begging for a touch. Lucy leaned slowly, a little unsure of what to expect but she had got so much pleasure from Chloe’s tongue she could not deny her the same treatment.

Chloe moaned out as she felt the wet tongue of Lucy slip over her clit, flicking it a little with the tip before running it over the outer lips licking up some of the juice that was dripping out. Lucy knew what she liked to do to herself and she wanted Chloe to experience it too.

Licking over her friend’s clit, Lucy slipped two fingers into the tight little hole of Chloe’s pussy working them deep she felt the heat and wetness as the muscles gripped them. Chloe moaned as she felt her pussy opened up and the fingers slide inside, as the tongue worked over her clit so softly. Lucy moaned into her friends pussy as she felt Chloe’s orgasm start, the muscles tightened all over her body and like Lucy she arched her back off the bed, hands gripping the sheet tightly.

Chloe came hard, the juice shooting out of her pussy and onto Lucy’s tongue as she swallowed it down, savouring the taste and the feel of Chloe’s body as she shook and moaned.

When Chloe had finished, she came down from her amazing orgasm Lucy laid on the bed next to her and they cuddled together, legs over each other’s waist and breasts pressing together. Slowly they fell to sleep head to head dreaming what took so long for them to do this.

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