tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWork: Caught by the Cook

Work: Caught by the Cook


Author's note: this was written at the request of a reader. Hopefully I did it justice... there will be a second part of the story as well, also requested =)


Rob worked as a cook at a family restaurant, he was the only cook on late in the evenings because there just weren't that many people going in and out. At thirty-five years old this wasn't really where he had expected to be, but he liked the place and he liked the people It was enough pay to live on and have some for fun, and that's what he liked... lots of people liked to come eat there because he was a good cook and they liked the intimacy of it. Certain people worked at certain times during the day, there was a comforting security to it that was so often missing in modern busy lives.

There was also only one waitress on in the late evenings, the beautiful brunette Wendy. Twenty-seven years old and gorgeous, she was leggy and always had a smile for everyone... he actually wasn't sure what attracted him the most, her good looks or her personality. Wendy was the unassuming kind of girl, the one who didn't know she was beautiful, didn't know how sexy she was. And she was one of the most genuinely nice people he'd ever met.

The two of them were pretty much in charge of closing down the restaurant, Pop Miller would open it in the morning - it was his place - but Rob was the usual closer. Tonight things were winding down a little earlier than usual, he had finished his cleaning in record time. It helped that no one had wanted anything from the fryers at the end, he'd ended up closing those down and cleaning them up early.

As usual Wendy had disappeared to the back storage room to get things straightened up and organized back there. He went back looking for her, excited to be getting home early... she didn't need to straighten the whole room - even though she usually did. They could both go home early tonight.

On his way back he heard some odd moans coming down the hall, frowning he quickened his pace and then blushed as he realized that the moans sounded oddly... erotic... could she? No... stopping at the door he peeked in through the crack that was left open...

Wendy was bent over with her breasts hanging out of her shirt, although he could see too much of them. What he could see mostly was her creamy thighs and ass and her pale pink pussy which she was stroking with one of her hands. Her other hand was preoccupied by pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts.

Stifling a moan, the horny cook stared lustfully at her gorgeous ass... he'd always admired it from afar when it was covered, but he never thought he'd ever be so lucky as to see it for real. Rob was most definitely an ass man, and Wendy had a fantastic one; curvy, firm, and now he could see that it was completely unblemished and ivory. Although he knew that it was wrong to be watching, that he should probably go back down the hallway and come back walking loudly so that she would know he was there... he couldn't help it. He wanted to enjoy the view of her ass pointing straight at him, and the way its tight hole winked at him as she plunged her fingers into her wet pussy, he wanted to enjoy watching her pleasure herself...

So rather than retreating or saying anything, he quietly reached into his pants and began to fist his dick, his eyes locked onto her upturned rear and pussy. He wished it was his dick rather than her two fingers in her pussy, but watching was almost as good. Squeezing himself and moving his hand up and down the shaft, rubbing the head, he watched lustfully as her ass waved in the air.

"Oh... Oh... yes..." she started panting, moaning really. The hand that had been playing with her breasts abandoned them to steady herself, she clung to the shelves in front of her as her fingers pressed deeper into her pussy. Then one of her fingers slipped out of her pussy and back to her ass, sliding into the tight hole erotically. Rob nearly groaned as he watched this invasion of her back door, Wendy was so innocent looking that he'd had no idea she could possibly be into something like THAT. Seeing her actually playing with herself - and then sticking a finger in her ass! - just completely blew him away.

He had to be the luckiest man on earth...

As she continued to stroke her holes he started wondering how often she did this. Wendy always went to straighten up the backroom while he cleaned the kitchen... no one else was ever around and by now she surely knew exactly how long it took him to clean up. She could do this every single day and no one would ever know... it sure gave new meaning to when she would tell him, "I'm going to the back."!

Rob wondered if she said it that way on purpose... perhaps every day she would come back here and masturbate, sticking her fingers up her ass.

His mind stopped wandering when she started actually talking dirty... and one of the things that she said was his name.

"Oh yes... Oh God Yes.... give it to me... give it to me deep... oh you dirty man Rob... oh you're in my ass.... oh God Rob... your dick is so far up my ass.... oh I can feel it! Oh.. it hurts so good..." Wendy was completely lost in her own world, a second finger pushing into her tight ass hole as she moaned and moved her hips against the air. Rob suddenly realized that she was imagining a man behind her, fucking her tight ass while she played with her pussy... and that the man she was picturing was him.

It was almost enough to make him cum right there on the spot... but he couldn't be totally sure it was him could he? Did she even know any other Rob's?

His dick swelled in his hand, anxious to get at her tight ass the way she was obviously imagining. Her hips were moving back and forth as her fingers pumped in and out of her holes, her legs trembling to stay up as she fucked herself. Practically hanging off the shelf now, she was clinging to it with one hand, hanging on for dear life as she moved her fingers faster and faster. Hah, if he was fucking her ass she'd have to be hanging on with both hands, no way he would hold back enough for her to hang on with one... it'd be his hand in her pussy not hers.

Wendy's breasts were flopping back and forth underneath her as she moved, her mouth hanging open as she panted erotically. Her face was getting flushed as she frigged herself harder, moaning louder and louder, begging "Rob" to cum in her tight ass. Oh how he wanted to... his hand moved faster as hers did, matching the pace... he was groaning very softly under his breath now but she was far too lost in her own lusts to even notice. Squeezing his balls underneath him he kept himself from cumming as she moved faster and faster... his hand bore down on his dick, the same way her tight gripping as would if he was thrusting in and out of it.


Rob gasped as Wendy's voice echoed through the room, although he could tell that it would be barely audible down the hall. His dick took her suggestion - even though it wasn't in her ass - and he started cumming, sperm shooting onto the door and the floor. His mind was racing even as he came... the door was partially open, did she want to be caught? She looked gorgeous as she came, flushed and pink, her pussy juices on her upper thighs and her hand pressed tightly against her holes. Gasping softly, he watched as she shuddered and sagged against the shelves.

For a moment she stood there panting, and he stood frozen. Even if he left now she'd see the mess that he'd made unless he managed to clean it up. And how was he supposed to do that while she was still in the room?

Then, to his surprise, she pulled the fingers from her pussy, but started to move the ones in her ass again,

"Ohh.... Rob you dirty man... why aren't you done with my ass yet?? OH... yes, that feels good..."

That did it. His dick was already working its way back up again. Wendy obviously wanted it and she wanted it from him. If he didn't take this opportunity now, he'd regret it for the rest of his life.

Mouth dry he pushed the door open as her head flew up, an expression of excited surprise on her face, a fantasy that unexpectedly comes true...

"Need some help with that?" he asked.

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