tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWork is Work Ch. 02

Work is Work Ch. 02


Anna-Maria went home Friday night feeling down. All the way home her thoughts kept returning to the scene in the board room with her and Rosa and Alex and John. Even now she could see herself, as if she were looking at another person, giggling like a schoolgirl while Rosa yanked her blouse and bra over her head leaving her topless. Then she had tugged Rosa's dress over her head leaving the other woman completely nude. And then of course Rosa had stripped Anna's remaining clothes from her so that she too was completely nude.

"I'm sure those guys are thinking about it a lot too," she snorted to herself.

She sighed and began to piece together her thoughts on everything that had happened since Monday.

It had all started out with such high hopes and big dreams. Her new job as sales rep was going to be great and she was going to be great at it. The first hurdle had been getting used to Rosa. One of the first things Rosa told her was that she dressed like a dowdy old maid. The week before she started her new job, she had spent two days looking around at some of the best shops in town, looking for and finally finding just the right suits. They were conservative but they were stylish too. Every person she spoke to had advised her that young professionals needed to dress modestly in order to be taken seriously. But as soon as she arrived at work last week Rosa had said exactly the opposite. Rosa dressed provocatively and she said the proof was in her sales figures.

Anna-Maria checked Rosa's record that first night and saw that she was number three in the whole company. Numbers one and two were also women and, judging by their file photos, seemed to follow the same formula as Rosa.

Anne Mitsuyo was number two and had outperformed Rosa only marginally. As her name suggested she was Japanese and had the same body type as Rosa and Anna-Maria, both of them being Filipina. Petite with small breasts and a slight build, Anne was nevertheless extremely attractive. The file photo showed her only from the torso up, but the blouse she wore in it seemed to be practically sheer and was cut so low her tiny cleavage was easily seen.

Anna-Maria found herself admiring the woman's looks and subconsciously comparing herself to her; unfavorably as it turned out.

Jane Russo was number one and, if Anne Mitsuyo was attractive, Jane was a knockout! She was blonde and had the poise of a supermodel. Her file photo was full length and Anna could well imagine any man drooling over the image. She even found herself getting tingly while looking at it. The woman looked about thirty and had the sculpted body of someone who worked out incessantly. In the picture she was wearing a dark blue dress that hugged her curves like a racecar on an oval track. The neck line was low enough to show a spectacular cleavage and her breasts had to be a D-cup. She had large areolas that could be seen as outlines in the fabric of her dress. Her hips were big and round although Anna-Maria guessed that her measurements were close to a perfect 38-28-38. Her dress hugged her hips tightly and fell to mid-thigh where her marvelous looking legs completed the picture. Her skin was smooth and flawless and the well toned muscles told of numerous hours in the gym.

Jane's sales figures made all the others seem paltry at best. She outsold Rosa by a factor of three and Anne by just under that. The feedback from her customers ranged from very good to exceptional, some of them making comments such as, "Don't ever let her go or I'll hire her", and, "She really puts the service into customer service!"

"I'll bet she does," Anna-Maria muttered to herself.

She could well imagine what both Anne Mitsuyo and Jane Russo had done to impress their clients so much after seeing Rosa in action. Anna pictured the scene in the board room once more; Rosa stroking John's cock while he fingered her pussy, Rosa giggling girlishly and guiding John's cock into her vagina while she sat on the edge of the meeting table. Of course, she herself was just as guilty having let Alex fuck her twice and sucking both men off while negotiating their next order.

Once again her nipples hardened into little nubs inside her plain white bra, the same white bra that Rosa had awkwardly pulled off of her to reveal her tits to the two men as they watched excitedly.

She unconsciously cupped her left breast as she drove home, causing another shiver to run through her.

She sighed again when she realized what she had done and forced herself to calm down and try to think clearly.

The truth was she had enjoyed the tryst in the meeting room probably just as much as the two men had. She'd had three orgasms, the aftershocks of which had lasted until well past the time Rosa dropped her off at her car.

Then there was the goodbye kiss she'd gotten from Rosa in the car. The older woman had leaned forward and, after congratulating her on her negotiating skills, had placed her lips delicately against hers. Anna-Maria closed her eyes instinctively and then Rosa's tongue was probing past her lips. Anna returned the kiss and Rosa slipped her hand under her dress and slipped her finger past her plain white panties and deep into her vagina.

Without thinking about it Anna-Maria had her fourth orgasm of the day and lay back on the car seat breathing heavily and fluttering her eyes in spasm.

Rosa grinned and kissed her lightly once more.

"You've given this old lady something to look forward to on Monday," she said. "You did very well this week and I'm proud of you."

Anna-Maria sighed again and drove the rest of the way home.


That night was Friday night but she didn't feel like going anywhere. Her friends called her to say they were going clubbing but she declined to go with them. Instead she ran a hot bath and poured herself a glass of wine. Of course one glass led to two and then a third was past her lips and by then she was quite drunk.

She reclined in the tub and looked down at her naked form as she once again began thinking about the board room.

She grinned in spite of herself when she thought about Alex. She had been sitting in his lap and then his cock was in her hand. She had been in a fog of arousal and had unzipped his pants so she could place her hand on its rigid form. She was beyond excited by that time after watching Rosa take John's cock deep inside her. Then, as if it happened without her awareness, Alex's penis found its way into her vagina.

She closed her eyes and sighed as she remembered the feel of it popping past her outer lips when she parted her legs slightly. She moaned softly at the remembered sensation and then realized that her fingers had parted her pussy lips and were dipping into her wetness. She giggled softly and pushed her fingers deeper. She closed her eyes again and lost herself for a while, her hips rocking rhythmically and her breathing becoming more shallow as her orgasm approached.

Just as her orgasm hit she saw Rosa in her mind's eye, naked and reaching forward to fondle Anna's breast just as she had done in the board room. As her climax washed over her the feel of Rosa's finger penetrating her came to her and she cried out in ecstasy.

She opened her eyes and saw she was alone and sighed. With an effort she climbed out of the tub and dried herself. She went to her bed wrapped in her towel and knew no more until morning.


The nausea and headache she felt in the morning was powerful.

She had never been a drinker. Typically one glass of wine was good enough for her. Two glasses always made her tipsy. Three almost always made her regret. This morning was filled with regret.

She stumbled to the kitchen and made coffee. She sat down at the breakfast nook and put her aching head in her hands with her elbows on the white laminated table. When the coffee was ready she sipped at it desultorily. She raised her bleary eyes and looked toward the balcony. Almost immediately the bright sunlight stabbed into her eyes like knives. She moaned and buried her head in her hands once more.

The knock on the door was as unwelcome as it was unexpected.

She cast a wary eye toward the front entrance and then looked down at herself still wrapped in the towel she had dried herself with before she passed out the night before. Hoping whoever it was would go away she once again buried her head in her hands.

The knocking came again and she moaned pitifully.

She looked up at the doorway once more and groaned as she rose to her feet. She crept toward the door cautiously, still hoping that her morning visitor would just go away. She put both hands against the door as quietly as she could and pressed her eye to the peep hole. She blinked in surprise and more than a little alarm when she saw Rosa waiting patiently outside the door.

She sighed heavily and leaned against the wall beside the door. She closed her eyes and groaned quietly.

Once again Rosa knocked and Anna-Maria bowed in surrender. She opened the door and stumbled back to the table to get her coffee without turning to look at her guest. She picked up the mug and sipped at it gingerly while the pounding in her head threatened to make her vomit.

"My God," Rosa said with a laugh, "look at you!"

Anna-Maria mutely held up her coffee mug in illustration and pointed at the coffeemaker hoping that Rosa would get the message that she could pour her own. She then went back to holding her head in her hands.

Rosa frowned and randomly opened a few cupboards until she found herself a mug and then poured some coffee. She put milk into it and then sat down across from Anna and looked at the younger girl curiously.

"You must have had quite a night," she said after a moment of silence.

Anna just groaned in response.

Rosa sighed and idly looked around the apartment. It was small but the décor was passable. The dominant color was white; the walls, the furnishings and a few odds and ends. Some browns and blacks complimented the whites. Rosa decided that Anna-Maria had good taste.

She looked the girl over and took in her barely covered body. With her head bowed over her hands Anna's long hair fell forward covering her face and touched the surface of the breakfast table. The towel wrapped around her covered the girl's torso a couple of inches above the girl's breasts leaving her upper chest and shoulders uncovered. She cocked her head to one side and looked at Anna's upper thighs and legs beneath the table. The towel she wore was tied securely at her chest but the folds parted over her lap as she sat down. Although there were too many shadows to tell for sure, she thought she could see some wisps of Anna's pubic hair peeking out from under the towel.

Remembering the sight of Anna's naked body the day before Rosa grinned and stood up.

She went to the balcony and slid the door open to step outside. The sun was warm and bright and it felt like a great day to be alive. She stood in the sun for a moment and then went back inside to see that Anna-Maria had not moved.

"You do realize it's almost eleven o'clock don't you?" Rosa asked her.

Anna didn't give any sign that she had heard her.

Rosa laughed quietly to herself once more and sat down at the table again. She stared at Anna for a few minutes and pursed her lips.

"What you need is to drink lots of water," she said.

Anna moaned again. Rosa studied her dispassionately and shifted in her seat. She sipped at her coffee and frowned while staring at Anna-Maria.

"I've made an appointment for us to meet with a customer in one hour.

Anna looked up balefully and then closed her eyes again.

"No," she said flatly.

Rosa's basilisk-like stare returned. She looked at the girl coldly and looked at her watch.

"Ted Mullins is expecting us at 12:30 for lunch," she said.

"I said no," Anna muttered.

Rosa frowned again and looked at the ceiling.

"Get up and get in the shower," she said briskly. "We can't have you looking like that to meet a client."

Anna looked up again and this time managed to keep her head up long enough to return Rosa's glare.

"This is Saturday," she said coldly. "Maybe you should have mentioned this meeting to me yesterday. Then I might have been ready for it. If you really want to go meet him, go ahead. I won't stop you."

Rosa pursed her lips once more and then stood up. Anna-Maria, satisfied that she had won a battle, rested her head in her hands and stared down at the table while her head thudded mercilessly.

Rosa walked up behind Anna and suddenly reached down and lifted the girl bodily with her hands in Anna's armpits. Anna squawked in surprise and shock and found herself being walked through her own apartment and to the bathroom. She protested loudly but Rosa was not listening. When they passed through the bathroom door they both saw that the bathwater from last night was still in the tub.

Anna felt her towel being yanked off her body and then she was dumped unceremoniously into the cold water. She sloshed around and sputtered indignantly.

"Why did you do that?" she cried out mournfully.

"Hurry up," Rosa said sternly. "We don't have much time. We don't want to disappoint Jim. He's going to like you. I just know it!"

"Go to hell!" Anna shouted while sitting on her haunches in the frigid water.

"Nonsense," Rosa said.

In one fluid motion, she reached down to her hemline and lifted her dress over her head. She kicked off her shoes and, because she wore no underwear, she was now nude. She hung the dress on a hook on the door and stepped into the bath behind Anna. With surprising strength she lifted the younger girl again and began scrubbing her with a bar of soap she found in a tray on the edge of the tub.

With her hangover and her weakened state, Anna was no match for her determined coworker. She soon gave up struggling and gave in to the bathing. Rosa, sensing she had once again won the battle of wits, began chuckling as she ran her hands over the taut young body in her hands.

"Let me give you something to warm you up for our meeting," she cackled.

She began pressing her soapy hands into Anna's groin, sliding her palms back and forth and over and around the girl's pubis. Anna soon found herself squirming with pleasure as Rosa touched every hot button she had, and a few she didn't know she had besides.

"Oh God," Anna cried, "What are you doing to me!"

Rosa snickered and plunged the fingers from one hand into Anna's pussy while rubbing at her clitoris and outer lips with the other.

Anna suddenly went tense and a loud gasp escaped her lips. Rosa held on to her tightly with one hand across her B-cup tits and the other squishing into her vagina. She felt Anna's nipples harden into nubs and her legs begin to quiver and then she went limp in her arms. Rosa lifted the girl out of the tub and rubbed her down with the same towel she had so recently ripped off her body.

By now Anna was putty in Rosa's hands and she was pushed gently to the sink.

"Now brush your teeth and do something with that beautiful hair of yours," Rosa whispered into her ear. "We want to impress Jim so we can keep his business for the next few months."

Anna looked doubtfully at her in the mirror but Rosa sternly pointed to the toothbrush in the cup by the sink and turned away without another word. Anna watched her walk away, toweling herself dry and then slipping her dress over her head to fall in place over her lithe body.

She sighed and started to clean her teeth while wondering how she was going to be ready to see a client in a little over an hour.

When Anna returned to her bedroom she found Rosa going through her closet. One by one she held an outfit up for inspection, pursed her lips in thought for a moment and then returned it to its hook. Finally she pulled out a white cotton skirt and a pale blue blouse. Anna-Maria quietly sighed with relief, knowing Rosa's penchant for revealing clothes. She had been afraid Rosa would force her to wear something that would leave her practically naked.

She went to her dresser and pulled out a bra and panties. When she began to pull the panties on Rosa clucked her tongue and told her to stop.

"You won't need those," she said with authority.

"I can't go out without underwear!" Anna complained.

Rosa frowned and shook her head.

"Do you want to make a sale," she asked acerbically, "or be an uptight spinster again?"

Knowing how useless it was to argue with the older woman, Anna gave in and put on the skirt and blouse with no bra or panties underneath. As she studied her reflection in the mirror she was relieved to see that neither of them would be at all shear. Only if her skirt flew up in a gust of wind or if she unbuttoned the top three buttons would she be on display.

Rosa led her outside and they got into her car and started to drive.


Ted Mullins had high expectations. Since Rosa's phone call last night he hadn't been able to keep his erection under control.

Ted loved Oriental girls. He especially loved Filipina girls and Rosa was one very delectable Filipina. She also happened to be one very delectable Filipina who loved to fuck. His relationship with her went back to her first day as one of his supplier reps. As soon as he laid eyes on her his eyes went wide. She was so beautiful and Filipina to boot! Ted was in heaven.

He soon found out that she used her sexuality to sell her product. He was so proud of himself that he didn't give in to her pitch until their third face to face meeting. Because he had played hard to get, he had her on her knees under his desk with his cock in her mouth before the meeting concluded.

Since that first tryst in his office he always scheduled meetings with her off site at locations where he could see and use her body properly. Once it was a secluded park where he sat on a park bench with a digital camera while she waded naked into a small brook. After the photo shoot she had sucked him into her mouth and then let him cum all over her tits, her nipples still hard from the chilly water. Another time she had ridden him in the back seat of his Lincoln convertible in a restaurant parking lot. Her tiny dress was hiked over her waist just enough to let her straddle his lap and her spaghetti straps were lowered so he could see her tits while they fucked.

Today he was waiting for her in a café with a bustling sidewalk eatery just a few steps away. He wasn't sure how he was going to get his rocks off today, but he was pretty sure that Rosa would work those details out after she got here.

What got him even more excited was her explanation that she was bringing a friend with her, a young Filipina girl she was sure he would like just as much as her.

His erection pressed against the inside of his pants and he was sure his underwear was already stained with cum.

When the girls arrived Anna-Maria looked at Ted and tried not to show her disappointment in his looks. He was about forty but looked older. He had the nicotine stains of a habitual smoker and the sallow eyes of a heavy drinker. His slacks were expensive but didn't fit him properly. His shirt also was top drawer, but the wrinkles robbed it of any ability to impress. His lanky hair was plastered down with too much gel and she could smell his cheap cologne from across the room.

She turned her head partially away and, when she turned back, had her facial expression under control.

Rosa walked unerringly to his table and greeted him like a long lost lover. Ted blushed and stammered like a smitten schoolboy. Anna came forward and greeted him as Rosa had taught her, with a mixture of demure shyness and then giving him a smoldering look after a moment which she then hid.

When they sat Rosa took the seat on the bench next to Ted and insisted that Anna-Maria take the chair immediately on his other side.

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