tagGay MaleWork Out Buddies Ch. 02

Work Out Buddies Ch. 02


Thank you for the feedback to the first part of this story, I hope that you enjoy the direction that it is taking.

He I am, 49 and married in the Midwest and I just had the most intense sexual experience of my life. I’m wondering if this was the end of it.

I could still feel myself smiling all over from what happened, I had not done that before. My lips felt puffy and tingly as if they were hot; I guess they got quite a work out from his manhood. In my mind I had a very vivid picture of what I must have looked like on my knees with his wonderful cock buried in my mouth. That picture alone carried me as I followed him into his bedroom.

His bedroom was something to behold, it had a high vaulted ceiling, white carpet, and a 4-post oak king size bed. Just across from the bed was a very large dressing mirror, one of those that you could tilt to see yourself from your head to your shoes. Matt wondered what type of images had appeared in that mirror over the years when Jack and his wife were enjoying sex.. Jacks bride was beautiful and he was sure that she could put on quite a show in that mirror when she wanted to.

"You were unbelievable out there,” Jack said. "I know that you said it was your first time, but you were so good". "It was also my first time with a guy" Jack said "but it won't be my last time with you" Jack said. “You are now my personal cock sucker."

Jack was still naked and standing by the bed where Matt was sitting while they had this chat. Matt didn't really hear much of what Jack said because he was still marveling at what a great body Jack had and loved how Jacks flaccid cock hung just a few inches from his face!

Matt snapped out of this spell just in time to answer him; "Jack I loved it and would like to do this as often as we can do it without getting caught". As he spoke he had mindlessly put his hand on Jacks ass cheek and was caressing it. Matt was holding his best friends ass cheek and getting hard.

“Sounds great to me Jack said, but there a few things that we need to discuss first”. “When we are alone I’m in charge, and we will do what I say." "I don’t want to be questioned." “You will need to be available anytime that I want you to please me”. “But when we are in public like when we work out we will be the same friends that we have always been”.

“I hope that you are comfortable with that, because those are my rules."

Wow, Matt didn’t know what to say, it both scared him and excited the hell out of him at the same time. This is what he wanted, a buddy who allowed him to suck his cock as often as he liked, but to have him in charge?

“Well, I guess it sounds okay with me," Matt said.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that for me," said Jack.

At that exact moment in time Matt knew that he was under the full control of Jack and he loved and feared the idea. He pondered whether he bit off more than he could chew.

“Yes sir” Matt said, “I will do what you want when we are here.”

“Much better," said Jack, “Well let's pick up from where we left off outside."

Jack on the other hand always had good sex with his bride but not great sex. He was never able to control or dominate her like he wanted to, so he didn’t have sex quite as much as he needed it.

Now however things have changed and his good buddy Matt was going to do his sexual bidding 24/7 if need be. He couldn’t believe how his luck changed today when he saw Matt looking at his endowment in the shower.

“Let me fluff up these pillows for my head while I lay on the bed," Jack said. “I want to be very comfortable while you please me nice and slowly".

Jack got up on the bed and moved all the way to the top by the headboard, he wanted room for Matt to get on the bed to kneel between his legs. Matt was about to do things for him that his wife wouldn’t do….

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