tagGay MaleWork Out Buddies Ch. 03

Work Out Buddies Ch. 03


I'm that 49-year-old guy from the Midwest wondering how I got into this position.

Jack climbed on the bed as close to the headboard as he could; he wanted to have room for Matt to come up on the bed also. Thank god his wife made him get this king size bed the thought while smiling.

Jack put his hands behind his own head and put his head on the pillows that were piled just high enough to offer him a viewing angle to the incredible enjoyment that was about to begin.

Jacks legs were spread eagle on the bed to offer Matt the most access to what they both wanted. Jack signaled for Matt to climb up with him, Jack was so comfortable and ready to enjoy.

"Come up and kneel between my legs so that you are comfortable", Jack said.

Matt did just that. Matt found that the bed was large enough to allow him to get on his knees and elbows resting his chin on his hands while facing Jack. Not in 1 million years would Matt have really thought that he would be where he was right now.

He was in the bedroom of his workout buddy and on his bed looking at the most delicious body that he had ever seen, Jacks. Matt was about to suck his delicious cock for the second time in the same day.

This was Matt’s dream come true, what he desired the most. To be in bed with a friend that he trusted without any rush and about to take his large cock in his mouth and love it for the next half hour.

As Matt looked at Jacks smiling face he could tell that he was in for a real treat. Matt never felt quite so relaxed as he did right now, which was rather odd when you consider the circumstances. He looked at Jacks wonderful legs and followed the trail upward until Jacks legs formed the upside down "V" where he could see that prized package. He looked further up with anticipation to Jacks taut stomach and wonderful chest. He noticed that Jack was looking at him as well, almost in anticipation.

Matt broke Jacks glare by looking to the right and he was glad that he did, what he saw next made his own endowment tingle with passion. In that dressing mirror to the right Matt saw this whole scene very clearly. 2 men in excellent shape in bed together. One laying back and looking very delicious and the other looking very desirous, it was a picture that would be etched in his mind forever.

He could see Jacks wonderful cock, and his mouth watered at that thought of what was to follow.

Jack spoke first, "Matt that was the most intense cock sucking that I have ever experienced."

Matt almost felt as if he was blushing, or bursting with pride when Jack said this.

Jack continued, "I don't want to talk about my the sex life between my wife and myself but as you may guess it lacks passion and I don't think she enjoys oral sex at all.

She usually just rushes through it and almost forces me to cum way before I've had a chance to enjoy it".

Matt knew the feeling to well, it was as if Jack were describing his own sex life, he was exactly right.

"We have all night and I want you to thoroughly enjoy yourself while you suck my cock for me, no rush and no restrictions, have the time of your life Matt." "The only thing that I want to be sure of is that when I cum, I want you to swallow some while I get to shoot some on your face and chest," Jack said.

"I want to feel my cock going deeper this time, to feel it entering your throat. I want to see your lips glued against my pubic hair.’ “Use your tongue to explore my balls and the inside of my thighs and softly suck my balls into your hot little mouth.”

With that statement Matt felt his own cock expand to its full size.

Matt looked up and took Jacks semi hard cock into his right hand. He held it at the very base to offer the most access to the head and shaft. As he held Jacks cock it leaned a bit forward as it was not fully hard yet. The head of the cock seemed to strain to get near Matts inviting lips and the slit was vertical now and just a oozing a bit of liquid.

Matt started licking the shaft from the base to the top of the head. He made sure to only use light pressure with his tongue as it danced up this wonderful shaft. He loved how hot Jacks cock looked as it was coated with saliva, and how it reacted to this slow treatment.

When Matt would reach the top of Jack cock on each slow lick upward Matt would take his large head in his lips and savior it. He would take just the head in his mouth so that his tongue would have room to slowly circle the head many times and play with Jacks slit. His reward was the liquid that would leak out little by little each time he did this.

Matt never new that this pre-cum was so slippery. The more that he would get in his mouth the more it seemed to foam.

Matt decided to give Jack something to look at, he started to let some on the liquid start to dribble on his lips and mouth area, and it was very shiny. When he saw Jacks eyes widen Matt knew that he was on to something good. Matt would not take his lips off of the cock head each time and make sure that the liquid stayed connected from his lips and tongue to the head of Jacks cock head. Jack was starting to really swell in size as he watched this.

"Matt I need for you to suck my balls for me and lick my crotch area while you stroke my cock", Jack said. "It's something that I want but my wife won't do it.", Jack said.

"Would it be okay if I rub your cock on my face while I do this," Matt asked. "I hope that I don't get too messy Matt smiled."

Matt thought that he would lick Jacks thighs and suck his balls the best he can. "If Jacks wife won't do it, I will," Matt thought

Jack sat back and thought to himself that this was the find of the century. His workout buddy who he liked a great deal and trusted doing all those things for him that his wife would not. As he laid his head back on the pillow he let out a breath and drifted a thousand miles away from any other thought but pure pleasure.

Matt was now sucking his right testicle in his mouth and carefully bathing it with his tongue. The sensation of his shaft that was rubbing over Matt’s face almost sent him over the edge, he had to pull his shaft away.

"Matt looked up quizically but did not stop sucking his balls as he enjoyed it too much. He loved the taste and texture of having this testicle dancing his tongue. Jack never looked down but said loud enough for Matt to hear, "I almost lost it there, I nearly shot my load way to soon, I had to move my cock shaft away from your face"

Matt beamed.

"It's time for you to suck my cock Matt, I need to cum in your mouth and I can't wait much longer," said Jack.

Matt leaned forward and took Jacks cock head in his mouth. As he looked at Jack eye-to-eye Matt slowly took Jacks entire cock in his mouth and into his throat. Matt’s lips were resting on the pubic bone and he could feel Jacks shaft pulsating on his tongue.

"Oh god", was all that Jack could say.

Matt wiggled his tongue along the glans as he came back to the top of his cock and waited for eye contact again. Matt caught Jacks eye and while moving his head from side to side he swallowed his while shaft one more time.

As he hit the bottom again Matt reached under Jacks ass cheeks and pulled them firmly to let Jack know that he had his whole cock buried in his throat.

Jack broke into a sweat, this had never been done to him before and the feeling and the sight of it was driving him right over the edge.

"Oh baby, suck my cock just like that, this feels so good," Jack whispered.

On his final time up the shaft Matt now used the flat of his tongue to rub all the right spots on Jacks cock.

When Matt got to the top he said to Jack, "when I suck you back down this time I want you to cum in my mouth, I hope that you are ready".

Jack was more than ready, his cock had taken a life of it's own and starting spurting in Matt’s mouth right away. Jack had never felt such an intense feeling while Cumming.

"Oh yea, swallow it all Matt, swallow it all, god this is great", Jack said as his cock was buried in Matt’s Mouth.

Matt did exactly what he was looking forward to at this exact moment. He looked to the right and in the mirror saw Jacks cock buried in his mouth as Jack arched his back.

The mirrors reflection of this scene caused Matt to shoot his cum on to the sheets without ever touching him member.

It was odd because he came so peacefully.

He would always remember this moment.

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