tagBDSMWorking for Miss Black Pt. 02

Working for Miss Black Pt. 02


"Miss Black will be with you shortly," Sasha, Miss Black's secretary, said. "You may have a seat." The compliment seemed more like a command. I sat straight up at the edge of the chair in anticipation of my performance meeting with Miss Black. As I glanced at Sasha, I thought about how much she changed her appearance lately to look more like Miss Black: Same tight-fitting business attire, same make-up, and if Miss Black wore her hair one way, the next day Sasha wore it the exact same way. In fact, many of the women around the office followed suit. It was like Miss Black was always around, always watching. And that perfume...that smell that just dropped you to mindlessness every time it was whiffed.

I thought about my follow up appointment after our first meeting. How I eventually had to meet with her at the end of each work day, and present myself fully naked. She would search through my phone and count the texts I received, and give me the appropriate number of spankings, floggings, or whippings. When my texts declined, she had Sasha send me some of her own. Sometimes there were pics attached of Miss Black in a bikini, in fetish wear, or sometimes even of her disciplining me from the security camera.

After a while, she started to use that as a reward, with a command to "go into the bathroom and stroke" to the pic she just sent. The texts came so often that eventually she put me on her own masturbation schedule. I would receive texts in meetings from her, my phone now always set to vibrate. Prior to the meeting, I would be given an order to have my phone in my underwear so it can arouse my cock when I received these messages. Because my masturbation schedule wouldn't allow for touching myself until after lunch, I had to just sit in heated arousal, which delighted Miss Black.

I had to float the idea to Staci, my fiancé, to abstain from sex until our wedding. She thought it was cute and old fashioned, truth was I actually just needed to hide the bruises, welts, and lack of cum from jerking off all day. Even when we did fuck prior, I couldn't get Miss Black out of my mind. I was afraid I might say the wrong name. I also started to use the company fitness room, too. I told Staci I just wanted to get into shape for our wedding, but the truth was I wanted to further impress Miss Black. And I dreamt of Miss Black every night. She consumed me.

In the last few weeks though, my immediate contact with Miss Black diminished. I found myself trying harder and harder to get her attention. I thought for sure the two new million-dollar clients I brought in would do it, but I didn't so much get a glance my way. That just drove me harder. I had to sit down when I received the performance meeting appointment. I was finally going to meet with her again. Just the thought was intoxicating.

"Mr. Riggs!" Sasha shouted.

"I'm sorry," nervously responding and shifting myself in the chair.

"You may go in and prepare for your presentation. Miss Black will be in shortly," Sasha said sternly.

"Yes, thank you." I got up and went into Miss Black's executive conference room. The room was all glass except for the side her office was on. Miss Black had one-way mirrored tint applied to the glass so she could watch from the room, but no one could see in. The conference room had a long table in the middle, but only one chair at the head, and a small drawer in the corner. I started to strip down and fold my clothes into a nice stack on the table. I kneeled next to chair, with my head down, as was taught to me to present myself for inspection. I had taken great care to become more muscular fit, and to shave off every ounce of body hair. Goose bumps were the only deviation from a tight, smooth body. I was so hot with anticipation I had to remember to breath, and my cock couldn't mask my thoughts. The mirrored tint gave me thoughts that everyone could see in, watch me. Watch Miss Black play with me, arouse me. Outside the room though, people walked around like business as usual.

I heard the door from her adjoining office open, followed by the slow saunter of high heels across the marble tiled floor. I didn't dare look up. I shivered as the clicking got closer and closer. Click...click...click...click...click. Miss Black then sat down in her leather chair, next to where I was kneeling. I smelt that perfume...I took a deep breath in to savor every droplet in the air, dropping me further into her power. I felt her fingernail under my chin, giving me the permission to look up at her. As I did, everything slowed down, letting me remember every part of it.

She glanced over me and inspected every inch of me. She never gave a clue to whether I was pleasing her or if she was in disgust. Her black-raven hair was down. She wore a white silk blouse with black blazer, a black skirt that restrained her knees tight together, and red six inch heels that matched her glossed lips.

"Do you know the importance of loyalty?" Her voice breaking the silence. My mind muddled from all my excitement didn't even know how to respond. "I had my doubts about you. You were undisciplined, you put your own private life over that of me and the company. Now where do your loyalties lie?"

"With you, Miss Black."

She bit her lower lip, as if to ponder her next move, but I felt she had it all planned already. She unbuttoned her blazer and took it off, setting it next to my folded clothes. As she turned towards me, I could see through her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her entire nipples shown through, dumbbell piercings adorning each on. My cock twitched in excitement.

"Take off my shoe," she commanded, crossing her leg and positioning her foot on my chest. I reached up and unclasped the shoe before taking it off her foot. She then put that foot down to play with my engorged cock, as she switched crossing her other leg, and placed her other foot on my chest. "Now the other." I undid that shoe as it became harder and harder to think.

Her foot continued to rub and play with my cock as she spoke. "Loyalty is important. It is the lowest level of socialization. Without it, there is no honesty, and I need to believe you are always being honest with me."

"Yes, Miss Black," was the only thing I could reflexively say.

"Loyalty cannot be bought, and it's not a short, one-time thing. I need to know you are loyal to me from now on."

"Yes, Miss Black."

"You cannot force loyalty. They're either loyal, or their not. Do you know why you are only one of three executives I've kept?"

"I don't know, Miss Black."

"You showed your loyalty." Her foot rubbing my cock harder. "Like right now, what do you think about me stroking your cock?"

"It's...um...I'm sorry Miss Black, It's hard for me to think." She smirked, as if to say she knew that was going to be my answer.

"And that's your honest response." She stopped stroking and stood up, walking behind me. "You said that response, knowing it would disappoint me. Here I am, rewarding you for such positive behavior, and it didn't even cross your mind to be thankful and appreciative of it."

"Yes, Miss Black. Thank You, Miss Black."

"Stand up!" she ordered, and I reflexively did. Her shoes off, I could no longer follow her from behind me, unless she spoke, but nothing.

"I'm sorry, Miss..." I said to cut the tension.

"Did I give you permission to speak?"

"No, Miss Black."

"Then shut the fuck up."

I heard the drawer open, and some things that sounded like keys being moved about.

"Turn around!"

I did a pivot like an about-face in the military. I saw her. Her blouse was off and on the drawer. I could see her perfect tanned tits, and her hard, pierced nipples sticking out in the cool air, my erect cock the only thing breaking space between us. Miss Black then pinched my right nipple, and clamped it with an alligator clamp. The pain shot through my torso. I winced in pain as she pinched the other, clamping it as well, the lone chain left dangling between the two clamps.

I blurted out the only thing that came to mind. "Thank You, Miss Black."

She replied back calmly, "You may kneel again." She sat back down, crossing her legs again, but this time not playing with my cock, just the chain. Periodically she would give it a little tug, just to see me keep wincing.

"Do you know what servant leadership is?" she quizzically asked as she fondled her nipple piercing with her finger.

"No, Miss Black," I barely spitted out, trying to focus on anything but the pain. Even staring at her bare breasts just reminded me of my own clamped nipples.

She sat back in her chair. "Servant leadership is how you can still be on top of the food chain as leader, but humble yourself for the greater good. Like here, I want an army of competitive alphas running around ready to do whatever it is to please me." She licked the tip of her finger and circled it around her nipple again. "... but willing to humble yourself before me." She then tugged down the chain with one foot as she started to footsie my cock with the other. "After all, I don't want any competition for me and my position, do I?"

"No, Miss Black." The stinging pain from my nipples and aroused cock firing my nerves throughout my body. She then leans over and started stroking my cock with her hand.

"Sunday you will go to a week-long retreat I set up for you on servant leadership. On your way out, ask Sasha for the directions." She yanked on the chain, snapping both clamps off my nipples, and stopped stroking. The sting resonating. The throbbing of my nipples almost in unison with the throbbing of my cock.

"Did that hurt?"

"It did at first, Miss Black. It now feels fantastic. Thank You, Miss Black."

Smiling, "Put my shoes back on." I cautiously slid her foot into the high heel, and clasped it. Each movement reminding me of the soreness in my nipples. I then did the other foot.

Miss Black smiled at the obvious discomfort before standing back over to put on her blouse top. Click...click...click...click...She came back into view to put on her Blazer. "You will have to tell Staci that the retreat is a remote location so you won't know if or when you will be able to contact her."

"Yes, Miss Black."

"One last thing...no touching yourself until then."

The thought deflated me. The only thing during this entire session I wanted to do was release. Now, I felt more wound up than ever. "Yes, Miss Black."

"You may get dressed now." She then went back into her office and closed the door.

On my exit, Sasha immediately handed me a folder. "Here are directions for the retreat, and instructions of where to park when you arrive. If you have any further questions, please contact me." I nodded in acknowledgment, but the truth was I was emotionally spent in a mindless bliss.

Telling Staci I wasn't going to be able to contact her was difficult, but she was supportive of my career and thought this might someday lead to a promotion. I drove to a secluded farm out in the sticks. I doubted there was any cell-phone connection and if there was, it'd only be a bar. I parked over by the entrance, and walked up the long dirt road, passed the stables, to the house. I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. When the door opened, I saw Sasha there, naked, wearing only a black dog collar with a large steel o-ring, a tight waist corset, leather cuffs, and black thigh-high boots. Startled and not what I was expecting, I didn't know what to say. She opened the door all the way and stood at attention. "You may enter."

I walked through the doors and she escorted me to two large wooden doors at the end of the hall. She opened the doors to what appeared to be the library. She walked over to a replica of Edvard Munch's "Madonna" on the wall and took it down. Behind it was a wall safe. She spun the dial and pulled the lever, opening it. "You are to put all your belongings in here where they will stay for the duration of this week." I immediately stripped down and neatly folded my clothes, placing them in the safe. I turned off my cell phone, and placed my keys on top, before Sasha closed the door and spun the dial to hide the last number.

"Let us begin."

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