tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWorking Hard or Hardly... Ch. 01

Working Hard or Hardly... Ch. 01


Working Hard or Hardly Working? Chapter 1

My boyfriend told me about a job opening at his work. I had been looking for work for a while, but I was unsure about the idea of working at the same place as him. I never thought it was a bright idea to date people I met at work, so how could getting work at the place where my boyfriend worked at be any better of an idea? He assured me we would not be working in the same area and it wouldn't seem like we were even in the same building.

My interview was set. The position was for the receptionist of a home protection company. Home alarms, video cameras, lasers and sensors, the whole works. Depending on how much protection you wanted and how much you wanted to spend. This reputable company knew how to keep things covered for you and your home. As soon as I walked into the reception area I saw that they knew how to cover their employees also. Cameras were everywhere. Six just in this area that I could see right away. The front of the entry was all glass looking out to main road going into the city. The reception area was overwhelmed with a large marble wall that stood about 5 foot high.

A frazzled looking receptionist greeted me. I was to meet Michelle for my interview and then she took me for a tour of the building... Michelle talked as we walked telling me the history of the company. Then she showed me to a door towards the back of the office area of the building. It led down a cinder block stairwell, she opened the door for me with her card and put her hand on my back as she held the door. As I stepped past her I felt her hand trail down my back and down to a quick feel of my buttocks. I was shocked a little as my face turned red from the sensation and tried to dismiss it as just an accidental touch.

I stood on the landing pad of the stairwell that led both up and down. She made sure the door shut behind us and explained it was a tricky door. I don't know why, but my pulse was racing like a trapped bird in a cage with a hungry cat. But I couldn't explain why I was feeling this way. My senses seemed to be heightened as if Michelle was checking me out. But, that was silly, she is a woman, women don't check other women out.

She said, "We will be going down." she gave me a funny grin and paused to scan my face for a reaction.

"We will be going down to the meat of... or should I say the heart of the business now."

As we went down the two levels to the last door in the well. She reached around my waist and told me,

"Be careful, this stairwell is steep and could be dangerous in those sexy shoes you have on."

I was taken back a little that she called my shoes sexy. I thought they were just modest pumps.

Then she went on to say,

"You have sexy legs to go with those shoes too, I must say! Do you work out?"

This started me seeing a red light flashing thinking to myself

"Oh My God, she IS hitting on me!"

I answered her question with,

"No, but I do try to take care of myself."

"I can see that.", she said to me with a sly smile.

Then I realized that it wasn't her that was making me see a red flashing light. We had finally arrived to the last door at the bottom of the well. It had a red rotating light to the side of it. Warning signs on the door and walls stating this is restricted area for authorized personnel only. Again, she used her card and punched in a few buttons and opened the door. Like before, she held the door for me and copped another feel of my ass. I didn't know how to take this intrusion of my bottom by a woman.

As I stepped into the 'heart' of the business, the lights were low and the computer screens glowed an eerie green. I saw my boyfriend's head pop up from behind a terminal. Allen waved and smiled broadly at me when he saw me walk in. I had hoped he didn't see his lady boss's hand on my ass.

Michelle explained how all the houses and businesses being service in our area was monitored twenty-four hours, seven days a week, non-stop right here. If there was a problem, they knew about it first. Whenever there is a situation they send out the proper response team to the premise immediately. She went on to say,

"For the most part, its normally very quiet. We often have to come up with other ways to keep us busy." She had that grin on her face again.

I started to think to myself,

"She must be a lesbian. But she is really beautiful to be a lesbian. I thought all lesbians were butch looking?"

This whole situation had me perplexed. Just when I finally made the conclusion that she was gay she said,

"I see your boyfriend Allen has spotted us." She waved her one hand in front of us to direct me in the way to go towards him. Her other hand found its way again to the small of my back. I could feel my skin blushing on my torso and heading towards my neck.

"We have some really good men down here working for us. Your Allen and my Charles." She stated.

Her "Charles"! Her "Charles"? But I thought she was a lesbian? Maybe I had just read her wrong completely? Maybe she is just one of those touchy-feely people? But even the touchy-feely people I know don't go checking out the derriere like she did to me twice now. She announced that she and Charles had long since been engaged to one another but were having too much fun to get married. The two of them and Allen laughed. I just giggled nervously. I felt like I was missing something here.

Charles and Allen showed me what they did and in short, how the system worked. Allen never talked much about his work other than his CO-workers were a lot more interesting than his actual work. I think 'interesting' was an understatement to describe Michelle and Charles.

After the tour was over, Michelle had us return to her office. She shut her door behind her and asked me to have a seat. My training from high school came flooding back to the forefront of my memory. Especially the parts, of when you're in an interview, never sit down until you're asked or told to do so. I ran my hands over the backside of my skirt to make sure it was smooth as I sat down. It made my skirt taunt over my curves. Michelle stopped to stand beside me to watch me do this. She cocked her head like she was a bird in a perch watching something interesting on the ground. I looked at her out of the corner of my eyes for a second and then finally looked up at her and smiled sheepishly. This seemed to brake her trance she was in. She straightened up and patted down her form-fitting suit to her body.

"SO!" she exclaimed as she took her seat and popped my resume and paper work upright and laid it straight in order on her desk.

"When will you be able to start? Allen informed me that you had been looking for work for a while. So I assume you could start tomorrow if needed?"

She said and added,

"Because... you are needed." With a trace of the look she had on her face when she watched me take my seat.

Slightly befuddled I stammered, "Um, yes, I could start tomorrow, but that is Friday. Wouldn't Monday be a better time to start?"

"Do you want the job Melody, or not?" Her voice had a stinging tone to it. Almost threatening by the sound of it.

"Oh! Yes! Yes! I didn't mean to imply that I didn't want the job. I want the job I was just...." I stammered and tried to recover.

Michelle let out a soft chuckle and then took in a long drag of air into her lungs as she looked down at her desk while I insisted that I wanted the job. She then darted her eyes back up to me. They were so green, they looked like they were smoldering as she said,

"Good! Be in the reception area at 7:45 sharp, tomorrow morning. I will be training you myself."

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am. I won't be late." The words leapt out of my mouth and my hand jutted fore ward to shake hers as my training had taught me to do back in high school. We shook hands but she wouldn't let go of my hand when the shake was through.

"I will be looking fore ward to seeing you first thing in the morning." Her words seem more suggestive than professional.

I let myself out the door as I saw Allen through the window of her office. She called to me that Allen could shut the door behind me and show me out. We said good byes once more. Once we made it outside and to my car door. Allen asked me,

"Well? How did it go?"

"I GOT THE JOB!" I yelp in glee and Allen embraced me, picking me up and swinging me back and forth and said,

"I knew you would!"

End of Part One.

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