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Working Late


He had been working late for the last month and I was beginning to suspect that perhaps he had something going with his assistant. I hadn't met her yet but you know how the story goes with new young assistant. They are like nannies. Never hire a beautiful young nanny to take care of your children. First of all, after giving birth women don't want to have sex. Secondly, nannies get paid and they are always cheerful. So there you are with baby on breast, lacking sleep while a young pretty nanny flits about the house looking beautiful. Who wouldn't want to have sex with the nanny?

At any rate my mind began to run wild. I imagined his new secretary to be young and vibrant. I pictured her leaning over him, brushing her young firm breasts against his arm as he worked diligently behind his desk with his sexy glasses on and his sleeves rolled up.

It was about 6:00 pm and the usual call came in.

"I'm sorry honey, but I am going to be late again. I am working against a deadline, and I have work to do on the project."

With much trepidation, I accepted his apology and told him I understood.

When I hung up the phone. I felt infuriated. "I don't believe it," I grumble out loud. I quickly dialed my sister's number and asked her if she'd watch the kids for a few hours while I ran out to help Jim with something at the office. Her date had been cancelled so she agreed to come over.

I quickly hung up the phone and rushed upstairs and found the clothes I wanted to wear. While I got dressed, I checked out myself in the mirror. I've always been happy with my body. My breasts were still firm. I worked hard at getting my flat belly back. I turned to get a better view of my ass in the mirror. I smiled thinking to myself that Jim always loved my ass. He says it's still as firm as it was while we were in college.

My sister arrived. "Hello."

I'll be right down, the kids are watching TV, go say 'hi' to them."

When I came downstairs, my sister looked at me devilishly, "What are you up to? No good?"

"Jim's been working late, and I am going to pay him a surprise visit," Turning myself away from the kids, I quickly opened my overcoat and showed her my new clothes.

"Wow, I hope you don't get pulled over."

I gave her a big hug, assured her that I owed her, kissed the kids goodbye and I was out the door.

When I arrived downtown, I parked the car and looked at myself in mirror. "Not bad," I thought. I applied a little lipstick, straightened out my coat and exited the car. As I walked up the sidewalk, I looked up at his office building. I was nervous. I haven't been nervous about him in years. I kept wondering if I was going to walk in on him. I grew flush with jealously.

I entered the office building, located in the heart of the Financial District. Droves of people exited the elevator eager to get home. I stepped into the elevator and watched the numbers climb to the 33rd floor.

"Ding", I look up to see that I had arrived. It's quiet in the office. I walked towards his door. It was slightly ajar. I could hear a woman's voice.

I stopped in the hallway in hopes of eavesdropping a little. That nervous feeling came back and I felt my confidence waning. As I stood under the fluorescent lighting, I began to wonder what I was doing there. I wanted to run back to the elevator and head back home. But I stood there like a deer in headlights. Slowly I approached the door to his office and peeked inside hoping to get a glimpse of Jim's new assistant.

There was a woman hovering over his desk. Her thighs looked a bit chubby, her clothes dowdy and her hair was grey. I could see she was old enough to be his mother. "So that's his new assistant," I thought to myself. I was relieved. I felt a renewed sense of confidence. I was so relieved that I let out a loud sigh of relief, startling both of them.

"Honey! What are you doing here?"

"Hi Sweetheart." I said cheerfully. "I thought maybe you were getting a little hungry."

The woman began packing up her papers.

"Hi guess that will be all for tonight. See you first thing in the morning." Jim said. He bade her goodnight and she scurried off without an introduction.

He stood up behind his desk. I took a step back and gently nudged the door closed. I untied the waistband of my coat and let it fall to the floor. There I stood, feeling excited, turned on, I could see my reflection in the window behind him. I was looking hot.

Jim looked at me, his eyes twinkled as he slowly sat down, and quietly smiled at me as he watched me moved closer to him.

God, I love when he wears his glasses and rolls up his sleeves. His shirt was slightly disheveled and I could see his chest hairs peeking over the top button. He was still as handsome to me as the day I fell in love with.

I sauntered over like a run way model; slinking in my black heels, thigh highs, garter and black lace bra; I made my way over to him. He never said a word.

When I reached him, he turned to face out the window as I knelt before him. I opened his white button down, one button at a time; His shirt fell open exposing the downy hair on his chest. My hands slid down the front of his chest. His body felt warm and strong. I could feel his chest rise and fall. I leaned my head against his chest, turning my face to one side. There is something in the way he smells; manly, clean, like the ground, the raw earth on a rainy day. I inhaled, filling my lungs with the scent of him.


I circled one nipple with my tongue. Around and around my tongue drifted. He began to moan,

"Oh god baby. Mmmm," he moaned quietly. I bit one nipple and then ran my tongue around it bringing pleasure to his pain. I ran my hands down his torso and unbuttoned his pants. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Slowly, tooth-by-tooth, I unzipped his pants. Aaah. . . no underwear. He never liked wearing underwear.

He is hard, beautiful, pulsating. I wrapped my hand around his cock as my other hand reached down between my own legs. I was wet, swollen, and warm. I stroked his cock. Up over and down my hand stroked his firm manhood. I squeezed; repeating this over and over, faster and faster.

He reached down and grasped my hair. I knew what he wanted. I wanted it too. I put his cock into my mouth and wrapped by lips around it. Sliding my tongue to the tip, exploring the small, wet opening. Mmmmmm, he tasted so sweet.

"Oh Baby, suck my cock." He moved his hips towards me plunging himself deeper into my mouth. Oh yes, you're so good." I sucked harder and faster. Wanting to get him off.

I was wet. I could feel my juices running down my smooth inner thighs. My ass was to the window secretly hoping that someone from the other building was watching me suck his beautiful cock. It tastes so good. I licked and sucked his cock. I could taste the precum and I wanted more.

In a deep quiet voice, he moaned, "oh yes, suck my cock. That's it. Oh yes, that feels so good."

I gazed up at him; he stood up held my hips and turned my body to face the window. I could see the Bay Bridge. It was lit up, the lights' reflection on the surface of the water. Placing my hands on window, I could see the building across the street.

I pushed my hips towards him. I wanted him. He drew me closer to him, teasing me with his cock. Reaching around he began rubbing my clit. My knees began to grow weak.

I glanced towards the building across the street. A man silhouetted in the lighted window across the street. I grew wetter.

He spread my legs with his feet and thrust his cock into me. Jim felt manly. His strong hands held my hips as I gave myself to him. I could hear my wetness and the sound of his balls against my wet pussy.

I pushed my ass back and upwards so that I can feel him deep inside of me. He rubbed my clit. First gently, brushing up against the tip, over and over.

"Oh babe, you are wet. Give me your juices, I wanted to hear it. Oh yes. . . your clit is so big."

When he talks like that, I lose myself in him.

He began to rub the ridge of my clit, just how I like it, in big circles, over and over the ridge.

We both began to moan louder and louder. He drove his cock deep down into me bringing both pleasure and pain. As he thrust himself deeper, I reached down between my legs, I rubbed my clit, and then slid my fingers down to feel his cock slide in and out

"Yes, baby don't stop. Please don't stop. . . oh god. . . oh. . . I'm going to cum."

He could feel I was going to cum. While plunging his cock deep into me his finger pushed its way into my ass and moved with the rhythm of his cock. I continued circling my clit with my fingers, I could the heat shoot into my toes and a warm rush throughout my body. I was going to cum cum.

"Come on baby, cum with me." I cried out as he pushed is cock and finger deeper into me.

Jim suddenly let out a deep moan. One I hadn't heard in awhile.

In that moment, we both came, our bodies joined in our orgasmic dance, each holding our breath as if to prolong the moment. I opened my eyes and looked out the window, I could still make out the silhouette of the man standing in building across the street. As I came, it was as if the stranger across the way stood frozen in the moment.

I turned around as Jim lowered himself back down into chair. I knelt down between his knees and rest my head his lap. Jim closed his eyes and ran fingers through my hair. I inhaled deeply and filled my lungs with him; the scent of a man.

Slowly I arose, and walked back to my coat as Jim zipped up his pants and buttoned his shirt. As I tied the front of my coat closed, I glanced across the way and I could see that the window was now dark.

"Are you ready to get a bite?" I said.

"Yes, I am starved. Let me just buzz my new assistant."

Suddenly, there was a light knock, the door opened and a young woman stuck her head in.

"Yes Jim?"

"I'm going home now Jennifer. By the way, this is my wife Emily."

She turned and offered her hand out to me. She was stunning! Her smile was bright and shown between her full lips, her eyes turquoise blue.

"Hi, I'm Jennifer, I'm Jim's new assistant."

I stumbled for a moment, and awkwardly stuck my hand out.

She shook it firmly, smiled at Jim, turned on her heels and cheerfully wished us a good night.

"Good night, see you in the morning." Jim called after her.

Turning to me, Jim looked a little flustered, maybe even nervous. He mumbled, "That's Jennifer, my new assistant."

"Cute," I replied.

For a moment, I thought I heard him sigh. He then reached for my arm and pulled me close, "Still hungry my Princess?"

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