tagFetishWorking Relationship Ch. 03

Working Relationship Ch. 03


When Sarah and David were sitting in the very nice café he took her to, David handed her back her phone and said, "That was all my fault, wasn't it? I saw what you were looking at on your phone and it was an internet page about submissive men. You were looking at it because of me, weren't you?" Sarah took a deep breath, and thought for a moment about how much she should tell him. Then she thought, "Why not?"

"That is only partly true David," she said. "Yes, it concerns you, but it is also connected to the problem I have at home, that I mentioned. It has been concerning me for a while, but last night, something happened which I think is going to bring things to a head. Seeing that page on the 'net, suddenly a lot of pieces dropped into place."

Sarah gave him a quick run-down of what had gone on in the club and John's reaction to it. "He clammed up and I was angry about him not telling me everything. I knew he was hiding something, so I banished him to the spare room telling him that unless he came clean, he would be spending a lot of time in there. I didn't really think about it at the time, but when I said he was like a child, but I couldn't smack him like a child when he was naughty, he blushed and looked almost disappointed. That didn't 'click' until I was looking at that web page, and one of the replies mentioned sending the submissive to the spare room, and other forms of punishment, including spanking. I should have noticed it last night, but I was too concerned over those photos on your camera. Then the second reply to that question, mentioned his failure to satisfy his wife, and her taking a lover. Not only did he know about her lover, but he selected and laid out his wife's things for her to go and meet him. waiting at home for her to return after she had spent the evening in bed with him. That was what that 'Mick' suggested to John that he wanted to do, and when he did, John got an erection."

"John often buys me presents of underwear and things to wear, he has very good taste. Very occasionally he has bought me something I considered a little too racy to wear when we go out together, so it just sits in my wardrobe, but he although he might ask if I like it, other than that he never complains. I remember once, when we knew we would be seeing someone he had teased me about, saying he thought this man had a 'thing' about me, he suggested I wear one of those outfits, but of course I didn't."

"That was what hit me back there. I thought 'does John want me to find a lover?', like the man who wrote in in answer to that question, while he waits at home. I look back at my concerns over the last year or so, and so many of the things he has said, taken that way, start to add up. He never attempted to argue with me about him being sent to the spare room, not even when I threatened him with 2 weeks sleeping there as a punishment. That reply on the web said about any punishment being decided on by the dominant, and the submissive must accept what she decides without question. John accepted his punishment without comment. Maybe he is like that"

David nodded. "It is possible, but he is still a very lucky man. In his place I would have been prostrate on the floor, telling you everything, and begging your forgiveness for having caused you any concern."

Sarah thought for a moment, "What about selecting her clothes, which had to please her lover or he would be in trouble?"

Once again David nodded. "Once again, that depends on the requirements of his lady. Basically, as I see it, a cuckold/hotwife relationship is a variation of the dom/sub relationship. The sub/cuckold hands all responsibilty to the hotwife/mistress, for everything. If he is given a task to perform for her, he must complete that task to her satisfaction. His performance in bed is just another task, so failing her there is another failure and deserves punishment. He doesn't decide if he deserves it, she does. If he has failed her in bed, why wouldn't she find someone else who can satisfy her there? It's just another form of punishment for him and so he doesn't decide what form his punishment should take, how severe it should be, not even when it should happen, she does.

For example; If she has a girlfriend over, and while serving them drinks, he drops a glass and spills the drink on her friend, she may decide it was an accident, and just tell him to be more careful. On the other hand, she may decide he needs a lesson, and order him to bring her the cane, then to strip naked, in front of her and her friend, then to bend over the table, or a chair. She may then cane him herself or hand her friend the cane and let her cane him, as she was the injured party. They are two extremes for the same offence, but whichever way she decides, the Sub will not claim she is unfair, or argue about it in any way. His 'Lady' has decided and that's the end of it."

Sarah was amazed, she knew things like this happened, but had no idea it was discussed so openly. "But, what about her taking a lover? Does that really happen too?" she asked. David didn't answer, but opened his Laptop and swiched it on. When it was ready he brought up a page from his 'bookmarks', turned the screen to her and said "choose a picture." The screen was almost filled with thumbnails of ladies, almost all of them naked and most of them with a man. Feeling a bit self concious, she clicked on a picture. It opened the picture up full size and she could see the lady had the man's penis in her mouth, and another man was looking on. What struck her most was the size of the mans cock, it was twice the size of John's.

David selected another picture, and it opened. On this one Sarah could see the lady's wedding ring and from the look on her face she was obviously enjoying the attentions of the man between her spread open thighs. Standing in the background was another man, masturbating as he watched, his endowment obviously nowhere near that of the lady's lover. Sarah knew her face had gone red, and David closed the site down to save her further embarrassment.

Sarah had an idea. A way to push John into admitting what he wanted, but she would need time to set it up. "How much time do we have before we have to go back?" she asked. "As much as you want or need," David said. If what you want to do would take too long for a lunch break, take the rest of the day off. Tomorrow as well if you want. Everyone is concerned about you. Even James Macintosh, the Managing Director, sends his best wishes for a speedy recovery, and told me to tell you to take whatever time you need. He will personally authorise whatever time you take, on full pay, and your job remains open for you, whenever you want to come back. That was who I cleared this break with. He told me I was to stay with you for as long as you need me. You are a very well respected member of the team, Sarah, and don't for one moment think you are just another face that can easily be replaced."

Sarah decided to confide in him, what she wanted to do. "I want to send a couple of emails to our home computer, then text John, telling him to read them as soon as he gets home, and carry out the instructions I have given him on, them. Do you think that would work?"

"I don't see why not," said David, "I suppose it depends on what you want him to do."

Sarah looked a bit embarrassed, "I was thinking of telling him to open only the first email, and if he agreed with my assessment of our discussion last night, and was prepared to talk about it, he could then open the second one. He knows we are going out for dinner tonight, and I was thinking of telling him to choose and lay out what I will wear on this 'date'. He knows it is you I am going out with, and it will be in a public place, so he wouldn't suggest I wear anything too outrageous, but if I tell him to imagine although I am with you, I am actually going out with someone who I am considering as a potential lover. I could ask him what would he choose for me to wear if that was the case, and lay out that alongside his selection for me tonight. If I put it like that it might give me some idea of which way his mind is working these days. What do you think?"

David grinned, "I must admit to liking the bit about it being a 'date' and about me being a potential lover," he said, "But are you sure you want to push him into deciding about this right now?"

"Yes" said Sarah, "The sooner I know what is going on in his mind, the sooner we can put all this behind us. At the moment I feel like I am walking on eggshells and I know he wants to tell me, but he is afraid I won't approve. If I have this all wrong, when he sees how extreme I think his desires might be, anything less should be much easier for him to admit to."

"But to a certain extent, you will be committing yourself to this as well. What if he lays out something you wouldn't be prepared to wear in public? Say he puts out something that shows your breasts through it, but doesn't put out a bra to wear under it. If you only wear what he puts out, would you go out like that. It would mean your breasts were clearly visible. Could you go through with wearing that?"

"I might be tempted to slip another top into my bag and put that on to cover up in the reastaurant, but, Yes, I think I would. Just to see his reaction to me, walking out on the arm of someone else, dressed in just the things he chose for me to wear while out with another man. You see, this isn't just because of last night. For some time there have been hints of something along these lines. Last year, for example, I found a magazine with adverts in from people wanting to meet others for sex. I believe it's known as a 'contact magazine'. I challenged him about it and he said someone had given it to him. Later that evening he asked if I ever thought about other men. When I asked why he wanted to know, he said it was just something he wondered about. I made all the proper noises, about only wanting him, but I got the feeling he was somehow, disappointed."

David said, "If you are sure, but I wouldn't send it as an email. It also mustn't go through the firm's email system, they are all monitored. You could do it on my laptop, and send it with the Wi-Fi connection from here.

He opened up his email program and handed the computer to Sarah. Try a draft version and see how it looks.

"You say Mr Macintosh says I could take the rest of the day off?" Sarah asked.

"Yes" said David, "That's no problem, and he said I was to stay with you until I was sure you were OK."

Sarah thought for a few moments then she asked, "Would it be all right if you took me home instead of back to work, and I took the rest of the day off? I could send John a text and put the instructions on our own computer for him to read. That way they are not being sent anywhere. When John comes home I will have much more control over what happens, if I am there. Anyway, after making such a fool of myself in the office, it might look better if I took the rest of the day off sick ......... maybe tomorrow as well. That would give you the chance to ask the 'pool' for Janet, to fill in for me, which would probably make absolutely sure, when he sees that, that Peter Davies will offer her the position as his P.A."

David looked at her and grinned. "What gives with you and Janet?" he asked. "You winked at me, so I knew you were back in control, and then you kissed her. But you made out that you were embarrassed, and it was just because of the shock. Then, when I came out of my office, I was pretty sure you two had just broken off from another kiss. Anything I should know about here?"

Sarah giggled. "Sometimes it pays to know who you are dealing with," she said. "There has been a rumour going round about Janet for some time. Nothing concrete, but the feeling is, that she, shall we say, 'prefers female to male company'. Just in case she saw something when she came in, I thought it might be best if she was ... ummm ... on our side, so I gave her the impression that she and I might have, 'some things in common'. Sort of a, 'us girls have to stick together' feeling. Then you practically hand her a promotion to being Peter's P.A. After that she is definitely not going to say anything nasty about us. By the way, I wasn't so far out of it that I didn't notice you stealing a kiss when you thought I was unable to resist.

Another thing I thought of. After your recommendation, I think she is almost bound to get that job. The only thing against her is that she will be a bit 'green' at first. Why don't you tell Peter that if he takes her on, I will take her under my wing and she can work alongside me for a couple of weeks, sort of 'training her up'? With any luck, the 'jungle drums' will pass it around that she and I might be now be 'an item', and that would certainly defuse any suspicion about us."

David took her hand across the table, "Do you mean there might be a chance of an 'us' someday?"

Sarah looked at him, "I don't know David. I am not going to cheat on John. I really do love him, but if my suspicions are right, and it continues to look as if he is like that the person whose answer I read on the 'net', if anything is going to happen in that line, I would rather it was with someone who really cared about me, not someone like that stupid, ignorant oaf, Mick. He might be well endowed, but he is repulsive. Anyway, it all depends on John, I won't cheat on him."

David turned his laptop back to himself, and selected another page of thumbnails. He scrolled down until he found what he wanted and clicked on it. When the picture opened he turned the screen back to Sarah, with a grin. The picture just showed a woman's torso, in a white Tee Shirt. Across her breasts, the shirt was printed in green, It's not cheating - if my husband watches!

Sarah burst out laughing. "I think you had better take me home. I have some hard thinking to do, but on the way I want to make a couple of stops. Is that OK?"

"Where do you need to go?" David asked.

"I need a new phone, for a start," she said. "I have to manufacture a 'received text' , to account for what happened in work, and it has to be believable. My current phone is going to help me do that. I also want to get something which, if my suspicions are correct, I might need, but I will also need your help for that."

"Anything" he said, looking puzzled.

Sarah blushed, "I need a sex shop, but not some seedy back street 'porno mag' place, I need to be able to go in without feeling dirty for doing so," she said. "Do you know of anywhere like that, where I can purchase, what are referred to as, 'marital aids'?"

"I do know of one place, but I have never been in it myself. It might be better if I went in instead of you." said David. "There can be some rather nasty people in places like that, although I did hear this one is quite respectable."

"No! This is something I really do have to do myself," Sarah said.

David walked her back to the company car park, where they got into his car. He drove round and stopped outside reception. "Wait here," he told her, "I will let James know that I am taking you home, and I will be back soon." He almost ran into the building and spoke to the security guard. Sarah saw him pick up the phone, speak to someone, then he came running back.

"OK," he said as he got back in the car, "Work is sorted. The shop I mentioned is across town, so where do you want to go first? Who is your mobile contract with?" Sarah told him and they were soon pulling up outside a mobile phone shop. They went in and Sarah told the salesman that she was having a problem with an nuisance caller and wanted to change her number. The salesman suggested it would be easier if she cancelled the contract she was on and bought a new phone with a new number, on a new contract. David was about to speak, to say that wasn't necessary but Sarah cut him off. "I will do that then," she said. She then negotiated a good deal on the latest brand new smartphone, leaving the salesman still feeling smug that he had sold it to her, when in truth, that was what she had intended to get when she came in. "You didn't have to spend that much," David told her, "he could have just cancelled your old contract and sold you a new Sim card." Sarah smiled, "I know, but I have never liked this phone, so I thought it was a good time to change it, and to let him sell me another one. This is the one I wanted anyway, and to sell it, he gave me a much better deal that I would otherwise have got."

David grinned, "Remind me never to do business with you," he said, chuckling, "You would have the shirt off my back. Now, this shop you want. Are you sure you want to go there?"

Sarah looked a little apprehensive. "It might be a waste of money, but if I do need what I have in mind, when I need it, I will need it then and there. I just hope it won't be too expensive. Let's go, and I will finally decide whether to buy it when I know what it is going to cost."

David pulled up at the side of a small, but quite respectable looking shop. The name over the door was 'Life in Harmony' and although there was a sign stating 'Over 18's Only,' this was the only thing which marked it as a place that sold 'Adult' products.

David looked at Sarah and could see she was nervous. "Let me check it out first. I will only be a minute," he said, and got out of the car before she could object. Opening the shop door he went inside. Although there were the usual 'sex shop' displays, he thought the place looked clean. At the sound of the doorbell a friendly looking, middle aged lady appeared from the back room. She smiled at him and asked if he needed any help. David said he didn't, but his friend, who had never been into a shop like this, might. He had just come in to check it was suitable for her to come in alone, and he would send her in.

The door bell then sounded again and Sarah entered the shop. "Thank you David, would you wait in the car please," she said.

The shop lady smiled as David left the shop without a word. As the door closed behind him, she said "I do like to see a man who knows his place, I hope he is always as obedient as that."

Sarah took her cue from her, and said, "Usually, yes. But sometimes ... well, sometimes he needs a small ... shall we say, a reminder."

"Mine does too" the woman replied, "Not too often now, but sometimes he does need correcting. I think sometimes he misbehaves deliberately, just because he likes to feel my firm hand, bringing him back into line."

Sarah smiled, "Yes, I think they all do that" she said, "They know that all they have to do is obey, but they will keep sliding back into their old, silly ways. But occasionally, I feel that just my hand is not quite enough to adequately match the offence. Do you ever find that?" She looked around the displays, and in a locked glass case she saw what she was looking for, a selection of paddles and canes. She began to study the items on display, through the glass. "I don't want to have to do it, but sometimes, for his own good, he needs to be shown the error of his ways."

The door bell sounded again and David stepped into the shop. "I told you to wait in the car" said Sarah, very sternly. "This lady has just complemented me on you being so obedient, and you embarrass me by immediately disobeying me! Really! A simple instruction like 'wait in the car'. Is that too much to ask?" With her back to the assistant, Sarah winked at David.

David responded, "I apologise Mistress, but I have to move the car. I didn't want you to come out of the shop and find I wasn't there waiting for you." He dropped to his knees in front of her. "Please forgive me Mistress."

"STAND!" Said Sarah, and immediately David stood erect, but with his head down looking at the floor. "Oh David," she said, "what am I going to do with you?" She put one finger under his chin and raised his head until she was looking into his eyes. "I will forgive you. Under the circumstances you were correct to come and tell me." She leaned forward and gently kissed him on the lips. "But do not make a habit of disobeying me." Then she turned to the assistant, "Is there anywhere around he can park for a few minutes?"

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