tagFetishWorking Relationship Ch. 11

Working Relationship Ch. 11


John was in the spare room wearing a nightdress and a pair of her panties when Sarah entered. He had been sitting on the bed, waiting for her but as soon as she opened the door he stood up. He looked a little ashamed, like a little boy caught doing something naughty, as if being caught wearing her things would get him into trouble. Sarah put the drinks down on the bedside table without commenting on how he was dressed, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"You may sit down" she said, "I will be back in a moment."

Sarah returned to her room and collected the paddle, which she was pleased to see, was exactly where she had left it after she had spanked him earlier. Just as she was about to return to the spare room a thought came to her and she went into the bathroom. Opening the clothes basket she took out the panties and tights she had been wearing earlier when she had visited Lorraine, and took them with her back into John's room. She laid them and the paddle on the bed next to him.

"I sincerely hope I am not going to need these" she said as she put them down, "But I fully intend to know the whole truth about what you have been getting up to and also, what went on in those club toilets last night. Unless I am convinced you have told me everything I will apply this 'corrector' until I am sure you have held nothing back. I am quite sure this will cause you more than a little discomfort, so it is quite likely you are going to make a certain amount of noise while I am 'correcting any mistakes' made in your story. If that should happen I will muffle that noise, using these, just like I said earlier. Now, are you ready to tell me what really happened, or do we have to start this conversation with me warming your bottom?"

"I will tell you everything Mistress" he said.

"Very well! Now, you said that what happened, in the toilets at that gay club, was your first time. You see I find it very hard to believe that anyone, especially in a club like that, would force another club member, to commit a sexual act against their will. Something in your story just doesn't add up. I understand that you might have not wanted to confess everything earlier in front of David, so now it's just between you and me. I want the whole truth and I am going to get it, one way or the other."

"We are civilised people and I hope we can continue to be so, but you are now going to explain exactly what has been going on behind my back. You will get one warning that I think you are hiding something and you will then have the opportunity to correct what you have just said. Another 'mistake' and you will kneel over the foot of the bed, nightdress raised and panties down, to continue what you are telling me. I would suggest that correcting what you have just told me might be a good idea at that moment, because if, after those two warnings, I think you are still either lying or hiding something, I will not give you a third warning but I promise you that you will know that I do not believe you. Do you understand me?"

"I understand Mistress."

"I am glad I have made myself clear. Now, I want the truth. You told us a story, earlier, which I am inclined to believe has some elements of the truth in it. Things you said downstairs you may now change, in order to correct any 'mistakes' you may have made in its initial telling. This is a onetime only offer, in order to correct any errors you may have made in the first version of the story so make sure you correct them all. Any 'mistakes' in anything new that you tell me now in this room, or in the future, will not be tolerated. You may now begin, and you will start from when you first spoke with your new 'friend'."

John thought for a moment about what he was about to say. Although he hadn't minded when Sarah had spanked him in their room earlier, he was not in a hurry to discover how much harder the strokes might be if she caught him in a lie.

"He came up to me when I was sitting with a drink in the bar" he said. "He asked if he could sit with me, and I said he could. Then he asked if I came to the club a lot, as he had seen me there a couple of times but I was always on my own. Although he was dressed in ladies clothes and was wearing full make-up, he was obviously a man, although I did think he looked nice. We had been chatting for about fifteen minutes before I plucked up the courage to ask where he bought his clothes and what it was like to go out in public dressed in them. He asked me if I ever wore ladies clothes in private and I said I had, although only pieces of my wife's underwear that I borrowed from the wash basket. Then he asked if I wanted to see the lingerie he was wearing. I said I would like to, so he said I should follow him into the toilets and he would show me. Once there he said we should go into one of the cubicles, where it would be more private. After that it was much as I told you."

"Everything John!" Sarah said, "I am through with gently coaxing it out of you. If I have to remind you again you will be kneeling over the bed while you continue, and should it happen again, it will be painful. Now go on."

John looked down at the floor feeling like a naughty boy in front of the headmistress in school. "Inside the cubicle he told me to take my trousers and pants down and take off my shirt. When I had undressed as he wanted, he lifted his dress up to let me look at his panties. He was wearing a suspender belt and stockings too, which, as you know I have always liked. He seemed to know more about what I wanted than I did and told me to touch his stockings and follow the suspenders up to stroke him through his panties. That was when I first touched his ....... " He couldn't bring himself to actually say the word.

"When you first touched his cock, John! There is no need to be shy about it. You have been having sex with another man. You have already admitted that. After talking to a man, in a Gay Club, for less than half an hour, you went with him into the toilets and undressed for him. What did you expect was going to happen next? You not only touched his cock, you gave him a blow job, you sucked him off, call it whatever you want. You performed oral sex on him and swallowed his semen when he came in your mouth. Obviously you touched his cock."

"Now I want you to explain to me how exactly he 'forced' you to take his cock into your mouth. I mean, it isn't something a truly straight man would have done, is it? Anyway, if he forced you, he would have been taking a huge risk because if any man forced me to take his penis into my mouth, I can assure you he would have been very, very sorry as soon as the head got past my teeth and I was holding his balls."

"You're right of course, he didn't force me. He told me to take his panties down and, as I was holding his cock and stroking it, he moved forward and said 'It's all right, you can suck it, you know you want to'. That was when I put it into my mouth," said John looking at the floor.

"Did you cum yourself while you were sucking him, or afterwards?"

John couldn't look at her. "I came when he was spurting in my mouth."

"So you were masturbating while you sucked him. Why didn't you say that before?" asked Sarah.

"I was too ashamed to admit, in front of David, that I came as well" John replied, "But I didn't masturbate. One of my hands was holding his cock and the other was massaging his testicles. When I felt he was about to cum I put my arms around him and held him to me so he would cum in my mouth and it just happened."

"Oh My Goodness!" said Sarah. "So you are now admitting you wanted him to cum in your mouth and when he did, it brought you to a climax too. You must have really enjoyed sucking him. The story is making more sense now! I don't like it, but I can believe it."

"What I still can't believe is that we have been married almost ten years and in all that time I never suspected you had this desire for other men. I can only assume that you have been keeping it secret your whole life. Joining a 'Gay Club' is not something any 'Straight' man would consider. It is a place where gay men go to meet and be with other gay men, I assume these meetings revolve around a shared need for sex. David tells me that not all men who wear ladies clothes are gay, but because it is 'different' and seen as a 'celebration of their feminine side' they tend to get pushed towards the gay community who also have 'different' desires."

"Now, you said there were four other times you have done this. Were they all with the same man?"

John couldn't look at her and replied almost in a whisper "There have been four other men, Mistress."

Sarah's heart seemed to lurch in her breast. "So the 'four other times' you admitted to downstairs is another 'mistake' you need to correct?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Well you had better get on with correcting it, because I am beginning to think that there are far too many of these 'mistakes' and my patience with you is wearing extremely thin. You are now telling me that in the last year, you have had oral sex with a total of five different men. Is that correct?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Is that everything? How many times, in total, have you done this?"

John didn't speak for several seconds, but then he said "Eleven times, Mistress, but I have also been used anally twice. One of the men wanted that as well as the oral which was really all that I wanted to do."

Sarah sat, quietly thinking, for a long time, taking in this new information. Then she spoke. "So, you have had quite a busy year, haven't you? You are now telling me in the last year you have sucked to completion, five different men, a total of eleven times. I assume you swallowed their semen when they came? In addition to that you have been .... Fucked in the arse, twice, by one of these men! Although you claim you didn't want this, you obviously must have enjoyed being with him if you went back a second time, and all this time you were also maintaining a normal, heterosexual sexual relationship with me?"

John kept his eyes down as he replied "Yes Mistress, I am sorry Mistress."

"NO YOU ARE NOT!" Sarah almost shouted at him. "You are only sorry that you have been found out! You had absolutely no intention of telling me about your activities. If David hadn't told me about seeing you at that club, you would have continued as you have been doing for the last year, so don't you DARE try to tell me you are sorry."

"Why you thought you could spout the load of rubbish you did downstairs, and I would just accept it, is completely beyond me. Did you think I had suddenly become stupid? Perhaps, because I married you not realising you were gay, and you have managed to keep it from me for all these years, you think I have always been stupid. I know it has taken me a long time to realise that you wanted me to take a lover, but that isn't something that happens in any normal married relationship, which is what I thought we had. Did you think that if I had a normal, heterosexual man, to take care of my sexual needs, you would be free to follow your own path and continue to have sex with other men? I just knew something wasn't right in our marriage and I was looking for anything which could explain the many things that just didn't seem to make sense. They didn't fit anything I could think of, but then; this wasn't something I had even considered until today."

Sarah picked up her cup and took a much needed drink, while she took a hold of her emotions again and calmed down. She was in danger of letting her anger at him to take over but she knew that wasn't going to help this situation. After a few minutes she was feeling calm enough to continue.

"I told you that the timing of what has occurred between David and myself, is a coincidence. I understand that you may be finding that hard to accept, but I assure you, it is true. Yes, I have for some time had some feelings for him, but those were only that I thought he was a well mannered, polite, considerate.... and I admit, rather handsome young man. Our relationship before all of this happened today has been completely professional and I never at any time thought it would ever be anything else."

"When I went into work this morning David was already there and was in the process of clearing his desk. He was going to resign from the firm and he called me into his office to explain why. When I handed him his camera, he asked me if I had seen the pictures on it. I said I had. He then asked me, because of the working relationship we had shared, if I would allow him to resign with dignity? He knew that if I took that camera to H.R and showed them the picture of me on it, he would be sacked on the spot. I had already made the decision that I would not take the pictures to H.R and I told him this. I also told him that I did not want him to resign. It was only when I then questioned why he had taken and kept that picture of me that he confessed his feelings for me. Until then I had no idea he felt like that about me. He had never given me any indication that he thought of me with anything other than respect for me as a person and as his Personal Assistant."

"It was something completely unconnected with you, that David said which connected with some things which had puzzled me for a long time. That led me to put them together and it seemed to point to you wanting me to take control over both of our lives. Looking this situation up on the internet, I found it is referred to as a 'Female Led Relationship'. At first I thought that was it, but some things still didn't add up. The revealing clothes you bought for me to wear and the suggestions you made, that I wear them in public. Also, several times you have suggested I go out without either a bra, or panties on. Twice, as I remember, you have asked me to go out without any underwear on at all and as you know, once, just to please you, I did do that. The constant pointing out of other men, suggesting I might find them attractive, and that contact magazine you bought and left where I would see it. When all that was added into this mix, I realised there still had to be something else going on. I then added 'involving other men' to the F.L.R search, it brought up the terms 'HotWife' and 'Cuckold'. I didn't even know what these terms meant, but when I looked on just one site, which was by someone who claimed to be a 'HotWife', I must admit, I freaked out. I must have scared David half to death, but I blamed it on a nasty text message and said I hadn't had any breakfast so I must have fainted."

"That was what led David to contact Mr Macintosh who authorised him to take time out of work to take me to a nearby cafe, where he sat me down with coffee and a full breakfast while we talked. He had picked up my phone which I had dropped and had seen the site I was looking at. He thought it was because of his confession of love I had been looking at it and had freaked out. That was when I decided to explain to him my concern over what was happening in our marriage. He told me that if my fears were true, it was not a unique situation, although it isn't exactly a common one. He showed me some other sites that talked about this and showed me a lot of pictures from them. The more I saw the more I was convinced this was the only scenario that fitted everything I had been concerned about."

"I want to make this clear. At no time did David try to lead or guide me to the conclusions I came to. Although he had already told me he was in love with me, he did not at any time suggest any of the courses of action I then followed. He cleared the time out of work with the M.D, who very kindly told him to stay with me as long as he thought I needed someone. He brought me home and at my request, left me here at the front door. He did not come in, he went back to work. When I wrote that email on our computer I was alone in this house. In that email I tried to make you realise the seriousness of what I was afraid you wanted. I did everything I could to make you step away from this. That you didn't has convinced me that this must be a long held desire of yours, so it was for you, not me, that I responded as I did and went along with what you wanted. This evening's dinner with David, which I had already phoned you about before any of this happened, was going to be purely for us to try and sort out if, following his declaration of love; we could continue to work together. Your actions when you came home tonight were what changed that agenda from discussing a purely work situation to us talking about the possibility of a personal relationship between us as well."

"The first time David knew what was in that email was when I showed it to him when we came home from our dinner date. I had talked to him about what you wanted and it was me who made the suggestion that a sexual relationship between us might also now be possible. We did stop on our way home and kissed and cuddled for about forty minutes. He did touch and caress my breasts during this cuddling, with my full consent, in fact, I undid my jacket and blouse and it was me who guided his hand inside my blouse so that he could touch my bare breasts. I want you to know that at all times he has acted like a perfect gentleman. Without the support he has given me and has promised to continue to provide, I don't think I would be taking this anywhere near as calmly as I am."

"I now want to know what led up to that confrontation with Mick last night. Had you, at some time, given him any reason to believe his attentions might be welcomed by me? When he asked me to dance that night at the club, had you dropped hints that I might be receptive to an approach by him? Is that why he kept groping my bottom and asked me to go outside with him?"

John looked into Sarah's eyes. "No, that was just Mick being Mick. It was when we were talking in the club a couple of weeks after that dance, that he first began to say how much he liked you and to suggest that he would like to see you again."

"So when he asked me to dance" said Sarah, "And he kept inserting his knee between my legs and rubbing himself against me, you didn't know what he was doing and you hadn't suggested to him that you wouldn't object if he had sex with me? You hadn't suggested that if he could get me to agree, he had your blessing to go to bed with me?"

"No! I would never have done that" said John.

"I am very glad to hear that, because if I thought you had, I am telling you now that our marriage would be over. David has told me to take tomorrow off and come back to work on Monday. If I thought for one moment that you had actually tried to 'set me up' with that disgusting piece of rubbish, the first thing I would have done tomorrow morning would be to consult a solicitor to ask for a divorce. To ensure it happened as speedily as possible I would have cited your homosexual affairs as proof of the 'Irreconcilable Breakdown' of our marriage."

"So, how did last night's 'confrontation' begin? What happened to start all that off? I know it kicked off in the toilets and that Bill had to come in and separate you. I got that much from Bill, when I talked to him this afternoon. I think he is in trouble from Lorraine, for not having told her that the trouble in the club he mentioned to her involved her friend's husband, but I am sure they will sort that out. Lorraine and I went round to Mick's home and I had a word with his wife. I made it very plain to her that I found Mick's attentions unwelcome, and the steps I would take if they continued. He was there and suggested that maybe Lorraine might want to play, but she left him in absolutely no doubt that she wasn't interested either. He will be formally barred from the club tomorrow night at the committee meeting, so you will not see him there again. So! What happened? I am waiting and this time I want the whole truth."

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