tagLesbian SexWorkplace Love Ch. 02

Workplace Love Ch. 02


It had been said. It was out in the open and on the table and we had both shown our cards. It was the time to as, I think it was Harry Truman first said, pee or get off the pot. Momentarily it went through my mind as to were we grown up and sophisticated enough to handle such a situation and indeed did I want to? I had a wonderful life with Paul. We were happily married, financially secure, had great holidays and a fantastic social life. Unlike many couples in their forties, or so I had read, we had a good sex life and we were both faithful to each other; I certainly did not yearn for other men. But now, I realised, I was yearning for another woman. Why? I was straight. I was not a dyke, a lesbian or bisexual. Or was I? I had found things in Sarah that attracted me. I thought she did the same. Certainly, for me and I felt her too the attraction was not just personality and emotional, strong though they were, but also there was the physical appeal.

She was beautiful in an Elizabeth Taylor or Joan Collins way with a big, dark almost black, wavy hairstyle tumbling down onto her shoulders that when bare as they were at the gym and sometimes at tennis was, I found very erotic. Again, like those old film stars, she was very much a 'tits an ass' woman with a rounded, curvy body that I and now I knew my husband and the young guys in tele-sales loved. More and more as we became closer I began to see her full, probably D or double D cup breasts as being so gorgeous and desirable. More significantly in some ways, if there can be anything more significant than one's sexuality changing, I wanted to be with her, us to be together and although until recently it had not been that sexual I wanted to be held by her, to kiss her and to see her nudity.

"Yes Sarah, that is I think what I want, but not without Paul being involved. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yes my darling, I do understand," she said turning towards me and taking me in her arms. "I understand completely. Now let's get on with the dinner shall we?"

It was odd saying hello to my husband when he arrived home an hour or so later. After Sarah and I had agreed that we would like to make love, but not without Paul's agreement and maybe involvement we had stopped kissing and embracing each other for that seemed wrong. Giving him a peck on the cheek as the woman I loved maybe as much as I loved him looked on was surreal and made me feel rather flustered. We had worked together preparing the beef stroganoff, the sauce and the rice, although to be truthful Sarah had done most of the work; she really was a good cook and I muttered.

"You will make someone a great wife Sarah," as she accepted a peck on the cheek from Paul.

"Chance would be a fine thing?" she smiled back their hands lingering slightly on each other.

"I am sure there must a be queue," Paul retorted moving away from her but continuing to look at her.

"Actually, I am not sure I could do it again."

"What marry?" I asked.

"More than that," she said looking at me. "I mean have a deep relationship with a man."

"Wine Paul or something else?" I asked changing the subject a little.

"Well you two seem suitably relaxed so I'll have what you are drinking."

As I opened another bottle of Pinot Grigio thanking whoever it was for inventing screw caps I quipped. "Well remember we have been on it since five or so."

"Not pissed again are you Chrissy?"

"Not yet, no we have been chatting and then cooking, well Sarah has the cooking, not me, for as you know darling that's not really my forte is it?"

"No my love, but you have many other attributes doesn't she Sarah?" He asked finishing his wine and holding the glass out for a refill that I provided.

"Yes Paul she certainly does."

"Well thanks to the pair of you."

"Talk about anything interesting like that letch of a boss."

"Actually yes I had a run in with him just before we left."

"He seems a real shit," Paul offered.

"He is believe me."

"How long until dinner?" Paul asked.

"Five or ten minutes," Sarah told him stirring the diced fillets of beef.

"Just time for me to change then, I'll hurry," he said as he left the room and went upstairs.

"What do you think?" I asked.

"About what?"


"How do you mean?"

Plucking up my courage as I stared at her said quietly. "Us Sar, us together?"

"With Paul?"

"Yes," I gulped.

"Have you ever been watched as you make love?"

"No have you?"

"Yes once David, and I had sex in a room with another couple a short while after we married. It was in Greece on holiday."

"So now would you?"

"Yes, yes of course I would with you."

"So what have you two been plotting," Paul said as he sat down at the kitchen table. He was dressed in blue denim jeans and a white Polo shirt that he wore outside the waist. He looked good and smelt lovely."

As Sarah dished up the rice, beef and sauce and Paul poured each of us a glass of red wine I felt bold and blurted out. "You remember what we talked about the other night?"

"We talked about lots of things most nights."

"Don't be obtuse I mean about Sarah and me," I said glancing at her and seeing a look of surprise almost panic on her face.

"Yes I remember."

"So what we have been plotting Paul is how to seduce you haven't we Sarah?"

Almost dropping the serving dish Sarah mumbled. "I wouldn't actually put it quite like that Chrissy."

"No, how would you put it then Sarah?"

"Er good question."

"And a good question deserves a good answer."

"But unfortunately Paul, I don't have one."

"I see."

"I am not sure you do darling," I chipped in putting my hand on his bare wrist.

"What then?" he asked glancing from me to Sarah and back again.

I looked at Sarah as, after taking a deep breath, I said quietly.

"I meant seducing you into letting Sarah and I do what we want."

"And that is?"

"With your permission, agreement and involvement, making love."

In the calm and measured way in which he handles most discussions, Paul held my hand and said. "Is that what you want as well Sarah?"

"Yes Paul, yes it is."

"Ok just tell me one thing, what have you done so far?"

I felt it was my responsibility to confront that query and reaching across the table with my other hand I gripped Sarah's wrist.

"We kissed earlier this evening darling when we admitted how we both felt."

Paul reached out with is other hand and took Sarah's in his and said.

"Then ladies yes you have my blessing," as somewhat ceremoniously he pressed our hands together that we held over the serving dish. "But ladies, let's not waste the beautiful food that you have prepared."

We went quiet for a while as we started eating and the significance of what had just happened hit us and sank in.

"You are both sure of this?" Paul asked scooping up the last of his rice and beef. "And by the way Sarah, that was absolutely delicious, where did you learn to cook like that? Paul had long been interested in cooking and at weekends for many years he had been our household's main chef.

"I have always been interested and went on a few courses."

"Well you must have taken it all in well done. So are you both?"

I took over. "We think so Paul. We both feel there is a lot more than just friendship between us."

"And what do you think it is Sarah?"

"It's a little embarrassing Paul."

"I am sure it is, but if this is to work we have to be very open with each other and remember it can be quite embarrassing for me as well."

"Yes, I am sure and I am sorry for that."

"Ok don't worry so...?" he asked letting his question hang in the air.

Sarah sipped her red wine and looking from me to Paul she said quietly. "I think that I am in love with Christina."

"I see," again he paused in the way that can be infuriating, but which I have come to understand over the years is his way of arguing and negotiating. "And you Christina?"

"I feel the same."

"Yes, you as good as told me that the other night." Another pause, but longer this time. "So, ladies where do I fit into all this?"

"Where would you like to fit into it darling?" I asked wondering what his reaction would be.

"So, are you both suggesting a ménage a trois?"

"We have not thought it through Paul have we Sarah?"

"No, we only admitted to each other an hour or so ago."

"But I do fit into it?"

"Yes, yes of course you do," I said standing up and walking to beside him. I took his head in my hands and kissed him. "I love you Paul. You must know that?"

"Yes, Chris I do, but this will take some getting used to."

"Would you rather I leave?" Sarah asked diplomatically."

Paul and I answered "No," at the same time.

"Not at all," he went on this is not of your making Sarah. "We'll sort something."

I kissed him again. "Thank you darling, thank you so much."

"Not at all Chris thank you for being so honest and telling me."

"It has to be like this, doesn't it?"

"Yes, I think it does, but Sarah where are you in all of this?"

"Well to be truthful Paul bloody confused, but then I have been for weeks now."

"So have I," I told them.

Paul smiled. "So, I am probably the only that hasn't been confused."

"Probably yes," Sarah answered looking quite intently at Paul.

"But I am now becoming so."

"How is that love?" I asked.

"Well to put it bluntly Chrissy when we chatted that night I was more thinking of you and Sarah just having sex and not being in love."

"Does that change things?"

Pausing for a moment as he often did to get his thoughts together he replied. "No, I suppose it doesn't."

Sipping my wine and giggling a little I said. "We still want to have sex don't we Sarah," as I reached out to grasp her hand.

"Yes Chrissy, yes we do."

"Well ladies why don't you?"

"What now?" I asked.

Smiling and standing up he said. "Tell you what I'll clear up here while you two get comfortable and relaxed."

"No need for that."

Looking from Sarah to me then back again with a broad smile on his face Paul said. "Look I know my place, now off you go?"

"Are you going to join us?"

"Try stopping me."

"Come on Sarah," I said gripping her hand and pulling her up from her chair.

"Oh Chrissy you did so well there," she sighed stopping and pulling me against her. "Kiss me."

Again I delighted in the sensation of being in each other's arms with our breasts and stomachs, pressed together as our lips met and I enjoyed my second lesbian experience.

With our arms going round each other stroking and caressing and our hands holding we got to the lounge and went in. Thoughtfully Paul had turned the music on and so there was some beautiful Bach violin concerto oozing out of the hidden speakers. I dimmed the lights to the level Paul and I have them when making love on the sofa or floor; the room was nicely romantic. It was a lovely setting. As we stood by the sofa kissing and holding each other I thought to myself. 'What a perfect setting to lose my lesbian virginity.' That made me shudder, but I recovered when Sarah said.

"You are sure about this aren't you Chrissy."

"Yes, yes of course," I replied rather hastily.

"I mean in your house with your husband present."

"Yes, yes darling you heard Paul," I almost sang so happy did I feel as we embraced and kissed again.

We tumbled down onto the sofa so that we were sitting side by side embracing each other. I knew that my tight, knee-length skirt would have ridden well up my legs that as I still had a tan were not covered in nylon.

As the kiss went on and intensified so our hands roamed up and down the other's back and sides carefully, or so it seemed, avoiding touching the other's breasts although, I was realising that was precisely where I wanted her hand to go. As mine slithered over her slim back so the realisation hit me that I wanted my hands to be on her breasts; I had never had such a feeling before! Tentatively I grazed my hand along the side of her left breast just as I felt her hand on my bare knee softly rubbing the top and inside of my lower thigh. 'Oh fuck,' I thought she is going to put her hand up my skirt that I knew had ridden up my legs to be bunched round them well above mid-thigh. As I felt it move a little another thought roared through my mind. 'Great she's going to put her hand up my skirt!' I could feel the pounding in the base of my stomach as undoubtedly my female juices went into free fall, my nipples were rock hard and my breasts felt so heavy.

But then her hand stopped and she broke the kiss. I opened my eyes and saw that Paul had wandered in. Our eyes met and he smiled and nodded his encouragement and presumably his approval as well. I watched him look at Sarah and smile and nod at he before moving out of sight to the other side of the room. As he moved away I realised that Sarah's hand was still on my leg a few inches above my knee. As we kissed again she moved it upwards a little so it reached the hem of my skirt. I knew that there was only a few more inches between that and my panties, which inevitably would be wet. She hesitated and tried to slip her fingers between my legs that were tightly closed. She couldn't move them any further so she stopped but continued to exert some pressure on where the fleshy parts of my thighs met.

As this was happening we continued kissing, but now it was more of a slurpy, messy kiss with wide open mouths, probing tongues and grinding lips with our saliva merging and running onto our chins.

I was plucking up the courage to move my hand from the side of her breasts to cup the mound when she turned slightly, probably inadvertently so that her left breast slid into the palm of my hand. A low moan slipped from her mouth as, without thinking I gently squeezed the pliant, sensitive flesh. It felt lovely and my excitement and anticipation increased massively. It was almost as if holding her breast had reassured me and had given me the confidence, courage and I realised the desire to go further.

As I caressed and squeezed her tit I realised with certainty that now I did want to have lesbian sex with my friend.

I broke the kiss and whispered.

"Ok Sarah?"

"Mmmmm its wonderful Chrissy, don't stop."

As she said that in a croaky, quiet whisper I knew precisely what I not only needed to do but also desperately wanted to do. Looking into her eyes I slowly opened my legs. Not that far and not completely but sufficiently so that she could slide her fingers between them.

We kissed again and this time I was kneading her breast as she slithered her hand all the way up my legs until she was able to press her fingers against the gusset of my thong. She rubbed me there and sent such searing pangs of sexual arousal though me that I thought I might cum. I grabbed her wrist and pulled it away.

"Oh god Chrissy, I am sorry," she moaned into my hair. "Was that wrong?"

"No it was so right Sarah, but it was too much too soon."

"What do you mean, do you want to stop?"

Pulling her against me I kissed her and said. "No, Sarah, I don't, I want to carry on don't you?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"But I was so near to an orgasm, we had to slow down."

"I have been near to one ever since you touched my boobs."

We giggled as we stared at each other.

"Does this mean anything about us?" she asked.

"What? How do you mean?"

"Are we closet lesbians do you think?"

"Listen Sarah if Brad Pitt walked in here now with his dick out we would both go for it wouldn't we?"

"Yes, well assuming Paul wouldn't mind."

"If it was Brad Pitt I might go for it myself," I heard him say making both Sarah and I smile.

"So there's your answer, we are women who like sex, that's all."

"And saying that Chrissy," Sarah said placing her hand back on my leg , but this time intimately more than half way up my thigh.

I looked at that and then at her. "Just one thing love."


"I think we are a little overdressed don't you?"

She looked down at my skirt and replied. "Yes love I guess we are."

I felt a surge of confidence for some reason and said. "Shall we go upstairs Sarah, shall we go to bed?"

"Oh yes Chrissy, yes please," she almost sang back.

Looking at Paul and raising my eyebrows I silently asked his permission. That was important to me. Although I wanted to make love to Sarah it had to include Paul. Whether that be him joining in and us having a threesome or him merely agreeing to it was not the point it was him being part of us that mattered.

"Ok if I come along girls?"

Smiling I replied. "Of course darling, yes Sarah?"

They looked at each other for a moment or two with neither of them saying anything until Sarah said in almost a whisper. "It would be my pleasure."

"Oh no Sarah, I can assure it will be mine," he responded.

I led her to our marital bedroom and showed her in.

"Oh what a lovely room," she exclaimed.

I was pleased that she liked it as I had designed and chosen everything myself. It was large by bedroom standards being almost seven meters square. Everything was white and pink apart from the dressing table, which was glass. Along one side of the room there were floor to ceiling wardrobes with full length mirrors on each door in front of which Paul had often fucked me so we could see our reflections. Off to one side there was a wet room and to the other a dressing room with the fourth side being French windows that led on to a balcony where when the temperature was right I sunbathed usually topless or naked.

"Pleased you like it Sarah."

We stopped beside the bed and she turned to face me as Paul walked over to the side and switched a couple of lamps on leaving the room romantically dim.

"Well I suppose we should don't you?" Sarah asked baffling me for a moment.

"What?" I asked.

"Undress," she whispered her finger undoing the fourth button from the top of her blouse.

"Yes let's," I croaked back reaching behind me and unzipping my white, short sleeved top.

Although I had seen her undress many times at tennis and at the gym watching her expose herself to me as I returned the favour, really was something extraordinary and very special.

Standing just a few feet apart alongside the bed where we would make love, we both alternated our gazes from the other's eyes, to the clothes that were being undone and what was being revealed.

With my top unzipped I slipped it off both shoulders and slid it up my body and over my head. Glancing up at Sarah my heart pounded as I saw that her blouse was now completely undone and she was unzipping her trousers. Our eyes met before she dropped her gaze to my body. I was wearing a white, flimsy, Lejaby bra that was diaphanous and I knew that my nipples would be horrendously swollen and would make large indentations in the thin material.

"Oh Chrissy," she sighed as her gaze swept up and down my body, taking in my breasts and cleavage and the see-through bra. "You are gorgeous," she went on in a husky voice pushing her suit trousers down and fumbling them off her feet.

"You both look amazing," I heard Paul saying from behind me. I had almost forgotten that he was there, but when he spoke I realised that Sarah had been looking past me several time presumably exchanging gazes with him. I didn't think any more about that for she looked so sexy standing there in her white, lacy boy shorts, thin bra and the blouse that was now open all the way down the front. Peeling that off and dropping it on the bed, she reached behind her and holding my gaze started to unclip her bra. I did the same and together we bared our beasts for each other. It was a magical moment.

I am not sure whether it was the wine or my arousal, but all fear and doubts had left me. The fact that I had kissed and caressed another woman and she had returned those favours to me, that we were in my bedroom and naked apart from our panties and my skirt did not seem outrageous or wrong. It seemed perfectly natural and actually very right. All thoughts of it being lesbian or bisexual had gone from my mind and that and my emotions were now focused on my arousal and my desire to give and receive sexual pleasure and satisfaction. The fact that I was going to get and give that from another woman seemed to be irrelevant, it was the act of giving and getting sexual satisfaction that was the key.

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