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World of Ranicke 05


I am going to add this since I had some congenital idiot in my other story take nudity of anyone under 18 the wrong way. In the case of that story it is a lycan story and for the most part they stripped before changing and that included the children. I liken it to nudist going on vacation to a nudist beach where it means nothing other than you aren't wearing anything.

In this case though I haven't mentioned it at some point it might come up when it comes to bathing and especially since Nasha takes care of children of ages up to about 5. I don't know how many of you have children but I have three and till they were about 5 and we were sure they could bath completely we bathed them. With Nasha it would be the same. The adults normally bath earlier than the children since they have things to do. Now if someone is a parent they might bring them to the bath before dropping them off. If so then there is going to be some sort of nudity.

When there is nudity of anyone under 18 it is simply going to be something along the lines of 'his mother stripped her son down and stepped into the water to get him clean'. I am sorry if this offends you since any and all sexual relationships are going to be the equivalent of 18+. The reason I say that is they live longer than human's and so their age of maturity is older than it would be for us.

So having said that I hope that you keep enjoying the story that I am writing. Oh, the more feedback the better. I want to know what you like, dislike, verbal sparring that you find amusing and things like that. It helps me improve my story. Any suggestions you feel like making would be appreciated as well. I might not use them but would appreciate them.

Chapter 5

Jim woke up the next morning and almost snarled. "Oh fucking hell this hurts." His right arm was strapped to his chest and both the sword wound and the knife wound hurt. "Why the fuck does this keep happening to me?"

During the night he had been forced to use the stool again but refused going back to bed. He had settled down next to Sorrel and when he woke up he found someone he wasn't sure of curled up to his back. Whoever it was curled up close to him and he had to smile since he knew it was Nasha. "Okay what the hell did I do? Three women in my life that I care for?"

Nasha sat up and called out. "We need some help. Jim needs the chair." She yawned. "Morning love and hope you feel better soon." One hand stroked his side as she stood up since the baby was starting to cry. "Gotta nurse someone other than my lover." She had to tease him a bit.

He growled as several males came in to help him. "I so not going to comment. Well not how sexy you are." He didn't really consider the baby since Nasha did wet nurse. As the males helped him to the chair he was glad for the curtains but knew that everyone could hear him taking care of his business.

Once done he slowly walked to the small table and had to smile when one of the kit, pups, and or whatever they called them hurried over. "Hey Mitzy what's going on." When she gave him a hug and ran to get him some food he was rather startled.

"Um what is going on?" He asked and Nora snorted.

"Jim last night you told them that they could come to you as their father if needed." She came over and hugged him. "You said it didn't matter if they actually had parents or not. You told them that you were here for them." As she was talking Tonya woke up and came over and crawled into his lap.

"Wove you Jimmy." She snuggled with him for a moment. "Not papa but important." She leaned against him though she was careful with his arm. "Be careful please Uncle Jimmy." Tonya kept the snuggling with him going.

He returned the hug and snuggles and waved at a few of the others. "Can't use my arm but I can still hug." Jim pulled one close and hugged him. "Thank you Saulo." He gave out several other hugs of the children's he had been working with. "God all of you are killing me."

Saulo hugged him back and when he moved away Soni ran over and crawled into his lap. "Jimmy pwese be okay." She was the little girl who had fallen asleep on his legs. Tonya helped her onto her lap since she was sitting on his. It was sort of amusing seeing a little girl holding a smaller girl while sitting on his lap.

Even though it hurt he pulled her against his chest and ignored the pain from his arm. "Sweety I do what is needed to protected such as you." He closed his eyes and rested one hand on the table and felt the axe. When he opened his eyes he found one of the pups had put it on the table. "I will use this to fall trees, lop off tree limbs, and protect all of you as much as I can." Oh damn it to hell he wanted to cry again.

Thank god he was saved by someone bring some food in and distracted him. "Oh good, food. Would you like some little one?" He took a bit of eggs and had to smile since it had cheese and some sort of bacon bits. "Want some little one." He held a small fork full to her.

She took the food and started chewing. "Don't forget your own food Yimmy." Nasha leaned over and gave him a kiss before moving over to pick up the boy. They really needed to talk to Yim about the boy. She settled down and started nursing him. She couldn't help but smile down at the tiny boy. "His name is Alon just so you know."

Jim looked at her and nodded though he wasn't really sure why she was telling him that. "Cute kid. I will take a look later." He leaned into the food and was wolfing it down as well as feeding the little girl. "Damn it I keep remembering the first time this happened and damn it I am hungry."

The little girl stroked his cheek. "Feel better Jiffy." She smiled at Tonya and kept snuggling with him. "Love Jiffy." She was one of the orphans.

Oh damn it he was going to start crying again if this didn't stop. "Love all of you and thank you." He handed her another bite of food and finished his. As he was talking to the children he heard Sorrel leave and walk over to her father and noticed the puma chief was sitting with Moran. Since they had been on the move at most there had been a sort of temp camp or tents. Mostly it had been a tent covering and maybe some furniture.

Jim stood up and realized that he was starting to feel pain from his arm. "Oh frigging hell. Hate getting hurt. Go back to your families for those that have them. For those that don't go and get what you might have and bring them here. I am here for you and claim you as mine if you wish and allowed."

All the kids came over and he gave them a hug and then stood up. "I have some things to do and will talk to all of you later." He had finished with the food and slung the axe. "I need to go and talk to the chiefs." He handed out a few hugs before moving away from the small tent he had been in.

"Nasha and Nora if you will please come with me?" He gave both a hug before leaving the tent.

When he walked into the chief's tent he found both there as well as Sorrel. "Chief Moran I need to talk to you. I wish to join the tribe." He turned and knelt before Sorrel. "I don't know this world's method of asking court but can I pay court to you as well as Nasha and Nora."

He rested his head in her lap and relaxed as much as possible. "I know I am simply a human and from another world but I have come to love all of you." He closed his eyes and simply relaxed. "How I met and came to care for three beautiful and lovely women I am not sure but I have. I won't even mention that all are non-human, well to me..." Jim rested his head in her lap as he said that. "I love all three of you and really want to stay here."

Sorrel was more than shocked yet she still wrapped her arms around his head and looked at the chiefs and especially her father. "I love him to poppe will you please..." She couldn't finish. The other two ladies came over and settled down next to them.

"We feel this way as well sir and wish to stay with him and Sorrel. We will need a larger tent or a caravan but we love him as well." Nasha had settled down next to him and wrapped an arm around him. "I know it is not normal but I love him as well. I don't want him to leave." She pulled her short tail close to her bottom and tried not to cry. "He is such a wonderful male."

Nora wrapped an arm around him as well. "He saved my baby and I care a great deal for him as well." She wrapped one or her tails around his leg and leaned against him. "Please allow him to become a tribe member so we can mate with him. I miss having a mate and Jimmy would both be a good mate and father for Tonya."

Both chiefs looked at each other and sort of blinked since this was so out of the blue and not really expected. Moran looked at his girl and smiled. "You know the rules and get to explain them to him." He couldn't help but smile though. "James I give you my permission to court my daughter but you will have to talk to Nora's parents but since Nasha is from a different tribe as chief I give you permission as well to court her till we meet her tribe."

Piquel stood up and walked over to Jim and rested a hand on his good shoulder. "You were asleep yesterday when I came over and talked to your ladies and chief. You saved the baby but not his mother and he is an orphan. By my tribe rules that makes you his guardian. I have talked to your chief as I said and your ladies." He waved the other woman in.

"She is going to help you raise him and teach him about being a Puma tribe member." Sheeha came over and knelt down next to him as her chief was talking.

Jim sat up and looked at Piquel and then the woman and dropped his head back to Sorrel's lap. "Oh hell, what next?" At the rate things were going he was going to end up as a chief or something. He had to snicker when Sorrel started laughing. "Hey no laughing at me or I am going to go and find that cave."

The chiefs and other girl had a sort of blank look as the others snickered. Sorrel very lightly bopped him and chattered at him. "Not going to happen. I like how you brush my tail... Well and other things besides you did tell the kids you were sort of loco parentis for them."

That reminded him and he stood up and gave Piquel a firm look. "He is mine and I will take care of him. I accept responsibility for taking care of your tribe member Sheeha as well.." He reached over and stroked her ears as he was looking at the male. "Sir I will consider him my son and take care of him as such. I am coming to love this world and some of the people in it. I don't want to go home." He frowned. "I do and don't. This world has its dangers and I accept that but I am tired of..."

Jim looked away. "I am tired of my former job and what it entailed. I want to protect the women and children I have come to love." Sheeha leaned against his leg as he stroked her ears. "I want to be a member of Chief Moran's tribe and become both a warrior and songsmith. I have never cared for anyone like this before and..." He swallowed. "I love all three women and the kids and they are giving me a new life."

Piquel looked at him and the women gathered around him and then back at him. "If you take care of him as you did when you protected him I will be satisfied." He smiled at Sheeha as she was leaning against his leg as Jim was stroking her ears. "If you take as good care of her as Alon I have no concerns and you are more than welcome to come and visit my tribe anytime." He glanced at Moran and smiled. "I would welcome you into my tribe as well but would hate to have to argue with him. I heard he decked an elder and..."

Moran glared at him and then grinned. "Jim you are going to be a welcome addition to the clan even if we have to deal with the Puma clan even more..." He leaned over to Sorrel and gave her a hug. "I think you would be a good mate to my little girl. Mind you there is going to be a ceremony for accepting you. No insulting songs though."

Jim snickered. "Sorry about that my future chief. I was just having a bad day and my butt hurt." He glanced at Piquel and grinned at him. "Might do a song for Piquel that isn't insulting and written for just him." He kept his head up and kept smiling. "I do want to accept a few more children though. They aren't mine but have no parents and that really bothers me. I know I can't raise each and everyone but I want to be a sort of loco parentis for them."

The little girl from earlier came running over. "I love them as well and will do my best to teach them to be both tribe members but to be themselves." He scooped her up with his left arm. "Chief I will think of them as my children."

Piquel walked over and stroked the kits ears and smiled. "Are you sure I can't steal him from you?" He glanced at Moran and snickered. "Never mind I would probably not be a chief in a year or so and would hate that."

Moran snickered and then became serious. "James I am going to create a position for you in the clan. Be it songsmith, warrior or something else I will. I can tell how much you have come to care for not only my baby girl but for the tribe. Not only that but you went out of your way to protect a different tribe as well when needed." He moved forward and gave him a light hug. "I am going to be more than pleased to accept you in the tribe. When I do you are going to be known as Jim strong arm."

Piquel nodded at him. "In my tribe you are going to be known as James the protector. You didn't have to do what you did but you did and it is going to be remembered that a member of your tribe protected our tribe." He turned to Moran. "I hope you accept him while we are recovering so we can be there." With a slight bow to everyone he walked out of the tent and wished he had someone like Jim in his tribe.

Jim looked shocked and sat down in a chair near Sorrel. "I would prefer to be know just as Jim sir." He curled slightly around the girl. "I just want to be a tribes member and just another person damn it." Oh damn it he was starting to tense up again. "Sir please just bring me in as Jim. I don't want to be thought of as a killer. I am tired of being a killer."

His eyes met Piquel's and could see that he understood. "I want to be a protector and someone who has some lovely women in my life." He had to take a slow deep breath as he worked to control his emotions.

The two chiefs traded looks. "In that case you are going to be James the protector in both clans then." Moran walked over to him and stroked his hair and then the little ones. "Jim you are not a killer." He sighed. "You have been trained in killing but that is any warrior's job. It doesn't matter if it is an animal or the very rare bandits that we might encounter."

"I have seen how you have treated both the ladies in your life as well as the children. You are not a killer but a protector." He had to smile when Jim looked up at him. "I am going to schedule the ceremony for two days from now and let it be known that you are courting and off limits. Go and recover from your injuries and let your ladies and the children take care of you. Piquel and I have a few things to discuss and for the moment keep an eye on the orphan's. That the elders will have to discuss as well."

Jim stood up and carefully bowed to the two and with his ladies as well as the Puma member he carefully walked out of the tent. He no longer wanted to go back since he had found this place to be so much better. Once in the other tent he carefully settled down and tried to find a good position that didn't hurt. "Damn it but I am so sick of getting hurt. I need my pain meds."

Nasha walked over and stood behind him and pulled him back against her and felt him relax. "Yimmy you are such a pain in our tails." She stroked his hair. "If you keep doing this we are going to tie you down and keep you in the tent." She had finally talked to one of the healers and found out how bad the wound was. The sword wound had been down the outside of his arm but the dagger had damaged a tendon. It was going to take a fair amount of time for him to heal even with Lia's work.

Jim leaned back against her chest and smiled. "I sort of vaguely remember telling Sorrel to just love me yesterday." He leaned against her warmth and kept smiling. "Same thing to you and Nora. Just love me and I am going to try to behave." She had more chest than Sorrel due to the nursing and in general and it felt good to have the cushion. "I hope what I did say earlier didn't upset any of you."

Now he was startled when Nora settled down and rested her head in his lap. "Jim I have known that you were trained to kill since you saved my little one." She nuzzled his legs for a moment. "Taking down a bear, even a damaged one, mostly by your self is one hell of an accomplishment. That isn't even mentioning what you did so save little Alon. You have probably killed more people in one day than most warriors would in their lives."

She lightly nipped his leg. "That isn't the person who you are and we know it. We hate that you do stupid things like jumping over someone but you saved a child again and god knows how many others."

Sorrel simply smiled at him and told some of the children to leave and get some food. "We will consider it though we still might tie you to the bed. Will be so much easier to keep track of you." She leaned over and gave him a kiss before settling down in a chair. Scattered around was a number of small packs of clothing and bedding. "Now you need a larger tent. When the rainy season starts..."

Jim started laughing when she said that and then groaned. "Owe damn it, don't make me laugh. I will just send the bills to both chiefs besides we have both Nasha's and Nora's tents as well. Might have to move one tent away from the others for the liasions..." One of the kids slid a plate of food in front of him with a smile.

"Here you go pappa Jimmy." Another came with a cup as well and said almost the same thing. They ladies were grinning since they could tell he was considering bonking his head on the table again.

"That should work Jim. You also have a small tent that came with Alon that you could use as your personal tent." She settled down across from him. I suppose we could use the other three tents for other purposes. Older kits can be used to help watch younger, the babies can stay in Nasha's when she isn't with you since she is a wet nurse." She was thinking as she was talking. "We can have one adult or near adult in each tent that Jim and whichever lady he is with in."

He sighed as he took his meds and started eating. Suddenly his life became horribly complex and he was starting to feel lost again. Jim noticed at least seven or eight piles of stuff neatly stacked next to the caravan Sorrel's tent was connected two, or the roof of it. "Okay so just to make sure I understand before the good stuff kicks in I am guardian to a Puma cub, have a very young Puma woman who is going to help me teach him, three ladies at least that I am sharing tents with. I seemed to have asked to become a tribe member, pay court to three lovely woman and a sort of loco parent for a number orphan's. Have I missed anything?"

Sorrel rubbed her chin. "Yes, you are going to sort of gain a whole lot of property if we mate, might be a future chief, I do have younger sibling. You are an apprentice songsmith, a warrior, might even be accepted into the Puma clan as well." She winked at Nasha. "Oh, and you have a pile and a half of gifts for what you did from a number of admirers."


The end. To be continued eventually. Please feel to send me all kinds of hate male... (evil grin)

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