tagLesbian SexWorlds Colliding Ch. 02

Worlds Colliding Ch. 02


Bridget felt like a pinball, bouncing off people, working her way to the door as the subway pulled into Davis Square. The coil of humanity spilled out of the car, onto the platform and up the escalator and she was just another pretty college girl on her way to or from classes. She was grateful for the anonymity. "It" had happened three days ago; the disturbing, sleep dispelling sensation that had enveloped her then disappeared like a foul odor. She still had no idea what it was, and neither did Victoria, which was almost as disturbing as the feeling itself. Bridget had done as Victoria asked and called all the other girls. They'd all said they were fine, they'd all sounded fine. Victoria had marveled, more than once over the course of her training, that Bridget was a true empathy. Her ability to feel the thoughts and emotions of others was one of her greatest powers. But it wasn't a power that worked over the phone. So while she believed everyone when they said they were okay, she wasn't entirely assured by it. Being another face in the crowd, as she was now, made her feel like less of a target for whatever "it" was. She didn't bother to question why she assumed she was a target at all.

The cold air felt like a punch in the face as she stepped onto the sidewalk and she berated herself for not going to school someplace warm. She ticked the candidates off in her mind ... she was sure she could have gotten into Duke. North Carolina HAD to be warmer right now! She sprinted across the street and into her favorite coffee shop, ordered 24 ounces of French Roast (no fu-fu coffee for her) and was happy to see her favorite table was available, so life wasn't entirely awful. Settled in, finally starting to warm up, she started the reading for her "Politics of Nuclear Weapons" class. She'd only taken it to fill her Humanities requirement, so it had been a surprise to discover she was enjoying the class. The Professor was really good. She'd definitely check to see if he was teaching anything interesting the next term. It was after she'd fallen into a productive feeling rhythm when she heard just about the last voice she'd expected to hear calling her name.

"Hey Bridget."

Bridget looked up and her jaw dropped, "Leslie? What are you doing here?"

Leslie smiled pleasantly, "Had an interview in town for a summer internship and thought I'd look you up before I head back north. Mind if I sit?"

"Go ahead."

Leslie pulled up a chair, "It was sweet of you to call the other day to check up."

Bridget hoped the surprise she felt didn't show. Sweetness was something Leslie usually didn't respond to, "Well, you know, Victoria wanted me to check in with you all."

"Still, it was very nice," Leslie smiled again. "I was thinking, I have a couple hours to kill and ..."


That smile again, "You know."

Bridget did. This was a bootie call. Normally, Bridget didn't have a problem with that. Lord knew she'd initiated more than a few those herself. But there was something else Leslie wanted, something Bridget couldn't discern. She was having trouble reading Leslie, which was unusual. All she knew was she didn't like how things felt.

"I wish you'd called ahead, I'd have made some time," Bridget replied. "But I am really swamped. I'm sorry."

Leslie shrugged, "I know how that is. Some other time, then?"


"I'll hold you to that," Leslie stood.

"I hope you get that internship," Bridget said.

"I'm not worried," Leslie said. "See you soon."

Bridget watched Leslie leave. Part of her felt like she should have kept Leslie around and tried to figure out what she really wanted. Mostly though, she was glad Leslie was gone. The whole thing just felt weird.

* * *

Part of Leslie wondered if she could have pushed a little harder, been more insistent, before deciding this was the right course. Time was on her side; there was no need to overdo things. And there were alternatives. Just because Bridget hadn't bitten didn't mean Leslie had to go back to Prof. Sawyer empty handed. Leslie pulled her cell phone from her jacket.

"Hey Tammi," Leslie said when the phone picked up.

"Leslie!" Tammi sounded surprised. Pleasantly so. "What's up, girl?"

"I was in town for an interview," Leslie lied for a second time, "and I have a couple hours to kill before I head back to New Hampshire. I was thinking we could ... hang out?"

"Hang out?"

Leslie laughed coyly, "We could stay in, if you wanted to."

Now Tammi laughed, "Staying in sounds okay. Where are you?"

"Davis Square. I can be at your place in 30 minutes."

"See you soon."

Leslie hung up. Then she called Prof. Sawyer with the change in plan.

* * *

Prof. Sawyer put the phone down and took a moment to think. The failure to capture this Bridget person wasn't a total surprise and Leslie's proposed consolation prize would serve her purpose almost as well ... her purpose being gathering data. The story Leslie had told her was fantastical; a cabal of lesbians scattered in positions of power and influence that recruited new members through magic? Her first inclination had been to laugh and dismiss it out of hand. There was no such thing as "magic". But Leslie had insisted it was the case. Arthur C. Clarke had once pointed out that any technology, sufficiently advanced, would be indistinguishable from magic. And then Prof. Sawyer had asked herself the one truly important question, "What if it's true?" Forget the "magic" part ... what if there really was a network out there of powerful women; and what if she could make them hers? The benefits would be incalculable. This Bridget person was the logical person to confirm Leslie's story, but other confirmations would help, and Leslie had that covered.

To be on the safe side, Prof. Sawyer had made alternate arrangements in case Leslie failed utterly. This "Association" had made a mistake. They were so sure of their anonymity they let their people go anywhere they wanted and now some of those people were out there by themselves. Alone. Vulnerable. Those were the people she intended to take first. She'd dispatched two of her more trusted slaves to start that process.

This was the only part of the plan that worried her. She only had two control spheres, and they were both out of her hands at the moment. Leslie had one; the recently dispatched pair had the other. It was a calculated risk and by the end of the day she was sure she'd have two new slaves. The Association, if it really existed, would be that much closer to being hers.

* * *

Allie had come to class prepared. Not with books or pens or whatever ... she always had those. Today she'd worn her bikini under her clothes. That way, when the TA dismissed the class, she'd gone to her car and driven straight to the beach. Maybe Florida State wasn't the best school in the country, but it was good enough, she was pulling down good grades, The Association would get her into any job she wanted anyway, the football was awesome, and at that precise moment, it was 67 degrees warmer in Tallahassee then it was back home. Yessiree, on days like this she felt like just about the smartest gal on the planet.

The drive was short and she peeled her clothes off in the car. She brought only a towel, a book and a bottle of water out on the sand with her. The beach was quiet, just a few kids surfing or sunning themselves, and she chose an especially quiet spot. She lay down, closed her eyes and let the sun make her logy.

"Mind if we join you?"

Allie opened her eyes. Two women, one black and the other white, stood above her ... and they were both pussy drenchingly hot. The white girl had long, brown hair, large, round breasts and long legs. The black girl wasn't as curvy as her friend. Her lines were long and elegant, from her straightened hair to her legs. Allie looked around, there was no one within 25 yards of them. Could this day get ANY better?

"Go right ahead," she sat up and extended a hand. "I'm Allie."

The black girl and white girl introduced themselves as Lisa and Cindy, respectively, then shucked off their shorts and tees. Lisa wore a purple bikini that blended seamlessly with her dark, dark skin. Cindy favored a red one piece cut high on the hips and low on the shoulders. The suit left just enough to the imagination, though Allie intended to investigate the reality, given half a chance. The two lay down, one on either side of Allie.

Allie wasn't stupid, and it didn't take her long to figure out the spot these two had chosen to lie out was no accident. These two were definitely checking her out. Allie had been saying something to Cindy, and when she turned to ask Lisa's opinion, she caught the black girl staring at her tits. To her credit, Lisa didn't act embarrassed or try to play it off; she'd just smiled and moistened her lips with the very tip of her tongue. Allie was into that kind of boldness.

Or when she'd told a joke and Cindy had chuckled, placing a hand on Allie's shoulder. The hand had lingered just a little longer than necessary, and as it withdrew, fingernails scraped gently against her skin.

"Girls after my own heart," Allie thought. Direct, confident, no doubting what everyone wanted. "It should always be this easy."

Out loud she said, "You know, I have some really great wine back at my place. Let's head there and drink some?"

Cindy and Lisa agreed this was an outstanding idea. The three gathered their stuff and piled into Allie's car. The drive to Allie's apartment was brief. When Cindy asked how she could afford an off-campus place of her own, Allie admitted the rent was paid by her father as a gift for the good grades she'd posted her first three years of school. She gave her new friends the $2 tour of the place and left them in the living room while she poured the wine.

She noticed the strange, soft hissing noise as soon as she came back into the living room. Sometimes, if one of her neighbors was using a cell phone, the speakers on her computer made a popping noise. The hiss sounded a little like that, but not quite, and she put it out of her head entirely as she handed the glasses to Lisa and Cindy. They toasted.

Each took a sip. Cindy and Lisa gave each other a conspiratorial look and put their glasses down. They took a step toward Allie and then their hands were drifting gently over her body. Cindy took Allie's glass and placed it with the others before she started planting light kisses along the offered throat. Lisa was kissing Allie's breasts through the bikini top.

"Let's go to my room," Allie whispered.

"No," Cindy replied. "Right here."

The three traded sloe, soulful kisses, Allie with Cindy, then Allie with Lisa, then Cindy with Lisa. Cindy kisses Allie again and as they did, Allie's hands came to rest on Cindy's chest. The girl's breasts felt as good as they looked. Allie felt the string of her top being pulled, then the garment fluttered away. Lisa maneuvered behind her, fondling her ass. Allie's hands drifted up to Cindy's shoulders. She lifted the shoulder straps of the bathing suit, then pulled them down, baring Cindy's chest. Allie bent forward to nurse on Cindy's teat. Lisa unbuttoned Allie's cutoffs; both the shorts and the suit bottom were pulled down. Lisa slowly kissed her way back up Allie's legs.

The two maneuvered Allie onto the floor. They stood over her, Cindy behind Lisa, Cindy untying Lisa's top as she sucked on the black girl's neck. Lisa fingered herself as she stared at Allie, who matched the gesture. Lisa's bottom tied off at the side. Cindy pulled at the knot. The site of Lisa's cherry red fingernails dancing across the purple/black slickness nearly made Allie cum on the spot. Suddenly the two switched positions. Cindy played with her magnificent tits, head thrown back as Lisa's hands disappeared into the bottom half of the bathing suit. Cindy's shorts were already on the floor. Allie could see Lisa's fingers outlined in the suit's crotch as they worked in and out of Cindy. Then Cindy was naked and the two girls were kissing as they masturbated each other.

Allie whined, desperate to have the two touch her again. The hissing she'd noticed earlier didn't seem any louder, but she was more aware of it. It seemed to envelope her, flow through her, spur her desperation. Lisa and Cindy joined her on the floor, their hands all over her body again, their mouths on her nipples. Allie alternately gasped, moaned, sighed, anything to let these two know she loved what they were doing. Cindy began kissing her way down Allie's stomach. At the same time Lisa brought her face up to Allie's. Their kiss was short, but intense, before Lisa was on the move again. Allie had time only to just feel Lisa's tits as they brushed against her mouth before the black girl was straddling Allie's head. Allie pulled the soaking cunt to her mouth.

Cindy's face was buried in Allie's twat. Allie spread wide for her. Lisa slid against Allie's face, all the while cursing, gasping, pulling on her nipples. She told Allie, explicitly, how good it felt, how incredible that tongue felt in her cunt, how she was going to cum. Then she did cum, and Allie came with her. It was like nothing Allie ever felt before: Powerful, intense, lasting, clarifying. Lisa collapsed to the floor and Cindy scrambled to take her place on Allie's mouth. Her own pussy still spasmed from her orgasm. Allie happily began to lick.

They went on for hours, each girl using all their body parts on the others: tongues, fingers, feet, toes, breasts ... fists. Then Allie got her toys and the cycle began anew. Each orgasm left Allie exhausted and positive she could not go on. Then Lisa or Cindy, or the both of them together, would do something new and wonderful and perverted to her, and she'd find the energy once again.

It was pitch black out when they finally ground to a stop. Allie lay flat on her back, Lisa's head on her stomach as though it was a pillow. She was vaguely aware of Cindy rooting around her, sifting through the discarded clothing. She found a cell phone, and dialed. Allie could see her face dimly lit by the phone's light.

Cindy bent down and held out the phone, "You have to come back with us, but Prof. Sawyer wants to talk to you now."

Allie took the phone.

* * *

Prof. Sawyer laid the phone on its cradle and leaned back in her chair, as far as it would go. Allie had told her exactly the same story as Leslie, which was exactly the same story Tammi had told. Karen smiled. She'd been thrilled when Leslie brought her Tammi, the busty Korean girl was absolutely stunning. Prof. Sawyer was even happier to discover what a talented tongue Tammi had. She looked down and brushed a wisp of hair from Tammi's face. The girl was naked and on all fours, her eyes brimming with devotion as she lapped at Prof. Sawyer's cunt. Across the room, Leslie and Holly made out on a couch, slowly disrobing each other. Prof. Sawyer had been so pleased with Tammi she'd allowed Leslie to choose any girl as a reward, and Leslie had chosen Holly. Later that night, Prof. Sawyer resolved, she'd arrange the three as she liked and have them perform for her.

Prof. Sawyer still didn't believe in magic, but whatever it was that bound Leslie, Allie, Tammi and the rest of The Association together, it was no match for the technology the control spheres represented. Her three newest sluts were proof of that. But two aspects of their stories had some credibility. First, this thing they called The Association existed, she was sure of that now. Second, they all agreed Bridget was their main contact to The Association. It was mildly interesting that both Tammi and Allie were quite fond of Bridget while Leslie made no effort to hide her contempt. Ultimately, it made no difference at all. Bridget knew all the secrets, Bridget was the key, so Bridget was the next logical acquisition. And she'd already offered Leslie a rain check. Prof. Sawyer groaned happily as Tammi stepped up her ministrations. Bridget would be hers soon.

* * *

Bridget had felt it again at the coffee shop; powerful, nauseating and close. The second occurrence of whatever "it" was had been enough to send her scurrying from the shop back to her dorm. She thought of Leslie the entire way. It couldn't have been a coincidence, Leslie's showing up and another attack of that awful sensation. Hours later, back in the dorm, she felt it again. Weaker this time, as if it were farther away, but definitely there. She shuddered when the wave finally passed. What the Hell was going on?

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