Worlds Colliding Ch. 04


Bridget's fingers flew down Maura's chest, unbuttoning the white blouse. Maura sat up slightly, pumping her arms to get her jacket off, bringing their faces close, their mouths desperately seeking to make and keep contact. The blouse and jacket came free. Maura did her bra herself, massaging her breasts as Bridget efficiently removed the rest of her cloths.

Bridget liked what she saw. Maura carried a few extra pounds, but it was packed in all the right places, so it gave her a womanly, zaftig quality. He jet black hair hung in loosely permed ringlets that just touched her shoulders. Her round face was framed by wide set, blue eyes and a full, sensual mouth. Hard, horny red nipples, set atop medium sized breasts, clashed with her smooth, milky skin. The waist flared inwards under the ribs then back out, lushly, at the hips. Maura's thighs were strong and thick; not lingerie model perfect but they worked for her. Those thighs opened like an invitation to reveal a sodden, close trimmed pussy.

Bridget locked her body to Maura's, breasts mashed together, hips moving side to side. Their twats slid against each other easily, creating a wet friction. The two moaned and gasped into the other's ear every time their clits touched. They fucked like that until Maura came, calling out to God. Then Bridget, without a word, pivoted and still on top, gave Maura's cunt her tongue. Maura matched the gesture. Bridget's bald pussy seemed to emphasize her youth, making the whole act seem even more forbidden. Maura licked at it again. She'd never been so wet in all her life.

The two settled into a rhythm, rocking back and forth as they serviced each other. Groaning, smacking, sighing they licked and sucked faster and faster. Now Bridget orgasmed with a violent shudder and a cry that was stifled by Maura's twat. Her lips found the distended clit, her fingers pistoned into Maura's weeping folds and the older woman came again, even harder than she had before. The exhortations slowed, then finally stopped and Bridget rolled off Maura. They lay on the bed, head to foot, panting as though they'd run a great distance.

"That was ... incredible," Maura groaned as she snuck a look at the alarm clock. They'd been fucking for four hours.

Bridget popped herself up on her elbows, smiling, her face a blissful glow, "You are a dirty girl!"

"You don't know the half of it," Maura laughed.

"In that case, it's time to get you cleaned up," Bridget took Maura by the hand and led her to the bathroom. She started the shower. The two stepped in.

Gently, they fingered each other under the spray. Staring into each other's eyes, Bridget took the soap and passed it slowly over Maura's body, then allowed Maura to do the same to her. Positioning their twats on the other's thigh, they rubbed their bodies together. Covered now in lather, Bridget rubbed it into Maura's hair, underarms, breasts, ass.

Bridget maneuvered Maura under the spray. Slowly and thoroughly she rinsed the older woman off, starting at the top and working her way down, ending on her knees kissing and licking at Maura's bubble butt. Maura turned and leaned against the tile wall. Bridget's mouth found Maura's cunt again.

"Oh, yes, yes, YES!!!! I'm CUMMING! AAAHHH!" Maura screamed, her hands gripping Bridget's head, pulling her in as far as she could.

The water was beginning to run cold. They stepped out and, towels in hand, dried the other. Maura concentrated on Bridget's breasts; once they were dry she wrapped her lips around a small, hard nipple and suckled. Bridget gathered Maura's head in her arms and crushed her to her chest.

Back at the bed, Maura lay down and let Bridget straddle her, one knee on either side of her head. Bridget made her wait, just for a second. Maura looked up to see the redhead smiling impishly. Gripping the headboard, Bridget lowered herself.

It didn't take long, in part because neither was inclined to wait. Maura savaged Bridget's cunt, sucking on the clit as quickly as her lips would allow. Bridget shook back and forth, rattling the headboard and the entire bed. She came with a groan, as though she'd been punched in the stomach, and fell to the bed. Maura spooned up behind her. They were asleep quickly. * * *

At Penn Station, Asha had raised a practical concern.

"What if I can't?"

"Can't what?" Cynthia had asked.

"You know," Asha rapidly flicked her tongue between her lips.

"Is this usually a problem for you?" Irina asked.

"Let's just say that the thought of my zombified best friend doesn't exactly put me in the mood," Asha muttered. "And if I'm not in the mood, I may not have my "A-game" on me. And you were the one who said Tammi needed to have an orgasm to make this work."

This time, Irina reached inside her jacket. She handed Asha a small bag, "Just put one of those on your tongue and let it dissolve. Believe me, in a few seconds, you'll be ready to do anything with a pulse."

On the train now, and out of curiosity, Asha opened the bag Irina had given her. It was filled with dried leaves with some sort of reddish powder on them. They looked like vegetarian Doritos.

The ride seemed to take forever, yet its end came too soon. The subway line she needed had a stop in the train station, so after only a brief delay, she was back on her way. She had trouble sitting still; out of nervousness she tapped her feet and drummed her hands on her knees. A twisting sensation, worse than any cramp she'd ever had, formed in her belly, growing the closer she got to Tammi's.

The walk from the stop to the apartment was difficult. The sidewalks had been indifferently shoveled, and her legs felt rubbery. Over the two block walk, she'd stumbled three times. Her hands shook as she pressed the buzzer to Tammi's building.

Nothing happened.

She pressed the buzzer again, still nothing.

"Well, that's just great!"

Asha sat down on the stone step, her ass freezing almost instantly.

"At least it's dry," she grumbled.

She tried reading her book, but the daylight was fading and the streetlight was nowhere near bright enough. After 45 minutes she walked to a nearby Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee and warm up a bit. She thought about calling Tammi, but decided all that would do was increase the likelihood she'd show up with someone else and a control sphere. Asha walked back, tried the buzzer again and got now answer. She sat back down, sipped her coffee and tried not to think about all the ways this could go wrong.

Tammi showed up an hour later. Asha heard the footsteps clicking down the sidewalk and she somehow knew it was her friend. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the detector Janice had given her. The screen was clear; so far so good. Tammi stopped short when she saw who was on her step.

"Surprise," Asha croaked.

"What are you doing here?" Tammi stepped forward, arms extended. They hugged.

"I'm going to visit the units," she said, using her nickname for her 'parental units', "and I thought I'd drop by and say 'Hi'."

"I'm so glad you did," Tammi enthused. "Let me drop some stuff off and I'll give you a ride."

"Sounds good, but can we hang out a bit so I can warm up?"


Tammi led the way into the building and up the stairs. In the apartment, Asha snuck another look at the detector ... everything was still clear. Tammi walked down a hall, heading for her bedroom.

"Do you need to be at your parent's place right away," she yelled.

"No, not right away," Asha pulled out the bag Irina had given her, as well as the square. She slipped one of the leaves into her mouth. It dissolved almost instantly. She held the square tightly.

"Before I drop you off, let's swing by a friend of mine's place. I think you'll really like her."

Asha walked into the bedroom. Tammi was hunched over her desk reading something, her back to Asha. The square went under one of the pillows under the bed. Then Asha felt like a blast furnace door had been opened in front of her. Everything about her seemed hypersensitive, she could feel a sheen of sweat forming on her body, her nipples tightened, the tingle in her pussy that seemed about to turn into an inferno.

Tammi was still bent over the desk, as if she were presenting her beautiful ass. Asha came up behind, fitting her body to Tammi's. It felt so damn good. He hands slid along her friend's hips to undo the fly of her jeans.

"What are you doing?" Tammi asked playfully.

"Warming up?" Asha pulled the zipper open.

"It'll be more fun at my friend's place."

"Later," one hand slid into Tammi's panties, the other gently kneaded one of her large breasts, "we haven't been alone in such a long time."

Tammi turned and they kissed. Asha could feel her friend's hands fumbling with her belt, then unhooking the clasp of her pants. The garment puddle at her feet. Tammi's hand was between her legs.

"Wow, you're soaked," Tammi marveled.

"I've been thinking about this all day," Asha replied, which was true so far as it went.

Asha kicked off her shoes as she removed Tammi's shirt and unhooked the bra. Her mouth alternated, one nipple to the other, as Tammi cooed and ran her hands through Asha's hair. Then Tammi dropped to her knees, pulling down Asha's simple white panties as she did. She kissed all around the wet lips, but when she tried to lick, Asha stepped back. Tammi was pulled to her feet and they kissed again, hands roaming, touching, probing.

Asha led Tammi to the bed and laid her down, Tammi's head coming to rest on the pillow hiding the square. Asha slowly pulled her fleece off, then her tee. On the bed, Tammi wiggled out of her jeans. Asha reached behind and unhooked her bra. With a roll of her shoulders, the bra fell away. She was naked now, as was Tammi. She held up her breasts, one in each hand, squeezed them, pulled on her nipples, her lust running down her legs, as Tammi teased her own clit. They stared at each other, toughing themselves, letting their desire take control. Tammi opened her legs and Asha crawled on to the bed. She lowered herself on to her friend, their mouths and cunts coming together.

Tammi's hands came to Asha's butt, guiding her as the rubbed together, her gasps of pleasure spurred Asha on, eliciting gasps from Asha as well. They kissed. Then Asha reared up, lifting her chest, allowing Tammi to suckle at her breasts. Their legs entwined. Tammi hummed as she tasted Asha's skin and sweat. Tammi fell back and Asha fell on her. They kissed again. Asha thrust faster. Tammi kissed her way to Asha's ear.

"So nice," she panted. "Sooooo good."

Asha thrust faster, lifting herself up on her elbows for momentum. She panted with effort, their breasts jiggling together divinely. Tammi was making sharp, squeaking noises, "Yi ... Yi ... Yi!" as she always did when she was really turned on. Asha steadily kissed her way down Tammi's body, and Tammi knew where she was heading.

"Yes ... yes ... do it!"

Tammi's pussy was puffy and wet, like a freshly plucked piece of fruit. Asha ran the tip of her tongue along the slit. Tammi's entire body jerked. Asha licked again and again Tammi responded. She licked over and over, each time more forcefully, until her mouth, her chin and her lips had forced their way into Tammi's snatch. The Korean girl humped herself against Asha's face, squealing incoherently as she did. Her back arched, then she went rigid. With a scream and a violent shudder, she spasmed on Asha's tongue. Asha kept licking. Tammi collapsed to the bed. She took two deep, slow breaths, then bolted upright.

"Oh ... my ... God!"

Tammi began to sob. Asha scrambled up and held her close. They swayed back and forth as Tammi wept, clinging to Asha. It went on like that for a while.

"It's okay now," Asha whispered. "It's alright."

"No it isn't," Tammi cried. "You don't know what happened. You don't know what I did."

"Yes we do," Asha said quietly. "We know all about Prof. Sawyer."

"You do?" Asha nodded. "Who's 'we'?"

"Me, Bridget and a few people from the New York coven helping us."

"New York? They think Bridget is in Chicago."

"So much the better for us."

"How did you do this?"

Asha reached under the pillow and pulled out the square, "This. The woman who gave it to us called it 'instant induction'."

Tammi paused, searching for the right words, "That's strange, but I don't feel like I did when I was inducted. I don't feel connected to that ... woman ... anymore, but I feel like I did before we went to Rome."

"She said it would induct you."

"But it had to get past whatever that woman did to me. Maybe you need to do it again. How does it work?"

"You definitely want to come back?"

"Definitely," Tammi nodded.

They kissed. * * *

Maura was standing in front of the mirror, putting her clothes back on, when the phone rang. She moved quickly to get it, so Bridget wouldn't wake up, and was surprised to see the red head reach for the phone.

"Uh-huh ... okay ... that's good. Get back here and we'll figure out what to do next."

She hung up. Maura sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Was that Asha?"


"What happened?"

Bridget smiled, and sat up. She kissed Maura happily, "We're back in the game!"

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