tagAnalWorshipping Lili's Ass Pt. 02

Worshipping Lili's Ass Pt. 02


I felt the warmth of her large ass on my face, her heady smell was lingering in the air. I reached forward to grab her large globes. Right as I was about to touch her beautiful ass, I awoke.

"No!" I thought. It had just been a dream.

I couldn't stop thinking about Lili. When she jumped into my mind a smile always slid across my face. I was so attracted to her. Her ass didn't leave my mind. Its smell, taste and sensation had left a strong impression on me. So much so that I was even dreaming about it!

After worshipping Lili's the first time, her scent had lingered on my face the rest of the day and I had fallen asleep comforted by her intoxicating aroma.

. . . . .

A few days later I received Lili's text while in my room. It read, "come over now."

When I arrived at her dorm, Lili was wearing black booty shorts and a sports bra. Her outfit showed off her long, sexy legs and her voluptuous ass. She looked like she had just returned from the gym. Her hair was in a messy bun and there was still sweat on her brow. Lili pointed to her room.

"In" she commanded. I walked into her room and she closed the door behind me.

I went to sit down on her bed. As Lili saw my action she snapped, "why are you trying to sit on my bed, you need to be on your knees to worship me.

As I kneeled she commanded, "first, take off your clothes" I quickly took off my shirt and pants, throwing them aside.

"Underwear too," Lili continued.

I slowly removed my underwear, my face turning red with humiliation. I was alone and naked with a beautiful woman who was larger than me. Being next to Lili, who was fully clothed, I felt nervous and powerless. I kneeled down beneath her, looking up at the goddess above me.

She walked around as if deciding what to do with me. As she did this, her ass cheeks brushed my face and I was able to faintly smell her aroma mixed with sweat. She stopped again, standing over me.

"You're going to clean me now that I'm done working out".

Lili sat down on her bed and spread her legs. My eyes trailed up her legs. At the top, I could see the groove of her pussy through her tight black shorts.

"Now begin to kiss up my legs towards my pussy."

I began to nibble and kiss above her ankle. Her skin was warm and soft on my lips. I moved up her leg, continuing to lick and kiss, savoring every moment of enjoying her velvety skin. I moved past her knees. As I continued, I felt more heat radiating from between her legs. I kept going and I noticed a feminine aroma begin to permeate the air. I kissed up her thighs, alternating between each long, curvy leg. Her skin was flawless, smooth and baby soft. I appreciated the feeling on my lips and cheeks. I finally arrived in front of her tight shorts.

"Do you like what you see?" Lili asked.

"Yes, Mistress" I whispered.

"Now" she instructed, "I want you to gently push your nose into the groove of my pussy."

"Yes, mistress" I responded.

"I want you to take long, slow breaths through your nose. I want you to hyperventilate my scent"

I placed my nose into the groove of Lili's shorts and I inhaled deeply through my nose. While breathing, her pussy was pressing softly against my nose, so every breath I took was full of her aroma.

She held my head to her muff with her hands. "In and out." She softly directed.

She started to thrust her pelvis slowly to coincide with my deep breathing. Like the scent of her ass, I found myself being completely at ease and lost in the aroma of her pussy. She smelled of sweat, musk, and a slight sweetness. As I pushed my nose deeper into her, I felt the heat emanating from her sex and her thighs on either side of my head, it wafted towards me, and her sweaty musk filled my nostrils.

Lili pushed my face away and stood up, removing her tight, black shorts and revealing her perfect, shaved pussy.

"On the bed" she ordered.

I laid down. She knelt on top of me. Her soft thighs clamped down on either side of my head. I had begun to fall in love with the feel of my face in between her legs. In front of me was her steamy pussy and above me, her gorgeous face stared down.

"Slave" she began "you're going to worship my pussy."

She lowered her now dripping, wet pussy onto my face.

"Lick me" she moaned.

I immediately stuck my tongue out and began to lick her. I started at the bottom of her vagina, near her taint, where much of the sweat had pooled, then I slowly licked up to her clitoris. Lili tasted heavenly, a strong feminine taste mixed with her sweet, salty sweat. I couldn't get enough. I stuck my tongue deep inside of her and begin to lap, trying to get as much of her juices as I could.

She began to lightly grind on my face and my nose easily slid between her labia. I was suddenly without air. I tried to squirm, but her thighs had me locked in place. After what felt like an eternity I was finally able to get a quick inhale because of her grinding, although only through my nose. The air was filled with her scent. I continued to lick, trying to please my mistress. My hot, steamy prison between her legs continued to get wetter as I licked more. In turn, she became more and more aroused.

Her grinding intensified and her thighs began to quiver on either side of my head. Suddenly her legs clenched and she moaned in pleasure. I was trapped again. Her pussy became incredibly wet and I lapped up her juices, the amount almost too much for me. My face pressed against her, her cum spilled down my throat. As she orgasmed, she tasted sweeter and I drank her nectar more vigorously.

After nearly a minute she let up and I gasped for air. I looked up to see her pussy slightly above my face and her eyes with a gleam looking down at me. Her pussy was still so wet. I watched as a drip formed then slowly fell from her labia onto my lip. She smiled as I licked it.

"Good job, slave" she praised. "I have a treat for your good work."

With that statement, she turned around and lowered her ass onto my face. She spread her cheeks as she descending, placing my face into her, my entire head wrapped in her warm, thick ass, with my nose right above her asshole. I felt at home.

"Mmmm, oh yeah, slave," she cooed. "Lick my ass. Suck my asshole. Let me feel your tongue inside it."

It's amazing what lust will let you do. This was clearly something to be avoided, but the heat, the sweat, her soft purrs and moans, the musky scent of her ass, the sight of her wet cunt and sexy asshole and the intense horny pleasure I felt was too much.

I began to voraciously inhale and lick the cleft between her two massive cheeks. Her aroma was intoxicating. As I greedily consumed her scent with my nose, I pushed the tip of my tongue up into her, running it in circles around her puckered hole. I made sure to slide my tongue over every inch of her ass. She tasted absolutely divine.

I continued to worship Lili when I heard her say "I'm going to train you to only be able to cum while under MY ass".

I slowly realized what she had just told me. Then, I felt her warm hands on my member. She gripped me softly and sensually as she moved up and down my shaft. I inhaled sharply, absorbing more of her musky ass scent.

"Soon" Lili continued "the smell, taste, and feel of my ass alone will be enough to bring you almost to orgasm. Every time you cum from now on, it will be breathing in and tasting my gorgeous butt."

She continued to grind. Her ass on my face, it's taste and scent, along with her warm hands were all too much. My hips began to buck.

"Cum for me, my pet," she moaned. I exploded everywhere. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

She lifted her ass off my head slightly, allowing me to continue to breathe in her aroma. I felt her wipe my cum off my chest with a cloth.

"Good" she purred "this is just the beginning. We're going to continue training tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to make sure that you're completely mine."


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/17/18

Lovely asshole story

I began to get turned on by licking a beautiful girl's asshole many years ago. At that time very few erotic stories were about asshole licking and similarly porn videos showed mostly guys (or lesbians)more...

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by ChezK11/05/18


I'm happy you guys are enjoying my story. I started a separate series that I think you'll like if you like this one:

https://www.literotica.com/s/the-smell-and-taste-o f-emilys-ass-ch-01

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by dk21911/03/18

Love that there's someone writing proper ass worship again. So many people it's all just so forceful, cruel, gross, or passionless. Lili here is an absolute natural, she knows exactly how to wrap themore...

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by Anonymous11/03/18

Love that there's someone writing proper ass worship again. So many people it's all just so forceful, cruel, gross, or passionless. Lili here is an absolute natural, she knows exactly how to wrap themore...

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by Anonymous10/28/18


Enjoyable and well written. Brings me right to that magic p!ace of being dominated by a strong woman who knows what she wants. Can't wait for my partner to come home today so I can lick her pussy to orgasmmore...

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