tagGay MaleWould You Like To Come By? Ch. 02

Would You Like To Come By? Ch. 02


It was excruciatingly slow at work!

One half the business world seemed to be on siesta, the other half already retired and living in Florida.

It was dead....again.

A large portion of the office had suddenly come up sick or had emergency home repairs needing attending. Another sizeable portion had wandered away from the quiet office probably not to be seen again until tomorrow.

The fact that it was beautiful beach weather was just a coincidence....

I'd found my coworkers weren't an overly fun group to begin and those still wandering the office seemed content to occupy themselves with the mundane, bland and necessary tasks of work that I was finding so trying.

True accountants all.

Bottom feeders in the sea of original thought.

How I chose such a mentally rigid and unimaginative profession to pay the bills....I couldn't imagine at the moment.

So, I was out in the cold and left to my own devices. A scary situation.

Finding nothing better to do, I decided to devote the next fifteen minutes considering my "cubicle-mate" Sarah.

We weren't actually housed in the same cubicle, but ours were adjoining and separated from the others which gave it that "roomie" feel.

Seemingly qualified and apparently proficient at whatever it was she did, my mind wasn't wandering down "Resume Lane."

I was conducting a more personal evaluation....

A recent college grad, her youth was very evident and matched by her energy level.

However, the gene pool from which she'd come was decidedly cool the day of conception.

Hot she was not.

Not everybody is fortunate, this I know first hand...or right hand, this being the one I jerk off with. The blessings of "knock dead" looks are granted but to a few, and there were definitely some kinks in my DNA. Most of us are left to muddle around in the middle, with aspirations to "Stud" or "Babe-like" qualities preyed upon mercilessly. We buy, desire, wish and pray for too many unnecessary things in the false hope that we too may scale the un scaleable heights. Eventually we screw and marry each other, propagating more "middle ground" fodder to fuel the economy into the future.

I wonder if God was a capitalist.....

Staring at Sarah silently, I place her in the "Sweet As Can Be" group.

A pleasing and friendly smile gave hint to the probable "good heart," but it was the unclothed version I was challenged to imagine. This isn't normally a problem I encounter, but Sarah wasn't affecting my circulatory system well...no blood was rushing to my cock.

Bad genes or too many Fritos resulted in a roundness that was borderline troubling.

I've never been a big stickler for "tight and small." Well, tight is nice regardless of the size, but I'm definitely accepting of plumpness. Plump definitely has its place with me, but rounded and bulging contours that change while moving...I have to draw the line somewhere.

"There's a call for you on Line 2," my intercom interrupts.

"Tell them I'll call back," is my ready reply and I go back to considering Sarah.

Nice, large breasts rate high on my interest scale. A man-sized plate of BIG TITS is a meal I never push away and Sarah is a veritable buffet!

Bite em, chew em, tie em up, clamp em down, spray em with cum or all of the above. BIG TITS definitely have merit. The unknown I was trying to figure was the direction and look of Sarah's tits once released from their bindings.

That was anybodies guess.

Some pert 34C's, you know what you've got before you get there. A pair of massive 40DD's or larger and you're heading into uncharted waters. A compass is required.

Drop those babies out of a bra and get out of the way!

Her ass was an entirely different beast, but the gentle massage I was giving myself under my desk was having a positive affect. Giving Sarah a helping hand, I was getting done what she couldn't alone. My cock was getting stiff and my mind taking flight.

Her back was to me as I stared and visualized her naked, fat ass. I pictured it covered with an entirely too small silk thong that disappeared completely into the deep crack, making it perversely erotic.

My prick approved. Even though very well rounded, she knew to dress it up to best affect and it worked.

I unzipped my pants under my desk.

At that moment, she happened to look back at me and smile sweetly. She probably was a nice girl I thought, while imagining the well rounded, smooth mass of her backside. I pictured my hands spreading her, appreciating the soft weight of each cheek, until I exposed her hole deep down. My cock was now throbbing and I stroked it while imaging her bending, her belly soon touching to her thighs.

Silently, provocatively she was inviting me......

I squeezed my hardon and imagined my lips entering the crevasse of her ass. My eyes closed partially as I stroked and thought of licking the hot depths of her soft rear end. I caught myself from whimpering as my hands gently ran over the expanse of her bulging ass cheeks.

I was totally lost to fantasy, my cock in stiff salute, as I pulled her large thong off and slid my mouth........

"They're calling back for you on Line 2!!!" was the urgent shriek from my intercom.

I jumped, hitting my leg with a "thud" on the underside of the desk snd causing the few remaining coworkers to look to my way....including Sweet Sarah.

"Ok, ok....I'll get them in a second," I replied hurriedly while composing myself.

Sarah looked at me a bit longer and I briefly wondered if we'd made some sort of connection.

I do suffer from a vivid imagination, but it was no fantasy that my opinion of her was in flux.

While talking to the customer, I considered ways to get her phone number without the others knowing! Life is for living and my cock throbbed hard as I thought of the sweet fuck smiling at me from a few feet away.

Now I was in serious trouble.

The workday held absolutely nothing of interest for me...of a work related nature that is.

My wandering mind had taken me down one of those dark and exciting alleyways from where escape is always hard.

The harder the better.

I thought of that Chat web site again and decided I'd could hide out there. Finish off what Sweet Sarah and I started. I'd done this before, filled in a slow day or a late night at the office with some online shenanigans.

Its how I became such good friends with the I.T. guy. He'd been monitoring and enjoying my Internet diversions so much that he felt it necessary to blackmail me. Threatening to alert the "Head Honcho" and cost me my job, if I didn't do his bidding.

So, I found myself "forced" to suck his cock....multiple times.

Then, just to prove what a big man he was, he took me home so I'd have to do it in front of the wife....multiple times.

Unfortunately, she was so impressed by my oral prowess and desire to redeem myself that she made me eat her cunt...multiple times!

Its a shame we only had one I.T. guy.

Although he really wasn't so big, I've never minded swallowing a guys cum to make him feel that way. As for the "Head Honcho," my mouth was too full for me to tell them I'd already met his wife the same way.

Leaning forward, I felt my dick head touch the desks underside and hoped there wasn't any gum stuck there. I selected a different Username than the last time I'd chatted here. Figured I'd go "incognito" this time around.

In a just bit, I was receiving the usual public and private acknowledgments of my arrival.

Everyone was being their usual friendly selves:


"Welcome back"


All their greetings went without reply as my cocks condition put me past the "hello" stage.

I needed Cybersex badly and wandered the different chat rooms, sampling the late afternoon discussions :

"I hate Thursdays...."

I moved on to the next room.

"32/bmm bttm needs top for r/t....pm me"

Nope, I moved on.

"You're such a dork, I cant believe they let dummies like you on here"

Geeeez, I moved on again. My cock was beginning to soften, lose hope.

"Anybody want to watch me fuck their wife....pm if interested"

I stopped wandering.

It was my "old friend" from last week: "wifesharer".

His presence and post started bringing me back, giving my prick renewed hope. No one took him up on his offer, so I signed out and reentered with a Username he'd recognize: "Married Fellow".

My prick was back...good and eager for stroking by the time I'd navigated back to the room.

I glanced to Sweet Sarah, checking to see if she "felt" my excitement too but she was busily working for her pay.

So much for the psychic connection.

In a few moments "wifesharer" said hello and we were off : "Hi gayboy, you stroking it again?"

I grinned. It was like meeting a not so close but very personal friend. In a kinda, sorta way.

Being at work and not having all day to chat, I gave it up immediately : "Yes, thinking about your hard 9 inches"

I briefly wondered if he remembered his cock size from our last chat.

Its always so embarrassing when it changes:

"Suck my stiff 7" cock boy"

"Oh really? Last we chatted it was 10", so sorry to hear of your loss......"

Mistakes like this aren't conducive to hot, cum boiling chats.

"Wifesharer" got right to business with me, perhaps he was at work too : "Where's the wife?"

"In the next cubicle," wouldn't be a good reply as Sweet Sarah sat there, so I offered him: "I just left her in bed."

"Good boy, you at home?" he asked.

"Where else would our bed be?" was the reply "wifesharer" deserved, but I played it it straight: "Yes".

"Describe her," his grilling was coming fast and furious.

Thinking back, I tried to remember if I'd given my "non-wife's" stats to him before.

I put her together : "28, Asian, 5'0", 100#, black hair/brown eyes 34C breasts delicious tight ass petite and fem."

I'd thought again of Sweet Sarah's delicious fat ass, but it wouldn't fit on a tiny Asian so I kept it tight.

Although, there were other possibilities that quickly came to mind :

A tiny Asian could eat Sarah's fat ass. Her small mouth, thin lips and delicate tongue practicing obedience. A tiny Asian could fuck Sarah's fat ass with the overly large strap on I'd lend her.

I keep such things around, just in case.

"Wifesharer" gave my marital partner his seal of approval : "Very nice."

Very nice indeed! I wouldn't mind fucking somebody that hot myself someday.

Still, I sensed that she was to be his today, which suited me just fine. I wanted cock.

My urges and visions were now of hard, thick cock and my mouth sucking down on it.

I wasn't going to just jack off for this guy again, I came back for his prick, his cum....and to jack off.

My hardon was flowing and putting a wet spot in my slacks while I imagined cum spurting from his fat dick head. I imagines Sweet Sarah behind me, pounding my hole with the strapon (I'd lent her) while I devoured his delicious cock.

My eyes closed in bliss and I worked my stiff pole.

"You just fuck her boy?" he asked.

"She's dripping sweet, warm cum," I eventually responded.

I'm squeezing my prick and wanting this guy to take the bait when I realize Sweet Sarah has walked over. Standing on the opposite side of my desk, her BIG TITS are mesmerizing in their grandeur!

I cant help but stare...and squeeze myself.

I wonder if she knows my prick aches just below the desktop. I wonder if she knows how much I'd enjoy her mouth on it...easing its pain.


"Are you ok sweety?" she whispers, just the hint of a smile on her sweet face.

"You're being so quiet over here," she says in a low, confidential tone.

She's never called me sweety before.

As she looks to me for a response, I simply stare at her huge breasts, eyeing them openly and slowly.

My hard cock has me in a "sexual universe" now.

Searching for a sun to orbit and rely on for existence. My mind and body are sensing the outside world sexually and deinately want Sweet Sarah in my universe.

She's wearing a tight, pink knit blouse with a plunging neckline that seems "vacuum sealed" onto her. Why do heavy people wear such tight clothes? It just drives perverts like me crazy!

My hand still concealed, I see no reason to stop jerking off and feel many more to continue.

"Uhh yeah....." I reply with a dry throat. "Just killing time..." is the best I can think of before falling quiet.

My prick wants to explode in her face!.

I see myself giving her a facial, licking it off and sharing it with her!

"Killing time," she whispers ever so lightly, ".....and moaning."

She glances at my right arm, elbow bent and resting on the armchair with the forearm reaching under the desk.

Smiling, she leans over my desk, and gives me an intentionally breathtaking view of her deep cleavage.

Turning her head, she occupies herself by reading the chat text, leaving her cleavage for to my devouring eyes. Gravity brings her BIG TITS together and they hang pressed against each other in the center of my desktop. Eyeballing the long, deep slit, I marvel as the sheer volume of her breasts when I notice how loose they seem to be.

I'd not realized, but Sarah had removed her bra before coming over and I'm getting the VIP view.

The material of her tight blouse looks like just another layer of skin....only sheerer.

The outline and stiffness of her nipples is clearly visible and has my rapt attention, making me wet my lips.

I make no attempt to stop her from reading.

She makes no attempt to stop me from lusting after her.

She knows what I'm doing, accepts it and my cock throbs harder thinking that.

Taking control of my mouse, she grins slightly while navigating it up and down over my private chat with "wifesharer". I've no idea how few people are left in the office, but her body blocks the view to my desk anyway, so I abandon all pretense of secrecy and slide my seat back to expose myself.

I've slid down in my seat, unbuckled my belt and undone the waistband. Taking my hand away, she can see my curved and straining prick clearly.

I let her watch it throb and leak for her.

Moist and blood red from the tortures I've been inflicting, my cock is begging and her eyes register hunger.

Huge hard nipples have pushed their way through her blouse. Dark, oblong areola's are plain to see and make me hotter for her.

I don't possess the largest of pricks, those genes having been stolen by my older brother before I arrived, but my hard prick is an honest expression of passion none the less and right now it was in the drivers seat.

I was small and manageable whereas Sarah was large and overwhelming. My cock seems convinced we're a perfect match and is eager to prove the point.

I'm finding no reason it shouldn't get the chance.

What Sarah didn't realize was that she, more so than "wifesharer," was responsible for my throbbing. My rod was straining to be buried in her, somewhere, anywhere. Any hole would do.

Sarah smiled approvingly when I stroked myself and coated the faucet with the pre cum it was leaking. My prick shined from the reflected light of my desk lamp and with a content smile on her face, Sarah went back to her reading and torturing me with her large, beautifully smooth breasts!

I'm dying to lean forward and bury my face between the fat globes, eat them like an animal.

She's covered my desktop with deliciously beautiful and womanly breasts. Made an offering of gorgeously massive tits that any man would be honored to caress. They hang so heavily, I've become infatuated with seeing them naked. I simply must hold and suckle them. I'm tempted to reach out, let one hang in my hand and massage the nipple till she squirms with a wet cunt.

"You're beautiful....." I whisper to her only, my fingers pulling on my prick.

A smile breaks widely across her face which is still partly turned towards the computer monitor.

We both hear the sound of my pre cum soaked prick being worked over and without notice Sarah lowers the blouse off her right shoulder, pulls her arm out and lets the breast hang.

She's stunning!

A wonder of female sexuality and sensuality.

Her breast is huge. Its size bizarrely captivating and seductive all at once.

I'm certain now that I'll make love to this woman. I'll worship her soft and beautiful body until she shakes with pleasure. overflows with it.

I cant, I shouldnt, but I do lean forward and kiss her breast.

Feel the soft warmth of her.

Smell the fragrance of her body.

Lick and suckle the largest, stiffest nipple I've ever seen.

She smart and thinking for both of us.

She must go, must cover up as we're not alone in the office and gotten carried away.

For the briefest of moments we're one, bound together by erotic happenstance and hot lust.

I need to get lost in the soft folds of her flesh, her roundness now urgently and passionately exciting me. I need her pressed down over me until I drown in her cunt's juices or my tongue can worship her soft ass deeper

than she's ever felt.

She leans back slowly and her wet, stiff nipple falls from my mouth. Just an inch from my face, its the most beautiful breast I've ever seen.

Slipping her arm back into the blouse, she puts herself back together before whispering in my ear:

"I'd like to give it all to you someday."

Her face is close and now I "see" her for the first time. Brown, expressive eyes are wide and soft like she is, complimenting her perfectly.

The baby soft skin of her face radiates with happiness and her flowing hair gives invite to my fingers getting lost in it and will look wonderful spread out over my silk pillows.

I'm amazed that I'm only now seeing how beautiful she is.

My left hand reaches out, fingertips gently stroking the side of her face while I say: "Come over tonight. I need you."

Kissing my hand softly, Sarah pulls back.

Her glorious breasts are crowned with stunningly large and hard nipples that the tight blouse only highlights. She stands across my desk and simply lets me admire her beauty, lets me jerk off for her.

"Oh baby," I whisper, meaning every bit of it.

Finally she must return to her desk and I admire her round and bulging ass with newfound lust.

Seated back at her desk, Sarah calls the receptionist and instructs that all my calls be sent to her.

"He's to be left alone," she says.

With a quick smile back at me, she resumes working, resumes looking beautiful.

"HELLO.......ARE YOU STILL THERE???????????????????" is the latest of "wifesharer's urgent requests.

Ahhhhh the Chat!

"Sorry, the phone took me away!" is my lame reply.

"DAMN BOY, I was going to call 911 LOL," was "wifesharer's" comeback.

"Would you like to come by today?" he continued. "I think its time we met and you knelt in front of me."

Poor "wifesharer". He doesn't realize that my cocks been stolen by Sweet Sarah.

"Sorry dude," was all I needed to say to close that chapter.

I glanced and smiled warmly at Sarah who was watching me intently. My hand continuing to slide under the desk in between dialogue.

Finally "wifesharer" gave me marching orders: "I want you to lick her clean boy."

Only one of life's sweetest pleasures!

"Thank you!" I said. "Climbing onto the bed, my mouth lowers to her small shaved cunt. Its lips are still swollen and moist from our fucking. My tongue slips inside her warmth and I taste our cream, capture it with my tongue tip and draw it into my mouth."

"Good boy, very good," he said. "'You're wife looks really hot and now I'm very hard!"

A nine inch hard cock is a beautiful thing no doubt, even if it is only imaginary, but I glance again at Sarah......

A strange thing has happened.

"Wifesharer" is making reference to my "wife" - the hot Asian, but I'm "seeing" Sarah's beautiful body and she's watching me from her desk!

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