“Wow!” That is all I can say after what happened this weekend.

I am a 50 year old male, an executive with a large telecommunications firm, in fairly good shape, and I have a wife that is a “trophy” that I use to host parties that I have and just look good on my arm.

Nan was only 26, long blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs and an athlete’s body. Her hips are narrow, and her breasts are small. She never wears a bra, and her nipples stay hard most of the time. She very seldom wears panties and she loves to wear short skirts and dresses so it allows her to show off her body as she exits our limo when we go to the theater or out to dine. Our chaffeur has more than once seen Nan’s pussy when he helped from the car, but I don’t care and that’s what got me into last weekend and the experience of my life.

I met Nan when she was 19, I knew that I was not her first lover, but that is the real world and very few women have no sexual experience, and let me tell you she had a wonderful sexual appetite and she didn’t mind using her body to win me over. When we married, the wedding was large and the honeymoon was spent traveling the world, and the month that we spent, I learned everything about her body, the in’s and out’s so to speak and found she had a voracious appetite for not only sex, but for sperm.

Over the past year our sex life was still very active, but lacked the wildness that it used to have, and I would dream now and then of having Nan on her knees servicing some of the men that worked for me, and even our driver, William. I knew he wanted her, the way he watched her when she left the car, and the glimpses she was giving him when she slid along the seat, her skirt or dress pushing up her thighs, sometimes even exposing her pussy completely.

Two weeks ago, we started talking about involving other people in our sexual romps and I told her about how William would look at her. She asked me if I thought she was just a dumb blonde, because she had been knowing it for some time. She also said that he would cop a feel now and then when he helped her out of the car, especially when I wasn’t with her. She loved the way he did that and became quite excited when it happened. I asked if she would like to have sex with him and she asked me back if I wanted her to.

I thought about it and said I would really enjoy knowing that my chauffeur was having sex with my wife. She told me she would do it for me. I told her to set it up, when I have a meeting, and the idea excited her so much that that night we had the best sex we have had in over a year, her mouth worked me over for over an hour before I finally shot my sperm down her throat, and she continued sucking my cock until I fell asleep and had very erotic dreams.

William was a tall, probably 6’2” or 6’3”, very slim and distinguished looking and he was as black as coal. I had a meeting two days later, and Nan asked me again if I really wanted her to have sex with William, and I wholeheartedly agreed to let her.
We have a hidden camera in our bedroom that we sometimes use for taping our private sexual adventures and she said she would video the whole encounter and I could watch it when I got home. During my meeting, all I could think about was seeing her with William, and I’m sure that everyone was wondering just what was distracting me.

When I got home that night it was after 11, but Nan was still awake, and when I entered the bedroom, she said, “God, you won’t believe it.”

Her face was puffy and she wore no makeup, and she looked very tired. She handed me a tape and said, “Well, I can’t wait for you to watch this, I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll bet you will like it.”

I went in took a quick shower and walked back into our room with my boxers on and inserted the tape in the VCR.

Nan talked as the beginning of the tape came on with nothing but an empty bed. She told me that when she was in the den, she had called William and asked him to come to her and he had entered the den and asked what she needed.

She was wearing a short bathrobe that tied at the waist and when she sat down her legs were exposed to her upper thighs and she asked William if he could help her tonight, because I was at a meeting and would be late. William inquired what kind of help she needed and she smiled looked back at him and pulled the tie at her waist spreading her legs as her robe fell open.

William had said, “Miss, I don’t want to get fired, I need my job and I don’t want to do anything to bother the Boss.”

Nan had told him it would be okay, she really needed to be fucked and asked him to please help her. I listened to her and my cock started to become hard as hell. I looked over at the screen and saw her on the TV walk into our bedroom, with William in tow. She turned to face him and kissed him deeply, and his hands started running over her body, pushing her robe off and it fell in a heap on the floor. I watched as his hands grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as he pulled her closer to him.

I looked at Nan and back at the TV as she broke her kiss with William and sank to her knees in front of him. Her face nuzzled his crotch and William moaned and Nan started to fumble with his belt and then the button on his trousers and she pulled his zipper and the pants fell to his ankles and her face went back to his groin and she kissed his bulge and I wait to see what she was about to get a mouth full of.

I watched as she pulled his boxers down and his cock sprang out into the air. I was amazed because I am what I though was fairly large with a 8 inch cock, but the cock hanging before her, while still not completely hard was at least as large as mine and almost as large as Nan’s wrist. She wasted no time in taking him into her mouth and I watched my wife take my chauffeur’s cock into her mouth, and I heard her moan. I looked back and saw Nan with the cover’s back and her legs spread, fingering her cunt as she watched the performance she was putting on as she sucked William’s cock.

I was mesmerized as I watched the video of my wife sucking the large black cock of our chauffeur. His cock began to glisten as the saliva from her mouth began to lubricate it. He reached behind her head and grabbed her hair and pushed her forward and he pushed his hips forward and I knew his cock was entering her throat. Her nostrils flared and her eyes were open wide as he held her there, his balls resting against her chin and her nose buried in his curly pubic hair. I heard her moan, both on video and also behind me and I looked to see her hand buried in her pussy, leaving one finger to toy with her asshole.

I heard William say “That’s it Nan, suck that black cock, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but never thought I’d be able to. Like the taste of that black cock, baby? I’m going to fuck your mouth good, before I blow a load down your throat.”

I looked back at the video and I saw William was hold Nan’s head with both hands and his hips were rotating back and forth and his cock would come out of her mouth until just the head was in it and then he would push back forward again and bury his cock deep in her throat. She was becoming used to it and her saliva was beginning to run down her chin as he fucked her mouth. She reached up and grabbed his ass cheeks and helped as he used her mouth like a cunt.

I was hard as a rock, watching as my wife was being used like a whore and I loved it. I felt Nan move between my legs and take my cock in her mouth and she began to suck it like a bitch in heat. I wasn’t going to last long at this rate, and I looked down at her and saw her beautiful blue eyes looking at me and I smiled at her, and made my cock twitch in her mouth. I pulled my knee up and opened the way for to access my ass hole, which she jumped at the chance and I looked at the screen as I felt her tongue begin to probe my ass.

I looked up again at the video and watched as on the screen Nan was being held tight to William and I heard him say “I’m cumming baby, I hope you enjoy this snack. God I’m cumming, damn it.”

I watched as Nan’s throat began to flex and I knew he was dumping his load in my wife’s mouth, he released his grip and pulled his cock back so the head was sitting in her mouth and I heard her gag a little and watch as she continued to swallow. He must have finished and he pulled his cock free of her mouth, strings of his cum still connecting her lips and his cock. He grabbed his cock and slapped her in the face with it, and asked, “Did you like the taste of my sperm Nan?”

She looked up at him and said, “I loved it William, thank you, I needed that.”

She looked at him and smiled her, face covered with the remnants of his seed. She took his cock in her hand and rubbed all over her face, and he began to get hard again.

William told her, “I’m not done with you yet, Nan, I am still hard and I want some of that booty.”

He pulled off his shirt and pushed her back on the bed, and climbed between her legs. In one swift motion, he must have positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy and he shoved forward, and Nan gasped, as he filled her full of his meat.

I saw as she wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him into her and he began to slowly fuck her. All I could do was watch his ass go up and down as his meat drove into her body. She had her arms wrapped around his neck and she was kissing him as he fucked her. She moaned as he pummeled her and I knew she was having an orgasm. I pulled her from my ass and pushed my cock into her mouth and I unloaded my cum into her mouth.

I hit the remote and sat back. I asked Nan how long this had gone on and she told me he must have fucked her for over an hour, during which time she had experienced at least 8 or 9 orgasms, before he pushed deep into her and emptied his balls for the second time. I asked her if she enjoyed it and she said emphatically “YES”

I told Nan to suck me off again, which she gladly did and I lay back and enjoyed the feeling of her mouth on my cock. I loved her deeply, but she always did as I asked her, and I asked her to suck my cock quite often.

Now that brings us to last weekend.

When William was driving me to the office on Friday morning, I asked him if he enjoyed fucking my wife and he looked surprised and was taken aback by the question. I told him that I had watched him fuck Nan’s mouth because she had taped it and I hoped that he had enjoyed himself.

He asked if he was going to be fired.

I assured him that he would have his job as long as he was happy with it and I even told him that he would be able to fuck Nan now and then. He said, “Thank you, Sir. It would be my pleasure.”

I asked if he would help me find Nan some other men to help me surprise her with. I didn’t want her to know, but I wondered if they may be willing to gang bang her that weekend.

William said he would check while I was at work and he would let me know when I called to be picked up.

I spent the day working and sort of forgot about what may happen that night. I found out later that William had found the men that I was looking for and then went back home and he and Nan fucked the rest of the afternoon, at one point he fucked her in the ass for 45 minutes before he pulled his cock free and fed her his load.

When William picked me up, I asked him about the evening and he said that he had arranged for a few of friends to be ready for me to call for them. I told him I would let him know what I decided later. I went in the house and Nan kissed me and said she had missed me. I told her that I was horny and she dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants pulled my cock free and sucked cock like a whore. She made slurping noises as she worked my cock and I told her that when she was finished that I was going to need her to host a party for me that evening. She moaned as I filled her mouth with cum.

We went and took a shower together and I told her that she would be entertaining some friends of William for the evening. She smiled as she held me and the water cascaded over our bodies. I looked forward to this evening.

William had set up for us to meet his friends at one of their homes. I didn’t want a group of people coming to our house and fucking my wife, so he ended up driving us to the south side of the city and when we drove up, I found it was a fairly nice home and their must have been 8 or 9 cars already parked their.

William got out and went around to open the door for my wife and I watched as she scooted across the seat and gave him a good look at what he had already been using, but his smile was still from ear to ear. When Nan left the car she grabbed William and kissed him. I smiled at William and said, “Use her tonight as you like, William. She’s at your beck and call.”

Nan looked over at me and smiled as she said, “Are you sure you want me to do this for you Richard?”

I said, “Oh, yes my dear, I am looking forward to it.”

I followed Nan and William into the house and saw at least 11 pair of eyes begin to ogle my wife as William introduced her to the men. All of the men that William had invited to the party were black like he was and they had been drinking before we got there.

William introduced me, and said I probably was just going to enjoy watching the happenings.

I watched as William walked behind Nan, and reached in front of her and in front of all the men, cupped a breast with each hand, then ran his hands down over her body and grabbed the front of her skirt and lifted it exposing her pussy to all. He announced, “Nan is to be ours for the evening”, as his finger found the entrance to her cunt and he buried his finger to the second knuckle.

Nan moaned as one of the men came over to her and put his hand on her face and his tongue came out and licked her lips, then his tongue snaked into her mouth, and she reached back and fondled William’s cock. He pushed her to her knees in front of the man in front of her, and she reached up and unzipped his trousers, reaching in and snaked out his cock. She brought the head to her lips and kiss it, then her tongue flicked out and she swirled it over the head, and down the slit for the piss hole.

William reached in front of her and undid her blouse and slipped it over her shoulders exposing her breasts. She was on her knees and her skirt was pushed up, exposing her pussy as it spread from the heat she was feeling with that many men in the room with her.

William reached down and pulled her as toward him so she was on all fours, the cock still in her mouth. He pushed her skirt over her ass and positioned himself behind her. He undid his zipper and pulled his cock free and rubbed it over her ass and down her slit, and then he pushed forward and she had two cocks in her body. I watched as the guy in front of her started to fuck her mouth and he groaned and her throat began to move as she swallowed his sperm.

“I told you she was a good cocksucker.” William stated as he continued to fuck her.

Another man walked over to Nan and offer his cock to her, she opened her mouth and started sucking him as she began to have an orgasm, and moved her ass back at William more grinding toward him.

William pulled from her and asked “Anybody want some of this fine pussy? I think you’ll enjoy it.”

I looked and watched as Nan arched her back and waved her ass, and said “Please somebody fuck me. Pleeeaaasssee!”

Another of the men dropped his pants and moved behind her, dropping his boxers as he knelt down. I noticed that his balls were hanging very low and he had a cock as big around as a baseball bat it seemed. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt and pushed.

Nan screamed as he split her pussy open, stretching it to the limit. She had pulled her mouth free from the cock in her face and she looked back at the man behind her and he shoved forward and she said “Oh Gawd, you are so big.”

The man in front of her grabbed her hair and fed his cock to her and he began to face fuck her pushing her even further back on the cock in her cunt..

The rest of the night was spent that way, Nan keeping her mouth and cunt full of black cocks and swallowing what seemed like gallons of sperm. Finally at 2 AM William carried Nan to the limo and put her in the back seat. She spent the time going home whimpering and sucking my cock. She was still covered in cum and I knew that William was going to have to have the limo cleaned before I would want to use it again. When we arrived home, William watched as Nan finished sucking me dry before we went into the house. I invited him to come over and watch the video before he went to sleep, but he said he would see it at another time.

I only hoped that this wouldn’t be our last encounter but that would be the future, for now, I was very pleased with my “Trophy wife” and she was very tired and a bit sore, she had been fucked at least twenty times by 11 different men and she deserved her rest.

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