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WOW Can She Ever Fuck


I'm Mike, a 32 year old half owner of an auto shop that specializes in customizing cars to make them more stylish or more mechanically capable of at least holding their own in a one-on-one street race. It's quite a large shop and I must say we are doing very well in spite of the slow-down in the economy.

It was a Monday morning and I was working on a 64 Mustang on which we were doing a complete restyling job as well as major work on the engine. The doors to the shop and office were closed and locked when I heard an awful banging on the office door. I put down the tools and went out to see what was making all of the racquet before whatever or whoever it was was going to knock down the door.

I recognized the gal who was on the other side of the glass door as one who lived in the apartment house down on the next block. She was about my age and on the pretty side but sweat was pouring down her face. I opened the door and none too kindly asked what the hell she was doing and did she have a plan to demolish the door.

She was out of breath and I could see a car at the side of the road a block away and from the way she was sweating it was obvious she hadn't got any help in pushing it there. She had seen the light on our shop shining through the small side windows and had hoped she could attract a mechanic to come and take a look at the car.

I made a decision right then and there to paint the side windows of the shop black in order to avoid shit like this in the future.

One look at her and I made the decision right then that if I stepped one foot towards her disabled car I was also going to spend a ton of time trying to get into her pants. She was pretty enough and from all I could see had a decent enough body to make the effort worthwhile.

"I'm awful sorry to bother you but I really am in a jam. I was on my way to a job interview and I really need the job and my car crapped out on me. I have been out of work for a couple of months and my rent will be due in a few weeks and I'm broke. Oh by the way my name is Marie." WOW, she said all of that in one breath!!

"Hi Marie, I'm Mike and where do you need to get to to apply for the job?"

"Their office is only a couple of miles down the street but I'll never make the appointment if I have to walk."

"Go around the back of the building and you'll see a white pick-up truck with our shop's name on the side. Here are the keys and you can take it down to the appointment. I'll look at your car while you are gone."

Her mouth dropped open in astonishment that I would do something so nice. She might not have realized that it was my first step in getting into her pants.

I used the tow truck to bring her car to the shop and almost before I tried to start the engine I could see it was a piece of crap and was probably not going to be worthwhile fixing. Sure enough when I lifted the hood I could see that a piston had crashed through the side of the engine block and this gem was ready for the scrap yard. I maneuvered them both into parking spots in the rear yard and unhooked the junker from the tow truck and parked them both.

An hour or so later she was back with a huge smile on her face.

"Mike, Mike, I got the job. What did you find wrong with my car?"

"Well Marie, that news about the job is fantastic but the news about your car isn't so nice. It would cost three times as much to fix it as the junker is worth. I'm afraid you'll have to scrap it and replace it."

"Oh my God, I don't have enough money to get another car. What the hell am I going to do? If I don't have a car I can't get to my new job and if I can't get to the job they will throw me out of my apartment."

As she was saying all of that the tears started pouring down her cheeks and the sobbing began full time.

"Hold on honey, things isn't as bad as they might seem. A few weeks ago I took an old car as payment for some work I was doing on a guy's hot rod and while it runs very well it sure isn't the sharpest looking car on the block but it will certainly get you back and forth to your new job."

She answered with, "That's very nice of you Mike but I don't have any money to buy the car."

"No sweat Marie, I will transfer the title to you and you can pay me ten bucks a week for the next six months. If you aren't going to be able to afford that I will make it five bucks a week for the next year."

"Thanks a ton but what the hell did I ever do to deserve meeting someone as nice as you?"

"Well, I'll even make that easy for you. I am single and hate to cook and also hate to eat alone. How about if you agree to have dinner with me, my treat, twice a week until the car is paid for?"

"Are you kidding me? I also hate to cook and am getting tired of the frozen meals I buy in the supermarket. I'll accept your offer with great pleasure."

"Great, I think I know the apartment house you live in. I'll be out front at seven tonight and we'll go for some great Italian."

"You're on. I'll be ready."

We had a nice dinner that night and did so for the next several weeks. It appeared that we each liked the same things in music, film and books. She was fun to talk to but I was wondering when our relationship would progress from where it was right then. I had to make a move on her but was wondering just how to do it without screwing everything up.


The following Saturday night I invited her to one of the better restaurants in town and ordered Scotch on the rocks for each of us. We chatted and laughed a lot as we sipped our drinks and then I signaled for the waiter to come over with menus. He was there in a flash and we made our selections. She ordered another Scotch and I thought I would stay with the one I had since I had to drive and the ride was forty five minutes back home.

After dinner I had them bring the car around and I drove it a few miles to a scenic overlook where I parked and we sat there chatting some more. I finally slid my right hand over behind her neck and pulled her to me where I planted a huge kiss on her lovely lips. It only took a minute or so and I soon felt her tongue slipping deep in my mouth and I responded with moving my left hand over her blouse and soon was gently caressing her nipple thru her blouse and bra and could feel it getting harder by the minute.

"Oh Mike, I thought you'd never do this and I was getting worried that you didn't find me attractive" she muttered.

"Oh hell Marie, you are plenty attractive enough. I was holding back fearful that making a move like this would piss you off big time and ruin the friendship we have enjoyed for months now."

"Let's go back to my place and get more comfortable" she whispered.


With the smell of Scotch on my breath I drove extra careful and we made it to her apartment in an hour. Five minutes after entering her place she was stripping he clothes off and just dropping them on the floor as she made her way back to her bedroom. I took her cue and did the same thing.

She was naked by the time she got alongside of her bed and when she turned to face me I almost flipped out. She had a magnificent body with a thin waist and breasts that most women would die for. They weren't huge but they were firm enough to stand out on their own even if she hadn't used a bra. Whew, what a surprise.

The next thing I felt was her throwing herself into my arms with one arm around my neck while the other hand was down below my waist fondling my dick. I wasn't hard but as soon as I felt the action her hand was using my dick came to life and sprung into a full hard-on. Whew, this gal was really something.

I gently pushed her back down on the bed and as she went down she reached around and flipped the bedspread and blanket off the bed. I followed her down and when she was lying flat on her back I lowered my face to her mouth and she groaned and pulled me even tighter to her.

I finally broke free and slid down so that my face was just barely touching a nipple while my free hand was softly caressing the other breast. By then she was moaning loud enough that I was a little fearful that neighbors would hear her and worry that something was wrong. I hushed her and continued with my mouth on her breast but then let my free hand slide down to caress her pussy.


Her moans were developing into sort of low volume screams when I removed my mouth from her breast and moved it down to between her legs where I instantly moved it to separate the lips of her pussy and letting my tongue in to search out her clit.

That did it. She instantly threw her hips in the air and began tossing her head from side to side letting her hair fly all over her face. I removed my face from her pussy and let my fingers take the place of my tongue so I could begin finger fucking her.

"Oh God Mike, never stop what you're doing." She screeched.

But I did stop. I lifted my face from her pussy and moved up on the bed and slammed my rock hard cock deep in her pussy and that did it for her. Her orgasm was almost instantaneous as she threw her hips up at me harder than any I ever felt before. It was only a minute or so later that I was having my own orgasm and by then my mouth clamped on hers with my tongue halfway down her throat.

Whew, she's some piece of ass!!!

We lay there just coming down from our orgasmic highs and taking deep breaths in the process. I have had a number of women in my life but this gal is something else.

I finally broke free of the bed and went out to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Scotch from her liquor cabinet and poured us each a drink. We lay there just sipping it and making all kids of small talk.

"Hey babe, there is an auto show coming up that I'll be attending. The show isn't about new cars but it is for repair shops like ours. They'll have companies showing all kinds of stuff we can use in repairing or redesigning cars and others like ours showing some of the kind of work we do. I really want to go to it. I'll be working our booth for a couple of hours each day while my partner takes the rest of the time. It's going to be held in upstate New York and I'd love to have you join me. What do you say?"

"Geez, I'd love to go but I'm not sure I can get the time off work. After all I just started there."

"Who's your boss? Maybe I know him and can throw in a good word for you so he'd let you off for four days. The show is on a weekend but I'll be driving up on the Wednesday and coming back on the Monday so you'd only be off four days."

She told me the name of her boss and as luck would have it I did a ton of work on his Corvette a few months earlier and didn't charge him the full amount. He owed me.

I called him the next day and asked if it would present any major problem for him and his company if Marie took four days off at the end of the month. I told him about the Auto show and was thinking of taking her if she could get the time off. He didn't see that it would present a major problem so we were set.

She could get the time off work and I was going to make the hotel reservations the nest morning. I called her and told her about the plans and she was ecstatic.

Since she was going to be joining me I changed my plans and decided to drive up part way on Tuesday night and that would let me finish the drive the next morning.

That weekend I picked her up at 5:30 and we were on the road by 6. I found a place for a bite to eat around seven and then stopped for the night at a best Western at ten PM. They had a Jacuzzi type of pool and we were going to make a lot of use of that before the night was over.

After checking in and carrying the luggage up to the room we changed into bathing suits and went down to the Jacuzzi/pool. The Jacuzzi portion of it was at the shallow end of the pool and they had it designed it so you could sit on an underwater bench at the corners of the pool and have the jets blast away at you.

If you sat on the bench facing the center of the pool the jets would be massaging your back. BUT if you faced the corner of the pool the jets would be blowing right between your legs and that was going to drive Marie over the top.

Sure enough as soon as she saw how it was laid out she was determined to test it. She got at the end of the pool and I saw her pull down her bikini bottom and then position herself so the water jets were blowing the water directly into her pussy. You could have heard her moans anywhere on the first floor of the motel.

I had to tell her to shut up or we would be thrown out of the pool. She damn sure didn't want to have to stop enjoying the water jets so she moved her hand up to her mouth and bit down on it when the water was doing its thing on her pussy.

It only took a few minutes of the water jets before she was once again throwing her head from side to side as her orgasm overcame her.

I moved over and helped her pull her bikini bottom up so that if anyone else came down to the pool area she would be completely covered. Her smile went from ear to ear as I did that


She wasn't going to want to leave the motel and its pool for our entire visit!!

When we got to the area where the show was being held the next day I made damn sure the motel where I had made reservations had the same type of Jacuzzi/pool that we had enjoyed the previous night.

The next night we tried something a little different. I sat facing the jets and she sat on my lap facing me. It didn't take much action of the Jacuzzi jets before they gave me a hard on and that started what came next.

Marie then pulled her bikini bottom to one side allowing my now rock hard cock free access to her pussy. The jets were then hitting my cock as well as the lips of her pussy. She then planted a huge kiss on me and neither of us had to move a muscle while the jets were doing their thing. Our orgasms were as near to simultaneous as they could be and we both let out huge moans when they hit. Whew, this would be easy to get used to!!!

We never heard them but another couple had come into the pool area while we were enjoying ourselves and when I looked at them at the opposite end of the pool all I saw were two huge smiles.


I had a ball looking at all of the auto displays at the show while Marie and the wife of one of the other guys went to the nearby town and did some shopping. That night I found a great steak house a short drive from the show hall and had a fantastic dinner. I was dragging from being on my feet and walking around the huge hall a lot of the time and hit the sack as soon as we got back to the hotel. Marie just watched some TV before joining me in the sack.

I awoke earlier than she did and slid down in the bed and buried my face in her pussy and let my tongue see if it could wake her up. Wow, did it ever do a superb job at that. It only took a couple minutes before she had reached down and was holding my face tight to her pussy and that was when her moans began.

"Mike, don't ever stop what you are doing right now" "Oh my god, I am going to explode"

As she was saying all of that I had moved both of my hands up on her chest and let my fingers wander around her breast and had them lightly massaging her nipples. That did it. She instantly threw her hips up in the air and almost screamed.

"Oh God, I'm cumming."

I licked up every drop of her juices as they flowed out of her and then let her slowly recover from what had appeared to be a huge orgasm.

It was about ten minutes or so later that my cock was in desperate need of some attention. It was rock hard and pulsing with the heat that had built up in it while I was eating her pussy. I moved up on the bed and put a hand behind her neck and pulled her face down to meet my hard on. She took it in her mouth very slowly and began to move her head up and down. At the same time I began to move my hips back and forth so that I was actually fucking her face at the same time she was sucking me off. Between her motion and mine it only took a few minutes before I was shooting a load deep in her throat and I was disappointed that I came so quickly.

WHEW, what a great way to start a day!

We started off each day pretty much the same way with the exception that we tried a different way each day. Marie's favorite seemed to be with me lying on my back and her sitting astraddle me and then lowering herself slowly on my cock. Depending on how fast we each moved we would almost come at the exact same time. Whew, she's fantastic in the sack!

We certainly didn't forget about the Jacuzzi system installed in the pool and we made great use of it. We had to schedule ourselves to get there around 10 PM so we would get there after the parents did with their kids. No problem, when I would sit on the ledge facing the jets and she would sit on top of me with my cock buried deep in her we were set for some great sex.

While I also enjoyed the Jacuzzi there was on other way that really turned me on. I would have her lay on her back with my arms under her legs and when I slipped my cock in her I would lift her legs in the air so there were times when I'd have her legs resting on my shoulders while I was fucking her. There was only one major problem with that way and that was that it turned her on so much her moans and low screams were so loud that I was fearful of someone calling the manager to come and see if there was any problem in our room. I never did figure out nor could she explain why she was so much louder that way but so be it, it happened every time we did it that way.

We left the show first thing Monday morning and got home mid-afternoon after a great 4 days.

The trip was going to cost me some major money. The bathroom in my apartment is huge so I'll have to give some serious thought about having a plumber install a Jacuzzi in my bathtub. I'm sure it will take a whole new tub but from my experience with the Jacuzzi in the hotel pool it will be well worth It.!!!

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