tagHumor & SatireWrestling Emily

Wrestling Emily

byAndy Bright©

I sat across the restaurant table from Emily staring at her until I realized I was staring at her like a moon struck teenager seeing his true love for the first time.

Emily was not my true love, but this was the first time I had been with her. We had chatted for a couple of months on Instant Messenger. I liked what she wrote when we typed back and forth. I had appreciated her warmth, wit and quick mind from the first. Then we had progressed to webcams. When she had agreed to meet me for dinner, I had made the reservations with total delight as soon as our conversation had ended.

When I started viewing her on camera, I had a "hard-on" the first time I watched her smile at me from my PC screen. Then there were the pictures. First in nightwear then bra and panties and finally, the night I eagerly down loaded an e-mail and there she was, stripped to the waist. I had immediately sent the following message to her, "OMG"!

Now this "spirit in the machine" was across from me in a secluded area of the restaurant that was all candle light, mirrors, polished woods, plush carpet, china plates, sterling silver flatware and cut crystal wine goblets and glasses that gave off occasional tinkling sounds.

The conversation was about erotic wrestling—specifically oil wrestling. There was a certain surrealistic aspect to a man and woman dressed in eveningwear discussing how big the ring should be, how much plastic we would require, and the type and temperature of the oil we would rub sensually over our naked bodies.

In the flicker of the candle light, her blue eyes sparkled with feral glee and I could feel my stiff cock pressed against the navy blue wool of my pants. The table and linen cloth hid my secret from her view.


The subject of wrestling had started in one of our more zany but suggestive IM conversations and had quickly turned into a topic that soon had us both breathing a bit hard.

We had watched DVD's in dark living rooms sitting alone in front of flickering television screens as nude women struggled, fought and then coupled in large plastic covered trays the size of a small room---their bodies oiled like sardines in a can.

One night we admitted to each other that we had masturbated while watching these sexual battles. That was when we both decided to meet and act on our mutual lust.


The day of our "championship match" was here. It was a beautiful autumn afternoon in late October. The oaks and elms around my home were a riot of reds and electric yellows. As I stood in the front yard impatiently waiting for Emily's arrival, I noticed that each leaf appeared to illuminate from within. All the trees a burst of color.

There was the sound of a car in the street. I turned toward the driveway and smiled. My opponent had arrived!

She climbed out of her car with a grace and ease that belied her size and age. I knew she was in her late fifties—the same as I, but the chunky blonde—a really Big Beautiful Woman who walked jauntily toward me with a broad smile that showed white teeth gleaming in the bright afternoon sun looked half that age.

My body began to stir as she walked up and stood only inches from me. I marveled to myself, as I always did, at her ability to project an unimaginable feeling of animal sexuality while appearing very demure.

Even now, there was nothing wanton in her appearance. Her hair was cut short and her makeup understated. She wore a simple white cotton blouse with white pearl buttons and a black wool skirt that came below the knee.

However, I noticed the swell of her large breasts under the blouse. I knew from her pictures that her breast were large, firm, and tipped my two exquisitely large nipples surrounded by large dusky disks. At the though I grew hard.

She noticed—reached down with one hand and patted my crotch. "You ready to take a whipping" she asked coyly.

"If you mean a pussy whipping, it aint't gonna happen." I said matching her bantering tone.

"We gonna wrestle are stand out here debating the issue?"

"Good point!" I turned and led the way into the house.


The "Arena" was my large garage. It had been emptied early in the week. Then the two carpenters had come with the materials I had specified and built the ring. I had paid them well and because of this, they asked no questions like "what the hell are we building?"

I opened the door with a bow and flourish. She stepped into the garage and laughed. "My God it is a lot bigger than I expected."

"All the bigger to roll you around."

She turned to me wrinkling her nose, "yea right."

We stepped back into the house. I took her quickly to a guest bedroom and said, "You may disrobe here."

I closed the door and walked quickly down the hall to my bedroom.


Emily looked around the large well-appointed room with approval. There was a vanity against one wall with a large mirror. She stripped off her blouse and unbuttoned her skirt. She let it drop from her waist to her feet.

Stepping out of it and kicking off her shoes, she looked into the mirror. She was pleased with what she saw.

There stood a woman of medium height. Dressed in pink bra and panties. She reached behind her with firm arms that did not sag and unhooked her bra. Her large breasts rolled to freedom, the nipples already erect. Despite their broad fullness, they did not sag. With an equally fluid movement, she pulled down the pink boy cut panties and dropped them to the floor by her bra.

A voluptuous attractive woman was reflected in the mirror. Her body was not muscular but toned. She sported a dark all over deep tan that gave her skin a healthy glow. The sparse darker blonde bush between her legs was an inverted pyramid. She gave each nipple a little pinch; winked at herself in the mirror and went to meet her opponent.

I stood necked in the large master bedroom. I looked into the mirror. I was content with what I saw. No potbelly, a firm chest, but the abs could use a little work. At the thought of Emily undressing down the hall, I had become erect. I looked at my cock. Could always be bigger, I thought but then every man thinks that. Be happy it works.

As I stepped out the bedroom door there, she was.

God! My heart pounded faster and what had been a slight erection blossomed into a full upward angle as I took her in.


We stepped "into the mat" from opposite ends. Her breast bounced as she stepped over the lip of the container.

I walked to where she stood.

"Now Emily, let's get the terminology straight. From here on: Breasts are tits, penis is cock, and vagina is pussy. Okay?

She laughed. "Good I was afraid you would want to talk to me like you were reading a fucking medical textbook," she paused. "By the way sexual intercourse is now 'fucking'!"

I laughed and said, "On your knees girl!"

We both dropped to our knees. Her tits were almost touching my chest. We had agreed on the rules, which were few, well in advance of the match. Earlier we had taken a large amount of time and care to apply the oil---missing no part of our bodies.

To start the fight, I nodded ready. She took a deep breath that expanded her chest. Shrugged her broad firm shoulders and nodded back in agreement.

We looked at each other for a second unsure of what to do. Nevertheless, quickly we both lunged forward and hugged each other. I reached around her neck and laced my fingers at the back of her head. She wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed.

She squeezed the breath out of me. Surprised. Damn the woman is stronger than I thought. I tightened my grip on her head and gently forced it to her left. I didn't want to hurt her but I did want to win. That meant using a little muscle.

We could feel each other's warm breath on our faces. Emily flashed a smile, which was quickly replaced by a determined look. She squeezed me harder! I could feel her tits mashed against my chest. My cock was hard and throbbing. I could feel it brushing against her pubic hair. I could feel her pussy against it.

I had to make a move!

I reached behind my back and grasped her locked wrist. I pulled and twisted. Damn oil. My hands slipped. It was getting hard to breath and she didn't look tired. I looked down and the swell of her big tits distracted me for a second.


I grabbed her wrist and separated her grip. Like a cat, she flung her right arm around my neck and took me to the mat with a side headlock. Before I could react, she raised her body and dropped her full weight across my chest.

This time the air really went out of me. She squeezed down on my neck with her headlock and rolled forward enough to get her big right tit over my nose and mouth. I could feel her diamond hard nipple touching my cheek.

I made my move. I had my right arm and hand free. I reached out, clamped my right hand over her nose and mouth, and pushed her head back until she was looking at the ceiling. She did't like this—even a little bit. She had two choices, she could break the hold or I would smother her.

She shook her head wildly back and forth and up and down but I kept my hand clasped over her nose and mouth. I could feel her chest start to pump up and down as she started to run out of air. I new I had her when I felt her tummy start going in and out. She was trying to belly breath.

A second later, she released her hold to pull my hand from her face. She sucked in a deep breath, but was gasping for more. My chance!

I put my hand under her chin and pushed her head back. I kept pushing until I had rolled her over on her side facing away from me.

"You bastard," she said in a loud voice, "that was cheating". We both new it was a fair move. I didn't wait to argue.

She knew she was in a bad position so she sat up and tried to face me. Nope Emily can't let you do that!

I got to my knees and this time I was where I wanted to be. Behind her. I glimpsed her broad back shiny with oil. I got harder, but didn't wait.

I wrapped my arms under her armpits and across her heaving tits. Time for a bear hug. Across her jugs would be too painful. I dropped my arms to just under them.

I could feel their heaviness as I gripped her torso.

"This is it Emily. You lose!"

I slowly squeezed her. She grabbed my forearms with both hands. She fought like crazy. She almost broke the hold once. I mean she almost powered out of it. Almost!

I continued to squeeze her body. At first, she was breathing hard, but her breath became ragged as I continued to maintain the pressure. She dropped her head back on my right shoulder. "Wanta give?" I whispered into her ear.

"Fuck no!"

I had decided I had taken enough of the wind out of her. I released my grip. "Here is where I put the erotic in wrestling!"

I moved my left hand and cupped it over her oiled and sweat drenched right tit. It overflowed from my hand. I held her in place with my left arm across her chest. I pulled her against me with my right arm, which I dropped across her tummy.

She struggled, but I shoved my body against her body. I pressed my cock into the crack of her spectacular ass. I shivered. She gave a low moan. She was not fighting as hard now.

I slowly ran my right hand down and across her tummy. I felt her muscles flutter and I felt her stiffen against me.

I continued down until I felt the top edge of her bush. I searched for her pubis. Ah! There, I explored her pussy and the area around it very carefully. I found her clit without any problem. It was large and hard. I pressed down on it with the heel of my hand.

This got a loud moan. I tried to keep my cock from exploding. I was breathing as hard as she was now. I increased the pressure on her joy button. At the same time, I extended the first two fingers of my hand and placed them on the outer lips of her pussy. She stirred in a feeble attempt to escape but I stopped that by putting the squeeze on her right tit. I rubbed my thumb around the areola. She stopped moving but her tits were still heaving up and down with her deep breathing. Her head was back resting on my shoulder. I tongued her ear teasingly.

I continued moving my fingers between her legs.

I spread my fingers and opened her pussy—moving back the lips. Fuck, she was so wet—dripping. I had no trouble inserting two fingers into her pussy. "Want to give?" I teased.

"What do you think?"

"Okay be difficult." I inserted a third finger into her pussy. I began to stretch it. She groaned. "Want to go for four?"

No answer.

Then I started doing the inny outy on her! Slow at first but faster and faster. My fingers were dripping with her juices. I wanted to turn her around and fuck her now!

No. Not good enough.

I held her to me. She started to sag forward, but I held her tight against me. I fingered her until I felt her pussy start to spasm. Then it contracted around my fingers. I shoved them into her as far as they would go. She tightened around them. What muscle control. I though she was going to break them with her squeeze. Then she released—tightened—released—tightened! Every muscle in her body went rigid. She gave a low scream!

I held on to her. We were melting into one body. After several minutes her sexual energy spent, her orgasm over; I slowly pushed her forward onto her stomach.

This was it!

I could not control or contain myself any longer. I lay down on top of her. I spread her legs with mine, entwining them together, until she was extended as far as she could go without feeling pain. I didn't need to lubricate my cock or her ass hole. We were well oiled from the match. I was so hard that my cock ached.

I lifted myself up high enough to position my cock against her ass hole with one hand. I inserted myself into her. There was first a resistance as her muscles tightened. However, I gently continued the pressure and her anus relaxed. Careful not to tear the tender tissue of her ass I slowly started to push into her. She moaned loudly. I reached up under her arms with mine...I grasp her shoulders with my hands, fingers up. Doing this for leverage, I buried myself inside her to the point where my balls were resting in the crack of her ass.

God! She was hot inside. I could feel her wrapped around me...tight...very tight. I started pumping her. Up and down, but never removing my cock. I would push down and pull back slowly—push down slowly and stay there in her.

I have no idea how long I lasted. Finally, I felt my cock start to throb. The involuntary reflex could no longer be controlled. I shoved in to her as deeply as I could go. I felt my body contract—once—twice. I convulsed! I shot my wad hard and long into her. A hot stream rushing out of me with unbelievable force. I went limp lying there on top of her luscious sweat soaked glistening body.

We were one and we were at peace.


Back in the house, on the way to a shower, she put her hand on my naked shoulder. "You did cheat—and I want a rematch."

We both laughed.

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