tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWrestling Fantasy Ch. 2

Wrestling Fantasy Ch. 2


The alarm screamed for attention, but I refused to be beaten. I’d built a lovely fortress of pillows and blankets, and fully intended to stay there well into mid morning. I peeked out from beneath the edge of a pillow into the dark room, smirking to myself as I snaked an arm out to slap at the snooze button. Retracting, lightning quick as a tortoise, into my warm haven.

Somewhere nearby a sleepy mumble warned me of impending disaster. Footsteps approached my castle; threatening, like the beach bully, to bring my world shifting down around my head.

I whimpered softly, begging for mercy, but it was useless. A high pitched “Yeaaaaaah” warned me a moment too late, the world had come to an end. A muffled pathump followed as first one, then two bodies, crashed onto the bed with me. “NOOOOOOOO!” I whined, trying to wrap a blanket around my head as hands searched through the pile of blankets for the most vulnerable and ticklish spots.

They knew they’d won as my sleepy threats faded into manic giggles and I pounced out to retaliate against my attackers. “Hardyz Suck!” I screamed as I launched myself into Jeff’s arms, tackling him to the ground and nuzzling against his throat as I did my best to squirm away from Matt’s searching fingers.

Soon we were a breathless heap in the middle of the bed, giggling and whispering as we snuggled to soak up what little warmth was left of my poor lost haven. “Can’t we at least wait till the sun comes up?”

They laughed, teased me out of bed and dragged me in the direction of the shower with threats of ice cold water. In the month we’d spent at training camp, the guys had already learned how I loved my hot morning showers, and delighted in taking turns to see that I had the opportunity.

Uh… Not that they joined me or anything… Generally two of them would stand guard at the doorway, leaving it slightly open so that we could talk and they could let me know when my time was up.

Really, none of it was necessary, I wasn’t even part of the gang, really… Just sort of a pet I guess… Rob had made good on his promise to drag me along if he made the cut, for support or some such nonsense. He knew what it meant as much to me to be there for him as it did for him to have me nearby.

Still, we both knew my primary goal was to play. This was a chance I would never have again, and there wasn’t a chance in hell that I would let a moment of it pass me by.

The other girls grumbled about me getting special treatment, especially since I wasn’t part of the program. They whispered about me being a slut and a whore because of my easy friendship with all of the guys. You know they were green as trolls with jealousy.

No, I hadn’t slept with any of the guys. Yes I’d had ample opportunity, but I’m not your typical drooling fan girl. Yes, I’m a fan. Yes, I may drool. But I’m not interested in just “landing” a wrestler or two for fun. I had what I wanted already, an easy playful friendship with massive potential for more.

Tell the truth, I was looking for what I’ve always looked for. Romance. Not necessarily something that was going to turn into a relationship or last past training camp. But something I could look back on later as more than a quick fumble fuck against the back cabin wall.

I wanted the moonlight walks, holding hands in the dark, stolen kisses when no one else seemed to be looking… I wanted the snuggling around the campfire, or the warm body crawling into bed for a wake up call… I wanted all that and more, and I was determined to have it. And more.

Hell, it was a fantasy right? This shit just doesn’t happen in real life. I’d be insane AND stupid to let a second of it pass without holding tight and taking as much as I could get from it. If it was a dream, let it play on, let me have as much as I could take before I had to wake up….

And if it wasn’t just a dream? Hell, the possibilities… Ever had the chance to live out a favorite fantasy? Even if it was a quick grope and tumble with your sister’s boss? If you had the chance would you think twice about jumping into it head first?

Didn’t think so.

Digression, much going on here. Right.

So the first month of training was phenomenal. The recruits were excited, treasuring every stretched muscle and aching joint as a trophy of hard work. I lent a hand where I could, mostly in the kitchen. Rob let out that I could cook, and there was my excuse for hanging around. I was the official cook’s aide or some such title which amounts to kitchen help. I had no complaints.

Between Rob, the recruits, and the wrestlers who spent inordinate amounts of time off schedule at camp “to lend a hand” I had more than enough help peeling potatoes and taking out the trash.

Figured you’d pick up on the off schedule part. Yeah, there were wrestlers scheduled for classes, to spend a few days at a time with different people, or the occasional personal session for someone who needed the extra bit of help. Then there were the guys who just seemed to always be around. Matt and Jeff and Shane mostly. Test, Al and Taz of course had to spend lots of time hanging around.

Rumors got out and the press came wandering, during which time I made a point of being in the kitchen working my ass off most of the day, and even my early morning showers were cut off.

Pity, that.

We figured one of the girls had leaked something about my being there for no apparent reason, and the big favorite. Rob and I thought about passing it off as my being his girlfriend but with his aversion to closets, it didn’t seem believable. Things died down after a few interviews where I stated emphatically that I was not dating any of the wrestlers, and that we were just friends.

Amy came down one weekend during the chaos, eager to meet me. I was nervous to hear of it and the other girls snickered. Matt and Jeff had been away for over a week, and though I had spent a lot of time with Shane in the interim, everyone knew Matt was my favorite. They also knew, by the jealous way he guarded my showers, that he didn’t much like my playing with others.

I hadn’t liked to ask whether the relationship with Lita and Matt carried over to Amy and Matt, so I had kept our own… er… friendship… from going beyond a certain point. Remember my strange moral leanings? I didn’t like to think that I might cause a breakup by letting him know that I might be tempted into more than just games… But playing, a little, to indulge my own fantasy, that was okay as long as it didn’t cause any permanent damage…

So I was up before Rob and one of the other boys came to wake me for my shower, literally shaking with nervousness. “Chill, baby…” Rob muttered as he followed me into the shower. “But….” He laughed, wanting none of it. “You’ve done nothing wrong.” I chewed at my lip thoughtfully, then finally nodded. “But…” “He nodded again, pushing me into the shower fully clothed, and turning the knobs. “I know, you want him… Nothing but to wait babe…”

I sighed, knowing he was right, and stripped down, tossing the wet clothes at him. “There’s my Tiger” he grinned as he tossed the wet things over a line and headed back to his guard post, joking with the other guy that he’d had to give me something to settle my stomach. Their laughter carried into the showers where I smiled as I soaped up. Count on Rob to know just what I needed.

By the time Amy showed up that afternoon I was calm, fighting back a perpetual grin, and ready to take anything she wanted to give. I knew from a couple of comments Matt had made that he didn’t love her, and that he thought of her sometimes as a sister… I reminded myself of that as she… My goddess… Walked into the room between the brothers.

Matt smirked at me as they stopped in front of me, Jeff just leaned kind of lazily against a wall. Amy stood there for a minute, studying me as openly as I did her, with a similar smirk to the one Matt wore. The room was a dead hush as everyone waited for one of us to speak, and each of us waited for the other to break the silence. I did an imitation of Jeff’s lazy pose and smirked at her. She laughed. “Now I see what all the fuss was about.” She held out a hand which I took, giggling in surprise as she pulled me into a hug.

“I’ve been Dying to meet you, Red.” I was surprised by this as well, but decided to go for flippant. “They told you I was Bi?” I winked at her, then blushed at her low “Oooo… Really?”

Matt stepped forward, brushing a hand across my cheek. “Think you broke her Ames.” I nodded, shivering at his touch. “Without even trying.” I nuzzled against Matt as he put an arm around me and grinned. “Lord, if this is a dream… Let me die in my sleep tonight.”

The four of us laughed as we headed toward the couches, chattering like old friends. I was amazed at how easily things had fallen together. Matt was openly affectionate toward me in front of her, so I was sure that I was in the clear. Still, somehow I was surprised to realize that as soon as Matt and Jeff sat at each end of the couch, Amy and I automatically curled up against them, as if it was our right.

My eyes widened just slightly as I glanced from her to Jeff to her again, she laughed. “Almost a year now, been hell keeping it out of the press.” I nodded. “Course, with you in the picture now… We’ve got some interesting ideas…” I swear I must have looked like a frog, with my eyes bulging out of my head, as I tried to sit up. Matt would have none of it, holding me tight against him with an arm around my waist.

Just then Rob came wandering by. “Close your mouth, Red… Y’look like a fish.” I calmed down and snuggled back against Matt, laughing. “Did you plan to let me in on this at some point?” I muttered accusingly at the others, who laughed. “Eventually.”

I was still dazed a week later as I found myself seated ringside at RAW. Taz was announcing and kept winking at me, making comments about redheads being full of surprises. Most of the audience took it as reference to Undertaker, who was in one of his psychotic sprees that night… but it made me decidedly nervous. Amy and the boyz had refused to elaborate on the ideas they’d come up with “now that I was in the picture” and I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to get involved.

Playing with wrestlers was fun, maybe dating one was exciting… But did I actually want to get involved in the whole ringside soap opera? Somehow I thought I wasn’t going to have much choice in the matter… and the idea rather excited me.

Matt had asked me to dress as I had the day we met, with the fishnet and collar and everything. I overheard Jeff asking about a leash and I had an idea I was about to learn, first hand, what it was like being in the ring with all the screaming fans watching from the stands. My palms were sweaty but otherwise I showed no sign of nervousness. I’d even made up one of those cheesy fan girl signs that said in huge red letters “I LOVE YOU MATT”

I think, if it hadn’t been for the sign, I might have escaped. They’d have played some minor stunt and I’d have gotten away. But someone from the press recognized me and snapped pictures of me with the sign, bouncing and screaming as the entrance music began.

Even that might have been perfectly innocent, but Matt saw the sign, saw the photographer, and some imp possessed him. He, Jeff and Lita were bouncing around the ring, Jeff doing his wild animal act as he bounced off the ropes and around the ring like a ping pong. He cannoned into Lita who caught him, lingering just a moment longer than his brother’s girlfriend should have…

Matt took the moment, leaning over the ropes and waving to a security guard to bring me over to the ring. He grabbed my sign as I stumbled up into the ring, holding onto the rope for security as I stared around at all the blazing lights and screaming fans. Very deliberately he scrawled in huge letters across the sign “To RED, All my LOVE. Matt Hardy.”

I reached out to take the sign and he pulled me close, glancing over my shoulder to where Jeff was making a big show of holding Lita back as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, very thoroughly, on camera, in front of his “girlfriend” and everyone else… Jeff let go of Lita just as I slipped under the top rope, hiding behind a security guard as she leapt at Matt, screaming that it was the last time, etc…

Altogether, it was beautiful. The entire world had a very public ‘beginning of the end’ scene for Lita and Matt Hardy, with Jeff there to comfort Lita, desperately striving to prove that not every guy was like his slimy brother…

They’d been planning a split for a while, hype Jeff for a while so he could take a shot at some titles. They had decided, apparently, that I was the perfect impetus… Not only for the brother’s break up, but for Jeff and Lita to get together on screen so they could stop hiding their relationship.

Here I’d been afraid of destroying relationships, and it was exactly what they wanted!

Over the next few months I got more and more screen time as they played out the split. Every time Lita considered a reconciliation I showed up again, always standing near the announcer’s table, wearing the same outfit. I never spoke to Matt, or anyone who tried to get an interview, just smiled and watched him the entire time. I played up the predator schtick, every inch the stalker, but except for that first time always managing to slip out of reach before Matt could get to me… It became a joke among the announcers that they weren’t sure which of us was stalking the other, and teased that they’d never seen a stalker play hard to get before. It was obvious to everyone, especially Lita and Jeff, that Matt intended to have me, no matter what it took…

Me, I was having a blast. Because of the games we were playing on screen, it was difficult to see Matt at all in real life, as any rumor of the truth would ruin the fun of it all. We managed to sneak in a movie or two, and any number of phone calls and chats online… I hated to admit that what had looked to grow into something interesting was suffering due to scripting and my trying to help give Amy and Jeff a chance to be together.

Matt and I talked about this one night as we managed to sneak away after he’d “refused” to stay and watch Jeff’s match with Amy at ringside. They’d arranged things this way, of course, so that we could get some private time. I was waiting in the limo that he “randomly” jumped into as he left.

Some idiot reporter had taken it to mind to follow the limo, wanting to get a story from Matt no doubt… So we couldn’t go to a hotel as we’d planned. Instead we begged the driver, who was in on it all, to stop off at McDonalds and take a long drive with the window rolled up and the music on.

We found a bottle of scotch hidden away in a cubby hole and once we’d eaten our happy meals curled up to toast the city, the night, each other, and our escape. There were extensive periods where we were unable to speak, not having been alone together for several weeks at this point. Each of us felt compelled to tease the other to the point of begging, and each of us refused to beg.

Suffice to say, without going into much detail… I was a whimpering shivering puddle of passion and he was visibly tense with arousal. Finally I gasped, pulling away from him, trying hard to pull myself into control. “Matt, love… We can’t…” He moaned, managing with visible effort not to reach for me, and nodded. “I know. It would be too hard…”

There was a pause in conversation as I slipped onto the floor between his knees, undoing the buckle of his belt with one hand as he helped me pull his jeans down to his knees. I stretched up to kiss him quickly, letting my breasts (long since freed of any restraint) press against his chest and brush across his thighs as I slowly made my way down.

He tried to make some protest, but I silenced it with a quick flick of my tongue across the swollen tip of his erection, lapping up a few oozing drops of pre-cum as I breathed softly. Reaching down with one hand, letting my nails trail lightly along his thigh as I moved to cup the testes, gently rubbing between my fingers. “Not TOO hard” I muttered before I closed my lips around the head, quickly moving to see how much I could take in one stroke.

I’d thought about it since well before I met matt, and twice as much since I’d realized there was a very real chance I could be with him. Still, in my best fantasies, it’d never been quite this wonderful. It was smooth, hard, hot, and best of all… it was real… Right here… My thoughts were distracted for a moment and I tried to take too much, nearly choking myself… But I managed to pull off before he noticed.

Of course he didn’t notice, delicious Matthew had his head thrown back against the upholstery, eyes rolled back into his head. His fingers grasped rhythmicly with the movements of my mouth. Even as I watched his hands curled into tight fists, pressing hard against the seat as I felt his body tense. He muttered something inaudible, making some vague effort to warn me, but there was no chance of my stopping now… I wrapped one hand around him, urging him onward.

Why is it that guys feel nervous, even when a girl makes it plain that she not only doesn’t mind the taste, she WANTS It? I’ll never understand. He made some ineffectual move to push my head away, mumbling again as I batted his hand away. I stopped long enough to say “I want to taste you.” Then increased my pace. He couldn’t hold back any longer, with a low groan of pure satisfaction, he erupted thick hot jets deep into my throat.

I loved it, pumping hard as I swallowed every drop I could get… Only once it was obvious he was spent did I sit back, licking my lips, and grin at him. He just stared at me, apparently amazed. His eyes were still slightly glazed over, and he shivered as I climbed back onto the seat beside him.

Automatically his hands moved to my breasts, flicking and twisting the nipples, his hands overflowing with flesh as he weighed them carefully. He leaned closer, lifting one to his lips, sucking hard on the nipple, nibbling and sucking on it while his hand worked at the other. Gradually he pushed me back onto the seat as he worked at one breast, then shifted to give the same attention to its match.

I hardly noticed as one hand slid down my belly, pulling the zipper on my jeans. I barely noticed as he slid them down my hips, moving to accommodate him without thought. I whispered his name as his fingers moved along the inside of my thighs, tickling and teasing as he moved himself between my thighs.

He kissed me, once… and whispered “Trust me” as I felt him, hard again, pressing against me. I whimpered, but nodded.

Very slowly he moved forward, I rose instantly to meet him, and he pulled away. “Trust me” he whispered again. I whimpered, again, and nodded. “Close your eyes.” I did.

I could feel him, just barely inside me, pulling away whenever I tried to rise against him. “Trust me” he whispered a third time, and I nodded. Closing my eyes I lay back, completely still… and waited.

“Feel it” he whispered. Slowly moving forward, so slowly that I couldn’t help but understand… He was claiming me. I purred softly, biting back the words that floated in my mind. I could say it in signs, in dreams, and jokingly… But it was too dangerous to speak the words out loud. He kissed me, then rested on his hands, watching intently as he continued his slow, torturous claiming of my body. Every expression, every thought that fluttered across my face was memorized, recognized, and returned.

An eternity, perhaps only a minute, later… He was buried inside me. I whimpered, rising to kiss him, and he allowed it. “Remember this.” He whispered, then pushed me back against the seat.

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