Wrestling Tim Ch. 16

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Rugby Jock Tim (20) works his headscissors hard!
883 words

Part 16 of the 20 part series

Updated 01/07/2024
Created 11/26/2022
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Boosted by his overwhelming victory over me, Stephen sought to target Tim. Maybe he believed his amped-up physique had the strength to match him but I had no doubt who would win. Tim was keen too. It happened faster than I thought just days after my fight with Stephen. He saw Tim outside the gym and challenged him. In an instant, he was on his back mounted by Tim who sat on his chest and arms. Stephen flailed and tried to shift Tim without success. Stephen's impressive physique almost disappeared under Tims hulking frame he was no match for Tims strength. I'm not sure exactly how Tim submitted him but he had both hands pushing Stephens chin and smothering his mouth. That would have forced Stephen hard into the grass and maybe slowed his pace a bit but it was the sheer weight of Tims muscle that probably did it. Tim grinned confidently as he demanded submission. Humiliated and shaken Stephen obeyed. Tim kept him there for another ten minutes just so Stephen would have no doubt who the alpha was.

Stephen never challenged Tim again but he and his brother weren't finished with me.

I'm on my back recalling all of this because Tim is on the phone to Stephen. The call is muffled, my ears are buried into Tims thighs it reinforces my sense of imprisonment. 'What did Stephen want'...' Fuck off and mind you're own business, did I say you could listen?' I feel a massive thigh flex there hadn't been one for around fifteen minutes. His rock-hard thighs power in vigorously leaving me drained until I submit and he is satisfied. 'Ha only messing Stephen was arranging rugby practice'.

Almost as though my query prompted Tim to submit me it happened. I'm stuck his crotch is behind my neck he still has me headscissored. I'm facing his feet. It's been a long session during which he's already submitted me multiple times and sexually dominated me. We're both wet with warm sweat a by-product of his thigh clamp. The air is heavy with our cum sweat stench. I'm exhausted he's made me suffer some intense pressure pushing me to the edge and pulling back just enough to keep things safe.

I can't escape Tims too powerful I can only await whatever punishment he decides to inflict next. Throughout the entire experience were both hard even after ejaculation I can't relax when I'm between his legs. Tim has total freedom and I hear him messing on his phone, playing games, messaging, eating snacks, and drinking. He taunts me with his liberty offering a sip of water and as soon as my lips touch the bottle he flexes in on me. I get a drop of water enough to remind me I'm thirsty and I hear him glugging away behind me. I can't help feeling he's getting stronger all the time he's using me to build his thighs!

He's shuffling I can feel the hair on his legs rub into my face stubble. He's unzipping his gym bag and the stench is overwhelming. It's like a well-brewed concentrate of his jock sweat an honest rough aroma, spikey musky powerful. He flexes in on me as a reminder not to resist. It's enough to silence me. He pulls out a rugby sock and sniffs it. 'Fuck yeah, just the job for you'. In that moment I brace myself and wonder what he's planning.

He flexes in, my neck is wrenched hard my eyes instinctively shut I gasp for more air and feel something wet forced into my mouth. The texture is soft and the taste is a giveaway 'Open wider' he orders. I have no choice but to obey. The sweaty base of his sock is in my mouth and he forces his foot onto my face.

Tim has me stuffed with his sock and his foot is holding it firm. He only has to pull his foot back down and cross his ankles again to scissors me and he warns me 'Don't resist or ill choke the head off you again'.

It's a humiliating ordeal I'm muffled and can barely speak. He laughs derisively at my efforts 'Ah pathetic lad...trying to submit are you?...louder'. He has that cocky tone in his voice again.

Tim tells me he kept that sock for me after his last match. 'There's another and it's going to be even more special'. All I can do is listen and obey. I'm completely exhausted from his punishing headscissors and elated by the sensory sexual overload he's subjecting me to. His sock sweat stench, taste, and gagging sensation has put me into an almost dream-like state of arousal. I can feel shivers, the kind you feel in your shaft just when cum floods through it, all over my lower body.

Tims working me over from behind. It's an endless assault of foot smothering and scissors pressure and every moment makes my pleasure deepen until it's too much and he forces the cum out of me. It surges and I experience sheer blissful sensations of electrifying pleasure.

He flexes into me causing me to inhale more of his foot sweat and I become even more aroused. It's a constant cycle of pain and pleasure and Tim is masterful in it's execution!

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