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Writing a Story


A New Story

By Richard King

Okay, what am I going to write about this time?

Brother-sister? Nope.

Daddy-daughter? Nope.

A love story? Nada.

A story about death?

I don't think so, Tim!

Come on Richard ... you know you can always come up with the story. Some are better than others. But, what's it going to be about this time?

How about a story about two 10-year-olds who meet on the first day of school? They could fall in love, get married, have kids of their own?

Actually, that sounds like something I've already done!

A pre-teen boy who seduces his own mother and gets her pregnant?

That's right! He's got to be at least 14 for my favorite website, unless I want to put this on the site that is more well-known, then he's got to be 18.

A vampire story?

Sounds like too much research.


So, it is going to be a brother-sister story, after all.

What's my setup this time?

These stories have been done to death.

The parents die a horrible death leaving the brother and sister alone where they take up their incestuous love and start pumping out children every year.

Maybe a story about first cousins?

I'm not really sure about that! By now, everybody knows that it's legal to marry your first cousin in over half the country.

How about a real story about incest, and their children are born with six fingers on each hand, and their noses are where their chins should be?

You know; a good old-fashioned romance might just work. It's been a while!

Let's think this idea through, why don't I?

28-year-old guy goes to his 10th high school reunion ... And meets the girl he always loved, but never tried very hard to get.

Sounds pretty good so far. Their names, the first things I need are their names.

Should they be current, like Tony, Michael or Charles? Nothing's really coming to me; maybe try girl's names instead?

Maybe Brenda ... I like that!

Now, do I go alliterative and named him Bob, Brian or, maybe Boothe? That's believable. There's that actor on Nashville ... yeah Boothe!

Boothe and Brenda or Brenda and Boothe

Yeah, the girl's name should always go first!

Next, where geographically should I place the story?

Las Vegas?


Maybe somewhere on the West Coast; San Francisco, Santa Barbara or possibly up in Washington State?

Let's look at a map?

Tacoma Washington looks like a nice place? It's in Pierce County with a population of 200,000.

Okay, I have the names and the place.


CHAPTER ONE — It was a cloudy day in Tacoma in late October. The incessant rain took a break, and the clouds were a nice way to cool the day down.

I walked out to my mailbox and found the days mail had already been delivered. After siphoning the trash that I get every day, I found a notice of my high school having the tenth reunion of my graduating class of 2003.

All right. That sounds like a good set up. I need to explain why I'm 28 and living alone.

I moved to Washington because I needed to put some distance between my parents and me. That's another story for another time!

That ought to satisfy the anonymous commenters, although, I do need Boothe to have a source of income.

After opening and reading the mail, I decided to sit down and work on the next chapter of the book I'm writing. Having written 26 so far, and publishing five, I'm getting a check just about every day for my 17% of the gross. I don't profess to be the next Dashiell Hammett or even Richard Castle, but I'm doing pretty well.

My phone rang. It was mom.

"Hey beautiful!"

"Hey yourself honey, have I caught you at a bad time?"

"You know that I'll always make time to talk to my beautiful mother."

You know that's wasted on me. Find a girlfriend ... your father is worried that you might be gay!"

"Now mom ... I'm not gay, just very picky."

"There's a story in the local paper that your high school is having its 10th year reunion, are you coming home to go to it?"

"I don't know mom. Most of the guys were mean to me. The few I remember being nice are probably in prison or have become priests."

"I remember you talking about a few girls, back in the day."

"Are you really trying to set me up from 2600 miles away?"

"Anyway, if you come back your room is still like it was, although your father did have the idea to turn into a man cave!"

"How is Jinny doing her last year in high school!"

"Well, she's just 18 ... you haven't seen her in a long time she's very smart and truly beautiful!"

"As pretty as you are mom?"

"Stop that. How long has it been since you've been out on a date?"

"Probably a year, maybe a longer?"

Very cool! I could still have an incestuous side moment between the brother and sister, maybe even the mom?

I haven't given the mom a first name or the family a last name yet. Let's look online for the most common last names. Thompson, Hill, Nelson maybe Murphy. A good Irish Catholic name.

Now, the mom. OH! Kathleen. That makes the family, Kathleen and Patrick Murphy. The kids are Jinny and Boothe. A nuclear family.

I also need some tension in the family, so Patrick can be a verbal abuser. Boothe left because of it, and was sorrowful his sister was left behind. I could have Jinny move in with Boothe after the reunion. Good stuff.

"Mom, stop it already. I'll be there, but I won't put up with dad's bullshit. You had better tell him that, or I will just find a quiet hotel instead."

"All right honey, see you in a month."

"Put Jinny on the phone for a minute."

"Certainly dear."

Sisters are great in stories, whether they are the focal point or not. I personally went over a year not seeing my sister, and the transformation was impressive.

"Hello Boothe."

"Hey Punkinhead."

"I never liked that nickname."

"I know, but isn't it the job of an older brother to give his little sister some grief."

"I guess, Mom says you are coming home for your Reunion. Will you have any time for me?"

"Always, is mom listening in?"

"No, she left the room, why?"

"Describe yourself for me, it's been a while. I want to visualize you."

"Oh! You want me to talk dirty to you?" she giggled.

"Not really dirty, just describe yourself, with a lot of intimate details, you are 18, and an adult now," I asked.

"I'm through growing, ending up at 5ft5, one hundred pounds exactly naked. With a figure ..."

"Wait a minute. That naked part, expound on how you look naked?"

"Are you jerking off to this?"

"No," I said taking my hand off my erection.

"I've been coloring my hair lately. I got tired of being a 'brownie,' as some boys have been calling me."

Now, should I make her a blonde or a ginger? There have been so many stories with redheads in them lately, hmmmm?

"So, what color have you changed the drapes?"

"Blonde. I have to touch up quite often, but I've been attracting a whole different class of boys."

"Have you ... are you ... have you had sex with any of those boys?"

"No, I thought I would wait until you came home, to see if you wanted my virginity or not?"

I was stunned silent.


"You're evil Jinny. So, finish your description."

"I'm a bottle blonde, drapes only. I tore up the carpet and waxed. 18-years-old, my figure is 36 DoubleD-22-34. Is that enough or do you want me to talk you through an orgasm?"

"Ha-ha, that happened a few minutes ago. I have quite the mess. I have something for you to think about?"

"Sounds interesting. What it is?"

"Call me back on your personal phone. I want no chance of mom knowing about this."

"Sure Boothe. Back in a minute."

Now, that would make any reading audience believe that this was an incest story, but my goal is for Boothe to reconnect with Brenda.

I'm taking a break. Maybe I can be inspired?


CHAPTER TWO — OK, now it's time to get Boothe home for a week.

But first,

"Hey Jin, are you alone?"

"Yeah, what's up anyhow?"

"Is dad still being abusive?"

"Yeah, but I'm doing the best I can. You got out; you were smart enough to get away. I'm stuck here."

"You are an adult ... want to come and live with me in beautiful Tacoma Washington?"

"Are you serious?"

"Absolutely!" I said.


"Why what?"

"Why do you want me to live with you?"

"To get you away from dad. I don't have any ulterior motives. I have a nice three-bedroom place. We could see each other all the time, or practically never. I would not put any restrictions on you at all!"

"What if I wanted to come into your room and sleep with you?"

"Jin ... are you on medication? That's twice you have suggested something sexual. Is there something you need to tell me?"

There was no talking for almost a minute.

"Sorry, maybe I was a bit over the top. I've missed you and can't wait for you to come home, even for a week."

"Jin, you know how much I care for you. Think about coming home with me. We'll talk when I get there. Love you!"

Yeah. Now, it hints at something between the two of them, but I don't necessarily have to go there.

It felt strange going back home. I hadn't seen anyone in six years. The flight landed, and I told Jin when I was landing. I was quite impressed by the blonde who came running up to me giving me a marvelous and slightly erotic hug.

"Hey Boothe."

"Hey Brat!"

"That's not fair," she said. "Do you like how I finally filled out?" she said twirling in place.

"Beautiful, just like I suspected. Is anybody home besides you?"

"No. They both work now. Daddy doesn't like mom working, but it gives her a reason to get out. I don't blame her," my little sister said.

"Has dad made any sexual advances to you?" I asked.

"Once, I kicked him in the nuts, and he has been a good boy ever since."

We went to get my one suitcase. We found the car, and she drove us home. I couldn't get over how much of a fox she has become.

"How has my big brother's career as a writer been doing lately? I own all five books that have come out so far."

"My bank balance is in the high six figures, I may yet write that perfect story that puts me in the same breath with James Patterson or Tom Clancy."

"Is that the kind of story you want to write? A thriller?"

"I started one a few years back, but it didn't feel right. Maybe I'll come back to it eventually."

We got home. She parked on the street, and we went inside.

I stopped in the doorway, listening to the sounds around me. The fragrance of the home immediately wafted through me and it felt very good to be home. I went up to my room and opened the door.

Wow, it was like going back in time. My bed was still there. It looked like the sheets might have just been changed. I put my suitcase on the bed, opened it and put the few things on hangers, and the rest into the drawers. Jinny watched me through all of this.

I set up my laptop on my desk. I used to do my homework on. I plugged in my phone charger and put the phone on it.

"You got the new Gold iPhone?" Jinny said.

"Yep, you know I've always preferred Apple products. I assume dad is still a devout Windows guy?"

"Yeah, but whenever a new update of the OS comes out, he asks me to install it for him."

"If you moved in with me, I would get you a brand-new computer and any smart phone you wanted."

"Are you trying to bribe me?" Jin giggled.

"If it's working, of course I am. I really want you with me in Tacoma."

"Is there a nice college there?"

Oh shit, I need to look up if there are any decent universities there. I hate it when I write myself into a quandary like this. Google, don't fail me now!

"Yeah," I said. "The University of Washington at Tacoma. What are you interested in majoring in? There are over 25 Bachelor degrees available ... plus, fifteen minors and/or certificates to choose from. You could become anything you want, and best of all you would be over 2,000 miles from 'Him!'"

"Besides all of that, you get to live only a couple of miles from the place. You could ride a bike or drive. How about your own Prius as a bribe?"

"You know me pretty well, despite being 10-years older Boothe. I will seriously think about it. When do I need to make this decision by?"

"Four days from today. That's when I need to book either one or two tickets back to Tacoma. I could live without you, but I don't want to Punkinhead!"

"What about all of my stuff?"

"Two choices. We either rent a U-Haul and drive the 2,541 miles or you pack your favorite things and you get to have a shopping spree back in Tacoma, again at my expense."

"Are you hungry Boothe?"

"Yeah, let's go to dinner. Does the Jersey Mikes sub place still exist? I haven't had a decent sub since I moved away."

"Yeah, it's still where you left it. Corner of Union Street and Third Avenue North," Jinny said.

We got in the car, and went to Jersey Mikes. The place always looked brand new. They've spent a lot of money to keep it looking as good as they can.

Greeting me at the counter was a buddy I went to high school with. He didn't seem to recognize me, so all my sister and I did was order, pay for it and sit down.

Time for another break ... my eyes are glossing over and I looked up and it was two twenty am. When I get back, I need to give this friend a name. Something to sleep on. Now that I'm rested, let's move this forward.

The same guy we ordered from brought us the food.

"Are you Boothe Murphy? It's me Fred, Fred Stonebridge."

"Hey, Fred. I didn't recognize you. Are you the manager here?"

"Nah man, this is one of my three jobs. I moved in with my girlfriend. She's got a great job. Remember how you guys all called me Fred Flintstone?"

"Yeah," I said.

"That's my nickname around here as well. It's cool. What happened to you, anyway?"

"After my first book, I moved to Washington State," I admitted.

"Book? You wrote a book?"

"Yeah, it's called 'Finding your Psyche,' and it sold over 20,000 copies so far."

"Any pictures in it?" he asked.

I saw Jinny holding back a chuckle as I quaintly answered him, "No, not any pictures."

"I had better go, nice catching up. You always had pretty girls around you."

"This is my girlfriend, Elizabeth. She came home with me. Take care Fred."

"Was he dropped on his head when he was a baby?" Jinny asked.

"I don't really remember much about him, except for that nickname he had."

"Why did you call me your girlfriend?"

"It was easier than explaining why I was out with my sister. Don't read anything into it, OK?"

I really like this subplot. It's fun writing banter. I've always enjoyed it. Many writers can barely write real dialogue at all. They either don't have a clue, or don't want to learn anything new.

I had better move this forward to the actual high school reunion.

I attended Maplewood, a 9 thru 12 comprehensive high school. Its most notable alumnus is country music superstar Brenda Lee.

The invitation mentioned it was OK to bring a plus one. I was tempted to bring my sister, but I decided that to give me my best chance with Brenda, I should go alone.

I dressed up, adding a tie to my shirt and slacks. The Ramada Inn ballroom was about half full. There was a DJ playing music, and a really long series of tables with two big punch bowls at either end. There were all kinds of food in between, accessible from both sides.

OK, this is where I have to decide if this is a love story or a brother/sister incest story. Boothe either encounters a still beautiful Brenda, or he doesn't?

I looked around to see if I could remember any of these people. I saw and waved to Fred, who showed up looking better than at his sandwich shop.

We had a pretty strict dress code back in the day, and it seemed the girls were now showing midriffs and their shoulders all they wanted. I kept looking around until I saw her.

Brenda still had her figure, her black hair straight and down her back. She always had the greenest eyes I ever saw in a girl. She recognized me, as I got closer. Just as I was about to wrap my arms around her, Todd Fetters had walked into the picture and gave her a kiss.

The quarterback!

"Hi Boothe," she said.

"Hey Brenda, Hello Todd. Nice to see you both?"

We talked for a short while, and then I found a moment to leave. I knew if I went home, I would face mom and dad. But, I had no place else to go.

I walked in the house. Dad and Jinny were watching college football with Jinny yelling at the refs. I walked in and asked mom to come into the TV room.

Dad must have realized an announcement was coming so he turned off the volume.

I sat by Jinny.

"What happened ...?"

"I'm heading back to Tacoma in three days. I asked Jinny to come live with me. We have half a dozen colleges for her to choose from. From what I can tell, she wants to go, but she wants both of you to approve."

"Well well well," Patrick said. "So, your Reunion crapped out and now you want us to let your sister move away. Just like that."

"No, sir – not just like that. My first day here we talked a lot about this possibility. She deferred making a decision, worried about how you might be affected."

"Really, she must be smarter than I gave her credit for."

"THERE, THAT's IT! Talking down to her. It's why I left, and it's why she wants to leave," I said taking a large sigh, "As much as I would love her to come live with me, I want you to understand. Without her here, I'm worried for mom!"

"Why Boothe?" mom said.

"Doesn't he talk to you that way as well? I remember he couldn't seem to say a civil word to you back when I lived at home."

"Boothe, I've learned to live with it. He is a dog that can't seem to realize that he needs to learn a new trick."

"Is it really that bad around here?" Patrick said to his wife.

"I always felt like an employee more than a wife, Patrick. Maybe Jinny leaving would be a good idea. We would have to work things out because I couldn't live without you," mother said.

"You never said that before Kathleen. I have no idea what I would do without you," dad said breaking into tears.

Mom walked into his arms saying, "Jinny, if you want to live with Boothe, go ahead."

"Boothe," dad said, "If you need any help, call us. I never wanted any of you to be afraid of me."

"I'm good," I said. "We're only going to take her clothes and computer stuff. I can replace anything else. We'll come back at Christmas at the very least.


CHAPTER THREE — Jinny and I landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. As we waited for her checked luggage, I saw a familiar face.


"Brenda! What are you doing here?"

"I live in Seattle. What about you?"

This is the moment in this story. Does he tell her about his long-standing crush, or not? Does he break his sister's heart?

"I went back home for the Reunion and to get my fiancée to come and live with me," I said.

Jinny interrupted, "I wanted him to go to the Reunion, and I had a massive headache. I told him to go ahead. I trusted him." She finalized this with a nice kiss on my lips.

"Where's Todd?" I asked.

"We just met again at the reunion," Brenda said. "It was never anymore than a long-standing crush I had on him. I also had a crush on you, but I see that you found somebody to love. Good luck to you both, I have to catch a shuttle to Seattle. Toodles."

That's what is called a double reverse in the story writing business. Gotcha!

Now for the sex scene ... (I won't interrupt the story any more!)

We got the luggage. I got us a taxi to take us to my place ... our place. I got the heaviest suitcases; she got the lighter ones.

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