tagIncest/TabooWrong Number Ch. 04

Wrong Number Ch. 04

byPhoenix Arrow©

Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!


"A few months later!"



Hi slut!

Oh hello Mistress! How are you today?

Very well. Such a well mannered mommy slut you are Nip-Nip!

Thank you Mistress, but please not now. You know calling me that makes me wet and I just can't. I'm about to go over the bills with my husband.



Drip drip drip. Like a leaking faucet you are. And to think you acted all ashamed and outraged the first time I called you. Tell me what kind of a mommy you are?

I'm a mommy slut!

Whose mommy slut?

Your's Mistress...and my daughter's...

I so do love the way that sounds. "Mistress", I'm so glad my friends suggested it. It sounds much more proper than "Strange girl I cum to on the phone" dontcha think?

My blushing is only getting worse Mistress, I need to get back to Charlie before he becomes suspicious.

Suspicious of what? You getting hot on the phone, or of your shameful love affair with your daughter?

Neither! Oh goodness don't go there please! He can't...

How is Jessica and that pussy of hers today?

She's...um..they're both doing...fine. She's in her room doing her homework.

Has mommy slut had any fun with her yet today?

Umm..well...I sort of did...

And what was it?

I cleaned her room again...in my underwear...while she was watching.

Hmmmm, same old Nip-Nip. Did she make it all good and messy for you?

Yes. Very messy. I was on my hands and knees for a while picking up her cloths.

Any dirty panties?

Yes, she did toss a few my way.

How did mommy slut pick up those used dirty girly panties?

Oh please, my husband is waiting for me and I.....with my teeth Mistress!

Were they all nasty and soiled?

mmmmmm...and very tasty...

I bet those knees were all red from all that crawling?

Uh huh! I have to wear pants so Charlie won't see how red they are. Oh Charlie! Please let me go back to him...

How did Jessica watch her mommy maid clean her room?

She sat on her bed...and played with herself.

Was she sitting there quietly?

Rarely. You know how much she loves to verbally tease me while I do it.

Of course Nip-Nip. So what did she say today?

Oh the usual, "Mommy I made this mess just for you!", "Hurry that ass or I'm going to spank it!", "Only the best mommies clean both their daughter's rooms and pussies..."

Were you sneaking peaks at that pink puss as you crawled around?


Was it pretty?


Did you want it?


Did she let you lick it after you finished your motherly cleaning?

No! She loves to only tease me with it. She'll get me all hot and steamy showing herself off and then deny me. She's so mean to me Mistress!

Don't give me any of that, she's told me how often your face ends up between her thighs!

She promised she would stop telling you every thing, SHE PROMISSED!

No use hiding it from me Nip, I know just how much of a piggy slut mommy you are!

Ohhhh...please no more, I can't get all excited now. Charlie knows it when I'm all hot and he'll know something is up.

BOY would he freak if he learned what an incestual group of sluts he's living with huh?

Oh Gosh No!

Why don't you go over there and tell him right now! Just march right in there and tell him what your pussy is steaming for!

Mistress please, don't make me.

You'd do it to I bet. If I actually demanded it, you'd really confess to him huh?

I...I...don't know...

Such a slut!


Does he know why your cunt seems to be so stretched lately?

No, he's not really sure why...He thinks its because I'm getting older...

He has no clue does he?

No Mistress. I would die if he ever discovered why!

Has Jessica been giving you your daily fistings?

You know she hasn't. I beg and beg her to fist me, but like I told you, she LOVES to tease me.

How many times a week then?

Only four times, but its never enough. I'll sneak into her bedroom at night and beg her for it. But she never does it for me when I beg. I feel like an idiot on my knees, asking my smirking daughter to fist my cunt while she lays in bed like a princess. Eventually she just snorts and roles over, leaving me whimpering back to bed and to Charlie's cock.

Well she is a princess. She's YOUR princess! Just like I'm YOUR Mistress!

Yes Mistress! Thank you Mistress! Now please may I go?

So did that juicy cunny of hers gush today seeing you crawl around her room with dirty panties in your mouth?

...Yes...it gushed! She didn't want it to though. She wanted to keep on teasing me, but she couldn't help it. She said I was so fucking hot to watch, being all submissive and all!

Really? Hot to watch?

Uh huh! The way I so eagerly humiliate myself for her. She says its such a power trip.

That I'm sure. Not all mommies grovel at their daughter's feet. She's even been telling me that you 'sniff' her sweaty musky pussy on weekends! Is that true? Do you really dip your head under her skirt and inhale her panty covered crotch for hours on end?

Ohhhh, I can't believe she's told you about that to. Yes I do Mistress. I can't help it, its such a lovely smell. She doesn't seem to mind. I do it while she's just sitting there on the couch reading one of those teeny girl magazines. She mercifully spreads her legs for me when I do, so I can hover my nose just above her crotch and fill up my lungs!

I guess this day in age a girl never knows when her slut of a mother will be crawling up to have a whiff! Does she at least let you play with yourself while you get intoxicated off her?

All the time! I usually cum two or three times at least!

Really? Just from smelling your daughter's stinky puss? Power trip instead!

Mmmmm yes. Now, I hope I'm not disrespectful Mistress, but the door is unlocked and Charlie will come in looking for me any minute. I can't be all flushed with a phone in my hand. It'll appear as though I am cheating on him!

But you are cheating slut! You're cheating with your own sexy daughter! If you're so scared, maybe you should just end the whole thing!

You know I can never stop worshiping my daughter. Things can never go back. She's totally switch roles with her mother.

Oh like how exactly?

Growing up I always was telling her what to do, how to dress, what to eat, what to say. I knew she just hated it, but I was the mother.

And now?

And now I'm her mother slut! Now she's the one who tells me what to do, what to say and what to eat, especially her tasty pussy! I'm not even the Matriarch of my own home any more!

Who do you thank for bringing this wonderful change in your life?

You my Mistress, thank you so much for showing me where my desires truly are.

You can thank me personally at my next slumber party. The girls are really looking forward to spanking that big sexy behind!

Yes I know they are Mistress, but do you girl have to hit so hard? Charlie's been asking me why my butt is so tender lately! He can see it in my face when we make love.

Speaking of slumber parties, when do you think we'll finally get Jessica over here to join us?

Jessica? Over there? With me?

Oh come on, you cant keep her to yourself forever! You have to share!

She would never agree to it. She thinks its disgusting what I do for you girls. She's never even licked pussy!

Not even her own mother's?

Never! And its not from a lack of trying. Its usually when I'm in the middle of sniffing her box, I kindly ask if she can go down on me.

But she just laughs at you doesn't she?

Yes! Apparently only I am 'low' enough to lick another girl's vagina, so she says. If she wont eat mine, I seriously doubt she'd degrade herself by doing it to other girls her age.

Such a shame, I'm sure given the chance she can get very good licking our cunts. Dontcha think?

I suppose Mistress!

I must admit the thought of getting a mother/daughter slave combo really would spice things up. Maybe its too good an idea to pass up?

Please Mistress, don't make her. She'll hate me for causing her to become a slut like me.

Then maybe I should blackmail her like I did you? I got your dignified ass to admit your fisting fetish, maybe I can get that prissy cunt to be my bitch as well.


Maybe a little threat to daddy will do the trick. I doubt she'll want bad little me exposing her sick, twisted, abusive behavior towards her own mother. Think that'll get her to fall to her knees for me?

Oh you cant be serious? He must NEVER find out! EVER! He'll frown at this type of activity. He could never understand!!!

That's why Jessy Poo and Nip-Nip must do everything their Mistress commands them, least daddy find out about their little fisting games!


What's the matter, afraid hubby Charlie really will find out?

Yes Mistress. I just can't chance it. He'd divorce me for sure, or send me to prison, or worse!

Relax slut, I'm not going to tell. I know just how much you fear him finding out, that's why this talk is making you so so wet!


Oh don't deny it. We both know the thought of getting caught turns you on more than anything, even more than your daughter's fist!

Please Mistress, don't joke.

I think you should march right into the next room and admit everything to him. Tell him all about you're incestual love affair with her hand, and how you gossip all the warm juicy details to a teenage Mistress over the phone.

Ohhh, Mistress you do tease me so.

This is getting you wet isn't it?

...a little...

Don't you just wish you could forget about those silly bills and slip a hand between your thighs while you talk to me?

Yes, very much so, but...Charlie...the bills...

Go ahead, slip that hand down the top of that skirt!

NO! He's right in the next room!

That's the point.

I just couldn't, not now!

That's ok Nip-Nip, then just call Jessica over to do it for you. I'm sure she'd have no problems plugging that hot hole with her wrist! Lets just hope hubby can't hear you moan!

Tell your baby to come over and rub your wet horny cunny while you talk to me...with the door unlocked of course...

Oh Mistress....maybe in private....when he's not home...

I know you've thought about it from time to time. Getting your husband to catch your incestual games.

Don't say that. I would simply die if he saw us together.

But it makes you soooo very wet doesn't it?

I can hear it in your voice. The way you breath. The delay in your response. It turns you on thinking of his shocked face catching you girls in the act.


Yes!!! What do you think he'd do if he saw you're face wedged in his daughter's cunt?

Mistress this is getting me nervous, please lets not speak of it anymore. I'll promise to perform for you and your friends just the way you want me. I'll prance around the room like a good slave. Just promise me you'll stop talking about my husband discovering us!

But you already prance around on command for me and my friends, and aren't you being just a bit selfish?


Maybe daddy would like to get involved with the depraved sex acts his women are doing behind his back. Maybe he's always wanted to watch the two of you go at it? Or maybe he's been just dying to fuck that tight little pussy of hers! All dads do think about it after all.

Never! He's always been so conservative. I thought I was to before you called me that first time, but he is for sure. He'll raise hell if he were to find out!

You don't think he'd enjoy watching Jessica's fist slowly disappearing into your sopping wet cunt?


You don't think he'd enjoy watching Jessica slapping your tits red out of revenge for her smaller tits?

Oh gosh Mistress...did she tell you that to? I can't control which of my genes she inherits....

I think what he'd really enjoy the most is taking the back of your head in his hand and mashing it into his young daughter's pristine pink pussy!

Mmmmmm.....please no more...

Are you rubbing yourself?

This topic really does make you want to play with yourself doesn't it Nip-Nip?


This does turn you on doesn't it? Being caught by your unforgiving hubby? Admit it!

I.......admit it......

And your fingering the outside of your skirt aren't you?

...huh huh....

I knew it. Such a depraved slutty mommy. Isn't getting nailed by a girl's hand enough for you? You have to get off being caught as well? By your own loving husband?

Oh gosh...please don't do this to me Mistress.

Tell me how you've fantasized about your exposure. Tell me what this mommy slut cums to on her daughter's pounding fist! And keep playing with that itchy puss!

I....... have dreamed of him stumbling into Jessica's room, catching me crawling around on her floor as she plays with herself. Or catching me while I sniff her wonderful panty covered crotch as she reads those teen magazines. Or as I hump and squeal like a pig on her thrusting fist! Yes darn you, I've dreamed of it. I've even cum to it.

Have you ever talked with Jessica about it?

No Mistress, but she knows being caught turns me on that much more. She'll sometimes joke that she'll one day ride my naked ass out into the living room for him to see. Sitting astride my naked back, kicking my thighs with her sneakers, clamping my nipples and pulling back on them like reigns as I crawl around for a shocked husband. Gosh do I get wet when she talk like that!

I suspected as much, you truly are a sick horny mommy aren't you?

Yes Mistress, I'm a sick horny MOMMY SLUT! But that's not the worst of it. I'm truly depraved Mistress. Just four nights ago Jessica came into my bedroom while Charlie and I were sleeping.


She was wearing that oversize shirt that just makes me cream on sight as she walked up to my side of the bed and crouched down. Slipping her hands under the sheets they quickly found what they were looking for. My eyes flew open not long after that as my nipple stung. She was actually pinching my nipples right there next to Charlie! I couldn't believe it!

And as a respectable mommy, you of course made her stop right away huh?

I just laid there on my back, squeezing my watery eyes shut as she continued to pain me. I did all I could not to cry out when she twisted them. How could I explain to Charlie what his daughter's hands were doing on mommy's tits?

Wow what a treat for him if he HAD seen!

Oh gosh no. But not long after she upped the ante. Soon I was biting my lower lip to keep from moaning at the wonderful sensations of her fingers were causing my clit. I thought she would hurt it as well, but only rubbed me until I was panting like a dog. I still just couldn't believe she was doing this right there next to him. I kept looking over to see if he had discovered what was going on not 4 inches from him, but he was out cold. I tried to get her to stop, really I did, but my arms felt so heavy, and those fingers felt so good. The brat just smiled at me and flicked me faster.

Did you actually cum right next to your husband?

Almost, but my moaning was uncontrollable and just before I could cum he awoke, asking me what was wrong. Jessica quickly withdrew her hand from my crotch and just knelt there beside me in the dark to hide from him.

Awww, too bad. I just know how much you wanted to cum for her!

Well Mistress, Nip-Nip did just that. You see Charlie could sense my excitement, maybe from the smell of my over heated pussy or the panting of my breath. The next thing I know, he was on top of me sliding his cock into my wetness. I thought "My Gosh! Not in front of her!" My Jessica can't watch her own parents making love! I looked over to her with pleading eyes, begging her to leave. But she just knelt there watching her father fuck her mother. I felt so ashamed. And to think she had actually gotten me lubricated and ready for him.

What was her reaction to seeing her daddy take her mother?

She had the biggest grin on her face!

And he didn't even see her?

I think he was too busy getting his cock up my cunny to pay attention to the masturbating teenager on the floor next to us.

What a little slut, diddling herself while watching. I guess she's just like her mother huh?

Hmmm yes I guess she is. Her hand was rubbing quite fast inside her panties.

I have the feeling the best part is yet to be told!

Oh Gosh! You know me too well. Yes, there was more. She didn't just leave when her father came inside me and rolled off to the side. She didn't just get up and sneak out of the room while I fingered myself trying to achieve orgasm. As his cum oozed out of my sloppy hole, and Charlie fell back asleep, her delicate hand slipped under the sheets once more and found my wet, used cunt!

...this is getting hot!

She wasted no time and very quickly levied her fingers against my slimy, leaky sex. My eyes widened and she waited for me to submit. Like I have for awhile now, I gave in and nodded. I gasped as several fingers easily plopped inside me, soon followed by the rest. It was the first time I was this lubricated for her, and she very easily slipped deep inside me. I was soon crying out in joy as she fist fucked her mother right next to her daddy. I know how wrong it was to let all this happen, especially with the way I feel about him discovering us, but I totally submitted to every inch of that fist! I was soon moaning and shaking like a beached whale. Charlie remained passed out next to me the whole time, thank goodness.

Wow this is really intense.

But it isn't over yet Mistress. She needed to humiliate me one last time next to my hubby. With my panting still on a hyper pace, she brought her sperm covered arm to my waiting lips. That moment was the lowest of my depraved, sick life. I actually licked my husband's semen off my daughter's fisting hand, with a smile and a glow!

I am REALLY impressed! I had NO idea she was this nasty with her own mother. She really does own your sorry ass doesn't she?

Yes Mistress, she does!

Well don't forget I own you to!

Yes Mistress, I'm sorry...

In fact, I'm your first and only Mistress. Your daughter may get you when you're at home, but I own your ass out of it. With this cassette tape I'm blackmailing you with, you have no choice.

Yes Mistress, please forgive me...And you know full well you don't need to blackmail me anymore. I've come to accept your dominance over my slut life. I'm your Nip-Nip mommy slut!

Sometimes I'm amazed you surrendered yourself to us girls half your age so easily. But you were always a lez bitch to begin with, you just didn't know it.

I understand. Thank you for helping me discover myself!

So are you still playing with yourself?

Oh yes...

Are your fingers hard at work inside your dress?


Are you facing the door so Charlie can see his wife masturbating on the phone when he comes in?

Oh gosh please no....

Say it! Say you want it to happen.

I...want it to happen!

Say it!

I...want him to catch me..us..together...

You want to admit it all to him don't you?

Oh gosh...yes...YES!!!

You want to confess how degraded and low of a wife you truly are don't you?

Oh YES Mistress...more than anything...ohhhh

Come on Nip-Nip, tweak those long nipples and message that puffy wet pussy while you confess to him. Close your eyes and tell him just how nasty you can be!

I...oh gosh...Charlie...please come and watch me...us...

Go on!

Charlie I'm a...slut. I'm a TOTAL slut...

Whose slut are you?

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