Wrong Number Ch. 04

byPhoenix Arrow©

I'm my daughter's slut. I am her horny shameful mommy slut...

What does a horny shameful mommy slut do with her pretty teenage daughter?

I pleasure her! I make her feel oh so very good, the way a mommy slut should be for her pampered daughter!

How do you pleasure her? Tell Charlie how his wife makes his daughter cream?

I lick her CUNNY Charlie! I crawl up between her legs or under her skirt and lap her up for hours. I'm a good mommy for her, just the way she wants me. I lick and lick and lick till her thighs squeeze around my head and she screams!

What kind of a nasty mommy licks her own daughter's pussy?

A mommy slut like me!

Tell Charlie what else Mrs. Degraded does with his pretty young girl?

I...LOVE when she humiliates me!

You do? But isn't that bad for a daughter to do to her own respectable mother?

Yes Charlie its so very bad and I so do LOVE when she does it. I get SO wet!

Like how? How does Jessica humiliate her sniveling, groveling excuse of a mommy?

I have to masturbate for her. She makes me do it with those barbie dolls you bought her for her birthday when she was six. I fuck them good Charlie, like she demands. I feel so low when I shove them in and out of my sloppy puss but I cum every time!

Such a bad bad wife!

And I LOVE it when she rides me around the house like a pony when your not around Charlie! I LOVE when she spits on my face and makes me clean her room in my underwear. I feel like such a slut for her when she does this to me. I know how bad it is to spoil young girls, but her spoilt pussy owns this mommy slut. The feeling I get deep in my belly as she laughs at me is more than I can stand!

And what do you beg for when you can't stand it any more? Charlie wants to hear what his wife's pussy cries for every moment of her waking life?

I BEG her to fist me Charlie! I need it so bad! Her hand fits so perfectly inside me! Its where it belongs, up my womb! I know how horrible it sounds, but I really really need it!

And what do you do to get it?

ANYTHING! Anything she wants, as long as she gives me her pretty little hand!

You know what Charlie thinks about all this don't you?

Yes, Charlie you think I'm horrible don't you? The lowest of lows. Horrified at how much of a degraded slut wife I've turned out to be.

Does that thought get you even wetter?

...yes...Mistress...much wetter...

Are your panties drenched?


Pull them down Nip-Nip! Pull those sticky wet panties down along with your dress. Lower them to your knees and finger that hot steamy pussy like it needs. Your hubby's only paces away from discovering you! Face the door and masturbate for him slut! Dare him to open that door and catch you! Finger it good!

Ohhhhh Yes Mistress! Ohhhhh

Which object do you want the most at this very moment? What thing do you want your hubby to catch you fucking when he walks in?

My baby's fist! Oh I need it now sooooo baaaaad!

Beg for it Nip-Nip. Beg for your daughter to impale you like a stuck pig...for daddy to see!


I'm waiting slave!

Jessica...please...be good to mommy...impale your mother's sopping wet cunt! Do it for daddy. Let daddy see what your mommy needs more than his cock. Show daddy what I truly worship every waking moment! Please fist my cunny baby!

Say it louder!

PLEASE fist my cunt Jessica!



One more time SLUT! Cum for your Mistress and let the world hear your words!


....Hello...Honey? Is everything alright? What were you screaming about...OH MY GOODNESS!!!


So long slut, good luck explaining this one! ......dial tone.....

The End!

What? No good? You still want this story to continue? Tisk tisk tisk. Isn't my calling this poor poor woman enough for you already? Hasn't she suffered enough at my hands?

I guess your right. She deserves everything that's coming to her. Sure I kinda tricked her into revealing her depraved desires for Jessica. Sure I blackmailed her into doing everything my friends and I demanded with that nice little tape (which never really existed to begin with!). But that did not give her the license to become a raving incest minded depraved mommy slut!

Seems some women are just born to be humiliated by their own daughters, and this one was just such a person. Its such a shame it all had to end. I was frankly enjoying hearing about all the sordid affairs of the mother/daughter fisting sessions, or the panty sniffings, or even the cute room cleanings. And her time spent with me and my girlfriends are stuff I'll treasure for a life time.

So what went wrong you ask? How did this lovely tale of fistings and humiliations come to a screeching and sudden halt?

Well there's a reason Mother dearest isn't here with her own dialogue boxes. Yep, she's in prison. I know I know, its not the way you people want these stories to end. No pussy creaming, cock hardening story should ever end in an unhappy way. But that is life my friends, that is life. You see it all went down the day Charlie caught his good wholesome wife in a rather compromising position.

No no no, it wasn't when he caught her at the end of the last phone call we had. Sure that was tough enough to explain, why she was screaming with the phone in her hand, her dress and panties around her standing knees, a hand yanking a nipple, the other yanking a clit, and flushed like a girl on prom night! Yes it was a miracle the way she wiggled her way out of that one. Charlie knew something was up from that day forward, but he truly had NO clue what his sexy wife was really up to.

Spin the clock one week later. Good ole' Charlie, tired from a long days work, stumbling through the front door hoping for some dinner and a good nights rest! But did he get it? Hardly. Instead his eyes were greeted to a sight no husband...no conservative husband... would ever want to see.

Two hours later Jessica was at her grandmother's house, Charlie was talking with his divorce lawyer, and mommy slut was getting her fingers inked!

Poor poor Nip-Nip! She just couldn't resist could she? The slippery slope was just too darn slippery. You see ever since that first time I called her, I opened up a path in her life that perhaps she was never meant to go down. From subtle hints of lesbian incest urges, to hungry ergs, to full blown fisting fetishes. The more I exposed in her sick repressed mind, the more she embraced it with open arms. What was her undoing was my exposure of Charlie. Yes, that nasty last desire of being caught. Until that last phone call, she had fulfilled every fantasy I put in that head. She admitted her feelings openly to her daughter, she eagerly spread her legs for her fist, she willingly scampered around the room in her undies picking things up. There was nothing left that horny puss didn't fulfill. Except of course getting hubby to catch her in the act.

Truth is she would have gotten caught sooner or later as it was. I mean how long can a mother expect this kind of activity to go undiscovered? So it very well should have been on her own terms, on the family room couch, in full view of the front door, being DOUBLE FISTED!!! Yes that's right, two fists inside her. One in her mommy pussy, the other in her mommy ass!

Charlie must have stood frozen at the entranceway for several good minutes watching his wife bounce herself silly on her daughter's arms, totally shocked at the moment. Jessica had worriedly warned her mother of the impending consequences of fisting her so late in the day, knowing full well her father would be home any moment. But it was no use. Nip-Nip needed this one last fisting fantasy to come true, and it did!

When the police came for her, she was still bouncing on her daughter's hands, moaning like a mule. From what their neighbors told me, the police had to POP Jessica's hands out of her mother's stretched holes. How embarrassing! And that pretty much brings us up to date. But I wouldn't feel too sorry for Nip-Nip. Even though she'll no longer get to enjoy the smell of her daughter's panties, the taste of her juicy cunt, humiliating cleaning sessions, or her fabulous fists, at least now she'll get all the loving attention she wants and needs from the butch bitches in prison, who'll only be too happy to punch her holes full with their mean dirty fists!

Have fun Nip-Nip! And who knows, maybe the prison will allow you personal phone calls [Giggles!]

The End! Wrong Number

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to write more chapters to this series. I am very grateful for all your support and sincerely hope this final chapter did it justice. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from all of you!


All Comments are greatly appreciated, please send them to the address in my profile

Your encouragements keep me going :)


This work is copyright (c) 2004 by Phoenix Arrow. You may download and keep copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this story to any web site without permission from the author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.

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