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Wrong Room


Well it looks like no matter how hard I try I can't stop writing long stories. Oh well...I hope you all enjoy this one. If you like it drop me line and let me know. If enough people like it I'll continue, if not, I'll move on to another story. ENJOY!


The Schaffer family was all smiles on this particular Friday afternoon. They were leaving for their annual summer vacation. Their bags were packed, the SUV loaded, and all that remained was for them to load themselves up. Every year they took a weeklong road trip with no fixed destination. They just simply picked a direction and went. As they pulled out of the driveway Amanda Schaffer noticed out of the corner of her eye that her son Ryan was starring at her.

"Is something the matter honey?" She asked.

"Oh....uh.....nah, I was just day dreaming." Ryan said slightly shocked that his mother caught him starring at her.

This trip was special for Ryan for a couple of reasons. For one, he'd just turned eighteen, so he knew this might be one of the last family vacations he went on. The other reason requires a little background. About a month ago Ryan came home early from school. Expecting to find his mother going about her daily routines he was surprised to find the house was dead quiet. He walked through the living room and kitchen but there was no one around. After walking upstairs Ryan decided to check to see if his mother was in her room taking a nap or something. As he neared his parent's bedroom door he stopped cold in his tracks. The door was slightly open and he could hear his mother moaning lightly. Now, Ryan was pretty sure that he'd walked in on his mother pleasuring herself; he just didn't know what exactly he should do. Part of him wanted to turn around a go back downstairs. This was his mother after all. But the inner pervert in him couldn't resist the chance to see a woman, any woman, masturbating.

Amanda Schaffer was lying on her bed naked, except for a short silk robe that was completely undone and framing her nude form. She had worked up a sweat cleaning the house and decided to take a long hot bath. While soaking in the tub she started reading a rather steamy romance novel she'd been meaning to finish. After her bath she dried off and put on her robe, and then she lay down on her bed to finish the book. One thing led to another and before she knew it she was very turned on. She couldn't remember the last time she'd pleasured herself, but since she was home alone she decided to indulge herself a bit. Little did she know that as she gently rubbed herself closer to orgasm her curious son was getting an eyeful.

Ryan edged closer to the door and peek around the corner doing his best to be silent. His mouth opened slightly at the sight before him. His mother was lying on her bed with her head turned away from the door completely exposed. One hand was squeezing one of her breasts and the other was between her legs. Ryan had never in his eighteen years ever had an inappropriate thought about his mother. However, seeing her like this quickly had his pants starting to expand. The realization that he was getting hard watching his mom was a little weird at first but that feeling quickly faded as Amanda arched her back slightly and began moaning louder.

"Ummm.....oh god.....yes." Amanda moaned as she neared her climax.

Ryan began rubbing his cock through his pants. He was starting to notice just how good looking his mom was. She was 37 but could easily pass for 27. She was pretty tall for a woman at 5'10, but most of that was in her legs, and she had very dark brown hair. Her tits weren't very large but this was a good thing because they didn't sag at all. Although Amanda was a stay at home mom she didn't skimp on exercise. She was in great shape; she refused to let herself get flabby, as she'd seen almost all her friends succumb to laziness.

"Ohhhh!!!" Amanda groaned as her orgasm warmly washed over her.

The site of his mother climaxing before his eyes caused Ryan to fill his underwear with cum. Amanda writhed on her bed tightly clenching the sheets in her fists with her hips raised off of the bed. After about thirty seconds she collapsed into a heap breathing heavily. Ryan knew she could turn her head any second now so reluctantly he eased back from the door and tip toed back downstairs. After a few minutes he loudly slammed the front door and shouted that he was home, making sure that his mother would hear him.

For the next couple weeks everything went back to normal and Ryan told himself that what he'd done anyone would've. It was a onetime thing and he wasn't going to dwell on it. However, things heated back up unexpectedly one Saturday night. The neighborhood Ryan's family lived in had a thriving party scene for middle-aged couples. Every month or so Amanda and Ryan's dad Don, would go out and come home late at night absolutely shit faced. It seemed that his mom and dad would never really settle down. One night at about 2 a.m. Ryan was on the couch watching some cheesy late night sci-fi movie when he heard his parents pull up in the driveway. A few minutes later his mom walked in and closed the door behind her. Ryan could tell by the way she staggered she was very drunk. Amanda walked into the kitchen and Ryan heard her digging through the cabinets. After a few minutes his dad still hadn't came in so Ryan walked into the kitchen to ask his mom where he was. As he entered the kitchen Ryan saw Amanda standing with her back to him at the sink, with her arms on the counter. In one hand she had a half full glass of Crown Royale. She was wearing a short red dress that showed off her curves very well with her hair arranged fancily on top of her head. Before he said anything Ryan noticed that his mother's hips were moving back and forth like she was dancing to some music that only she could hear.

"Hey, where's dad?" Ryan asked finally snapping out of his trance.

"Oh hey baby, I didn't mean to wake you." Amanda said looking over her shoulder.

"You didn't wake me, I was watching TV. Where's dad?" Ryan asked again.

"Oh, your dad is passed slap out in the car, and I'm not about to carry him in. He'll be fine." Amanda said taking a huge gulp of her drink.

"Oh, ok. Well it looks like you two had a good time." Ryan said slightly amuse at his mother's drunken state.

"It was a wonderful time honey; I didn't want it to stop. I just wanted to dance all night. Your father on the other hand couldn't keep up. Oh well, its late enough I suppose, I'm probably gonna go to sleep myself." Amanda said before downing the rest of her drink.

"That sounds like a plan; the bed's probably the safest place for you." Ryan said smiling.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Amanda asked with her arms on her hips.

"Well, you can hardly walk. If you fall, at least the bed's a soft spot to land." Ryan laughed.

"Ha! I can walk just fine mister." Amanda said smiling.

With that Amanda turned and stumbled out of the kitchen towards the stairs. Ryan followed behind to make sure she made it safely. Sure enough, as soon and Amanda put her foot on the first step she lost her balance and fell backwards.

"Owwwww...." Amanda groaned as she landed right on her ass.

Ryan ran over to his mother to see if she was alright but he stopped a few feet from her when he noticed she was laughing.

"You want to try that again?" Ryan asked sarcastically.

Amanda stuck her tongue out at her son and turned to get up. When she got on all fours the dress she was wearing had slid up considerably. Ryan's eyes widened as his mother's ass came into view. She was wearing a red lace thong that left very little to the imagination. For a precious few seconds Ryan starred at Amanda's round ass.

"Oh man." Ryan thought to himself as he felt his cock start to tent his pajama pants.

Amanda was drunk when she came home. The big glass of Crown she had when she came in had her blitzed out of her mind now. She was a laughing, clumsy mess on the floor. She tried twice to get up before Ryan decided he'd better help her. Ryan quickly adjusted his cock then walked over to his mother and grabbed her arm to help her up.

"C'mon mom, you need to call it a night." Ryan said.

"Such a gentleman." Amanda slurred.

In her drunken state Amanda tried to gain her balance by grabbing her son's shirt. Her hand slid down his shirt until her fingers latched onto the waistband of Ryan's pajamas. At first Ryan thought nothing of his mother's drunken clumsiness but when she attempted to pull herself up the weak elastic couldn't quite support her weight and before he knew it his mother had pulled his pajamas down about four inches. It wasn't enough to fully expose his cock but Amanda's knuckles rested right up against her son's manhood for a few seconds. Ryan stood motionless for a few seconds waiting to see if his mother reacted at all.

"Thanks sweetie." Amanda said releasing her grip on Ryan's pajamas.

As drunk as she was Amanda didn't know exactly where she was, let alone that she'd almost pulled her son's pajama's down enough to free his hard cock. Ryan knew she didn't know what she'd almost done when she turned to walk upstairs and made no effort to pull her dress down.

"Here, let me help you." Ryan said placing his hand on his mother's hip to help her up the stairs.

As she stumbled up the stairs Ryan couldn't take his eyes off of his mother's ass. Ryan carefully guided his mother to her bedroom and walked her over to her bed. Ryan gently laid her down and before her head hit the pillow she was dead to the world. Ryan turned to leave then noticed that his mother's dress was now half way up her waist. The red lace panties were an eye catcher. One thing that stood out to him was that they were so low cut and he didn't see any hair. As he stood there starring at his mother's exposed lower half he flashed back to the day he caught her masturbating. He couldn't tell is she was shaved because her hand was covering her pussy. Debating his options Ryan shook his mother gently. After a few seconds he shook her again this time quite hard. She remained motionless. Sweating profusely with his heart beating a mile a minute Ryan reached out with his index finger and gently pulled down the front of his mother's panties.

"Oh my god...." Ryan whispered as his mother's hairless pussy came into view.

Amanda's arm moved slightly scarring the crap out of her son. Ryan decided he'd seen enough for one night and went back to his room. Moments later Ryan was stroking himself to an orgasm thinking of his mother. As he faded to sleep he shook his head wondering what the world was coming too.

Back in the present, the Schaffer clan had been driving for the better part of the day. Ryan and his mother had slept most of the trip. When Ryan opened his eyes he saw a sign saying "Welcome to Las Vegas." He had always wanted to visit Vegas so he could hardly contain himself.

"Oh man, this is gonna rock!" Ryan exclaimed.

"I thought you'd approve kiddo." Don said looking at his son in the rear view mirror.

"Man, look at all the cool places to go. " Ryan said as his eyes surveyed the surroundings.

"Yeah, I thought this year instead of spending a day in a few different places we could spend the whole week somewhere with enough stuff to keep us entertained. " Don said.

"Sounds good to me dad, I can't wait." Ryan replied.

"What's all the commotion for?" Amanda asked as she awoke.

"Check it out mom! We're in Las Vegas." Ryan said shaking his mother's shoulders.

"Well I'll be...Don, this is a wonderful idea." Amanda said.

"Alright, now that everybody's awake I guess it's time to get us a room and see what Vegas has to offer." Don said pulling off the road at a very nice hotel.

Don went inside and paid for two rooms for the week. The rooms were on the top floor and were right across the hall from each other. Don figured that if they were going to be staying a week his son would appreciate his own room. Besides, if his wife got a few drinks in her, they were gonna need their own room. After about an hour the Schaffer's had everything unpacked and they were settling into their rooms.

"Oh sweet, I gotta check that out." Ryan said as he looked down from his window at the hotel's pool.

Don was in his room looking through a brochure at all the gambling spots. He was an avid gambler and loved the thrill of it. Amanda was in the bathroom freshening up. She was looking forward to a night of dancing and partying. After a bit Don heard a knock on his door. He opened it to see his son standing there in his trunks with a towel draped over his shoulder.

"Seen the pool huh?" Don smiled.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go check it out. What are you two gonna do?" Ryan asked.

"Well I don't know about your mother but I'm going to go downstairs and see if I can lose some money." Don laughed.

"Well, alright then, I'll be back later." Ryan said.

Downstairs Ryan jumped into the pool and started to unwind and enjoy his vacation. There were plenty of good looking chicks to look at around the pool. He was hoping that this would help get his mind off his mom.

"Don, do you want to get something to eat at the restaurant across the street?" Amanda asked sitting down on the bed.

"Hmmm..I don't know sweetie. I'm thinking about checking out the craps tables downstairs. We can eat later can't we?" Don said never taking his eyes off the brochure.

"I guess so, but what am I supposed to do while you blow our money. You know how much I hate gambling." Amanda said.

"This is Vegas honey; you can pretty much do whatever you want." Don said standing up.

"I guess so." Amanda pouted.

"Listen, I'll call you in a couple hours or so and we can get Ryan and go get something to eat. Don't get into any trouble now; I'll only bail you out once." Don laughed as he walked out the door.

Amanda thumbed through the brochures looking for something to do but came up empty. It was still too early for dancing. She walked over to the window and saw the pool downstairs.

"Well, I could always work on my tan." She said.

Downstairs in the pool Ryan was having a blast. He'd started talking to a couple guys about the same age as he was. They'd invited him to play some pool volleyball. They game was going great and he was enjoying himself very much. While he was waiting for the other team to serve the ball Ryan was looking around the pool when he saw something that drew his undivided attention.

"Oh boy." Ryan said as he saw his mother walking toward the pool.

The fact that Amanda was wearing a white bikini didn't help matters at all. Amanda didn't see her son in the pool as she went about putting her towel on a lounge chair. She laid down onto the chair and began rubbing sun tan lotion on her legs as she looked around.

"Hey man, you still with us?" One of the guys Ryan had been talking too asked noticing he wasn't paying attention to the game.

He followed Ryan's line of sight and saw what had his undivided attention. There was a well built brunette lathering herself up.

"Damn, maybe I should ask if she needs any help." The guy said.

Ryan debated telling his new friend that the woman was his mother. He thought that he might could have more fun is Chris didn't know. Ryan knew he wasn't going to be able to "do" anything with his mom but he could sure as hell watch Chris try to. He knew his mom was far from the cheating type but if she had a few drinks in her she was very flirty.

"Hey Chris, I overheard that chick earlier saying how much she was looking forward to a Crown and Coke." Ryan said hoping the insider info would aid Chris in getting in the door.

"Say no more man, watch how it's done." Chris smiled.

The two boys said their goodbye's to their volleyball peers and swam over to the other side of the pool from Amanda. Ryan positioned himself behind a group of people to shield himself from his mother.

"Good luck man." Ryan said to Chris.

Chris walked up to the bar and ordered two Crown and Cokes and then walked over to wear Amanda was laying. He plopped down on the chair beside Ryan's mom and sat the drinks down.

"Hey babe, you look like you could use a drink to cool you off a bit." Chris said smugly.

Amanda didn't know the young man was talking to her at first but she turned her head slightly and made eye contact. Immediately she blushed. She couldn't believe this kid was hitting on her. She peeked over the top of her sun glasses at this young boy who couldn't be much older than her son. He was very cute and it'd been awhile since Amanda's ego had been stroked.

"Umm...thanks." Was all she could muster at the moment.

"My names Chris, nice to meet you." He said.

"I'm Amanda, nice to meet you too." Amanda smiled.

"So are you here on vacation?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, I guess I've got that tourist look huh?" Amanda replied.

"Nah, if all the tourists looked like you I wouldn't mind them so much." Chris smiled.

Amanda smiled at Chris's comment. He was obviously flirting with her and she liked it.

"Thanks, that's sweet of you to say." Amanda said blushing.

"Hey I noticed you putting on some sun tan lotion earlier. Would you mind helping me out, I don't want to burn." Chris slyly asked.

"Umm...sure." Amanda answered.

Chris slid his lounger over close to Amanda's and turned his back to her. Amanda didn't know exactly how she came to be rubbing lotion on a complete stranger but she was enjoying herself. She just hoped her husband or son didn't show up. Nothing was wrong about what she was doing but it would be kind of awkward.

"Lucky bastard." Ryan thought to himself as he watched his mother rubbing the lotion on Chris' back.

Chris was enjoying himself as well. After Amanda had lathered his back he turned around to face her. He was in good shape and he was waiting for Amanda to rub the lotion on his chest and stomach. For a moment Amanda paused not sure if she should continue. Amanda surveyed the young man's body for a second before putting more lotion on her hand and rubbing it onto Chris's chest.

"Thanks a bunch, but don't forget my stomach." Chris grinned.

Amanda couldn't believe how confident the young man was. She looked into Chris' eyes for a few seconds, he smiled and Amanda did also.

"Oh, I won't." Amanda said sliding her hand over Chris' firm stomach.

As Amanda rubbed her hands over Chris's six-pack she realized that she was enjoying herself a little too much. Her heart was beating a little faster and she was getting a warm feeling between her legs. When her hand brushed the waistband of Chris' trunks she knew she'd better stop.

"That should do." Amanda said taking a drink and lying down onto her stomach.

Chris didn't quite know how to proceed from here. Should he offer to put some lotion on her back or should he get her another drink to soften her up more? Maybe his buddy Ryan could help.

"Thanks a lot. Hey, I'm gonna get us another drink. I'll be right back." Chris said standing up.

Ryan was across the pool as he watched Chris get up and make his way over to where he was sitting.

"How's it going man?" Ryan asked.

"Good I think, that drink idea you had got me in the door anyway." Chris replied.

"Glad I could help, but what are you doing talking to me and not the babe?" Ryan smiled.

"What do you think I should do? Should I try to put some lotion on her or should I get another drink?" Chris asked.

Ryan realized how wrong it was for him to be helping this guy hit on his mom but he couldn't help himself. If he couldn't be the one flirting with his mom then he was going to live vicariously through Chris. He remembered overhearing his mom telling one of her friends that she'd gotten a massage at a spa one time that got her a little more excited than she thought it would. She had two spots on her body that, if rubbed, turned her on really fast.

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